Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (4-2-2005)

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4-2-05 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Because my mother is a very strong UNWILLING AGENT, I do not feel it is wise for Vladimir to include her in any plans when he comes to get me or when he wants to give me money. And that in her present UNWILLING AGENT state she not be allowed to attend my wedding to Vladimir (when, and if, this event takes place).

I am going to write a statement to my mother, which I want Vladimir to give her, in which I will explain to her why I cannot allow her to be involved in my relationship with Vladimir. Put this statement on IBN and analyze what I say under 666-Computer lie-detection and emotional analysis, AND PRESENT EVIDENCE THAT I HAVE WRITTEN THIS STATEMENT TO MY MOTHER AND IT EXPRESSES MY WISHES ABOUT HOW I FEEL ABOUT HER BEING AT MY WEDDING OR WHEN VLADIMIR IS AROUND:

4-2-05 (updates on 4-3-05 and 4-4-05)
Dear mother:

You are a very sick person and you do not realize it. Your brain has been taken over by terrorists who despise my fiancé, Vladimir Putin, and they manipulate you into believing he is a monster and a killer. The reason these terrorists have not been able to control my attitudes and thoughts as they do you, is because I read the King James Bible every day.

Our scientists have determined that if a person reads the Bible at least a half hour every day in a manner so that the words are understood and they are applied to the brain’s memory, that these terrorists cannot manipulate and control that person’s mind, as your mind is controlled.

Because the terrorists control your mind, using their satellite/computer technology, these terrorists, who want me killed, have turned you, my own mother, into one of my deadliest enemies.

They have used you to prevent my marriage to Vladimir Putin and have used you to prevent Vladimir from giving me the billion dollar proceeds from my novel. My novel has become a monumental bestseller, but because of how these terrorists control your mind, I currently do not have the proceeds to my novel. Vladimir cannot give me this money, because he fears what the terrorists will do to you or to me (either through their satellite/computer manipulation of myself or of you or using other methods), if he does.

You are one of our biggest obstacles. If you truly love me and want what’s best for me, then the best way for you to show your love and support for me is to BEGIN TO READ THE BIBLE EVERY DAY FOR A HALF HOUR FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE and you must read the Bible in a manner where the words will be absorbed into your mind– because, so far, this is the only sure way to prevent these terrorists from controlling your mind. It will probably take at least 6 months of Bible reading before we can free you from the control of these monsters who completely control your mind.

I have determined it is truly a waste of time to expect you ever to support my marriage to the Russian President, since the terrorists will always control your mind because you never read the Bible. VLADIMIR AND I READ THE BIBLE EVERY DAY.

Therefore, I will not allow you to be involved in any attempts by Vladimir to give me money or to marry me. I do not want you to attend my wedding to Vladimir, because I cannot trust you to behave properly in Vladimir’s presence. I have asked Vladimir to give up trying to use you in any attempts to give me the proceeds to my novel or to marry me. You are not invited to our wedding, unless you have read the King James Bible everyday for at least a half hour for AT LEAST SIX MONTHS. We will observe your behavior to determine if you have read the Bible and have read it enough to overcome the terrorists’ ability to control your mind. If, you do not read the Bible in an effective manner, so that the terrorists can still control your mind, then I will not let you attend my wedding to Vladimir, nor will I allow you to be present with me when Vladimir is around or when he tries to meet me or when he tries to give me money.

IF YOU TRULY WANT TO HONOR THE POPE’S DEATH, THEN READ THE BIBLE EVERY DAY, BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT THIS POPE DID WHEN HE WAS ALIVE and this is what Pope John Paul, Vladimir Putin and I have in common, we all love the Bible. So if you are truly on our side, then you will love the Bible, TOO.

Because until you read the Bible everyday, I have no guarantee that your mind will not be taken over by terrorists who will use you to destroy me, your own daughter.

You are my enemy–because my enemies control your mind. These enemies who control your mind, WANT ME DEAD AND HAVE TRIED TO KILL ME MANY TIMES. They have used their technology to brainwash your emotions and your attitudes, so that people who have saved my life (like Vladimir Putin and the Pope) you have crazy ideas about.

If Pope John Paul II was alive today, he would be horrified about the way you have talked about and treated Vladimir Putin and would be very sad that the Pope’s death caused you to believe all these crazy things about Vladimir. Vladimir and the Pope share a similar bloodline. Vladimir and the Pope both spoke fluent Russian. The Polish people and the Russian people are very similar races and the Pope would be horrified, if he was alive and he knew how his death affected you, to cause you to have the crazy idea that my fiancé, Vladimir Putin (who is a wonderful father to my son, Erich), is the monster who murdered the Pope.

Though I have said unkind things about this Pope in the past. I have changed my mind about him, and mourn his passing. Both Vladimir and I wish that Pope John Paul was alive, because he was one of our strongest allies in this war against terrorism AND THIS POPE HAD THE COURAGE TO EXPOSE CORRUPTION WITHIN THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH–which is THE CORRUPTION FROM THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH’S JESUIT ORDER. These same terrorists (the Jesuits) who control your mind are THE TRUE KILLERS OF POPE JOHN PAUL II.

