Using Replicators, Military & Transporters To Ensure Our Citizens are Fed & Taken Care Of

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To overcome Loree’s military blockade against our needs for food, water and supplies, we must use our military to use replicators, like how Brent and my men get their food from my cooking to supply our grocers and stores with necessary supplies and medications.

On top of this, I remind you that we are no longer using the U.S. West Coast for our ships to dock. They go to Texas and Florida. Regarding the Panama Canal, we can probably use some sort of transporter technology or some sort of wormholes to bring the ships over to the new ports. Another possibility, is that we can transport the supplies directly from the ships to our military spaceships via transporter technology and have our spaceships then transport them to trucks, who then will deliver the goods to the stores and where they are needed.

Loree is using typical war strategy here against us. It is known throughout history that if you can cut off your enemy’s food and water, you can possibly defeat them. It’s called the blockade strategy (1062 A.D.). In 1062, Minamoto no Yoriyoshi, along with his son, led an assault on an Abe fortress at Siege of Kuriyagawa. They diverted the water supply, stormed the earthworks and stockade, and set the fortress aflame..

This was used to defeat my Abe ancestors, who were great and generous rulers in Northern Japan.

Can watch the entire 35-part mini-series made about my royal Japanese ancestors here (the password is Oshu Fujiwara). I worked with a team to put English subtitles on the entire series! This is history about my ancestors the Jesuits have tried to censor:

Basically, my ancestors fell due to their generosity and their obsession with peace over war. Though I admire their generous hearts, you don’t win in this current evil world by being naive about war strategy.

We also need to get what we need locally, and use our Church of Gail cities and farms to supply needs. We are expanding our parallel universe to this end.

A blockade is the act of actively preventing a country or region from receiving or sending food, supplies, weapons, or communications, and sometimes people, by military force. A blockade differs from an embargo or sanctions, which are legal barriers to trade.

Everyone needs to stay calm. We can get this situation under control. No need to stock up on months of supplies. Just buy what you’d need for two weeks. We will get this under control. If every one falls for Loree’s propaganda and panics, they will make the situation worse and will cause shortages by panic buying, like what has happened in the past with toilet paper.

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