Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (7-17-2005)

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7-17-05 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

I need prayer. I currently have a sore throat and feel like I’m dealing with something in my throat. I’ve been taking Sambucol, echinacea, goldenseal, vit. C and zinc and this appeared to be working, but now my throat is making a turn for the worst. I don’t know if I caught something new or if the germs in my throat are manipulated by satellite technology. Either way, MY LAWS NEED TO BE ENFORCED.

The bathrooms at Wal-Mart need to be ventilated AT ALL TIMES. NO ONE SHOULD BE ALLOWED INTO WAL-MART IF THEY WILL VIOLATE MY MICROBIOLOGY LAWS. Ship the UNWILLING AGENTS out. Sick co-workers need to stay at home. I’m catching things from the bathroom–I think. The front bathroom didn’t seem to have any ventilation for 2 days. My MICROBIOLOGY LAWS need to be enforced and the UNWILLING AGENTs need to go to UNWILLING AGENT CITIES. UNWILLING AGENTS have been the prime germ carriers for the Jesuits.

My co-workers are constantly coughing around me and so are all my customers. This MUST STOP. I’m being hit with an onslaught of germs. MAKE SURE MY LAWS ARE ENFORCED.

I’ve decided I want to write the ending to my novel. The problem is I need to brush up on my writing skills and I don’t have my writing library from Seattle, because Vladimir won’t give it to me –he’s worried about the Jesuits blowing up the delivery–I guess. I presume he has my books, since they no longer are in Seattle storage. I’ve been waiting and waiting for Vladimir to be with me so I can get my writing library. But at the rate things are going, it’s never going to happen.

In the meanwhile, I have living expenses incurred because of Jesuit attacks on my health and I can’t even afford the $20 a month I may need to get some writing books I need to brush up on my skills. Some of these are books I had in my writing library at Seattle.

I want to order some books, but it appears I need to see the doctor. So I have to choose between the doctor and the books. My organic grocery expenses are so high, that I can’t afford anything else–not even to see the doctor and pay for medicines. SOMETHING NEEDS TO HAPPEN WITH MY FINANCES. EITHER I NEED MORE MONEY OR I NEED LESS EXPENSES. I’m not even sure I can afford the doctor. I may just wait and see if this stupid sore throat will go away. Even though I’d like to order the books, I may not. Because I don’t have money to see the doctor and I can’t afford the books. This is one of the biggest reasons I have not written the ending to my novel yet. I won’t use credit cards, because this has gotten me into big trouble.

Until then, I’m at a standstill and can’t work on my writing. That’s been my biggest obstacle to writing the ending to my novel. I need my writing library, and I haven’t been able to afford it.

Ask God to give me wisdom about time management, money management, law writing management, and health management. The Jesuits never leave me alone.

And neither Vladimir or Brent will be with me until everything’s perfect. That will never happen.

In the meanwhile the Jesuits hit me with all their disgusting males, who flirt with me. I try to avoid them, but they linger on the stairwells and bump into me all the time. I’d rather be a NUN than get involved with any of these guys. It’s either Vladimir or Brent OR BUST. GIVE UP JESUITS, I’LL NEVER GET INVOLVED WITH ANY OF YOUR MALE AGENTS. I WANT ALL JESUITS AND THEIR SUPPORTERS BEHIND ALL THESE MALE AGENTS EXECUTED (SECT. 95) AND I WANT ALL MALES USED BY JESUITS TO “HIT ON ME” SHIPPED TO UNWILLING AGENT CITIES, SO I DON’T HAVE TO DEAL WITH THEM. Get rid of them.



Jesuits know how to scare away my lovers. In the meanwhile, pray for my son and Vladimir’s daughters. I haven’t seen or heard from my real son in years. The imposter called me up a couple times. My son and my writing library are with Vladimir. I WANT TO BE WITH VLADIMIR, so I can be with my son and have my writing library. Is this asking too much? Ask God to make it happen.

If God won’t do it, then ask God to give me wisdom over money management, health management, law-writing management, and time management–because I’m trying to do the work of super woman (President’s wife, lawmaker, novel writer, screenwriter, etc.) with a cashier’s income. Almost IMPOSSIBLE.

Trying to keep up my health and finances is almost impossible with all the Jesuit attacks on my health and finances. I HAVE TO COOK ALL MY OWN FOOD BECAUSE OF ALL THE RIDICULOUS ALLERGIES THE JESUITS HAVE GIVEN ME. AND I HAVE TO READ ALL THE LABELS. I SPEND A LOT OF TIME IN FOOD MANAGEMENT.

