Individual Income Tax Eliminated in Russia, Canada and the U.S.

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Update: on Oct. 18, 2021 Perfectpenis payment processors (see Sect. 27.0a thru h below) added to ensure the banned I.R.S. is not able to collect taxes in violation of my laws, like I ban the collection of carbon taxes in all Conspiracy Law honoring countries. Our tax collection agency is called Perfectpenis Revenue Service.

The following is an addition to Terrorist Money Laws and is my response to Loree McBride’s attempt to audit the bank accounts of those who make $600 or more to ensure they pay taxes.

The audio below comes from Joe Rogan’s podcast on Oct. 27, 2020 that addresses censorship, global warming and the tyranny that I’m trying to stop. I like how Joe keeps Alex on the subject, cuz Alex likes to go on tangents.

Joe Rogan Experience #1555 Part 1
Joe Rogan Experience #1555 Part 2
Joe Rogan Experience #1555 Part 3

The following video was posted in 2015 at DailyMotion talking about the carbon tax agenda.

On the Alex Jones Show (Oct. 18, 2021) Harrison Smith talks about how we went from criminal vaccine mandates to criminal carbon taxes, among other things. Listen to it in 3 parts:

Global Vaccine Passports to Carbon Taxes, Part 1
Global Vaccine Passports to Carbon Taxes, Part 2
Global Vaccine Passports to Carbon Taxes, Part 3


27.0 Pres. Gail will adopt the tax structure of the United Arab Emirates to fund government operations, social security, health care, infrastructure, the military, etc. in the United States, Russia and Canada. We will not levy income tax, but we will have corporate taxes and a 5% value-added tax.

27.0a All corporate taxes, value-added taxes and any other taxes that we levy must be approved of by Brent Spiner M.D., Ron Paul and Stephanie Kelton, but most especially Brent Spiner, before they can go forward. We ban the use of carbon taxes in all Conspiracy Law honoring countries. Gail does not believe in fining people for violating stupid environmental laws, not based on true science. And even if you agree that greenhouse gases are a problem, taxing people or corporations for violations of environmental laws will not solve the problem. Loree McBride is the biggest polluter on the planet.

27.0b The I.R.S. and all tax collecting agencies for all Conspiracy Law honoring countries will be called Perfectpenis Revenue Services. When corporations or anyone submits tax payments to the Perfectpenis Revenue Services, a recording or wording will happen during the payment transaction that says “perfectpenis”. This is to ensure that the payment being collected is from the P.R.S. and NOT the I.R.S. (a banned organization). So we will set up our payment processors so that perfectpenis is either said or imprinted somewhere to complete the transaction.

27.0c This will happen with all value-added taxes as well. If “perfectpenis” does not sound or is not imprinted, the transaction will be BLOCKED as an illegal Loree McBride transaction and it will not go through.

27.0d To make it difficult for Loree McBride to steal our tax revenue or to collect illegal taxes using the I.R.S. or similar organizations, all phones, computers, tablets or anything that could be used to process a payment (called a payment processor) must be programmed so that perfectpenis is said audibly or in some sort of code to complete the transaction. A payment processor is defined as any computer, phone, tablet, device, machine or item that is used to process a payment.

27.0e To make it difficult for Loree McBride to collect money, we will destroy all computers, phones, tablets, devices, machines, cash registers, etc. (in other words, all possible payment processors) that are not programmed to say, encrypt or write the word “perfectpenis” for all financial transactions. “Perfectpenis” is the code word that must be in the programming for all payment processors, in order to complete financial transactions in all Conspiracy Law honoring countries.

If we end up destroying a payment processor for a person who is not a Loree McBride Jesuit, they will get an exact replacement of what was destroyed with one that is a perfectpenis payment processor.

27.0f Only authorized tax transactions approved of by Brent Spiner and/or Gail’s Cabinet will get the “perfectpenis” approval and be processed. This way we do not overtax the corporations; and individuals will not be tricked into paying taxes to the now banned I.R.S. or similar organizations. Further, if the transaction is designed to circumvent the “perfectpenis” payment processor, and it is a Loree McBride Jesuit doing the transaction, in all likelihood, the payment processor, upon saying “perfectpenis” will execute the criminal Loree McBride Jesuit.

27.0g We will set up scanners in all perfectpenis organizations (which we hope will be all organizations eventually) that scan every hour or so to destroy any payment processors not programmed with “perfectpenis” to ensure only authorized and legal payments are processed.

27.0h It is our goal to get most of the revenue we need for government services from government owned companies, and to use taxes as a minor source of revenue. Unfortunately, the way the current tax system is set up, makes it far too easy to use draconian surveillance on private citizens. Programming their devices with perfectpenis will not invade their privacy, but will just ensure that all financial transactions with that device are not Loree McBride financial transactions.

27.1 Other countries that want to abolish their income tax should probably have their government take over industries where the government can make enough of a profit to pay for government expenses and they need to learn some frugality and eliminate pork. They can consult with Vladimir Putin, Stephanie Kelton and Ron Paul for ideas, who are all in my Cabinet. Vladimir has a PhD in economics. Stephanie Kelton is my chief economic adviser and Ron Paul is my Sec. of the Treasury.

