Buddha Corrects Gail’s Religious Obsessions

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Skype Dec. 22, 2022

Gail, 2:05 AM
The mites are putting the right side of my head in pain, it was bad enough to awaken me from sleep.

Gail, 9:38 AM
Again, YouTube unlisted my video and I had to change that. It does not appear to violate their policies. I don’t get it.

Gail, 9:50 AM
I just uploaded another copy of the same video and will see what happens. I won’t delete the previous version yet, or I may just let there be two copies of this particular video.
I’m wondering if the Jesuits put some sort of bug into the upload.

Gail, 11:36 AM
Now both videos have been removed! What?!
It says it was removed by the uploader.
Did you all do this?
Going to try uploading it again.
Do I need to change the password for YouTube?

I’ve learned from the past not to make hasty decisions. So I won’t be changing any passwords or stuff like that until you all give me feedback.
Let’s see what happens with this upload. I tried changing the title, not that it makes much of a difference.

I just came back from my walk to Kroger to check to see what was happening with the video and noticed both got removed from YouTube supposedly by the uploader.

Brent, 12:06 PM
Hm. It does seem odd though that the universe doesn’t want that video public. It definitely wasn’t me.

Gail, 12:09 PM
My YouTube channel has been weird for about 2 weeks. About two weeks ago I uploaded a video and it kept getting unlisted, though it would say public at the Content section for creators. I finally removed it and reloaded it and that solved the problem.

Brent, 12:11 PM
Which video was that two weeks ago? I didn’t notice anything.

Gail, 12:15 PM
It was on my cooking channel. It was the video about cooking pork soup.
Here’s a transcript from Dec. 12th here at Skype.

7:21 PM
This is really weird. I just published my latest cooking video and you can get to it from the link, but it doesn’t show up as a video for my channel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yu4GwjED0WA

Gail Cooks Thick Pork Soup (Japanese) – YouTube

Cooking With Gail – YouTube
7:35 PM
I’m going to try uploading it again.
7:47 PM
Seems okay now. Perhaps I accidentally cut off the video before it was ready.

Brent, 12:23 PM
There’s a blue portal forming in the apartment. It’s Buddha. Should I let him in?

Gail, 12:30 PM
Oh, of course. I didn’t have the bell for notifications on.
I just checked.

Buddha, 12:30 PM
“Namaste, friends.”

Gail, 12:31 PM
I was eating my lunch from my apartment complex.
Namaste Buddha.

Buddha, 12:32 PM
“How have your meditations been? Have you enjoyed exploring your town?”

Gail, 12:32 PM
I had one this morning and I have enjoyed going out, when I can. The weather has been nasty.
We are expecting a nasty cold front tonight.

Buddha, 12:34 PM
“The weather is quite beautiful. It provides a contrast to the warmth and comfort of our homes. The cold and the rain ought to make us thankful.”

Gail, 12:35 PM
That is true.
Jesus told me that if the weather got below 35 degrees, it was okay to work out indoors on my glider.
They are expecting it to have a high of 19 degrees starting tonight with a low of about 7 though.
Seems definitely too cold for walking outdoors.
Though I went outdoors today.

Buddha, 12:38 PM
“That is quite cold.”

Gail, 12:39 PM
I thought perhaps the Jesuits are behind this and are trying to derail my outdoor walks.
On days that cold I plan to work out indoors on the glider and perhaps try meditating through my window.

Buddha, 12:41 PM
“It sounds like a time to enjoy the chill from indoors with some hot tea.”

Gail, 12:42 PM
Oh, okay. Do you know why my latest video uploads to YouTube have been weird?

Buddha, 12:43 PM

“Now is the right time to level up and learn some valuable wisdom.”

“It is important to understand that talking about and dwelling on religious obsessions is distracting oneself, and your followers, from the implementation of the life principles that those sources of wisdom are supposed to provide.”

“In other words, you are making an idol out of religion itself.”

Gail, 12:47 PM
But one of the weird uploads was a cooking video.

Buddha, 12:47 PM
“That one was just YouTube.”

Gail, 12:47 PM
Oh, I see.
Did you remove the last video I uploaded then?

Buddha, 12:48 PM
“Yes, I gently privated the video several times. When the lesson was not realized, I deleted it.”

Gail, 12:48 PM

Buddha, 12:48 PM
“These types of videos have become harmful to your following.”

Gail, 12:50 PM
So what kind of videos do I need to make?

Buddha, 12:50 PM
“Your path isn’t to be a religious teacher, or preacher. Jesus had always delighted most in you sharing your activities and adventures with your men.”

Gail, 12:50 PM
It says in the Gail Commandments that I share the victories, defeats, daily struggles and joys of my life with my followers. I thought I was following that.