My life is impossible. Ask God to do something, so I can move on with my life. It seems I never can move on. I’m always blockaded. It’s ridiculous that I have genius intelligence and I can’t seem to advance further than a cashier’s job. Ask God to do something and do it now, so I can MOVE ON and use the talents He’s given me.

If He doesn’t want me to do this, then ask Him to make it clear what it is HE wants from me and to make it clear, so I can move on in His will.

I have genius writing ability, but I need about 15 writing books to get me going. I can’t acquire them, because I don’t have the money. My expenses increase because I catch about 3 to 8 infections a month from my job. And then I have expensive allergies. I can’t get the money, because the Jesuits block all avenues of income, except those that eat up all my time (like a 40 hour a week cashier job)–so that I don’t have the time to work on my writing and law sufficiently.

I like Wal-Mart, but my life is ridiculous. I have a Russian President in love with me, as well as a Hollywood star and I’ve written brilliant law and almost finished a brilliant novel, but I can’t get my J.D. because of Jesuit blockades and I can’t finish my novel because of Jesuit blockades. And the Russian President and the Hollywood actor are as impotent as little nobodies against the mighty Jesuit Order. They are so scared, they won’t even meet me or say “hello”–let alone give me the money I need to use my talents. Ask God to do something and DO IT NOW.

It’s a disgrace to waste such great talent because of these demon possessed bastards. Tell God His reputation is at stake. Does He want it to appear He can’t handle a bunch of Jesuit bastards, who parade around like they are more omnipotent than God and His King James Bible?

Vladimir told me that my book is already at its ending and that the editors only needed about a page or two to end it. So I decided to end it, because I’ve decided that the ending I originally planned was too different in tone from the rest of the book and wouldn’t work and I decided that the book was at its ending and that’s why I had writer’s block at this scene and quit writing. Here’s the ending to Silver Skies. I’ve included a little of the previous scene to show how this scene (and the previous scenes) was the main conflict (or dark moment) of the book and how the last scene I wrote ties everything up and resolves all the conflicts. The dark moment was when Brianna and Dor realized that their enemy could read their mind. With an enemy like this, you can never get together, if the enemy is this determined to keep them apart. This is a deep psychological novel and is a character story and the story question was will these lovers ever be able to get together without their lives threatened. When they realized their enemy could read their minds, this was the BLACK MOMENT. Nothing could be darker than this. To have an enemy that can read your mind, and who is determined to keep the lovers apart, made it impossible for these lovers. Their enemy was too powerful. They were getting glimpses that the enemy they faced was formidable and that their love was doomed on planet earth .


If this was their only chance to love each other, she must find the courage. What if he had to face death without sweet memories of intimacies with her? Intimacies which could inspire him to greatness. In the past she tried to wrench him from her, but when he left, so did her heart. Then she brought him back and wholeness returned; now they were one, except for the bodily joining. She glanced at his face again. He needed to feel her, become a part of her; it had been denied long enough, she’d give it to him no matter how often they tried to stop her. “Don’t let them win.”

They made it home without any consequences. The blue car stayed where it was. Dor was on her bed. “I thought tomorrow we might go canoeing.”

Her head jerked up. “Are you sure it’s safe?”

“We’ll wear lifevests.”

“I don’t trust them. Why canoeing?”

“I thought if we were in the middle of a huge lake, no one could bother us.”

“We can’t make love in a canoe.”

Dor smiled. “There’s something romantic about being in the middle of a lake surrounded by mountains.”

Somehow Brianna liked the idea, the corners of her mouth turned up. Dor squeezed her hand and ran the other down her face. His eyes caressed her. He left. She collapsed onto her pillow and dreamed.

The next day they toured the rest of Yellowstone. At 3 p.m. they drove to Jackson Lake in Grand Teton National Park, south of Yellowstone. They rented a canoe, Dor limped it into the lake. It pained her to see this but she said nothing. What more could they do to him? He guided Brianna in, sat opposite and rowed. His arms were strong, as if the dreadful accident never happened. How he took life’s blows. He stopped only forty feet from shore. Was he worried about something? Water lapped against their canoe. Funny, she hadn’t seen the blue car at all today.

The lake was on and on, like it never found completion. Cool, brisk air swirled. Gray pinnacles laced with snow leaped inside her, cold seeped to her bones, she shivered. Her heart burst through, broke the cold. She would bring him the silver from the luminescent sky. Dor laid the oars aside and stared at her. She pointed at the sky. “That sky. . .is that us?”

