Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (5-17-2005)

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5-17-05 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Even though it is mandatory for LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONs to be daily readers of the King James Bible, we do not mandate how the Bible reading is to be interpreted, nor do we mandate church attendance, nor do we mandate which religious affiliation, if any, that one is to espouse. Therefore, all accusations, especially by ignorant Americans, that the Russian government is guilty of religious discrimination is absurd.

I find it ironic that my severest critics are Americans and that my approval ratings are highest in Russia and those countries that have a history of religious persecution. Apparently, those people who have experienced religious persecution feel that I will give them true religious freedom and those people who have not experienced religious persecution and spout their opinions about religious persecution–don’t know what they are talking about.

In fact, my favorite part of the Russian Constitution is Article 14, because I feel that this helps to protect Russia from a Jesuit takeover. It states: The Russian Federation shall be a secular state. No religion may be instituted as state-sponsored or mandatory religion. Religious associations shall be separated from the state, and shall be equal before the law.

Our reason for making Bible reading mandatory is to protect our LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONS from criminal brain control of their brains against their will. Scientific evidence has uncovered that daily King James Bible reading protects one from being brainwashed and manipulated by the satellite/computer of the Jesuit Order.

So by making Bible reading mandatory, we are, in fact, encouraging freedom of the mind and a healthy brain–that is, freedom from Jesuit control of the mind. Mandatory Bible reading is our penicillin against the infection of the UNWILLING AGENT, and like penicillin it must be taken daily to be effective. We only impose upon our LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONs what they have to do to be cured of an UNWILLING AGENT takeover of their brain.

So they must take their medicine (daily Bible reading) and they must avoid the germ which makes them sick or prevents the medicine from being effective (the OCCULT MEDIA). So far, the only medicine that cures the UNWILLING AGENT problem is daily Bible reading–it is NOT CHURCH ATTENDANCE or a certain interpretation of the Bible or a certain religious affiliation or being “born again” or following the teachings of a particular religious group or belonging to a certain religious organization–but it is DAILY AND CONSISTENT BIBLE READING which cures one from having their brain used as an UNWILLING AGENT.

Since, so far, this is the only way to insure that one’s brain will not be CONTROLLED by TERRORIST-DICTATORS, and this has been shown by SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE– daily Bible reading is mandatory for LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONS. DAILY BIBLE READING produces a shield over the brain which insures that one maintains autonomy over his/her own thinking processes! So mandatory Bible reading is not slavery, it is freedom from having one’s BRAIN CONTROLLED BY TERRORISTS!

In fact, we, in Russia believe that we have more freedom of religion now than the United States. Because in the United States if you oppose the secularists (or those who profess to be anti-God or anti-Bible), you are discriminated against and severely harassed, to the point that you face the danger of a deluge of unfair and discriminatory lawsuits against yourself (and you risk bankruptcy because of this) and may even have your life threatened. We will not tolerate this type of discrimination in Russia and any one of ANY religion, even the secular religion (and secularism IS a religion), IS NOT ALLOWED TO IMPOSE THEIR BELIEFS ON ANYONE. The secular religion in America is very discriminatory and has reigned as king over the United States for decades. We will insure that this does not happen in Russia.

Why is it in the United States that the theory of evolution is mandatory in the public school classroom and the Biblical creation theory is not allowed to be presented? Why is only one side being taught in the American classroom? In Russia, we will allow all sides to present their point of view, as long as they do so in a non-threatening and non-coercive manner.

We Russians laugh at American criticism of our policies as discriminatory. If America is such a non-discriminatory place, why hasn’t the United States had a woman President yet? In fact, American hasn’t even had a woman vice-President. In Russia, some of our greatest leaders have been women. I am descended from Catherine the Great, one of the greatest Russian leaders.

However, Vladimir and I like Pres. Bush and are glad he is President in the U.S., because Pres. Bush supports CONSPIRACY LAW. It appears that women in the U.S. who are competent to be President, never even make it to the primaries. Perhaps they don’t get the financing that the men get. We know men are paid better than women in the U.S. for the same job.

You might say that you haven’t received pay as Russian President yet. I would blame this more on the United States than Russia. I am stuck in the U.S. and Jesuits are using Americans to block Vladimir from giving me money or from marrying me–Americans like SunTrust bank, the Chrysler Corp., K-Mart, the U.S. postal service, and other American organizations and most especially the very corrupt American news media with their lying USA TODAY article about Lyudmila. If it wasn’t for these Americans, I would be with Vladimir and I would get the pay I deserve. Russia has had the courage to adopt my laws first, and then the rest of the world followed.

