Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (7-16-2005)

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7-16-05 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

I ask for prayer because I am beginning to work on the ending to Silver Skies. I really don’t have time to do this, but I feel that my creative writing can be just as powerful a weapon against the Jesuit Order as my law is. I lost all my writing library in Seattle (including all my work from The Institute of Children’s Literature), and I had quite an extensive writing library (about 130 books and lots and lots of magazines about the writing craft). I wanted to wait until I was with Vladimir, because I believe Vladimir has my writing books, files and my entire writing library. And I wanted my full writing library from Seattle, before I began work on my ending. But I can’t seem to get with Vladimir, and though I think he has my writing books, he won’t let me have them. I called the Seattle moving company that stored my writing books and they no longer have my stuff, even though I asked them to keep my writing books. I think Vladimir has my stuff. I think he’s worried if he sends them to me that the Jesuits might blow up the truck that sends them or something. I really wanted to be with Vladimir before I began work on the ending, but at the rate of success I’m having to be with Vladimir, if I wait until I’m with him, I’ll never write the ending to my novel. He’s procrastinating and at the rate he’s going, I’ll never write my ending.

So I’m going to take some chances and try to write the ending without all my writing books and try to rely on my memory and what I can recall of the writing craft. However, I have forgotten a lot of the writing craft and am brushing up on my skills by reading the writing books which I have in my possession (about 5 or 6 books right now).

I really don’t have time to do this, but I want to write the ending. I don’t think I have to write much more, since the last scene I wrote for Silver Skies is very close to the ending anyways. I’m right at the brink of the climax. And once you get to the climax you usually need to end the book soon before the ending gets drawn out.

Don’t get your hopes up too high, since I don’t feel confident enough to start writing yet. I’m just brainstorming and reading what writing craft books I have in my possession. But brainstorming is a very important part of writing. So while I may not pen the first words for the ending until 3 or 4 months from now, I’m shuffling ideas through my head right now as I read the writing craft books I have in my possession. I bought books on plot, structure and scene–and those are the books I have. I’m using them to brush up on my skills. I’m more confident over my ability to create dialogue and character. I ask for prayer because my work on Silver Skies is quite impressive and I’m not sure I can get back to my previous writing level right away. When I worked on Silver Skies, I was a full time mother (to one child) and a homemaker. I had more time to write. I didn’t have to work 40 hours a week to pay my bills and another 10 or more hours a week to write law to save my life, and another 10 or more hours a week to cook and shop because of severe allergies. But I will never have an ideal situation. The Jesuits will see to that. It may take me forever to write the ending, but a little here and little there, and I should finish it over the next couple years, Lord willing.

I feel that my law writing is tapering off and that I’ve written most of the law that needs to be written and that now a far more effective way to deal with the Jesuits is through the arts. I do recall that I wrote Silver Skies in my mind as if it was a movie, and that’s one reason the novel is so suspenseful and fast paced and interesting. This is because I began my novel writing career by studying screenwriting first, since I find great films inspiring. I imagine my novel scenes as if they are a movie. This may explain why my novel was snatched up by Steven Spielberg, because I actually started my novel writing career by studying the screenplay. I still approach novel writing in this manner. I find it more interesting this way. As I create scenes I imagine I’m writing a movie.

Pray for me. Writing is a lot of work and is much more difficult than it appears–even for a genius. And I know I will never be completely satisfied with my work, but my novel needs an ending and I’m best qualified to write it. Also, I feel that I’m one of the best writers on the planet and that I need to share my gifts. There is a real dearth of great epic romances on this planet and that’s one reason I rarely watch films or read books, because most of them bore me. I’m going to write the ending to this book in such a manner that if I was the filmgoer or the reader, I would find this book mesmering and fascinating.

If I don’t like the ending, then I won’t finish the book. This is how I approached my writing to Silver Skies, I wrote what I would want to read if I was the reader. I’m going to write the ending, so that if this book is made into a film, I’d be willing to wait in line for 3 hours to see the film. As picky as I am, that means this book will be one of the greatest masterpieces of all time. I never wait 3 hours in line to see ANY film. I may spend 3 years on the ending. About the only film I feel that way about would be the Russian version of War and Peace. I don’t like how American and others have made War and Peace, I want to see the Russian version. As you can see, I’m just like Howard Hughes was with his Hell’s Angels.

