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Gail with Daniel Tosh for her appearance on Tosh.0. Photo taken in 2016 in Culver City, California.

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Brent Spiner in Japan
Gail Chord Schuler 2016
Jesus Christ

“The Nazi Party was staffed with Jesuits and high ranking Catholics.  Marx, Engels, Stalin, Lenin & Fidel Castro also were all trained and guided by Jesuits.”–Jack Chick, Smokescreens.  View 1 hr. preview & BRENT SPINER’S RAPE MOVIE.

Click on picture above to read the comic book Breakfast with Jesus.


The smaller videos can be popped out to a larger screen, by clicking on the upper right corner. 

Brent Spiner’s love songs for me (1990).



Zechariah 9:15 (my birthday is 9-15-57)–“The Lord of hosts shall defend them; and they shall devour, and subdue with sling stones. . .”  According to Vladimir Putin’s scientists and Jesus Christ, half my genetic profile is that of king David of Israel.

All Gail’s audio books at Amazon, iTunes and Audible are HERE.

You can’t buy new copies of Brent’s album Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back, because Loree McBride threatened to kill Gail Chord Schuler if he continued to market the album.

45 minutes and 28 seconds into Brent Spiner’s 2008 Dave Rabbit radio interview, Brent nervously said this (about Loree McBride): “My ugh. . .girlfriend has this. . .ugh. . .I call her that ’cause we can never think of anything else to call each other, since we’re not married. We’ve been together –forever. Um. . .She. . .ugh. . .she really gets irritated with me, if I, if there’s even the hint of being surly when somebody comes up and says something nice to me– or recognizes me. She really has no patience with me rolling my eyes or anything. She doesn’t get it. . .I like being an actor, but being a celebrity is a whole other thing. . You never get quite used to being treated as if you’re something special. . ..She really doesn’t have any patience for that, whatsoever, and she lectures me and says, “You should be really happy that people recognize you.” And he’s made willing and knowing love (from 1994 to ?) to a PUBLICIST? No legally valid public government records indicate Brent Spiner is married to Loree McBride, so why all these Jesuit websites that claim they are married? The real Brent Spiner (not his clone) does not feel he’s married to Loree.

Loree knows that in all his music albums, he sings about me. The forbidden music is featured here at this website.  Brent Spiner created his official website (2008) to counter lies (plastered all over the Internet and the tabloids) that he’s married to (or has had a romantic/sexual relationship or common law marriage with) Loree McBride. She obtained her relationship with Brent through brain-control drugs (drug rape in Sept. 1992). Knowing Brent’s desire to protect me, she threatens to harm or kill me, if Brent won’t play her game, even impregnating herself with Brent’s semen (obtained through drug rape) to trap Brent into a “marriage” with her. Brent has never had romantic or sexual feelings for her and has been trying to get rid of her since 1992 (when she drug raped him).   

Canada’s FOX News covered the 2011 nukkake that devastated Canada.

Catherine the Great
Catherine the Great
King David of Israel
Gail Chord Schuler
Catherine the Great

CATHERINE THE GREAT:  Read what Jesus Christ had to say about how this great head of state died (click on left link).

Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits: 
Compare Catherine the Great’s facial features with mine (in the photo above)–the similarities are uncanny. Vladimir Putin’s great work for his Russian Empress.

Jesus told Gail He thought John MacArthur’s book Found: God’s Will was a cool book. Gail pretty much follows the principles in John MacArthur’s book “Found: God’s Will” in her life, when she must choose which path to follow. Gail feels that no human preacher or teacher is totally correct in all their Bible positions, though as Jesus told her, “Most Bible believing groups have more in common than they have differences” and that He’s not King James only and enjoys some rock music.  Jesus also likes Oswald Chambers devotional book My Utmost For His Highest, which was Gail’s favorite devotional book in her twenties. 

UPDATE:  Due to my influence, God has made inroads into Russia, Vladimir Putin, FOX News, the Jesuits and some Roman Catholics, and other organizations or people criticized by the writers/speakers below as evil or Satanic. Therefore, we work with these organizations (who have hearts for God) in our fight against evil and corruption.

Howard Hughes

My great uncle Howard Hughes. Notice how his facial features and body type match mine. We are both thin and lanky. You can see even more of a resemblance between Howard Hughes and my father.