The Jesuits killed the Pope, because this Pope (in cooperation with Vladimir Putin and myself) was exposing Jesuit crimes to the world. And by unfairly criticizing my fiance, Vladimir Putin, you assist and help out the VERY PEOPLE WHO MURDERED THE POPE and WHO WANT TO MURDER ME and who want to blame their murder of me on Vladimir Putin!

I am positive that if Pope John Paul was alive right now and could see your behavior and hear your words about Vladimir Putin, the Pope would be horrified and would plead with you to stop criticizing the Russian President, because Vladimir Putin was one of Pope John Paul’s closest friends. And, if Pope John Paul was alive today, he would plead with you to do all in your power to encourage my marriage to Vladimir Putin, because I am certain that the Pope would consider my marriage to Vladimir to be good for the world and he would heartily support our marriage. Pope John Paul II heartily supported my marriage to Vladimir when he was alive. It IS THE JESUITS OF THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH who murdered the Pope and THEY ARE THE ONES WHO CONTROL YOUR MIND AND WHO CONVINCE YOU THAT MY MARRIAGE TO VLADIMIR IS A BAD THING.

This is because these same Jesuits are convinced that if I marry the Russian President, that my marriage to Vladimir will seriously block their plans for a worldwide Jesuit dictatorship.

You told me many times, that you felt I was related to Howard Hughes. You were right. In fact, I am much more related to him than you realized. Vladimir and I have uncovered evidence that my paternal grandfather’s brother was Howard Hughes. Howard Hughes was raised by his real father. My grandfather was raised by Howard Hughes’ real mother–who was Jewish.

My grandfather and Howard Hughes grew up in different families because my grandfather’s real parents never married each other (but married others). Both my grandfather and Howard Hughes had a Jewish mother and an Anglo-Saxon father. The Jewish mother (Howard Hughes’ real mother) married Mr. Chord and my grandfather’s real father was Mr. Hughes (or Howard Hughes’ real dad). The true genetic parents of both Howard Hughes and my grandfather had two children with each other: my grandfather and Howard Hughes. So my grandfather and Howard Hughes were brothers–though they were raised in different families. THIS WAS MY GRANDFATHER’S BIG SECRET.

These same Jesuits who control your mind, have messed with my brain and have removed brain cells from my brain, because I was born with Howard Hughes’ brain and would be a genius (if the Jesuits had not messed with my brain). Though these Jesuits are able to make me less smart than I should be, they have not been able to use me as they do you, where they can control my attitudes and emotions and will, this is because I READ THE BIBLE EVERY DAY!

WE HAVE SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE THAT THOSE WHO READ THE KING JAMES BIBLE (or its equivalent in another language) EVERY DAY, CANNOT HAVE THEIR BRAINS COMPLETELY CONTROLLED BY THESE KILLERS WHO MURDERED HOWARD HUGHES AND THE POPE. These killers use satellite signals (that are like radio signals) to control and manipulate and even genetically change people’s brains.

Vladimir is working with doctors to try to restore to me the genius intelligence (the Howard Hughes’ brain I was born with). Vladimir has saved my life and has published my novel and is my best friend on this planet. Brent Spiner, Data of Star Trek, introduced me to Vladimir because I was impressed with how Vladimir handled 9-11-01. Though Brent loved me himself, he turned me over to the Russian President, because the Russian President wanted to marry me and Brent felt that Vladimir could take better care of me than Brent could.

Vladimir is the one who discovered that my paternal grandfather’s brother was Howard Hughes and he is convinced that I am a genius and he wants me to use all my potential. When you criticize Vladimir, you criticize the man who has SAVED MY LIFE and who caused me to discover all the secret and famous bloodlines which I have and which the Jesuits kept hidden from me.

Anyways, you are not invited to my wedding to Vladimir Putin and when he shows up to meet me, I do not want you around UNLESS YOU HAVE READ THE BIBLE EVERYDAY FOR AT LEAST SIX MONTHS, because I cannot trust you to behave as my friend and supporter around Vladimir. This is because your brain is controlled by THOSE WHO WANT ME DEAD and BY THOSE WHO WANT TO BANKRUPT ME (AND ALREADY HAVE DONE SO) AND WHO WANT TO TOTALLY DESTROY ME.

Unfortunately, we currently do not have the scientific ability to free your brain from the control of these terrorists. Our scientists are working on this, but these Jesuits are very smart and rich criminals. They were smart enough to murder Howard Hughes AND DO IT IN A MANNER TO MAKE IT LOOK LIKE HOWARD HUGHES DESTROYED HIMSELF BECAUSE OF HIS MENTAL PROBLEMS–so they were able to murder him and destroy his reputation at the same time–which is what they wanted to do!

