Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (7-19-2005)

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7-19-05 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Find out who was behind the mosquito spraying near my apartment complex, because it’s giving me an TRIGGER PROGRAM INDUCED allergic reaction, I think. Time now is 11:15 p.m. I was fine until about ½ hour after the mosquito spraying. See if you can use satellite technology to remove this spray from my apartment and from my area, so I don’t have to deal with it. If it isn’t the spray, find out what it is and deal with it.

I ask for prayer that the team assembled to remove TRIGGER PROGRAMMING from my PERSON PROGRAM can complete their job. We are down to the last segments and are dealing with some nasty RICOCHET TRIGGERS. The Jesuits are trying to hold onto their control over my PERSON -PROGRAM with a fanatical frenzy and ask God to miraculously release my PERSON-PROGRAM from all of their control.

Mete out a Sect. 95 execution to the IMPOSED PERSONs and other willing and knowing participants behind this and get rid of this reaction (computer/satellite induced) I’m experiencing (some breathing problems) to this mosquito spray or whatever. I haven’t had problems with mosquitoes, so it’s probably not necessary to do this and if they must, they don’t need to do it so close to my apartment.

The Jesuits have also done something to my car’s windshield, so that I have spots on my windshield that make it very hard for me to see through, when the windshield has any moisture on it. Mete out a Sect. 95 execution to whoever is willingly and knowingly behind this.

7-20-05: I’m getting tired of UNWILLING AGENTS. It appears that now Jesuits are trying to create the impression that women are jealous of me and want to harm me. Get rid of all UNWILLING AGENTS and ship them to UNWILLING AGENT CITIES. We don’t need Jesuit murderers manipulating people. Treat the whole area I live in as a HIGH TERROR ALERT area. Get rid of the UNWILLING AGENTS. I’m still dealing with them. You guys need to ship these people out. This area needs to be treated as a HIGH TERROR ALERT area (according to CONSPIRACY LAW). The Jesuits will never give up trying to use UNWILLING AGENTS. They are as stubborn as hell. The only answer is to GET RID OF THEM. SHIP THEM TO UNWILLING AGENT CITIES and do it NOW. I have to deal with them 24/7 and if this continues, they are going to kill me– literally.

The Jesuits used an UNWILLING AGENT yesterday to spray mosquito spray near my apartment, that so affected me that I almost had to call 911. GET THE UNWILLING AGENTS OUT OF HERE!!! The whole area that I live in should be treated as a HIGH TERROR ALERT area. We have a determined and fanatical enemy and we have to get the UNWILLING AGENTS out of here. SHIP THE UNWILLING AGENTs OUT AND DO IT NOW, NOW, NOW. If you don’t, I may not be alive next year. The goal of the Jesuits is to murder me and they want to use UNWILLING AGENTS to do it. Get the UNWILLING AGENTS out of here and ship them to UNWILLING AGENT CITIES, if you want me to STAY ALIVE. I don’t care how mad they get. Put them in jail if they give you a hard time. We are dealing with people who are duped into assisting KILLERS. THIS MATTER CANNOT, I REPEAT, CANNOT BE TAKEN LIGHTLY. THIS IS A VERY, VERY SERIOUS MATTER. GET RID OF THE UNWILLING AGENTS AND TURN THIS AREA INTO A HIGH TERROR ALERT area. If you let them manipulate you, then I will probably be dead within a year and the Jesuits WILL WIN. We have to be just as fanatical and extreme as they are to win this war.

This whole area that I live in should be treated as a HIGH TERROR ALERT AREA (see my laws). If Pres. Bush is not willing to go along with this, then move me out of the U.S. and let me live in a country where the government will allow me to live in a HIGH TERROR ALERT area (in which UNWILLING AGENTS cannot get near me)! I’ve had it with UNWILLING AGENTS, if Pres. Bush doesn’t have the guts to treat this area where I live as a HIGH TERROR ALERT AREA, then move me to Germany, because I think Germany will have the guts to do this.

The Americans are too wishy-washy in dealing with Jesuits. They need to be more extreme. Quit worrying about offending people and GET THE JOB DONE (enforce my laws). You can’t win any war with the Jesuits, if you allow Jesuit manipulated public opinion to determine your actions. If the Jesuit dupes don’t like it, they go to jail. If they don’t follow the MICROBIOLOGY LAWS, they lose their citizenship. What good does my law do, if the American leaders won’t enforce it? If the United States won’t honor my law, let me live in a country that will. I will leave the United States. I want to be with people who are brave, because that’s the only way to deal with Jesuits. If Pres. Bush and the Americans don’t have the guts to take on these Jesuits head-on–I’ll be dead within a year.


Send me to Germany. The Germans will do it. They have more guts than Americans. I’m not too impressed with what I’ve been seeing at work. People are coughing all over me. UNWILLING AGENTS run over me like a rampage, including using a mosquito spray truck to almost give me anaphylactic shock. The STUPID UNWILLING AGENT almost killed me last night. WHY IS AN UNWILLING AGENT SO CLOSE TO MY APARTMENT AND WHY WAS HE SPRAYING CHEMICALS NEAR MY APARTMENT? MY LAWS ARE NOT BEING ENFORCED! AMERICANS MAKE ME SICK. PRES. BUSH IS NOT BRAVE. HE’S COMPROMISING AND IF HE CONTINUES TO DO THIS, I WANT OUT OF THE U.S. SEND ME TO THE BRAVE GERMANS AND LET ME LEAVE THE JELLYFISH AMERICANS. Something is not right. I think American leaders are cowards. They don’t have the “balls” (as Howard Hughes puts it), to deal effectively with Jesuits.

