Severe Self-Alienation Source of All Evil (Lizzo & Satan are SEVERELY Self-Alienated)

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FROM A JESUIT PROPAGANDIST: “There is a mental health crisis in this country. This is a prime example (referring to THIS VIDEO I MADE, insinuating that I am mentally ill for the courageous truths I said).” The comment comes from this channel by a Lizzo Jesuit propagandist.

As a result of doing deep thinking to understand the Jesuits as I portray them in Gail: The Complete Series, I have concluded Lizzo’s evil is caused by severe self-alienation, which I have elaborated on below. As a writer, I have to deeply understand people to write them well, and I’ve figured out some stuff:


You don’t really believe that. You’re a lying propagandist, following orders from Antichrist Lizzo. You’re on the losing team. Your propaganda is not going to work. Start doing some serious thinking about your life and quit being so wicked and shallow.

A lie told over and over again becomes the truth and you know you’re lying when you say I’m crazy. It’s the most effective way to discredit the truths I speak, which few have the courage to say.

It’s very sad when you have a group of people (Jesuits) who are proud of promoting a psychopath named Lizzo, who takes pride in murder, lies and suffering. What a beautiful Universe we will have when Lizzo and those like her, are defeated.

It’s really sad that when a person feels inadequate, they have to align with Satan to feel good about themselves.

We are all special and if we truly believed that, we wouldn’t act out the lies we believe about ourselves, that we are garbage.

Because basically Lizzo thinks she’s garbage deep down and she feels she can’t be anything else and so is owning the “garbage” and causing so much pain. It is VERY SAD. No need to compete with those we deem “superior” to us. There are no superior and inferior and comparing ourselves with others is a waste of time. But this is what Jesuits do.

Those who seem superior have more responsibilities and there is no need for jealousy. If we would only believe that we are special in our own way and that we don’t need to prove anything, all the Universe’s problems would be fixed.

Our worth comes from realizing our individual potential, not from competing with others and trying to destroy those who won’t subscribe to the lies we believe about ourselves and others. By focusing on our own growth and not worrying about what others must do or wasting our time comparing ourselves with others, especially those who make us feel inferior, we will find happiness.

Why do we allow others to make us feel inferior? There is no superior/inferior, just people who are different and have a different path from us. If we all were on our paths, we would all be beautiful and special and would work in harmony with each other. The universe was not designed for wars and strife, but for harmony and love and this is what it will be when we all get on our path and relish our own specialness. Find out why you are special and quit wasting your time downgrading those who make you feel like garbage. You are not garbage and as long as you believe this, you are on a destructive path for yourself and everyone else.

When we can’t see ourselves accurately, we can’t see others accurately. This is a BIG PROBLEM. INGRATITUDE about WHO WE ARE lies at the heart of all sin.

A person who truly loves their true self, will have no need to harm others. That is because our true self is always good. Those who think they love their evil, are so lost on their path and believing so many lies about themselves, it’s like being infatuated when you date someone and in love with who you WANT THEM TO BE, rather than WHO THEY ARE. You don’t need to prove your worth or see yourself as perfect. Just understand that when you are on your path you will grow into who you were meant to be and that is a good person. If you would truly believe this, you will find peace and deep inner joy and gratitude.

None of us was created to be inferior. If we believe that, we are believing a lie.

We are ungrateful because we think we’re garbage and that we need to prove we’re not. This is a lie that Satan needs us to believe, because deep down Satan thinks he’s garbage and he’s not.

If we have a need to force everyone to be like us, that stems from feelings of inferiority, this need to prove our worth. When we are comfortable with who we are, we can readily allow others to flower in their individuality, even if they are very different from us. We won’t label them or cast them aside for being different and everyone’s unique individuality will flourish, which is how God intended the universe to be. A need to force everyone to be like us, stems from feelings of inadequacy and is very unhealthy.

Satan is living in his false self, as are all those who follow him. But that false self is causing a LOT OF HARM. We waste so much energy, trying to be something we’re not and then attacking those who seem not to approve of the false self that we think we are. We adopt the false self, because we feel inadequate in some way. There is no need to feel inadequate. This is based on a lie we believe about ourselves.

The above audio is a brilliant education about self-alienation and the way forward for those who are stuck in this.

Unfortunately, when we are extremely self-alienated, we are like a cancer and spread evil. This is why God had to create hell, to refine those in this state, so that they will get out of it and can then go to heaven. When we continually feed the false self, it spreads like a tumor, infecting everyone with obsessions that lead to staying in the false self like a vicious circle.

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