Larisa (soft pastel Summer)

Photo of Larisa Putin (Vladimir’s real wife who died right before he became Russian President).


Brent Spiner plays Bob (the name of my father) in this Martin Scorsese film about my great uncle Howard Hughes.  You can catch Brent right in the middle of the movie.

Posted at YouTube on Jan. 28, 2017.

Vladimir Putin speaks in English more and more to show his support for me, and that I am not crazy to claim that he and I have a relationship.  Video on this link shows his love for the great niece of aviator Howard Hughes.

Since 2006, Vladimir says he has installed my MONARCHY LAWS in Russia.

Why Jesuits label me as a paranoid schizophrenic (Loree McBride versus Gail at Quebec trial).

Old, slightly damaged photo, taken in 1984 in Florida where I taught chemistry and biology, my missionary internship. At this time, I wanted to be a missionary to Japan. I was 26, and had no interest in fashion until I was 32. Category 5 Hurricane Andrew’s eye would wipe out this section of Florida eight years later (1992). See 1992 section on Gail’s Life Story Summarized page.

The fall of the Third Reich (in present-day Yugoslavia) brought down the dark Roman Catholic Ustashe regime, who fled the crime scene after demolishing most of the evidence, with most of the Ustashe leadership going to Argentina, provided with new names and documents by the Vatican. The video (above) portrays the horrors of World War II ROMAN CATHOLIC concentration camps. My novel Silver Skies portrays the type of concentration camps the Roman Catholic Jesuits plan to set up in the United States, which is why the Jesuits have banned my books (writings), steal my writing proceeds, try to kill and destroy the famous men who love me (click on images below for larger view):

Brent Spiner, Vladimir Putin, Matthew McConaughey, etc., are the men who love me and Jesuits use their agents to portray me as paranoid schizophrenic through the Internet and the media. I, along with others, strive to get the truth to the world, to prevent a Loree McBride Jesuit Roman Catholic takeover of the United States and the world while I reside on earth. After the rapture of the church, I, along with the salt (born-again belivers in Christ), will leave earth, and 666 (a Roman Catholic pope) will take over the earth as the beast, the devil incarnate, the anti-Christ. If you would NOT like to be here when this happens, CLICK HERE to accept Christ as your Savior, by praying the sinner’s prayer to accept Christ. 

Jesus Christ Corrects Gail about her King James Bible Only Position

Since late October 2012 Gail has abandoned her King James only position, after Jesus Christ Himself confronted her about this. In dire need of a teacher to help her reorient to a more correct position, she scoured the Internet to find a teacher to assist her in this. King James only people and other enemies of TRUTH have vilified her, stealing private, nude video photos meant only to encourage and love her men, posting these stolen videos and photos publicly to shame her. But Gail remains true to Jesus, retaining HIS STAND ON THE SCRIPTURES. By the way, Gail made her nude dildo photos/videos in January 2012, when she worshipped the King James Bible. Her men requested that she use their Christmas present (a dildo that approximates Brent Spiner and Vladimir Putin’s penises) and to send them the videos (for their private collection)–PART ONEPART TWO.  Gail rarely uses the dildo, though it helped her make a good movie. Gail’s ecstatic about her 2012 Christmas present from her men, an expensive parallel Bible that Jesus Christ Himself delivered to her doorstep.  A rabid Bible reader, Gail will DEVOUR this present.

I’m always in the kitchen. Taken around 1991, when I was about 34 in my Lynnwood, Washington apartment. Same apartment I was in when Brent came to my front door in Dec. 1993–see my chronology in Gail’s Life StorySummarized. No make-up.

In January 1993 in Lynnwood, Washington, I was 35, and typing War on the Saints into my computer for Brent.  See my “Brent Spiner’s true love” page. No make-up.
This is the apartment I lived in when Brent came to my front door in December 1993 and called my name.  

Howard Hughes
Howard Hughes

My great uncle Howard Hughes, before he had the accident that disfigured his face.

Brent Spiner Finds Jesus Christ (Sept. 8, 2011):  Part OnePart Two.

Hugh Jackman & Gail Chord’s mother safe, Jesuit base nuked (Dec. 1, 2011).

Zack Knight is the Antichrist or 666.  (Feb. 22, 2012).

Jesuit Space Fleet & Church of Gail Space Battle (May 31, 2012).