Send me to Germany. IF MY LAWS ARE NOT ENFORCED, I WANT OUT OF HERE BECAUSE THE JESUITS WILL KILL ME. Germans are brave. I think they have more guts than Americans. Send me to Germany. Wal-Mart has stores in Germany. Just give me the proceeds to my novel and I’ll have the money to move to Germany.

You can’t deal with people like this in a wishy washy manner. You have to hit them like an atomic bomb!!

In fact, I’m so disgusted with the wishy-washy Americans, that I’m going to honor Germany, by watching the story of the great German reformer, Martin Luther. We need a Martin Luther in the U.S. But, you know what? I don’t think the U.S. has got one. I think the U.S. could learn from Martin Luther. YOU ARE NOT GOING TO WIN A WAR AGAINST THE JESUITS, YOU WISHY-WASHY AMERICANS, UNLESS YOU FACE THEM HEAD-ON LIKE A GERMAN MARTIN LUTHER.

Yeah, for Germany! I watch the story of Martin Luther to spit on the jellyfish American politicians, who don’t impress me in the least. You Americans, watch Martin Luther, and learn how to be brave. If you don’t, the Jesuits will WIN–get ready to fly your white flag of surrender. The Jesuits will beat you up, unless you wishy-washy Americans get some “balls”.

You may say, well, Martin Luther was Martin Luther and for you to say that Germans, in general, are braver than Americans is not a correct assessment. Well, you know why Martin Luther was not killed by the mighty Roman Catholic Church, despite his brave stand against corruption in the church? It’s because the German politicians were willing to die to defend him and they gave him safe harbor. Apparently, American politicians can’t match what the German politicians did for Luther. America has never turned out any leader who is as brave as Martin Luther. When it comes to courage, Germans make Americans look sick. Because I’m the female Martin Luther and American leaders don’t have the “balls” to stand behind me like the German leaders stood behind Luther. That’s why the Jesuits almost killed me last night with the UNWILLING AGENT mosquito sprayer. If my laws were enforced, that UNWILLING AGENT would not have been able to do this. About 90% of the people I deal with at work are UNWILLING AGENTS. What’s taking so long? Why aren’t these people in UNWILLING AGENT CITIES? I didn’t write these laws yesterday. Germans are braver than Americans. Don’t forget I’m descended also from Frederick the Great. I have German blood. I have great respect for courage and despise cowards. The biggest reason I love Vladimir is because he has the German heroic spirit in him.

When I saw that in his face, I adored him. You may say, if Vladimir is so brave, then why hasn’t he acquired you yet? Well, he’s up against a formidable enemy and he’s made more progress than any of my American friends. A big problem he has is that he has to deal with Americans to get me and the Americans are wishy-washy. He tries harder than the Americans do. He has German guts. Vladimir’s outstanding trait is courage and, because of his courage, the Russian nation had embraced my laws totally and much more enthusiastically than the Americans have. Vladimir had the guts to take chances with me and to allow my laws to be passed first in Russia. He’s a courageous pioneer–which is more than I can say for American politicians. The German had to do it first, before the American would even move. The German stuck his head out on the chopping block, while the American had to sit back and observe, before he’d move. The German says, if it’s right–do it, even if the consequences may be severe. The American says, if it works–do it–that is, if I can take the consequences, and maybe I’ll think about it before I move. You win a war with decisive leadership, not with trotting on the fence. That kind of attitude won’t cut it. You have to have the courage to do what’s right, even if there’s a chance it may not work. We are in a war with extremists. No half hearted measures will do the job. You need to think like a German. Whereas, in America, there is still some hesitation about enforcing my law. Vladimir has embraced it wholeheartedly, because he has the courage that’s needed to enforce my law. Only courageous people would want to enforce my laws. These laws are not for cowards.

My opinion of the German race is reflected in my two lead characters in Silver Skies. I deliberately chose Germans as lead characters, because I hate what the Jesuits have done to the Germans. The Germans had the courage to be thorough and courageous in what they did and were totally up front about their Nazi involvement. I feel the Germans got a raw deal. Brianna is a brave girl. I portrayed her like a German. We can’t win this war unless we have the courage and thoroughness of the German. I have a German team as the lead team to work on my PERSON-PROGRAM, because they do a better job than anyone else.

I thought the solution to the chemical attack I had last night was to write new law. But after thinking what happened, I don’t think I need to write new law. The world needs to have the German attitude of thoroughness and courage and then we’ll get somewhere. Without it, get ready to fly your white flag of surrender. You may say the Germans lost WWII. Yes, and the German nation also turned out Martin Luther. When they get involved with the right cause (or even the wrong cause) they go all the way. That’s the atttitude needed to win this war. I need a nation that will back my laws ALL THE WAY. Germany will do it.

Because if my laws were enforced, what happened last night with the mosquito sprayer WOULDN’T HAVE HAPPENED. THE AMERICANS ARE NOT ENFORCING MY LAW. GET ME OUT OF HERE. I WANT TO GO TO THE COUNTRY THAT TURNS OUT MARTIN LUTHERS.

XXX1/2–G.S. (7-19-05), (updates on 7-20-05).

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 7-19-05 , (updates on 7-20-05).
Place: Melbourne, FL