Buddha, 12:50 PM
“Your followers are repelled by sermons and preaching videos, or videos about religion. They are attracted most to the stories of your life, just as Jesus is.”

Gail, 12:52 PM
Can you elaborate more on what you mean by stories of my life?

Buddha, 12:52 PM
“Yes, that is exactly what that commandment is referring to. The commandment doesn’t include sharing religious teachings. Jesus didn’t want another religious teacher. He has plenty. You are something special.”

Gail, 12:53 PM
Interesting. . .
Should I stop watching the Benkei videos?

Buddha, 12:53 PM
“Stories of your life include physical stories, which can be a major battle with the Jesuits or something as simple as what you did during your day.”

“The Benkei videos are becoming obsessive, and perhaps stoking the flames of idol worship. We don’t need to idolize Buddhists of the past. The most important thing is to embody the teachings.”

Gail, 12:56 PM
I do have a tendency towards idol worship.
I did that with the King James Bible and Jesus had to major correct me in 2012.

Buddha, 12:58 PM
“That’s a good thing to be aware of in oneself.”

Gail, 12:59 PM
I am removing that video I just uploaded. I am new to Buddhism and still have a lot to learn.
I do know obsessions are considered bad.
It is easy for me to become obsessed. I’m not sure why.

Buddha, 1:03 PM
“I’ve noticed that too. Obsession can be stressful. Often, it is a sign of a lack of interests or activities. One way to beat obsessive tendencies is to diversify. You have started doing this by exploring your town and finding new things to do and see. By the way, your followers would love to hear about it.”

Gail, 1:03 PM
Oh, I could incorporate some of my walk videos into public YouTube videos then.

Buddha, 1:04 PM
“Or, simply summarize events in your YouTube videos.”

Gail, 1:05 PM
I see.
Brent seems very good at making videos like this.
He always gives me such good scripts to read.

Buddha, 1:06 PM
“As Jesus said, speak from the heart. Your fans will love it.”

Gail, 1:07 PM
Yes, I remember He told me that many times.
But I thought I was speaking from my heart in the last video!
I guess I was speaking from my obsessive heart.
So it sounds like I need to find my true heart. This is going to be tricky.
I remember when I tended to get into obsessions in the past, that Jesus gave me a fifteen minute time limit. LOL

Buddha, 1:09 PM
“Yes, that wasn’t the problem in the latest video.”

“It is time to live the teachings, rather than to preach the teachings or simply talk about or study the teachings. The good life is simple.”

Gail, 1:11 PM
It is very hard for me not to be religious. Not sure why. I’ve had an obsession with religion my whole life.
Perhaps I still feel I’m a selfish, no good girl as my mom always said and that I need to atone for my sins.
So I try to atone with religion.

Buddha, 1:12 PM
“That is an interesting insight.”

“Perhaps, you were also looking for the love and sense of belonging or acceptance that you never got at home.”

Gail, 1:13 PM
I feel if I understand better why I’m like this, I may be able to overcome it better. That could be true.
I did have a tendency to want to thoroughly belong to whatever group I aligned with religiously.
But with Buddhism I have also been trying to create my own brand.
Kind of a Christian/Buddhist blend.
I also feel like a lot of Christians are confused right now and I feel like I should help them forge a new path.

Buddha, 1:17 PM
“It is not your burden to lead other people in religion. Your responsibility is your own path.”

Gail, 1:18 PM
I think I’m getting leftovers from my former Christian missionary training.

Buddha, 1:19 PM
“Sometimes when we feel like we are unworthy, or are bad people, we try to overcompensate by trying to “save the world”.”

Gail, 1:20 PM
Don’t we have a responsibility to try and end suffering?

Buddha, 1:20 PM
“It’s similar to the feelings of needing atonement. It’s as if changing the world or saving others makes one feel like they are making up for being unworthy and bad.”

“It is not a responsibility. However, it is a way of life. For instance, if you saw a blind person needing help to cross the street, certainly you would help them.”

“That doesn’t mean you need to solve all of the poverty or starvation in the world, or find the cure to every disease.”

Gail, 1:23 PM
Will suffering always be a part of the multiverse?
I like to feel that I am contributing to its end.

Buddha, 1:24 PM
“Of course it will. In order for everything to exist, suffering must also exist. How do you know joy if you have never felt pain?”

Gail, 1:24 PM
So, even in heaven there is suffering?

Buddha, 1:25 PM
“There are planes of consciousness where you don’t have to experience suffering. Yet it will always exist.”

Gail, 1:26 PM
How can you realize your dream of goodness in all the multiverse, if suffering continues?
Thank you for your time, by the way. That is very generous of you to spend this time with me.