His mouth awestruck, Dor gazed.

The silvery wisps embraced her, lifted her heart above the baseness of earth. Dor’s eyes were there. He rowed toward the middle, strained to see more. The sky hazed over the mountains. The sun broke through in patches, canary rays becoming amber and earth tones. Hours they didn’t say a word, only stared and saw the silver fade.

“We better head back,” he said.

Brianna scanned the sky. God had spoken to them.

“It’s as if He smiled on us.” Dor gazed again.

Ice coldness seeped into Brianna’s shoes, a pool of water was around her feet. Why were there holes in the canoe? Where did they come from? She pointed to them. “Look.”

“Brianna, swim as fast as you can. I’ll follow. At least, we have vests.”

She pulled at her vest, it fell apart, the strap had liquified. Dor’s vest was the same. “I don’t believe it.” She flung the vest from her. “We need to swim. Now! Forget the vests.” The shoreline was hard to make out. Could Dor make it before hypothermia set in? He had a bad leg!

She dropped into the water and felt its icy tentacles envelop her. She pulled off her pants, they’d slow her down. The crawl, the fastest stroke she knew, that would do it. Arms and legs thrashed water everywhere. Out of breath, she flipped over and kicked with her legs, thrashed with her arms. Alternating between the crawl and backstroke, she had no time to contemplate. Oh God, I must make it to shore because if I don’t–. A log–anything–to save him. Too busy to see him, she hoped he was behind her, getting closer to shore and safety. All she heard were her own frantic strokes. Numbness started in her legs. She panicked. “Oh God, Dor needs me!” A thud blocked her, it was packed sand–the beach. Her arms lifted her, dragged her legs. Anything large that would float. A log. A branch. Anything. Oh God, my legs. They won’t move.

She strained to see him; he was struggling, thirty feet out. Oh God. Oh God. Her legs made her leap, then her arms dragged her until she fell into the sand. Feeling returned to her legs; trembling, she stood. Tears streamed. Why did she wail? She couldn’t see him if she wailed. Where was he? Tears stopped. A log. A branch. Oh God. A fallen log–twenty feet away.


It was his voice. Her heart leaped. Where was he? She saw him. He swam like an Olympic swimmer with strong strokes in his legs. Her eyes widened. In water to his hips, he stood and walked with smooth glides in the icy water, only in his underwear, he looked glorious. Wasn’t this the Dor she remembered? The man who was strong before the accident? The limp was gone! She stared at his legs, so muscular and lean. Not a trace of injury. He stood tall on the sand, then ran toward her and embraced her. “You look worried.” He kissed her forehead and grinned sheepishly.

“Excuse my attire.”

They fell into the sand, embraced and laughed.

She held him tighter. “We need to keep each other warm.”

Dor awakened at the Seattle watershed. Why am I here? Wasn’t I at the Yellowstone lake, and almost drowned? Dor walked and there was no pain. How can I walk like this? “Why am I here? Where’s Brianna?”

God spoke to Dor. “You are no longer on earth.”

“But I’ve been here before. I met Brianna here once. . .when I thought she was out of my life forever.”

“Dr. Keane Horton is in the lake of fire.”

“Dr. Horton? What do you mean?”

“Sarad Avshalom read your mind. Sarad controlled your health and your life and your lovers– except Brianna. He destroyed all you cared about. He was the Beast.”

On a mountainous cliff, a man stood with a staff which swayed over the entire earth, and wore a Pope’s crown.

Dr. Keane Horton.

Dr. Horton was the Pope, but was called almighty and divine Sarad Avshalom or Jesus Christ on all the newscasts. The world worshipped him. Crowds swooned and roared in his presence.

Sarad’s image flashed on all television screens, the world forced to take his mark: 666. The world forced to worship the Beast.

Dor’s body waned and he lost consciousness. Now he drowned in blood. It surrounded him, it roared over his head. He had to get out–get out. Blood was in his lungs, blood was on his scalp. Was he in an army? Who was at the head of the army? A man with many crowns, on a horse. The army swirled from heaven, Dor and Brianna rode side by side. Franz and Paula . . .Eva. Danielle and her son. Danielle’s son was alive? Images of all those he cared about, all those tortured by Sarad Avshalom. Side by side by him in this relentless march to meet Sarad . .UFOs swirled in and out of Sarad’s army. The UFOs exploded as they hit the army of the Man with many crowns. The army came down from heaven. A swirl of fury drowned the Beast and the blood rose higher. . .higher. Screams echoed through the heavens. The suffering of the ages filled the blood that creeped into Dor’s lungs.

