Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (5-12-2005)

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5-12-05 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Vladimir, you have my permission to allow my mother to read this statement. Though, I feel, that too, is a waste of time–but, when, and if, you succeed in meeting me or giving me money or in marrying me and I insist she not be a part of it, what I write in this statement is the reason why I don’t want her involved. And she has a right to know why I preclude her from the most important events of my life. So let her read what I feel about her attitudes and actions towards Vladimir Putin. Tie this in with what I wrote earlier to her, because, I will only make an exception if she reads the Bible. But Vladimir tells me she isn’t doing this.

So, I upgrade my requirements now. She must follow the same BIBLE PROGRAM which LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONS must follow and must do it for at least 6 months before I will allow her to attend my wedding or to be a part of any meetings between Vladimir and myself. I don’t trust her unless she has followed the BIBLE PROGRAM for at least six months and I won’t trust her–until, and if, we have solid evidence that she can’t be used as an UNWILLING AGENT by the Jesuits.

I received a receipt allegedly from my mother which claims that the $35.00 I mailed her was for my car payment. Vladimir tells me that when I mailed to my mother a Mother’s day card, that he took my $35.00 check out and replaced it with a big check to cover all I owe my mother for the car. I’ve given Vladimir authority to go through all my mail. However, when Vladimir told me that he enclosed a big check to my mother in my mother’s day card to my mother, I told Vladimir that the Jesuits would find a way to work around this and that Vladimir needs to give up on my mother. She is hopelessly an UNWILLING AGENT. I won’t allow her to attend my wedding to Vladimir or to be part of any significant move by Vladimir to meet me or to give me money, because I don’t trust her and she will be used by the Jesuits to undermine my relationship with Vladimir and to undermine all of Vladimir’s attempts to give me money.

Nevertheless, Vladimir tells me that this receipt for $35.00 which I received is a counterfeit document and I will mail this document (along with the envelope it came in–which has an Orlando postmark) to Vladimir later. Until my mother calls me (or writes me) and tells me herself that Vladimir has given her money, I feel I can safely assume that my mother is a lost cause. It only seems natural that if Vladimir paid her a large amount of money on my behalf that she should let me know about it and if she doesn’t, then she is a lost cause.

Make sure to prosecute Jesuits and their supporters for ALL CONSPIRACY LAW violations which occur at my job. While I was at work today, the Jesuits used computer/satellite technology on my brain to cause me to bump into the protrusions from the carousel where I do cashiering (while I was arising to help a customer with bags), so that I almost destroyed my glasses and poked out my eye. I hit myself hard on the eyebrow. Fortunately, my eye and glasses was/were not affected. This is a death penalty violation–chop-burn-ash-maggot method on IBN. Make sure it’s done.

Vladimir, I would recommend that you give up on my mother and find some other way to give me money or to marry me. You need to give up on my mother. She will never support our marriage or help us to get together in any way. Neither will she support my novel or anything that the Jesuits are against. She is my enemy, because the Jesuits have taken over her brain and I recommend you give up on her as a means to promote our marriage or to promote my finances.

She never reads the Bible and, therefore, the Jesuits have her all the way. The Jesuits get most Christians as UNWILLING AGENTS and these Christians get some Bible exposure. It’s fairly obvious that most Christians don’t read the Bible consistently and regularly, and this is a pretty sad commentary on the state of Christianity today-and this is true in even the most conservative of churches and those that are the Bible thumper churches. When I went to Landmark Baptist Church in Haines City, it appeared that 90% of the church’s membership was being used as UNWILLING AGENTs and this is one of the better churches! Most church-going Christians are not reading their Bibles. Christians like myself are RARE. What’s ironic is I don’t go to church, but I’m a better Bible reader than 90% or more of Christians (including PREACHERS and MISSIONARIES)!! So, since my mother gets NO BIBLE EXPOSURE, she is a lost cause.

I want IBN to do a special on the state of Christianity today and do a statistical survey to determine the percentage of daily King James Bible reading in the various denominations out there. Find out which denominations (or religious organizations) have the highest percentage of daily Bible reading and present these statistics on IBN. Also, present those that have the lowest percentage of Bible reading and present these statistics on IBN. This is necessary to explain why so many Christians are used as UNWILLING AGENTS. IBN will then state what a disgrace it is that those who claim to be God’s children do not read the Bible and are used as UNWILLING AGENTS. Let Dr. Ruckman preach a sermon about this on IBN and give him complete liberty.

While I was at work today, when I went to the restroom to use a toilet that had a difficult handle, the Jesuits caused the flesh on my hand to get stuck into the toilet’s handle and it was quite painful. I’m not sure how they pulled this off, but I think they manipulated my brain to angle my hand in a certain manner as I flushed the toilet so that the flesh from my hand would get stuck in the cracks of the toilet handle. These Jesuits are such meticulous, detail minded, scientific bastards. Make sure that those willingly and knowingly behind this are executed on IBN–chop, burn, ash maggot style. Make sure that all CONSPIRACY LAW violations are enforced (according to CONSPIRACY LAW).