You might say, you’re working for an American company, Wal-Mart. I like Wal-Mart because it won’t cooperate with the Jesuit controlled American union movement and because it hires a lot of non-Americans. Wal-Mart refuses to allow itself to be manipulated by special interest groups–such as the American Jesuit controlled unions. I believe that if any American company will have the courage to assist me to marry and be with Vladimir Putin, it will be Wal-Mart. This is because Wal-Mart hires many non-Americans and has a real understanding about other countries and the company has a pioneering spirit like myself. Wal-Mart has stores in China, Germany, and all over the world. I work with an international crew at Wal-Mart and really enjoy this working environment. I have co-workers who speak fluent Chinese, Russian, German, Spanish, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Ukrainian, and other languages. I love this diversity in my working environment. The store also attracts international customers and I get to converse with many non-Americans. My biggest complaint about my job at Wal-Mart is that I don’t have time (because of the hours I put in at Wal-Mart) to do any creative writing. I barely have time to do my lawmaking duties as Russian co-President. I also need time to cook and sew and this area hurts as well. I sew– because the Jesuits control the American clothes market and they have seen to it that the clothes that look nice on me aren’t available. I even have a hard time finding flattering fabrics. In fact, Wal-Mart is the only store in my area that carries fabrics that look nice on me. The other fabric outlets in the area all carry the same style or colors and don’t offer much variety in fabrics or colors, and what they do offer is not my style or colors.

I would like to be able to work less hours at Wal-Mart so I can do other things. So far, my primary source of income is Wal-Mart and I get a little help (indirectly) from Vladimir, but he has been blocked successfully from helping me financially by Jesuit-controlled Americans.

Americans are a sorry bunch when it comes to reading the Bible, so they are easily controlled by Jesuits.

I am excited that Vladimir and I have given the Russian people the Elizabeth Bible. I expect Russians to be better Bible readers than Americans, because Russians don’t take the Bible for granted like Americans do.

Regarding Pres. Bush’s faith-based initiative in the U.S., I do not agree with this. Though I am a born again Christian, I feel that once the government starts financially sponsoring any religious group (including the secular religion, which the U.S. government has financially supported for years)–that it encourages the set up of a church-state, which is an ideal situation for a Jesuit takeover of a country. The solution for this imbalance is NOT to add another religion onto the religions which the U.S. government currently financially supports, but rather for the U.S. government to quit supporting ANY religion financially.

I feel that all religious activities of all religious organizations, including the secularists, should be privately funded and not government funded.

Though the Russian Constitution claims that Russia is a secular state, how Russia defines secularism and how the U.S. defines secularism are two different things.

Russia defines secularism as the absence of state promotion of any religion over another and encourages all religions (including secularism) to be equal under the law.

America defines secularism as a government sponsored secular dictatorship, where if anyone dares to promote any “religion” which the American secular movement disagrees with, that opposing “religion” is to be attacked and eliminated.

The U.S. has some serious imbalances in the way it handles religion. Though it is true that the secularists have had the upper hand in the U.S. over the past several decades, the solution to this is not to get the government involved in financing those who hold the opposite point of view from the secularists. This just gives the Jesuits more options (and religions to choose from) when, and if, they decide to set-up their religious Catholic dictatorship over the U.S. Jesuits are chameleons and will change their religious affiliation, depending on which religion they think will assist them the most. They can set up a Jesuit dictatorship over the U.S. using a conversative “born again” religion just as much with a secular religion.

I feel that Pres. Bush has good intentions, and he is trying to correct this gross imbalance in the U.S. where the secularists have imposed their agenda (using government money) on the mainstream American population (many of whom are born again Christians).

But the way to correct this is NOT to use government money to finance ANOTHER religious group (and thus give Jesuits more options when they decide to set up their dictatorship), but rather to correct the imbalances in the U.S. system and to withhold funds (and no longer sponsor the religious secularists OR ANY RELIGION WITH GOVERNMENT MONEY).

This would be better for the American deficit, since instead of adding another religious group onto the lists of groups that the U.S. government sponsors, it will instead DELETE all religious groups which it currently sponsors. The solution to this problem is not to ADD on another religious group for government sponsorship, but to DELETE the support of all religious groups for government support.

Religion needs to be more clearly defined and once this occurs, then the secular religion cannot be favored above other religions in any government sponsored program.

If I was American President, I would pass law that would make it illegal for groups like the A.C.L.U. to bring frivolous lawsuits against conservative religious organizations (and that if the case has no merits and many of them DO NOT, that the case must be THROWN OUT) and I would delete all government funding to ALL religious groups (including the secularists), BUT I WOULD NOT USE GOVERNMENT MONEY TO SUPPORT ANY OTHER RELIGION.

A favorite tactic of the Jesuits is to bankrupt their enemies by continually dragging them into court over stupid allegations. We would make it law that frivolous lawsuits could not even make it to a hearing or a trial, but MUST BE THROWN OUT.

What has happened in the U.S. is that the American government over the decades has been financially supporting the secular religion and has been prejudiced against the conservative faith-based religions. The answer to this problem is for the U.S. government to DROP its financial support of the secular religion and to quit showing partiality towards the secular religion and prejudice against the conservative faith-based religions.

I would rewrite the laws, so that the U.S. government cannot show favoritism in any manner to any religion over another.