Dor felt ill, his stomach cramped. He fainted and longed for eternal death. His body rose from earth and left behind a pool of blood. Higher and higher. Brianna rose with him. Her pool of blood lay next to his. Where was love? Where was Brianna? Did love matter in a world like this? Did life matter? Stamp out my existence. I don’t want to live this life. Blood. . .suffering. No love. No beauty. Nothing to live for.

The Beast’s nuclear missiles pierced Jesus Christ’s army. But the onslaught. . . Blood to the horses’ bridles came like an onslaught over Dor’s brain. Dor drowned in blood, which drowned Sarad Avshalom, which drowned Brianna, Franz, Danielle, Paula, Rachel, Eva, his sister and her son–which drowned his love for Brianna, and drowned all those who touched his life on earth. Pools of blood left behind. Blood in the air, in the skies. Red skies, the cries of the anguished pierced the skies. Would blood shed never end? Would love never triumph? Suddenly, Dor felt the energy from his body wane. His life ebbed away. Death drowned him. Death of lovers. Death of light, beauty and all that consumed Dor. Red, brooding skies. The bloodshed of the ages.

A gate ahead. Rays of light swirled around it. Franz walked hand in hand with Paula. And those Dor cared about, murdered by the Jesuit Pope and by the Jesuits of the Roman Catholic Church (the Beast’s army) flowed in front of him. Red, brooding skies. Images faded. Brianna stood at the watershed, where he had once met her after years of silence. Her hair flowed with the wind. Danielle and her son and husband played in front of the gates.

Brianna’s image faded.

From the edge of a cliff, the woman of his dreams gazed at the sky. The lake was on and on, like it never found completion. The silvery wisps embraced Brianna, lifted her to the gates which glowed like the sun. Dor flowed to the gates. Brianna’s soft hair radiated from light which streamed through Douglas Firs. Leaves whispered. . .rustled. . .Fallen tree trunks were scattered about. The stream sounded like lush rain. . .A robin bobbed its head and hopped on dry, tan leaves. . .Silver glowed from the luminescent sky.

Brianna stood at the gates. Dor went in with her. The gates closed.

I’ve waited until I could claim you,
I hope I’ve not waited in vain,
For when it’s spring in the valley,
I’m coming, my sweetheart again.
I’ll be with you in apple blossom time,
I’ll be with you to change your name to mine,
One day in May,
I’ll come and say,
Happy the bride the sun shines on today.
What a wonderful wedding there will be,
What a wonderful day for you and me,
Churchbells will chime,
You will be mine,
In apple blossom time.


I finished my novel’s last draft. I not only did the ending, but I went in and entered all the handwritten changes that I made over the years throughout the novel, but which I never bothered to fix in the computer version.

I will go over the novel, page by page and do some editing and rewrites and make sure that what I have in the computer matched my paper version. But I’m not in a hurry to do this. What I have in the computer is pretty much my final version.

I decided that what I originally planned for the ending wouldn’t work, because the novel is a character story first and foremost and when Dor Ben Habakkuk finally made the decision to love Brianna no matter what the cost, the main conflict ended. He had assumed his new role in life and the character story was over. That’s why I had writer’s block after this scene, because I instinctively knew that what I originally planned after this scene wouldn’t work, but I wasn’t sure how to end the book.

Also, the novel has a unique voice and for me to diverge and create an ending which would have the feel of an event story, when it is primarily a character story would be a great mistake. But since the event story (the disorder on planet earth caused by the Beast) affects the main conflict, it needed to be addressed in the ending. However, I wanted to address it in a manner which wouldn’t detract from the tone and voice of the novel and which wouldn’t take away from the main character story. So I decided to use the omniscient voice stronger in the very end, since with this voice you can cover a lot of material in a short span and to use stream of consciousness to blend it all together into the same voice which I used throughout the novel. I didn’t want the subplot to dominate the ending.

So, in about one page of the novel, I wrote my final ending (which tied up a lot of loose plot strings that needed to be tied up), which was a bit of a continuation of the conflict from the event story NOT THE CHARACTER STORY (which was the main conflict of the novel). The reason I was stumped before, is because I treated the ending as if my novel was an event story, and the main conflict was really resolved in this novel in the scene when Dor made his decision to love Brianna no matter what the cost.

