Putin Appointed German Chancellor, Hitler President, & Reiner Fuellmich Health Minister

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Empress and U.S. President Gail has updated her law to deal with severe Loree McBride corruption in the German government.


23.0 The German government has become totally corrupt and under the control of Loree McBride Jesuits. For this reason, Empress Gail has assigned Vladimir Putin as chancellor of Germany. Vladimir is a very busy man and so his President will be Adolf Hitler (resurrected from hell who wants to make right his wrongs from his earlier life). Adolf will work under Vladimir’s guidance because Vladimir speaks fluent German and lived in East Germany for many years. Vladimir is also up on the latest in technology and politics, which Adolf probably needs some brushing up on.

23.1 First off, Gail was made aware of this German corruption when the German government insisted that Gab (Gail’s official social network site) be made to pay steep fines. Here is what Andrew Torba CEO of Gab wrote:

Recently the German government has been coming at Gab hard to try and force us to comply with their draconian online censorship laws. We have obviously refused to do so and now they are coming after us with fines of tens of thousands of dollars and other legal action. Our lawyers informed us that we have three options:

1) Obey German censorship laws and start censoring content that the German Govt doesn’t like (not going to happen)
2) Disobey German censorship laws and pick a fight with the nation state of Germany (I wouldn’t ever be able to leave the US again, they would come at us from every possible angle through state-sponsored deplatforming, and Lord knows what else.)
3) Cease providing this service in Germany by blocking German IPs.

So obviously a very difficult decision, but one that must be made very soon. I wanted to share with you all to be fully transparent with what is going on.

23.2 With Vladimir Putin in charge of Germany, it is now death penalty for the German government to ban or fine Gab. Anyone in the German government who does so, under our leadership, will be executed and fined millions of dollars in damages, which they must pay to Gab and/or donate to our International Charity Bank. After the fines are paid, the violators will be publicly executed on Gabrielle Chana FOX News.

23.3 We have Erwin Rommel and several Nazi generals who will help us enforce Conspiracy Law in Germany. Gail declares martial law in Germany, and the German citizens (who side with us) will all be given Linux phones that are programmed to kill Loree McBride Jesuits in Germany.

23.3a We will set up Church of Gail cities in Germany for Germans who side with Gail to live in and split Germany right down the middle, so that good Germans will be protected from our military attacks. In fact, we will arm these good Germans and enlist them in our military. The rest of the country (the Loree McBride Jesuits) will be militarily taken over to destroy all Loree McBride Jesuits in Germany.

23.4 Once we take over Germany, Germany will become a Conspiracy Law honoring country and must honor Conspiracy Law, INCLUDING OUR DEATH PENALTY BAN ON THE COVID VACCINE. Germany must withdraw from the European Union and act as an independent state that honors Gail’s Conspiracy Law.

23.5 The German Health Minister will be Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, a German lawyer who is bringing a Nuremberg style trial against those who promote the COVID vaccine. https://www.gabriellechana.blog/2021/08/04/covid-pandemic-is-a-crime-against-humanity/

23.6 Vladimir will work with Adolf Hitler to appoint the other Cabinet members in Germany’s government. There is a major German election coming up on Sept. 26, 2021. That election is CANCELLED. Empress Gail has appointed Germany’s new leaders. This country has been in serious violation of Conspiracy Law and they must agree to our takeover, because we will make them. We have a very strong military. Germany needs a TOTAL MAKEOVER. Gail has appointed Vladimir Putin as the chancellor of Germany, but he can work with Adolf Hitler and make Adolf co-chancellor, if need be., to lighten his work load. Adolf still has his job of prisons administrator, which will become an international position.

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