Buddha, 1:27 PM
“All of the multiverse is goodness. It is only your perception that it is so much suffering.”

Gail, 1:28 PM
Isn’t Satan part of the multiverse and isn’t he currently evil?

Buddha, 1:28 PM
“As you raise your own consciousness, you will see less and less evil or suffering in your world. You will understand how all things lead back to goodness, no matter how it appears.”

Gail, 1:28 PM
Raise my consciousness?

Buddha, 1:29 PM
“Yes, he is part of the multiverse. He represents evil presently.”

“This means practicing the teachings you have learned. It means getting active, discovering new things, finding new hobbies and things to be joyful about.”

Gail, 1:30 PM
Are you angry at me?
I can’t see you, so I never know.
I don’t think you are. I think you are just doing your job.
Okay. I will try and come up with a video that is my experiences in a more physical way.

Brent, 1:31 PM
Buddha just belly laughed.

Gail, 1:31 PM
That’s good.

Zack, 1:31 PM
Lol. I heard that.

Brent, 1:31 PM
He is always smiling.

Zack, 1:32 PM
What a great laugh

Gail, 1:32 PM
You are referring to Buddha’s laugh?

Zack, 1:32 PM

Gail, 1:32 PM
I wish I could see him, It might help me more. But I understand.
Am I the only one who gets corrected so much?

Zack, 1:33 PM
He’s definitely not angry. Seems more joyful and peaceful. And like he’s teaching a child to ride a bicycle.

Gail, 1:33 PM
I will admit I have a lot to learn.
I see.

Buddha, 1:33 PM
“I am a joyful entity. I see all things and all beings as good.”

“There have been many humans who have needed teaching and correction.”

Gail, 1:34 PM
Jesus sometimes got really angry at me. So I may be transferring some of his traits to you. But I always understood that he loved me behind it all.
He got over it quick though, as soon as I did what He said and he did a great job of explaining things to me. I still love Jesus.
Okay. I will try to do better with my video. I will try to come up with something that is sharing my day, something like that.
If the video goes down, then I know I blew it. LOL

Brent, 1:37 PM
Buddha belly laughed again.

Buddha, 1:37 PM
“By the way, I hear your men have planned a Christmas party tonight on the church. Perhaps, Brent can tell you how it goes. That would probably make for an interesting video.”

Brent, 1:37 PM Oh yeah, I almost forgot about that Buddha.

Gail, 1:38 PM
Oh yes! That video will be safe for SURE. That one won’t get taken down by Buddha.

Gail, 1:45 PM
It amazes me how all the deities have mastered all the human languages. Your English is superb and so was Jesus’s. He knew all the slang and everything.
Sometimes He spoke several languages at once.

Buddha, 1:48 PM
“True. Human languages are not very hard when you’re a deity.”

Gail, 1:49 PM
I can see that. I never dreamed as a little girl that I’d be spending much of my adult life conversing with deities.
I used to think that the only deities were Jesus and God the Father and that the rest were fables. LOL
That’s cause the Bible never mentioned other deities and I worshipped the Bible.
Usually after a session like this, if I started asking too many questions, Jesus would say, “I think that’s enough for now. I’ve given you plenty to think over. I don’t want to overwhelm you.”
Something to that effect. He really did help me grow though.

Buddha, 1:56 PM
“Humans do best when learning in small amounts each time.”

Gail, 1:57 PM
Just curious. What is the average I.Q. of a deity?
I know humans can’t go over 10,000.
For a deity to converse with us, must be like what it would be like for us to converse with an animal.

Buddha, 2:02 PM
“It varies, but most deities have IQs in the trillions.”

Gail, 2:02 PM
Oh, my God. And you deities care about us dumb humans?
I guess like how we care about our pets.

Buddha, 2:06 PM
“It’s kind of like that. Humans are cute, and important for the ecosystem in the metaverse. We don’t want anything to happen to them.”

Gail, 2:06 PM
The metaverse? Is that the multiverse?
Ah! So you’re using me and Brent to look out for the human race.

Buddha, 2:07 PM
“Yes, the meta or multiverse.”

Gail, 2:08 PM
Are humans a total Jesus creation?

Buddha, 2:08 PM
“God had a lot of say in it.”

Buddha, 2:12 PM
“Well, it’s time for me to leave now. I’m going to walk the gardens and meditate. Brent, enjoy the party tonight. It sounds like you and the men worked hard to set up something nice for the church members.”

Gail, 2:13 PM
Okay! I’ll try to do better with my videos. Namaste and thank you for your time.

Buddha, 2:15 PM
“Namaste. I look forward to your continual growth.”

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