Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (4-20-2005)

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4-20-05 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

The Jesuits gave me amnesia so that I forgot to pay my electric, phone and Burdines/Macy credit card bill for this month. I had to call the electric company, phone company and Burdines/Macy and tell them I forgot and that the payment was coming immediately. Find out who is behind this amnesia and why. Do questioning of all alleged suspects (including Vladimir, Pope Benedict, and Jesuit leaders) on IBN and determine who was behind this amnesia on myself. I’m certain Vladimir is innocent. Once the guilty party is established on IBN–mete out the death penalty –death by hanging with buzzards to the violator on IBN. It is very important to establish the guilty party, because we need to clear Vladimir and other innocents. Once the guilty party is established, there must be public executions of those who are guilty, to send the strong message that we do not endorse in any manner criminal use of satellite/computer technology on people’s brains and memories.

Also, I just noticed that the sifter that I bought a couple months ago, and my new muffin tin and my old loaf pan are rusted. I had to throw away the loaf pan–the rust is so bad that the pan has been destroyed. It appears that there is a leak underneath my kitchen sink (even though I had a maintenance guy come in and fix it–apparently it’s not fixed) and that this moisture is getting onto my metal cooking pans (and equipment) and causing them to rust. I just discovered this. My muffin tin is pretty nasty and may need to be trashed, but most of the rust is on the underside–not the side where the muffins cook. The pan was upside down–when it was stored.

Find out who (or what) is behind the leak underneath my kitchen sink and why the rust has progressed so rapidly on my cooking equipment. I’ve never seen my pans go so quickly. I buy them brand new one week and two weeks later they have rust on them. I believe the Jesuits used satellite technology to cause the leak and then used satellite technology to hasten the rust process on the pans. If this is the case, get the evidence for this criminal use of satellite technology and establish who the guilty party is on IBN. The guilty party is guilty of a death penalty violation under CONSPIRACY LAW and will receive the death penalty–death by public hanging with buzzards on IBN. We are not going to put up with any Jesuit garbage and with their attempts to undermine my cooking, sewing or whatever will be dealt with very harshly and swiftly. But it is important to establish who the guilty party is, so that we can clear Vladimir Putin and Brent Spiner and other innocents of being a party to this satellite/computer conspiracy. It is also important to have public executions on IBN to send the strong message that we abhor and detest all criminal use of satellite/computer technology and that we would never be party to such activities.

Vladimir, Brent, Jesuit leaders, and world leaders (including Pope Benedict) will make public statements (under 666-Computer lie-detection and emotional analysis) on IBN that they detest criminal use of satellite/computer technology and would never cooperate willingly and knowingly in any conspiracy which revolves around criminal use of satellite/computer technology. I predict Jesuits will fail lie-detection and emotional analysis when they make this statement and this will establish firmly in the public’s mind WHO IS THE GUILTY PARTY BEHIND CRIMINAL USE OF SATELLITE/COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY.

All Jesuit conspiracies lead to murder and we must not tolerate any of their attempts but clamp down on them swiftly and severely. They also like to give me financial problems and if my kitchen equipment keeps rusting, then I have to buy new pans all the time. They also do this because they will do anything to undermine my marriage to Vladimir Putin and they don’t want it known that I can cook and sew–this motive to undermine my marriage to Putin is a death penalty violation and those behind this cooking pan/rust conspiracy WILL BE EXECUTED.

They did something to my kitchen at my mobile home in South Carolina because I was doing too much gourmet cooking in this kitchen and the Jesuits didn’t like it. They made it so that my eyes watered and burned when I tried to work in the kitchen. I think they did something with the formaldehyde in the mobile home, so that it irritated my eyes to the point that I couldn’t spend a lot of time in the kitchen, let alone in the mobile home. Jesuits are creeps. KILL THEM–THAT’S THE ONLY WAY TO DEAL WITH THEM–NOTHING ELSE WILL WORK. I KNOW THEM. I’VE DEALT WITH THEM FOR YEARS. They’re a bunch of murdering, rich, sly bastards and anyone who cooperates willingly and knowingly with Jesuits, MUST BE EXECUTED.

JESUITS WILL DO ANYTHING THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH. WE HAVE TO MAKE IT SO THAT THEY CAN’T DO IT. MAKE IT SO THAT THEY CAN’T USE SATELLITE/COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY. KILL ANY JESUIT YOU FIND AND DESTROY ALL THEIR OPERATIONS. IF WE DON’T KILL THEM, THEY WILL KILL US. THAT’S THE NATURE OF THE JESUIT ORDER. THEY DON’T PLAY GAMES AND NEITHER CAN WE. WE MUST EXECUTE ANY JESUIT WE FIND, WHO HAS NOT SURRENDERED TO US. I will allow Vladimir to determine when there should be exceptions to executions. But the death penalty is a must in dealing with Jesuits, because that’s the only thing they understand. They are more than willing to kill us and they will keep on killing us unless we kill them first.

We have to be consistent in enforcing CONSPIRACY LAW. All death penalty violations must be meted out with the DEATH PENALTY–with few exceptions. We must send the strong message that we abhor Jesuit activities, so much so, that we will execute those that violate CONSPIRACY LAW.

Time now is 8:25 p.m. I don’t know what’s going on with my next door neighbor, but all of a sudden he/she has become loud and disruptive. It’s obvious the Jesuits are using the neighbor as an UNWILLING AGENT. They are playing some sort of rock music rather loud and at this time of the night, this is not appropriate. I don’t like hearing this kind of music, because it makes it easier for Jesuits to take me over as an UNWILLING AGENT. I don’t want this music played so loudly that it can affect my brain. Have someone call and complain about this person. This person who calls and complains will receive a BONUS (very possibly) and this apartment management may need to take some steps to deal with this neighbor. If they handle this neighbor in an effective manner, they can get a BONUS as well. If I do it, the Jesuits may use this neighbor to harass me. This is a violation of the SLEEP DISRUPTION LAWS, make sure these laws are enforced.

XXX1/2–G.S. (4-20-05)

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 4-20-05
Place: Melbourne, FL