I feel the ending needs to be kind of tragic, because of the antagonist in Silver Skies. Anyways, I’m brainstorming right now. But my great lovers will triumph in the ending, after they pay a great, great price for their triumph. This is an ending that I would find satisfying if I was the film watcher or the reader of this novel.

I may have to write more law. Right now, I think I’ve written the law that needs to be written. Now it just needs to be enforced. That is out of my control. But what I can control is to create the conditions that make it easier for my law to be enforced and that is why I’m turning more attention to my creative writing. I can use my stories to improve our public relations campaign and to educate the public about Jesuit tactics and strategies, so that Jesuits will find it harder and harder to operate undercover and blame others for their atrocities. So that they will be more exposed. The best way to expose them is through brilliant fiction writing, rather than news–since we can always claim that the story is fiction and so they can’t sue us for defamation. Besides, it wouldn’t be worth it to them, because the defamation lawsuit itself will just give them the dreaded exposure-that they are indeed monsters, since as the evidence is presented the whole world will see what ugly monsters they are. That’s why I want to write brilliant fiction. In my fiction I will expose them for all their ugliness and will present them to the world as the monsters they are. Jesuits make very interesting and credible antagonists. They are perfect antagonists because they are formidable and this makes for riveting fiction. My protagonists will be up against overwhelming odds. This is the backbone of a mesmerizing story. So, actually my fiction writing is a form of lawmaking. I’m using my fiction to make it easier for my laws to be enforced. I’m trying to create an atmosphere in the world (through my brillant writing) that will make it easier for my laws to be enforced. I know the novel will be one of the biggest blockbusters of all time and this will create the atmosphere needed to make my laws enforceable.

You say, how do you know this about your novel? This is because what I’m writing about affects everyone, so everyone will be mesmerized by the story. AND I’m a good writer. I’m good at plotting as well as writing. So I can create mesmerizing plots and manipulate words on the page to have a mesmerizing voice. However, I have lost some of my skill and am currently brushing up a bit. And I don’t have the writing library I worked with before. This intimidated me, but I’m so determined to get my ending done, that I’ll take chances and see what I can come up with–even without the writing library I had before. I want writers to write all sorts of stories about the horrible and pioneering technology which Jesuits use on people. The more the better. I’m thrilled that my autobiography is going out. This is sorely needed. And we need more stories written about this groundbreaking technology which Jesuits use on people. If another writer can outdo me, more power to them. Give THE JESUITS EXPOSURE. CREATE THE ATMOSPHERE NEEDED SO THAT MY LAWS CAN BE ENFORCED.

You may say, you’re not a lawmaker, you’re a writer. No, I’m a lawmaker first and foremost, I use my creative writing to enhance my lawmaking. You can see this by what I write about. I always write about legal injustices that need correction. It’s an issue that drives all my great writing. My teleplay “Lal” was about abuses in the child abuse industry based on bad law which needs correction. Every piece I write, I have lawyers as background characters, because all my characters end up in serious legal or government trouble. So, you see, my fiction writing is an extension of my lawmaking passion. I often write stories, just to create an atmosphere, so that the laws I believe in, can be passed or enforced. Laws need public support to pass, so I write stories to gain public support. A great writer can start a war or stop a war. I use writing as a means to enhance the laws I believe in. You may say, then your writing is preachy. I’m too brilliant a writer to ever write preachy writing. It’s much more powerful to “preach” your message through a powerful story. That’s why a great book can change history.

So I will concentrate on what is under my control, and that is to write the ending to Silver Skies and to write any law that hasn’t been written yet that needs to be written. I’ll decide priorities on a day to day basis. Some days law writing may be more important. Other days creative writing may need more emphasis. I also have sewing projects. I think that will take a back burner. If only I could be ten persons!

I haven’t seen my son in ages, but he’s with Vladimir and is in good hands.

XXX1/2–G.S. (7-16-05)

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: July 16, 2005
Place: Melbourne, FL