27.2 To fund the Canadian, U.S. and Russian government, we will totally take over all the oil companies in these countries and even create our own oil companies and start drilling for oil throughout our countries and use our own oil for our gasoline and petroleum needs. We will use the revenue we make from petroleum to finance most of our government operations, so there will be no need for income taxes or the I.R.S.

27.3 By buying oil and petroleum from Russia, we will also help our staunchest ally to boost their own economy.

27.4 We will save a lot of money because Loree McBride Jesuit politicians are banned from receiving government income and we will only allow perfectpenis politicians in our government who serve from genuine humanitarian motives. Because Biden is a wanted war criminal, he’s definitely not entitled to a President’s salary and any one who pays him any government money will be executed. This is what I mean. This will save us lots of money and we won’t need to have an individual income tax on our people.

27.5 There are clean ways to process these fuels and Gail believes the climate change crisis is mostly manufactured. If Loree McBride is so worried about climate change, why is she bombing the hell out of everyone with her nasty polluting bombs? If clean energy or green energy sources turn out to be economical, we will not hesitate to adopt it, but Gail believes clean gasoline and petroleum products can be made. We do not want to be dependent on other countries for our energy needs and will expand our drilling and make our own fuels and meet our own needs.

27.6 Those who worked for the I.R.S. (which has been abolished) will be reassigned to other government jobs and, if necessary, we will compensate them with free housing and healthcare because Church of Gail cities are being built in all Conspiracy Law honoring countries.

27.7 We can do this without violating the rights of Native American lands.

27.8 We will invest oil revenues from our own oil companies into healthcare, infrastructure, education and social security. Further, the government has taken over many companies, including Google, Microsoft, Walmart, etc. If the oil revenues are not sufficient to meet government expenses, we will use some of the profit from these other companies we have taken over to fund government operations, including our National Health Care Plan should the plan require more funding.

27.9 Gail’s government practices fiscal responsibility, like Gail does herself and so we don’t need as much money as the American government has traditionally spent. The I.R.S. has become tyrannical and Gail wants it abolished. She wants to respect the privacy of her citizens. She finds it nauseating that the Biden Administration proposes examining the bank accounts of private citizens to make sure they’re paying their income taxes!

27.10 Ron Paul will work with Stephanie Kelton and Vladimir Putin to draft a budget for our government and we shall strive to stay within that budget and use the budget to determine how much of the profit we make from Walmart, Google, Microsoft, the oil companies, etc. that we need for government operations. We do not need to tax the incomes of our people, though we will tax some corporations. But these taxes must be reasonable and not outrageous.

27.11 We will also audit all government expenses and eliminate organizations not needed, like the FDA, CDC, NIH, IRS, etc. A penny saved is a penny earned. By eliminating government organizations typically used for tyranny, who are only interested in profiteering, we will save lots of money and can use oil reserves and our takeover of companies to meet government expenses. Also, by taking over all companies that we use for government services, we will also save money. So we will no longer have contracts with private pharmaceutical companies, but will take over any companies we need for medicines or medical serves And, of course, we will not create medicines just to make a profit, like what’s happening now with the Covid vaccines and pills.

27.12 The I.R.S. is abolished. We don’t need the I.R.S, nor do we need Biden’s massive infrastructure plan. Any one who tries to implement Biden’s massive infrastructure plan or tries to monitor the bank accounts of a citizen of a Conspiracy Law honoring country will be executed. We only monitor and take over the bank accounts of CRIMINALS. We certainly don’t need the government to monitor every one’s bank accounts, if they make more than $600 a year to ensure they are paying their taxes, like what Loree McBride’s Biden wants to do.

27.13 United States senators and representatives make far too much money. Most government workers who are politicians make far too much money. Government workers need to be humanitarians, not profiteers. All salaries for government workers will be re-evaluated and adjusted to fit within the government budget. We can make up for losses in their income by offering free housing, healthcare, etc., like how the military are taken care of.

27.14 The military cannot have contracts with private companies to produce weapons or anything the military needs. All weapons manufacturing companies must be taken over by the government and only those weapons that don’t violate the Nuremberg code and that are needed to win wars are those that will be made. The military is only needed for self-defense, not as a profit making industry in arms sales. Whatever the military needs will be made by government owed companies and if we must, we will take over the companies that supply what the military needs and all those companies will become perfectpenis companies.

27.15 All organizations the government takes over or creates will be perfectpenis companies, to ensure Loree McBride Jesuits don’t mess things up!

27.16 If it is discovered that any of our military is buying weaponry from a private company, that is a death penalty violation of Conspiracy Law. We want to eliminate the military-industrial complex and quit funding wars for profit.

27.17 The National Health Care Plan practically pays for itself, because it is so economical and physicians do not require malpractice insurance.

27.18 Granted, the government does need some funding, so this will be obtained by the take over of all oil companies in Canada, the United States and Russia. We can sell oil to other countries in our Conspiracy Law network of nations and use this profit to pay government expenses. This will also help to control the cost of gasoline and the cost of petroleum products and will help us to bypass any embargoes Loree may try to impose on us. This is part of Gail’s attempts to create a parallel economy to free us from Loree McBride tyranny and control and to protect the privacy of our citizens.

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