Jews During the Tribulation & Millennium

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Research for my Silver Skies novel series.

Jewish longings theme

Jesus informed me in 2012 that the tribulation saints must keep the Ten Commandments and the Mosaic Law during the tribulation. This is not all, they also need to believe in Jesus and do the Gail Commandments. But I am researching why it is necessary to keep the Mosaic Law during the tribulation to make my Silver Skies series accurate.

Jews have a tendency to over complicate God’s requirements, while evangelical Christians have the opposite problem. Christians tend to over simplify God’s program for the ages. The truth is somewhere in the middle. I am hoping with my novels to bring this gap in incorrect Bible exegesis and give the world the truth about the tribulation and future millennial reign of Christ with my novels, so that the reader will experience a true prophetic vision in my novels.

I am of the premillennial, dispensational view mostly, but do not agree 100% with any position. My Silver Skies novels (Silver Skies 1996 Version, Silver Skies: The Tribulation, Silver Skies: The Millennium) will be my own vision based on my discourse with Jesus, my own experiences and my own study of the Bible, which I’ve read hundreds of times.

I am reading the following on my Kindle to research for my Silver Skies novels. Right click on the links to open them up in a new window (if desired). The articles below are from teaching sources that I respect:

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