Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (6-21-2005)

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6-21-05 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

I request prayer over how to write laws which deal with a very serious problem, and this is the Jesuit Order’s domination over the global oil markets and economies. The biggest problem with this is that the Jesuits put contaminants into the oil and gasoline and use this to pollute the air with allergens and other substances that make people ill. Another problem with this, is since the Jesuits control and dominate the oil market, they are able to influence the price of gasoline.

Currently, I’m suffering symptoms because of some additive which the Jesuits have put in the gasoline or diesel fuel of the cars in this area. It’s quite debilitating. Something serious needs to be done about this. We’ve realized this problem for years, but, so far, all actions we’ve taken in regard to this problem have been ineffective.

We seem to be totally losing this war over oil and gasoline and the Jesuits have the upper hand. I believe part of the problem is we are too dependent on Middle Eastern oil sources. I believe there is oil in Africa and South America which we could use to replace Middle Eastern oil. God showed me Prov. 21:20 and I think He’s hinting that we should get oil from the dwelling of the wise and not from Middle Eastern countries that sponsor fools. Perhaps all our oil should come from Russia, South America, India, former Soviet Union countries, and Africa. If we purchase oil from South America and Africa, we will give these poorer nations a real needed economic boost as well. We should punish those Middle Eastern countries who do not cooperate with us in the war against terrorism, by banning their oil and not buying oil from their countries. We may still do business with Saudi Arabia, since Saudi Arabia has cooperated with us in the war–but the other Middle Eastern countries will no longer be oil markets. We will refuse to buy oil from them.

I’m not sure what to do. Ask God to give me brilliant wisdom. I will need it. I’m mainly concerned about the additive put in this oil and how we can use oil and gasoline that won’t pollute our air with harmful substances. I plan to write law to deal with this today. Also, pray for my health, I am severely targeteed by Jesuits and they are making me thoroughly miserable with this allergy program which they’ve infected my PERSON-PROGRAM with. Vladimir informs me that today, my symptoms come from pollution caused by Jesuit contaminated gasoline from auto exhaust. He says the pollutant is invisible, but that it is what is causing my symptoms. Mete out Sect. 95 executions to those responsible for this pollutant and launch an investigation using satellite technology into where all the oil is on planet earth. We will immediately begin drilling in other countries (that cooperate with us in the war against Jesuit terrorism) and will eliminate our dependence on Middle Eastern oil.

The international government will also takeover OPEC and OPEC will no longer determine the price of gasoline. From now on, all members of OPEC will be analyzed to determine if any are UNWILLING AGENTS, no UNWILLING AGENT or Jesuit can be a member of OPEC. The International government will determine the price of gasoline.

Get top economists and oil experts from the International government to form an OPEC COALITION. This will be the name of the organization which takes over OPEC. The OPEC COALITION will meet immediately and analyze the oil sources all over the world and come up with ways to drill for oil in other countries. All members of the OPEC COALITION are considered a part of the INTERNATIONAL SATELLITE COALITION and are also considered full LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONs (according to CONSPIRACY LAW). The OPEC COALITION will decide how to export and import oil within the International government and will do so in a manner that will not allow Jesuits to manipulate the price of gasoline. The TSS networks must analyze the contents of all gasoline to determine that it only has the ingredients needed to fuel vehicles and is not polluted with substances which could cause illness in the population or that would sicken SIGNIFICANT PERSONs. Those countries who export (or who try to export) oil which is contaminate with harmful substances will be forbidden to export their oil. We will greatly expand our oil markets so that we can eliminate those countries whose oil is contaminated and can readily go to other markets for oil that is safe for the public.

XXX1/2–G.S. (6-21-05)

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 6-21-05
Place: Melbourne, FL