I would also rewrite the definition of what constitutes a religion and would define a religion as any code of ethics which one subscribes to which influences significantly one’s daily decisions and activities and helps one to decide which courses of action to take in one’s life. With this more correct definition of a religion, the secularists would fall under the category of a religion and they could not receive any government funding to support their religion over any other religion.

We know that the U.S. government sponsors and favors the secular religion over other religions, because in government funded public schools, the theory of creation is not allowed to be taught and only the secular evolutionary theory is allowed to be taught. This is an imbalance that favors the secularists and is prejudiced against the conservative faith-based religions. I would write law that makes it illegal for a public school to teach only one side of any important issue. Both the Biblical creation theory and the evolutionary theory and any other theories out there that have prominence in mainstream American society should be presented (and given equal time) in the public schools.

If secular parents object to this, they would be denied access to the courts to present their case, as long as the creation theory is taught to their students in a non-coercive and non-threatening manner, and as long as much time in the classroom is given to the evolutionary point of view as to the creation point of view. The case by the secular parents would be thrown out, as long as all points of view are given equal time and there is no force or coercion to encourage one to adopt one point of view over another. Because it would be federal law that no religion is to be favored over another religion and secularism would be considered a RELIGION.


Put me under 666-Computer lie-detection and emotional analysis on IBN as I make the following statement:

I greatly fear that when, and if, Vladimir Putin dies and I am the sole President of Russia, that the Jesuits will try to make it appear that I killed Vladimir so I could reign over Russia alone. I saw on the news the death of a Hollywood actor who looks a lot like Vladimir and this made me realize that the Jesuits may try to frame me with Vladimir’s murder and force me to rule over Russia without Vladimir’s assistance.

First off, I don’t want to rule Russia without Vladimir by my side. In fact, I told Vladimir that I wanted to put it in writing that if I was not fluent in Russian when Vladimir died, that I would renounce my position as Russian President and would not continue my position as Russian President.

However, Vladimir was very upset with me for saying this and said that Russia and the world needed me and that the best way for me to honor his death would be to continue my duties as Russian President after his death. He said he’s counting on me to not let him down and to be the great President that he feels I am. I never desired this position, but Vladimir just put me in it and didn’t even ask my opinion about the matter. But since he says my work is essential and I always do those things that please him, I am staying at this job. So far, I haven’t been paid for it.

So I’ve changed my mind, but I want to let it be known that if Vladimir had not insisted that I continue my role as Russian President after his death, and if Vladimir was murdered by Jesuits, that I would resign as Russian President, if these Jesuits forced me to reign alone. I would be horrified if the Jesuits murdered Vladimir, so horrified, I’d want to resign as Russian President.

But to honor Vladimir, I won’t do this. He was very upset with me and said I was too good at this and that Russia needs me.

I don’t want Vladimir to die. I think I would do a better job with Vladimir as my co-President. I do care about Russia, I have Russian royal blood.

There have been serious violations of my SLEEP DISRUPTION LAWS. The a/c unit outside my apartment is louder than ever when it turns on and off (probably illegal satellite technology here) and I hear loud music from cars at 11 p.m. Investigate/execute. Also, the Jesuits know that I work 2 to 11 a lot in the next few weeks and that I may need to sleep in, they will see to it that I don’t. And then the next day when I’m tired and my resistance is down, they’ll make sure everyone coughs in my face at the check out line. Investigate/execute. Also make sure no creeps are hanging around to harass me when I get off work at such a late hour.

5-20-05: The use of UNWILLING AGENTS is currently the most abused CONSPIRACY LAW. Therefore, for the purposes of Sect. 82 in CONSPIRACY LAWS AND GOVERNMENT and for the purposes of CONSPIRACY LAW, the definition of an UNWILLING AGENT has been updated, so that an UNWILLING AGENT is defined as any person who could be used as an UNWILLING AGENT, even if they are not currently used as an UNWILLING AGENT. This would probably include all persons who are not daily King James Bible readers and avoiders of OCCULT MEDIA. All such persons must be treated as an UNWILLING AGENT according to this Sect. 82 and according to CONSPIRACY LAW.

UNWILLING AGENT COUNSELORs must be assigned to every person who could be used as an UNWILLING AGENT, even if they are not currently being used as an UNWILLING AGENT. Today at work I was deluged with UNWILLING AGENTS who were used to violate CONSPIRACY LAW, so I have updated the laws for UNWILLING AGENT COUNSELORS. Make sure this Sect. 82 (as it has been updated) is enforced. This is a calamitous problem and must be dealt with seriously.

I’m feeling some pain in the tooth where I have a crown and a root canal. It’s worse when I eat anything hot or cold. See if this can be taken care of. I don’t understand why this crown with a root canal is so sensitive, unless the root has somehow grown back into the root canal. Investigate/execute.

XXX1/2–G.S. (5-17-05)

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 5-17-05
Place: Melbourne, FL