Also, when I came back from work, there were Hispanic guys (probably UNWILLING AGENTS who live at my apartment) milling around the stairwell where I have to go to get to my apartment. They stared at me as I climbed up the stairs. They greeted me, but I ignored them (and mumbled a brief “hi”) and rushed past them as fast as I could.

I don’t want these guys hanging around (when I come back or go to work)–so that I have to walk within one foot of them to get to my apartment. Get rid of them and treat them as UNWILLING AGENTS according to CONSPIRACY LAW. Also, execute the CONSPIRACY LAW violators who used these guys to draw attention to me with a chop-burn-ash-maggot execution. I did nothing to attract their interest. They are plainly being used as UNWILLING AGENTS. Jesuits are obsessed with me and never give me any space. I don’t like ANY GUY who pursues me (or flirts with me). I’m engaged to Vladimir Putin and try all I can to avoid entanglements with other men (except Brent Spiner, who has a unique friendship with Vladimir).

I despise all Jesuit attempts to introduce complications into my relationship with Vladimir and I want all these Jesuit flirts dealt with according to CONSPIRACY LAW. IF THEY ARE BEING USED AS UNWILLING AGENTS and they won’t leave me alone and try to flirt with me, send them to an UNWILLING AGENT CITY. GET RID OF THEM!

Any guy who flirts with me–I want him sent to an UNWILLING AGENT CITY. I never encourage any man (outside of Vladimir or Brent) to approach me romantically and think this is a very bad idea, it just gives Jesuits opportunities to cause trouble.

I’m not looking for men and don’t want any man approaching me romantically or trying to make a hit on me– except Brent Spiner or Vladimir Putin (or those who are on the list of husbands Vladimir has lined up for me). And even those on the list, I’m not interested in, unless they are following Vladimir’s instructions.

It may seem we aren’t winning, but this is a long war and the Jesuits didn’t get where they are at overnight and we won’t beat them overnight. Little by little, if we persist, we will prevail. I think God is using me to give this world one last chance to accept Christ and to read His Word before the rapture and the tribulation period sets in. Once the Christians get raptured, then the Jesuits will waste no time to set up their dictatorship, and, I believe, it will be 666 or a Stalin/Hitler/anti-Christ-Beast rule over the world. We are seeing the beginnings of it right now, though we are not in the tribulation period.

Have Dr. Ruckman present a message on IBN about the tribulation period and how the 666-Computer will be used during that time and where we are in the Biblical timetable right now. A lot of Christians think we are in the tribulation period. They need an education. Let Dr. Ruckman present this message on IBN. If we were in the tribulation period, I wouldn’t be able to enforce CONSPIRACY LAW at all. The fact that I’m able to do this, indicates that the Holy Spirit is still on the planet in the believers and that is why we are able to have the victories over the Jesuits (or the 666-precursors) that we have. The Jesuits will get the power they desire in the tribulation period and no one will be able to beat them except Jesus Christ at the battle of Armageddon.

The only thing holding the Jesuits back are Bible believers like myself who spread and promote the Word of God. Once we’re gone–all hell will break loose and everyone will be forced to submit to the 666-Computer and take its mark or they will be executed brutally.

Just keep enforcing my law and go after them. Don’t relent. This is a war we can’t afford to lose! I believe God will give us temporary spiritual victory in this world, to give this world a last chance before the horrible tribulation period sets in. God is giving this world one last breather from the anti-Christ before Jesus raptures the saints. Take advantage of this breather and go after them. Our only hope for freedom is to promote the King James Bible and be glad you are able to do this. Once the Christians are gone, you’ll be lucky if you can find a Bible, because the Jesuits will get rid of it IMMEDIATELY, so that they can manipulate everyone with the 666-Computer. The only Bibles (after the Christians are gone with the rapture) you will be able to find will be the Roman Catholic Bibles (NIV, New American Standard and other false Bibles taken from the Jesuit-Rheims text) and they don’t protect you from manipulation by the 666-Computer as an UNWILLING AGENT.

If these people take over the world–which is their goal–this world will be a dark and horrific place to live and all our freedoms will be gone. You won’t have to worry about reading the King James Bible to prevent yourself from being used as an UNWILLING AGENT, because you’ll be lucky IF YOU CAN FIND A BIBLE!

I mean look what happened to Russia. When the Jesuit puppet Stalin took over Russia, what was the first thing he did? He got rid of Russia’s good Bible–the Elizabeth Bible. The first thing the Jesuits do when they take over is to get rid of their greatest enemy –the Word of God. Right now, we are giving the Elizabeth Bible back to the Russian people because Russia lost her Bible.

Probably the first thing the Jesuits will do when they takeover the world, will be to ban the King James Bible. If you read it or are caught with a Bible in your possession, you will have your head cut off. They will run this world like Stalin or Hitler (which are two leaders that they sponsored).

Time now is almost 11 p.m. and I hear loud car music outside. Enforce my CONSPIRACY LAWS. Unwilling agents to UNWILLING AGENT CITIES and all other laws!

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 5-12-05 , (5-13-05 updates).
Place: Melbourne, FL