So they manipulate you to oppose my marriage to Vladimir BECAUSE THE JESUITS OPPOSE MY MARRIAGE TO VLADIMIR. These creeps know that if I marry Vladimir, that I will become like my relative, Howard Hughes, and they hated Howard Hughes enough to induce mental problems in Howard Hughes (with their satellite/radio signals to the brain) and then to murder him and make it appear that Howard Hughes destroyed himself, when, in actuality, the Jesuits destroyed him with their satellite/computer technology and because of their satellite/computer manipulation of his body through his brain. They don’t want me to become like Howard Hughes (as he was before the Jesuits messed him up). They want me to be a nobody cashier at Wal-Mart for the rest of my life and as long as you continue to oppose Vladimir, who wants to help me reach my genius potential, then it looks like I won’t be much more than a cashier at Wal-Mart for the rest of my life.

YOU ARE PLAYING RIGHT INTO THE JESUITS’ HANDS and are giving them just what they want–to keep me a nobody and poor for the rest of my life and I WAS BORN WITH THE BRAINS OF HOWARD HUGHES! When you oppose my marriage to Vladimir and forget that Vladimir has about a billion dollars he wants to give me (WHICH ARE THE PROCEEDS FROM MY NOVEL), then you oppose Vladimir’s attempts to help me realize my genius potential, since I have the brain of Howard Hughes.

Vladimir also wants me to attend Harvard Law School (because I am very interested in law and have already written laws that have been passed into law in every country of the free world) and Vladimir would finance and support my legal studies at Harvard. So when you oppose my marriage to Vladimir, you stop me from going to HARVARD LAW SCHOOL! BECAUSE VLADIMIR WOULD PAY FOR ME TO ATTEND HARVARD LAW SCHOOL. HARVARD WANTS ME TO STUDY LAW AT THEIR SCHOOL.

The Jesuits murdered the Pope because the Pope supported my marriage to Vladimir, and because the Pope supported my writings and wanted me to realize my Howard Hughes’ genius potential. So the Jesuits murdered the Pope and they did this, because they wanted to blame their own murder of the Pope on Vladimir, so they could totally destroy any chances of Vladimir marrying me– the girl who has the brains of Howard Hughes. These JESUITS MURDERED THE POPE JUST SO THEY COULD BLAME IT ON MY FIANCÉ, VLADIMIR PUTIN. The Jesuits know that if the Howard Hughes girl marries the Russian President, that they will have a formidable enemy to deal with and so they fiercely oppose our marriage AND EVEN KILLED THE POPE TO TRY TO PREVENT OUR MARRIAGE–BECAUSE POPE JOHN PAUL II SUPPORTED MY MARRIAGE TO VLADIMIR AND WOULD HAVE ALLOWED ME TO MARRY VLADIMIR AT THE VATICAN!

In fact, I will make it law that no one who is an UNWILLING AGENT is to be around when Vladimir comes to get me or when he marries me or when he tries to give me money. I will write this as law tomorrow, since I lost an hour tonight because of daylight savings time and don’t have time to do it now.

All UNWILLING AGENTS and JESUIT SUPPORTERS must not be near Vladimir and myself, when any of the above events occur. And, mother, because you are an UNWILLING AGENT, you cannot be around when Vladimir tries to give me money, tries to marry me, or when he comes to get me–we cannot trust UNWILLING AGENTS AND YOU ARE AN UNWILLING AGENT. An UNWILLING AGENT is one whose brain is totally controlled by Jesuits and your brain is totally controlled by Jesuits, so you are not dependable.


VLADIMIR AND I SHARE THE SAME RELIGIOUS BELIEFS AND I BOUGHT HIM A CHURCH IN GERMANY AS A CHRISTMAS PRESENT. If you don’t read this Japanese Bible everyday for at least a half hour in a serious manner (don’t talk to others or do other things when you are reading the Bible), then you ARE NOT INVITED TO MY WEDDING TO VLADIMIR and I don’t want you around when Vladimir tries to give me money or when he tries to meet me, BECAUSE I CAN’T TRUST YOU TO BEHAVE YOURSELF PROPERLY UNLESS YOU ARE STEEPED IN THE BIBLE.

Vladimir didn’t tell me to say this, nor did Wal-Mart or anyone else. THIS IS TOTALLY MY OWN IDEA AFTER OBSERVING YOU FOR YEARS! Either you read the Bible every day or I won’t include you in the most important events of my life. AND THAT’S FINAL!!

XXX1/2–G.S. (4-2-05), (updates on 4-3-05 and 4-4-05).

AAAAAAA–G.S. (4-2-05), (updates on 4-3-05 and 4-4-05).
BBBBBBB–G.S. (4-2-05), (updates on 4-3-05 and 4-4-05).
CCCCCCC–G.S. (4-2-05), (updates on 4-3-05 and 4-4-05).

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 4-2-05 , (updates on 4-3-05 and 4-4-05).
Place: Melbourne, FL