Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (7-21-2005)

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7-21-05 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

I think I hear a mosquito sprayer near my apartment. Get rid of it. Time now is 7-21-05. Last time this happened, I almost had to call 911.

Mete out the death penalty to anyone who willingly and knowingly puts anything into the air, water or environment with the intent to assist the Jesuits in any conspiracy. It will be a Sect. 95 execution if the goal is to target Gail Schuler.

Also, any person or organization who releases any chemicals or any substance near any residential area and who releases this substance close enough to that residence, that someone in that residence could become very ill or could have their health harmed, must pay a fine for this. First off, no spraying of anything or contamination of any environment (water, air, etc.) should occur unless it is necessary. Those who release substances into the air, need to prove necessity first before doing so and must state in writing (called the ENVIRONMENTAL HAZARD NECESSITY FORM) (under 666-Computer lie-detection) that it is necessary to release this substance into the environment. And the government will analyze their case and determine necessity. If there is no necessity, the government will deny their request and they are NOT to release this substance into the environment OR they can only release it in the concentrations specified (and in the locations specified) by the International government.

If there is no necessity and they go ahead and release this substance into the environment, they will go to jail and be fined. If they release any substance into the air, when it is not necessary, they will be fined. If they willingly and knowingly release any substance into any environment (in larger amounts than necessary or when it is not necessary) and have not received permission to carry out this release, they may go to jail and/or be fined.

If they release potentially harmful substances into the air without filling an ENVIRONMENTAL HAZARD NECESSITY FORM, or have not received permission to carry out this activity or they carry out this activity in a manner which violates the guidelines given to them by the International government, they will be fined and/or jailed.

I have more law to write regarding this matter, but you get the general idea. Make sure this law is enforced now, before these Jesuits kill me.


The first ones who should be sent to UNWILLING AGENT CITIES in a HIGH TERROR ALERT NATION should be those who drive like idiots and who whiz in and out of traffic. I almost got hit by 2 UNWILLING AGENTS. One towing truck came from behind me and almost hit my tail and he was driving crazy. Another came out of nowhere like a lightning bolt when I backed my car out, to straighten it and put it back into the parking spot at my apartment complex. UNWILLING AGENTS who drive like this need to be the first to go to UNWILLING AGENT CITIES. The Jesuits are trying to use a form of vehicular homicide or its equivalent.

Ship these crazy drivers out and ship them now. Also, make sure the speed limit laws are enforced. And the speed limit for apartment parking lots should be 5 to 10 m.p.h. That driver that almost hit the rear of my car, was going about 30 m.p.h. in this apartment’s parking lot. If they go faster than 5 to 10 m.p.h. in a crowded parking lot, give them a ticket, and ship them immediately to an UNWILLING AGENT CITY. Those are the kind that need to go immediately to UNWILLING AGENT CITIES. Also, you may need to take their driving privileges from them, because they’re dangerous.

The next group that needs to be shipped to UNWILLING AGENT CITIES in HIGH TERROR ALERT NATIONS are those who are sloppy in personal hygiene and who cough in people’s faces and who are a public health hazard in the way they conduct themselves in public.

Vladimir informs me that Silver Skies may win the Nobel Prize in literature. Even though I consider this an honor, I’m not sure it will make much difference. I’ve been awarded the Nobel Prize for my law work and I still work as a cashier at Wal-Mart.

Let me tell you what I am excited about. I’m excited because I finished my novel and I like it. I feel I wrote something that will make a difference. The accomplishment of this novel makes me feel that I’ve contributed greatly to the arts and have added another masterpiece into literature. Whether it’s recognized as a masterpiece doesn’t matter as much to me as whether I really wrote one. To me, a masterpiece in literature, is any work of art so powerful that it can change the course of history for the better. I feel I wrote something that touches the chord in all of us who are decent human beings and who care about courage, love and honor– and will comfort those who suffer because of Jesuit terrorism and will give courage to those who fight for freedom–and in this respect, this work will make a difference. I wrote something that doesn’t preach at people, it reaches down into their inner souls and resonates with them–that is what a masterpiece is supposed to do. When something resonates with people, they explore its meaning in their lives and it changes the direction of their lives. It inspires people to be leaders in the fight for freedom and justice. Now if my work accomplishes this–that is greater than the Nobel Prize. If this works changes history and makes the world a better place, that means more to me than to be awarded the Nobel Prize in literature. And I feel I’ve accomplished this--this gives me much more joy than to be awarded the Nobel Prize.

I’ve also been told by Vladimir that Brent may be the director for the film version of Silver Skies. If this was Spielberg’s idea, he’s brilliant. Brent is very talented (has considerable acting experience) and would make the perfect director for this film. Besides, I wrote most of this novel while Brent listened to me as I shared with him all my ideas and visions for Silver Skies. Brent really understands this story and what drove me to write it. He’d be the perfect director for the film version of Silver Skies. I’m confident that if Brent directs this film, that I will love the result. That is how much confidence I have in Brent’s ability to direct this film.

You may say, do you care how this does at the box office? I’m sure Spielberg may care, but maybe not, since I feel Mr. Spielberg understands me as a person and respects my goals. I feel as long as the film version resonates with the public, like my book does–I will be content. I want it to have the same effect (or more so) than my novel. If it wins an Academy Award is not that important to me, as to whether it resonates with the public. Whether it inspires people to be better, is what matters to me. If it doesn’t do that, then it has failed. I didn’t write this to win a popularity contest, I wrote it to make this world a better place to live in, by writing a story that would reach down into the heart and change people (hopefully) for the better. I want this story to reach down into people’s heart and make them think and make them feel the soul of greatness, and inspire them to be great. If it does that, then I couldn’t ask for more. A film like this may not be a blockbuster, but if it changes history for the better, what more could I ask?

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 7-21-05
Place: Melbourne, FL