Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (3-8-2005)

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3-8-05 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

There is a very noisy worker, working about 20 feet from my apartment–I can see the man and his truck from my window (they were out here at 8 a.m.–time now is 8:23 a.m.), using a truck called Weather Engineers with the phone number 727-2542 boldly written on the outside.

This is a violation of my SLEEP DISRUPTION laws. Investigate this matter and enforce my laws in this matter. Do not let the Jesuits get away with this–they’re up to something.

3-8-05 I’m coming down with another infection and I’m fairly certain I know how I caught this one. When I was at work 2 days ago, CSM Jenn sent me to register #1 early in the morning, where there was a cashier who was coughing with a loud hacking cough like a firing squad, where she almost sounded like she would throw up–though I doubt she was nauseated–she was obviously not well (she was coughing up sputum) and sounded very contagious. If I was that CSM, I think I would have recommended for that cashier to go home and to see a doctor. If that was not possible, I would not send another cashier right behind her right after she got off the register, but would send the sick cashier off the register and let the register area air out at least a half hour, before I sent another cashier to that register. After the area aired out, I may even ask someone to clean up that register area and wipe it down AND THEN I WOULD SEND ANOTHER CASHIER TO THAT REGISTER. The wiping down part is not as important as the airing out. The CSM should not have sent me to this register right after this sick and LOUDLY COUGHING cashier got off the register. This shows a complete lack of medical common sense.

I would have told that sick cashier to turn off her light and take care of her customers and leave and go to her break, then I’d not use that register for at least a half hour to let the area air out. THE AREA NEEDED TO BE AIRED OUT FIRST. Even better, that cashier should not have come to work, but since these things happen– a simple measure such as allowing the area to air out before another cashier took over that register–could have possibly spared me this infection.

This sick cashier also looked drained, her eyes were glassy looking (the “ill” look) and she looked like she should have stayed home in bed. I did not feel comfortable taking over that register right when she got off where she coughed all over that register and where she had coughed all over that area right before I got there–so I was exposed to fresh germs. As soon as I got there, the Jesuits IMMEDIATELY sent a line of customers so that I was stuck right in the area where she coughed and I couldn’t move from the area (to let the germs get out of the area before I got there), because I had to immediately take care of the customers–who within a split second showed up in line. There was no place for me to get away from that contaminated area–AND THE JESUITS DID THIS ON PURPOSE.

ALSO, question the Jesuit leaders and Vladimir Putin on IBN to determine who knew about this contamination incident and who was behind it. Once the guilty party is established, ask further questions to determine MOTIVE and expose the motive on IBN. We have to firmly establish WHO was the guilty party, so that we can clear the innocent parties. See my cross-examination questions in CONSPIRACY LAWS AND GOVERNMENT.

The IMPOSED PERSONS who manipulated those customers as UNWILLING AGENTS to rush to my register right after the area had been thoroughly contaminated by a coughing and contagious ill person–so that I was forced to stay in a contaminated area and to be exposed to illness causing germs, the IMPOSED PERSON who manipulated CSM Jenn to send me to that register at that time, the IMPOSED PERSON who motived that cashier to come to work that day and the SATELLITE PRACTITIONER who directed the contaminated air to go into my lungs should all be executed with death by hanging with buzzards on IBN. In the meanwhile, the UNWILLING AGENTS involved in this contamination scheme need to be treated as UNWILLING AGENTS according to CONSPIRACY LAW.

I’m certain the Jesuits also used satellite technology to direct the infected air into my lungs, in order to give me maximum exposure to the germs at the time. I feel this whole thing was orchestrated by the Jesuits to make me ill. My laws about contagious persons are being violated. Make sure these laws are enforced. Investigate this matter and those who willingly and knowingly orchestrated this incident to make me ill will be given the death penalty with death by hanging with buzzards. This may seem innocent, but it’s not–because the Jesuits motive is to frame innocent parties with their illness conspiracies (which lead to murder conspiracies). And when you’re exposed to 500 or more sick people in a month–THAT’S NOT FUNNY. So we must investigate this matter and enforce the law and mete out the death penalty.

XXX1/2–G.S. (3-8-05)

AAAAAAA–G.S. (3-8-05)
BBBBBBB–G.S. (3-8-05)
CCCCCCC–G.S. (3-8-05)

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 3-8-05
Place: Melbourne, FL