Declaration of War on Jesuit COVID Promoters (War CANCELLED)

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UPDATE on Aug. 20, 2022: The war on Jesuit Covid promoters has been cancelled, because the decision for war was based on a Jesuit prankster who put a fake apartment notice on my door. As a result of this mistake, I have resigned as President and turn the job over to my Vice President Brent Spiner, who is now full President.

This will be an update to my International Military Law. Jesuit SHIT regarding COVID and their insane SHIT MUST STOP.


28.0 President Gail issues a formal declaration of war against Jesuit COVID Agents. A Jesuit COVID agent is defined as one who willingly and knowingly violates Gail’s Conspiracy Law regarding COVID, including promoting the death shot or the Covid vaccines or promoting unnecessary social isolation protocol in order to promote hysteria and create a climate of fear that encourages people to get the death shot or discriminate against those who honor Gail’s laws.

28.1 All health care providers who promote the Covid vaccine, whether willingly or unwillingly, will lose their license to practice in their occupation. The license can be reinstated if the health care provider only practices medicine exclusively inside our National Health Care Plan, where we can execute any Jesuit COVID Agents more easily.

28.2 Any licensing agency that does not cooperate with the enforcement of Sect. 28.1 above, will be bombed, hopefully with innocents cleared first. To send a strong message that the war has started, we will bomb the CDC for continual and flagrant violations of Pres. Gail’s COVID laws.. Each bombing will be aired on Gabrielle Chana FOX News. We will try to clear innocents first. The CDC and any government health agencies that continue to promote the death shot (COVID) vaccine will continually be bombed as long as the violations continue. This means if they continue to violate my laws regarding COVID, they may have to operate in their homes! It goes without saying that we will bomb any Jesuit spacecraft we see. Then, if we must, we will bomb their homes.

28.3 For the purposes of Conspiracy Law a news organization is defined as any organization or support organization that assists the main news organization and influences at least a million people, and has the power to influence the behavior of at least a million people (this would include YouTube, Vimeo, etc. as support news organizations). A media person, (see Sect. 28.3a below) therefore, can include YouTube CEOs, executives, etc, since they are considered a support news organization and would fall under the umbrella of a news organization as defined here. Because good people rely on YouTube for many reasons, we will attempt to create a good clone version of YouTube before we bomb YouTube for flagrant violations of Gail’s laws against Jesuit vaccines. Basically, Gail has declared war on YouTube for continual and flagrant violations of her law about Covid and Jesuit vaccines. The good clone version of YouTube will be called YouTube perfectpenis. If worst comes to worst we will run that version off of the Gabrielle Chana search engine, which is available at Gail’s website YouTube may have to be significantly pared down in order for us to win this war and we will be cloning it as YouTube perfectpenis at the Gabrielle Chana search engine with Zack Knight as the CEO of YouTube perfectpenis.

28.3a Any news organization or support news organization that promotes Jesuit COVID policies will be bombed and the bombings will be shown on Gabrielle Chana FOX News (we will try to clear out innocents first). Any news reporter or broadcaster or producer or media person (see above) who promote Jesuit COVID policies will have ten percent of their income seized (if they survive the bombings) and the money given to fund the treatment for the death shots. If they don’t survive the bombings, the income can be seized from their estate. Because this is war, if we have to, we will take over all the banks and financial institutions so that we can enforce these laws. Once the media person stops the violations, we can then reinstate their income. So we will seize ten percent of a media person who promotes the death shot, that means their income, like a government tax, but will wait a month to see if they comply with our demands. If not, the income will be seized PERMANENTLY and given to fund the treatment for the death shots and any new germs that Jesuits create.

28.4 My husband Brent Spiner M.D will decide on appropriate treatments for any new germs that come about and those who disobey his recommendations, will be considered Jesuit COVID Agents for the purposes of Conspiracy Law, which means buildings bombed, fines assessed, etc.

28.5 Our military will conduct strategy targeting Jesuit COVID Agent centers and those will be bombed first, this include facilities that produce COVID vaccines, agencies that try to enforce the promotion of these COVID vaccines (CDC, FDA, etc.).

28.6 Any law enforcement that strives to violate my laws by forcing people to isolate unnecessarily or by false diagnosis of COVID (when the patient has something else) or by promoting the COVID vaccine or the wearing of masks unnecessarily and who does this willingly with the intent to violate my Conspiracy Law, will be publicly executed and their bodies burned in a huge bonfire on Gabrielle Chana FOX News. I will let my husband Brent Spiner M.D. determine whether the isolation is necessary or unnecessary or whether the wearing of masks is necessary or unnecessary and he can add more to this law for clarification. I encourage my husband to add to this law and add more stuff for clarification to assist health care providers who genuinely want to serve the public health and don’t want to promote the death shot or unnecessary health scares that only serve to line the pockets of Big Pharma.

28.7 We must take serious measures to stop this atrocity, because already millions have died from taking the death shot (i.e. Covid vaccine). So basically, the Jesuits have been using biological warfare tactics on us and we are just getting the war out into the open.

28.8 The original COVID was the same as the flu, but, unfortunately, because of the death shot, people’s immune systems have been compromised and anyone who has received the death shot must report to Walmart perfectpenis (or an equivalent facility) to receive a vaccination that helps undo the damage from the death shot. We will scan the population to see who has gotten the death shot and is suffering the effects from it. Those people will be informed that they must report to Walmart perfectpenis (or an equivalent facility) to receive the treatment shot or treatment which undoes the damage from the death shot. This treatment will be free and covered by our National Health Care Plan.

28.9 Further those who give out the death shot or who promote it, whether willingly or unwillingly, will be FINED. The amount of the fine will be ten percent of the violator’s income. The fines will be used to pay for the treatment and research to mitigate the effects of those who have received the death shot. Because we have a problem with clones, with clones impersonating good people who strive to honor my laws, if the violator is a clone of a person, then the fine will not be assessed on the authentic person. However, the violator clone must be publicly executed on Gabrielle Chana FOX News and his/her body burned in a huge bonfire. We may have to do mass executions like this. In cases of severe hardship, where the person only promoted the death shot unwillingly, the fine may not be assessed. But we need to take serious measures to STOP THIS SHIT, IT HAS REALLY GOTTEN OUT OF HAND.

28.7 Any facility that gives out the death shot must be bombed, this includes doctor’s offices, hospitals, clinics, etc. We will build new clinics if necessary. This SHIT MUST STOP.

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