Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (4-5-2005)

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4-5-05 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Time now is 10:46 a.m. and for the past hour I’ve heard some weird noises, which sound like they are coming through my walls. It sounds like a huge metal sheet or something vibrating and bouncing around. I don’t know what it is. Investigate this and find out if this is a violation of CONSPIRACY LAW and mete out the penalties as outlined in CONSPIRACY LAW. It’s distracting me as I read my Bible.

I also hear a hammer far off in the distance. This appears to be typical Jesuit shenanigans and we need to NAIL THEM and execute the violators. Don’t overlook anything a Jesuit does–if you give them a millimeter, they’ll take a mile.

If death penalty is involved, make it death by hanging with buzzards–PUBLIC EXECUTION ON IBN. We have to take a consistent stand against these bastards, to show we do not support ANY OF THEIR ACTIVITIES!

Never a day goes by, but that the stinking Jesuits have to do something. They’re never quiet.

Time now is 11:30 a.m. I just heard on the news that Peter Jennings (anchor for ABC NEWS) has lung cancer. I think this is a good time to start two specials on IBN. One will be called JESUIT OPPOSITION TO THE CANCER CURE, AIDS CURE, AND THE CURE TO SERIOUS CARDIOVASCULAR CONDITIONS.

As part of an on-going presentation on IBN, the other special will be called SATELLITE/COMPUTER THERAPY IN ACTION, we will show the progress our PLPs and RSPs our making on Peter Jennings and other SIGNIFICANT PERSONs who have been targeted by criminal use of satellite/computer technology, and will also present evidence of any Jesuit interference with the work of our PLPs and RSPs on Peter Jennings (to cure him of cancer) and will show our earnest attempts to save Peter Jennings’ life and the life of others (sick with serious illnesses). Those Jesuits who interfere with our satellite/computer work on these persons will be exposed WITH EVIDENCE and will be publicly executed on IBN in this special called SATELLITE/COMPUTER THERAPY IN ACTION.

In this special JESUIT OPPOSITION TO THE CANCER CURE, AIDS CURE, AND THE CURE TO SERIOUS CARDIOVASCULAR CONDITIONS, we will present evidence that because of computer/satellite technology, we could cure all cancers, heart attacks, strokes, AIDS and many other debilitating illnesses (if they have not spread to an extreme extent) by using the genetic modifying capabilities of the 666-Computers, but that the Jesuits sabotage our attempts to help people with cancer and other serious illnesses (by interfering with our work and by causing our attempts to use the 666-Computer to help people with cancer or serious illnesses to be blocked or interfered with) and that the Jesuits use the 666-Computer to cause people who are addicted to tobacco, to have stronger nicotine cravings in order to make it more difficult for them to quit smoking. We will name names and will present evidence of persons we tried to help with cancer, but who died (despite our best efforts) because the Jesuits interfered with our 666-Computer work and used TRIGGER PROGRAMMING or other illegal 666-Computer programming to interfere with our attempts to use the 666-Computer to cure that person of cancer.


We will expose the hypocrisy of the Jesuits who criticize Wal-Mart for selling tobacco products, and yet who do all in their power to make it difficult for cigarette smokers to quit (by illegally using the 666-Computer to increase a smoker’s nicotine cravings).

We will show the further hypocrisy of the Jesuit Order that criticizes Wal-Mart for selling nicotine products, in that they also sabotage the work of our PLPs and RSPs as these RSPs try to undo or prevent cancers or other serious conditions which have started in the body and that Jesuits actually create cancers and other serious conditions in the body using criminal computer/satellite technology. All of these findings will be presented WITH EVIDENCE of Jesuit criminal conspiracies to induce cancers and other serious conditions, and of Jesuit attempts and actions to prevent cancer cures and other cures, and of Jesuit attempts and actions to kill people with cancer (and other ailments) using the 666-Computer and we will also present evidence that Jesuits have interfered with the work of our PLPs and RSPs as these PLPs and RSPs strive to use the 666-Computer to cure people of cancer and other serious illnesses or to prevent cancers or other serious illnesses.

We will show that Jesuit interference with our PLP and RSP’s work on Brent Spiner (Gail’s long time love) is the reason why Brent has been unable to quit smoking and we will present evidence that criminal use of the 666-Computer/satellite technology has been used on Brent to increase his nicotine cravings so that he is unable to quit smoking. We will also show the execution of those responsible for inducing this torture on Brent Spiner.