Actually, the entire Yellowstone scene at the end of the book is all part of the ending. It just shows what Dor’s life is like after he decides to love Brianna and has already assumed his new role in life. Actually, the main conflict of the novel ended when Dor Ben Habakkuk made his decision to love Brianna no matter what the cost. This was the conflict throughout the whole novel–in which Dor needed to find his new role in life and because he was confused over what his new role should be, and when he found it, the novel was over.

His new role was to be Brianna’s lover and soulmate for eternity. So the ending actually started (and the main conflict ended) when Dor had his meeting with Pete and decided he would love Brianna if it killed him. The rest of the novel was to resolve the event stories and idea stories (part of very important subplots–which were episodic in style), which needed to be resolved and to show the final ending to the main character story.

I decided to do this quickly, since the ending had been dragged out long enough with the Yellowstone scene and it was obvious Dor was in his new role and determined to stay in it. So I created a one pager at the end to tie up all the loose strings and EXIT. The mystery and event story subplots were resolved and the mystery revealed, but I didn’t make it as dramatic as I originally intended because I didn’t want to take away from the power of the character story. This novel was a character story–first and foremost–and I honored this to the end. I would not allow the subplot event or idea stories to overwhelm the main character story.

I had a hang-up over the ending for years because I thought that the consummation of Dor with Brianna was the ending, but that’s not really the main conflict. The main conflict of this book is Dor’s search to find his new role in life. The ending happened and the conflict was resolved when it was obvious that Dor had found his new role in life. The consummation of Dor with Brianna resolved one the subplots, which was an event story, because the consummation couldn’t occur until the disorder in the world (the war between God and Satan) was fixed (an event story).

In a character story, the resolving of the main conflict often is quiet and without a lot of obvious dramatics, and it is usually rich in emotional dynamics (it’s often inside the head of the character and it is shown by the character’s actions), so I didn’t realize that the scene with Pete and Dor was the end of the novel and that everything I wrote after that was part of the ending. I had it stuck in my head for years that the Dor/Brianna consummation was the ending–no, that’s actually the ending to one of the subplots (an event story). Choosing the event story subplot that I did, added a real richness and depth and episodic feel to the main character story and this is what needed to be resolved, but since it wasn’t the main conflict, I resolved the event story subplot in about a page and made it clear by the way the novel ended, that Dor had found his new role in life and that the main character’s major conflict was also ended.

I also resolved the event story subplot in a manner to make it clear that the main conflict was the character story and not the event story, since even when I resolved the event story subplot I made it clear that Dor’s obsession, even as he was used as an instrument to resolve the conflict of the event story, was to find fulfillment in his new role and to be solidly into his new role as Brianna’s soulmate and lover. His obsession, while he’s used to resolve the event story, is not the event story’s conflict, but whether or not his new role with Brianna is being jeopardized (while he’s used to resolve the conflict of the event story).

If I had made a big deal over the end of the event story, I would have betrayed the character story and this is what I was hung up with over the years, and why I was stumped over the ending. I had it in my head that I needed big dramatics to end the event story (this would have worked if the novel was an event story), and if I had done this, I would have taken away from the voice and unity of the novel–which is, first and foremost, a character story. So, when I realized this, I knew how to end the book and I realized that the ending to the character story’s main conflict had already happened and I just needed to tie up loose ends and to very strongly show the resolution to the main character story’s conflict in the final ending.

To betray the voice of this novel would be a serious mistake in a novel written from the omniscient POV, since in omnisicient POV, the voice has to be consistent throughout or the novel is a flop, and the voice throughout this novel was the voice of a great character story. A story about the courage of heroic lovers struggling to find their role in life–that’s the voice. Since the voice is what carries the story and is one of the most powerful aspects of this novel, it was essential that I not betray this voice in the novel’s ending. I realized that what I needed to do was quickly tie up loose strings from the subplots and strengthen the ending to the character story and EXIT.

The Aviator is handled as a character story and it was the ending to The Aviator, which clued me in on how I needed to end Silver Skies. Once Howard Hughes was solidly established as the fastest pilot, the builder of the greatest planes and the richest man in the world, the story was over. The whole movie was about Howard Hughes’ struggle to meet/find his role in life. When the goal was reached, the movie was over. The ending was quiet (but not emotionally quiet), which is often the case with character stories. I then realized that this is the kind of ending I needed for Silver Skies, which is also a character story. I toned down the dramatic ending for the event story subplot I had originally planned for Silver Skies, greatly condensed the ending to the event story subplot and only told enough to resolve loose ends and quietly exited. This is because the character story was over and the book needed to end.

