Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (3-9-2005)

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3-9-05 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

I bought two cookbooks, Japanese Cuisine for Everyone by Yukiko Moriyama and Enjoy Chinese Cuisine by Judy Lew from Books-A-Million today.

These are cookbooks that I left behind at Seattle and, it appears, I have lost all the stuff that I left with T & S Movers in Seattle, since I didn’t have the money to move that stuff from WA state in 2001. So, I’ve decided that the best way for me to get my cookbooks is through the library and the bookstores and I have been slowly replenishing my cookbooks and the old recipes that I used to make and that I forgot.

Anyways, it appears Books-A-Million (at the shopping center at the intersection of Post Rd. and Wickham Rd. in Melbourne) forgot to give me my receipt. I paid $25.34 today for these 2 books. I tried to pay by check and the cash register wouldn’t read the check or take it, so the check was given back to me, then I gave them my debit card and they processed it as a credit.

It was obvious that the Jesuits wanted to make a big deal out of this transaction and that’s why they had the cash register act up when I tried to pay by check. I don’t trust the Jesuits, since they are obsessed with my cooking skills–though I don’t know why. They would love to create a debacle over my purchase of these 2 cookbooks.

Make sure I don’t get double charged for the 2 cookbooks I bought today. Maybe the check went through and the cashier didn’t know it or who knows what? I don’t have the receipt, so I don’t have proof that I bought these books and how much I paid for them, and the Jesuits may try to pull a trick on me. The cashier put the books in a bag and I assumed she put the receipt in there. She did not give me a receipt. The Jesuits probably gave her amnesia on purpose, so they could open the door to mischief and give themselves opportunities to cause problems. FOLLOW UP ON THIS.

Please follow up with Books-A-Million and make sure I only get charged $25.34 for those 2 cookbooks and that the Jesuits don’t pull a dirty trick on me. I can tell the Jesuits want to desperately create an incident over my purchase of these 2 cookbooks. If, as you follow up on this, you notice that there have been attempts (or actions) to create an incident over my purchase of these 2 cookbooks, mete out the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR to those willingly and knowingly behind this and give them death by hanging with buzzards. This is a death penalty violation of CONSPIRACY LAW.

I hate Jesuits. I can’t do ANYTHING without them trying to make a big stink out of it. Why is it we haven’t got them all yet? They should all be dead or in jail. Every Jesuit in the world is under arrest as a war criminal.

Also, pray for my teeth and my health, which are under constant attack by Jesuits. It appears the Jesuits use illegal satellite technology to wear away my teeth and my left rear molar has a respectable groove, which masks as a TMJ problem, but is really Jesuit satellite attack on my teeth. I’m not sure the dentist can help me, but if he can, it will be expensive and I’m not sure I’ll have the money I need for the TMJ work, since the only TMJ work covered by my insurance is surgery. I’m not sure surgery is the best approach to my “TMJ” problem. The approach that might work would be something that could prevent Jesuits from attacking my teeth, gums and jaw joints with their illegal satellite technology. The Jesuits attack my teeth, jaw joints and gums with satellite technology and try to make it appear to be a TMJ problem. They have done this for about 20 years, but we only discovered recently that what I suffer with my teeth and jaw joints is actually Jesuit satellite attacks on my teeth and jaw joints and the “TMJ” damage I suffer is primarily not caused by clenching or grinding. I’m not sure a splint would work either, since the splint can’t protect my jaw joints from satellite attack. Ask God to give my dentist John Pompura wisdom about how to handle this, when I see him in around a month. Dr. Pompura is a TMJ specialist. He’ll have to be a real specialist with my mouth, since the Jesuits constantly attack my teeth and joints with satellite technology.

Also, my left eye near the tear gland seems slightly irritated and red –and antibiotic eye drops and a course of Z-pack, hardly did a thing. I’m not sure if I’m suffering 666-Computer satellite attack to my eye or have a viral infection. The last doctor prescribed antibiotic eye drops and they didn’t too much. I really don’t like going to doctors all the time. This is turning out to be very expensive. The left eye doesn’t bother me a lot, which makes me suspect that maybe this is irritation caused by the 666-Computer–it just looks funny. If this is a 666-Computer attack to my eye, there isn’t much the doctor can do. It will be up to my PLP to fix this problem.

XXX1/2–G.S. (3-9-05)

AAAAAAA–G.S. (3-9-05)
BBBBBBB–G.S. (3-9-05)
CCCCCCC–G.S. (3-9-05)

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 3-9-05
Place: Melbourne, FL