New Jesus Christ Playlists

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I have changed my playlists for Jesus and have created four of them. These are playlists I will listen to while I get into my dream zone to get into the character of Jesus for my Silver Skies novels trilogy. They can also be used for church services to reflect the new direction that Jesus may be taking Christianity as a result of learning more about who he really is and going into therapy with Gerard Butler and Buddha.

Some of the music I’ve chosen reflects who I feel Jesus is as a lover and may express how he may relate to his future goddess wife. So, obviously, not all this music may be appropriate for church services. However, true love, even between gods is something to celebrate, so perhaps it is appropriate for church services. Jesus can be the shining example of true love to his followers. He is the god of true love after all.

In choosing the music, I tuned into my subconscious and picked the songs that rang true to me about Jesus. Remember, God the Father has cancelled any Bible prophecies that have not yet been fulfilled, and Jesus will be taking the future in a new direction. So I picked music that I feel may reflect the new direction Jesus may go in.

Jesus needs to stay present to be at his best state, so this music reflects him. It is mindfulness music designed to help us stay present, something we’ve learned from Buddha.
Jesus Christ Playlist 1
Jesus Christ Playlist 2
Jesus Christ Playlist 3
Jesus Christ Playlist 4

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