We will also question Vladimir Putin and world leaders and Jesuit leaders (under 666-Computer lie-detection and emotional analysis) in this IBN special, to see if any of these leaders have willingly and knowingly (directly or indirectly) participated in attempts or actions to use the 666-Computer to promote cancer, nicotine cravings, or serious illness in any person. We will show the execution of those who have done so (death by hanging with buzzards on IBN), since we will absolutely not tolerate this and we will make it plain WITH EVIDENCE who the REAL CANCER and DEATH PROMOTERS ARE–that is–those persons (namely, the Jesuits), who oppose the healing work of the 666-Computer in those persons with cancers or serious ailments in their bodies.

You may say, but anybody who sells tobacco is a cancer promoter. If this is true, then ALL stores that sell tobacco, and not just Wal-Mart, should be considered cancer promoters.

Also, because of pioneering 666-Computer/satellite technology, we could keep a person cancer free even if they smoked for the rest of their life, because we have the capability with the 666-Computer to genetically modify cells and transform cancerous cells to non-cancerous cells. The only exception to this would be if the cancer was so advanced and fast moving that the 666-Computer couldn’t work quick enough to stop the cancer from spreading before it killed the person. The problem is the Jesuits DON’T WANT TO USE THE 666-COMPUTER TO CURE CANCER, because they use cancer to promote their attempts to set up a worldwide dictatorship and we will present evidence that this is the Jesuits’ motive for interfering with our use of the 666-Computer to cure cancer and other serious illnesses worldwide.

Time now is 2:37 p.m. and a very noisy garbage truck showed up as I was cutting the pieces for my pants pattern. Investigate this truck and find out why they sent such a noisy truck (that it felt like an earthquake hit my apartment while it removed garbage from the canisters). I mean my windows were rattling when this thing showed up.

I told a customer yesterday that I made an “A” in microbiology, when he claimed that my cold was contagious and that I could give my virus to him. Actually, I made a B+ in microbiology lecture (I just missed an “A” in the lecture), but I made an “A” in microbiology laboratory–which is what really counts, since if I could make an “A” in the lab, it means I know how to prevent the spread of germs–because that is what microbiology lab was all about. The man came in my line and asked me what I was popping into my mouth. EVERYTIME I TRY TO TAKE A COUGH DROP AT WORK, THE JESUITS RUSH AN UNWILLING AGENT IN MY LINE TO SHOW UP RIGHT AS I POP THE DROP INTO MY MOUTH. These creeps are obsessed WITH EVERYTHING I DO. I try to take cough drops when no customer is at my register, but thanks to Jesuit mind-reading capabilities, it never works out that way. I told the nosy customer it was a cough drop, then he went on about how I might give him my illness and I told him I was not contagious and he said he didn’t believe me–that’s when I told him I made an “A” in microbiology, that I didn’t have a fever and I wasn’t coughing in his face and that I know more about germs than he does.

These Jesuits make me sick. They make me ill and then they have the nerve to use UNWILLING AGENTs to accuse me of spreading illness for showing up at work when I have a cold and the man would have never known I had a cold (because I had no visible symptoms), if he didn’t ask me what I was plopping into my mouth–WHAT A SET-UP! THE JESUITS bombard my life with sick people ON PURPOSE and deliberately GIVE ME ILLNESSES and then once I’m exposed, they do all in their power (using satellite/computer technology to cause the germ to spread in my body).

Then after they make me ill, they send customers into my line to fish around and ask questions of me to trap me into saying things that make me appear to be a germ spreader (just because I show up at work with a minor cold).

It would have been a major cold or a debilitating virus, if I wasn’t taking Sambucol. My cold was very minor and I didn’t have a runny nose and wasn’t very congested and I wasn’t coughing in anybody’s face or on their food. And I constantly clean my hands with sanitizer as I work on the register. I’m probably the best cashier to go to at Wal-Mart if you don’t want to get sick. The Sambucol I’m taking is working. Jesuits do everything they can to make me ill and then have the nerve to accuse me of spreading germs, because they claim I go to work sick. What bloody hypocrites. They’re the biggest DELIBERATE germ spreaders on the planet!

XXX1/2–G.S. (4-5-05)

AAAAAAA–G.S. (4-5-05)
BBBBBBB–G.S. (4-5-05)
CCCCCCC–G.S. (4-5-05)

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 4-5-05
Place: Melbourne, FL