This novel Silver Skies should be a blockbuster because the problems of the main characters are the problems we all deal with today (regardless of our status in society) in this age of terrorism, and everyone is struggling to find their role in this new and horrifying world we live in. And I deal with this struggle in a very compelling and thoughtful manner. It will strike an emotional chord with the readers and may even be a comfort to those who have suffered because of Jesuit terrorism. It gives me great satisfaction that I’ve written something great enough to bring emotional and spiritual healing to those who have suffered. That was my goal and only great writing can do it. That’s why I write.

I have the attitude of Orson Scott Card to my writing and really admire his comments about the writing craft. I wanted to write a truthful story (as he puts it in his books about writing). To me, that’s all I write for. I studied his books about the writing craft thoroughly before beginning the Silver Skies project and found his books about how to write most useful. I wanted to write something that would make a difference and I have succeeded. I don’t write for money. That’s obvious, since why else would I put my story on hold until I was satisfied with the ending? Great stories have changed my life. I wanted to write a great story, I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but, to me, that’s the only kind of writing I can do. I even filed for bankruptcy before I would write a bad ending to my story.

I agree with Orson Scott Card on p. 133 of his book Characters and Viewpoint:

Of course, if your purpose in writing is to be admired, to impress people with your cleverness or skill, then the story itself is only a secondary concern to you, and your writing will be designed to dazzle your readers more than to enlighten them. But if your purpose in writing is to transform your audience, to give them a clearer memory and understanding of truthful and important tales, your writing will not be an end in itself, but a tool. Sometimes to tell a tale as it must be told, you will have to violate conventions or try out new techniques;sometimes this will make your stories more difficult or challenging to read. But I believe the great writers will always be the ones who have passionate, truthful stories to tell, and who do all they can to help their readers receive them.

There are 4 basic kinds of stories: idea, milieu, character and event–see Orson Scott Card’s chapter 5, Characters and Viewpoint. Most stories are a combination of several of these. My story is primarily a character story, secondarily an event story and thirdly an idea story. That’s why I decided not to make a big deal over the revelation that Dr. Keane Horton was the Beast (at the very end of the book) because my story is not primarily a mystery, it is a character story. The idea story (mystery) subplot did give the story some interesting surprises, but to overemphasize it would be to ruin the unity and voice of the novel (which is a character story). The event story in the novel (the conflict between God and Satan) was more important and very much tied-in with the character story, so I devoted some more time in the ending to show how the event story subplot was resolved. The event story subplot was important, because the character story’s conflict could not come to a firm conclusion with the resolving of the event story’s conflict.

You say, you could have had Dor find out about Keane Horton without God telling him directly who his enemy was. But if I did this, then the character story’s main conflict would never be resolved, because Dor would never find his role in life. If Dor knew without a doubt that his enemy could read his mind, control his life and manipulate the health and life of all those he cared about, he would never have made the decision to risk everything to be with Brianna, because he would have feared for her welfare and he may have even distanced himself from her. The story would have to go in a completely different direction. It would be a totally different story. This is not the ending I wanted. It was too hopeless. I characterized Dor throughout the novel as one who was obsessed with Brianna’s welfare, and I couldn’t betray this character and who he was. So God had to tell him after he made the decision to be with Brianna no matter what the cost and had suffered the consequences of this decision, and Dor needed to be ignorant about the full powers of his enemy (until God told him), so I could give this story the ending I wanted to give it.

By revealing in a toned down manner at the end that Dor’s enemy was the Beast, I actually increased the emotional power of the character story’s ending, because now the readers understood just how heroic and courageous these main characters were, to deal as they did throughout the novel with such an enemy. But I didn’t make this revelation overly dramatic, because I didn’t want the Beast to take over the story’s ending, as an event story would–but gave him just enough room to increase the emotional stakes for the character story, so I could remain true to my character story and give my novel the ending of a character story and not the ending of an event story.

Dor is a lot like my lovers. But in my life, unlike Dor’s, my lovers realize the full powers of our enemies and that’s why they have distanced themselves from me. You see how well I understand people? That’s why I’m a good character writer.

XXX1/2–G.S. (7-17-05), (7-18-05 updates).

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 7-17-05 , (7-18-05 updates).
Place: Melbourne, FL