Conclusion of Battle with GA1L Android (Dec. 21, 2012).

On Aug. 11, 2014, Zack Knight & Jesuits murdered Robin Williams who bought 2 billion dollar ring and plane ticket to marry Gail.

Jesus has informed Gail that the movie of her life (more than the mainstream movies out there) will prepare the world for the tribulation, so Gail features her most important videos.
Playing on my apartment upright Kawai piano, that I had to auction off in 2001, because I couldn’t afford to move my stuff from Seattle to Florida. Photo taken around 1991, right about the time I mailed Brent a video (taken from my camcorder) of myself singing and playing piano. About a month after I mailed to Brent a cassette tape of myself singing and playing piano (in September 1990), Brent started his debut album Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back. I believe I’m the one who inspired Brent to start making music albums. What’s ironic about all this, is when I mailed to Brent my cassette tape as a way of saying “thank you” for his letter to me, I had no idea what a talented singer he was, or I may not have mailed it to him. I only knew Brent then as the actor who portrayed Lt. Commander Data on Star Trek:  The Next Generation, and thought he might enjoy my singing and piano playing. In my twenties I had a fantastic voice, but due to a medical condition called spasmodic dysphonia that started at around age 30, my voice deteriorated. A physician told me I’d never be able to sing again. No make-up in this photo. I was around 34 when this was taken. Good news is that acupuncture and Seroquel have helped my voice, and I can sing, but not like I did in my twenties.
CLICK HERE TO WATCH VLADIMIR PUTIN PLAYING PIANO AND SINGING (December 10, 2010). Some claim because he chose a pop song, that he made this to impress the twenty-something Alina Kabaeva. If this was for Alina, he would have chosen a Russian pop song and sung it in Russian. He bravely sung in Russian-accented English with very beginning piano skills (wearing a wedding ring) and a voice (with no voice training) to let the world know he loves his piano playing, music loving, English speaking wife (ME)–who also sings–that I’ll always be a part of him.

Taken around 1976, when I was 19 and a student at Florida State University.

The two videos above, show a skirt I sewed that reveal my brilliance in fashion design and color, so that I can provide proof, through my intimate knowledge of coloring, that Lyudmila is not the woman Vladimir Putin married in 1983.  

Taken February 1974 in Florida (the town that got category 5 Hurricane Andrew’s eye in 1992–see 1992 section on Gail’s Life Story Summarized page. Old, grainy photo. I was 16 and dressed up for “old fashioned day” at the church.

My Oshu Fujiwara (Catherine the Great) family.

Vladimir Putin has been deeply in love with a woman born in 1957 since 2001, who he states. . .”Loves me very much like my deceased wife Larisa (name changed to Lyudmila to accommodate Jesuit-led President George W. Bush).” Larisa and Gail have similar personalities–both lovers of the arts, literature, languages. Gail is a miracle in my life, and has filled the void I had with the wife I deeply loved, Larisa, and brought me a sublimity in loving beyond what I had with beautiful Larisa”. Vladimir has never had sex with Lyudmila or Olympic gymnast Alina Kabaeva or any other woman since his real wife’s death (2000). Because of my influence on my men and my genetic profile from Catherine the Great (Oshu Fujiwara family — see this page) and king David, Jesuits have used their agents (Loree McBride, Lyudmila, Alina Kabaeva) to attack Brent and Vladimir–to undermine me and those who encourage me to be strong.

When I look at Howard Hughes’s face (above), I could swear I see my pilot dad.

Valentine’s Day 2012, Jesus Christ rescues Gail’s men from Satan.

Catherine the Great
Catherine the Great
Catherine the Great
Gail Chord Schuler young

If you think it’s wild that I look like my great uncle Howard Hughes, it gets even more wild. Brent, with a team of scientists in 2006, discovered that half my genetic profile matches Catherine the Great and the other half matches king David. We have the technology today to match genes with the genes in corpses or remnants of the person in their grave. Check out the photos of Catherine the Great (above) and compare them to my photo.  Unfortunately, we don’t have photos or artwork on king David, but we can reconstruct from genetics what he probably looked like, and his appearance is amazingly similar to myself and Howard Hughes (who also has a king David genetic profile). The brilliant Jesuits have known about my unusual genetics since my birth. Is it any wonder they have such an obsession over me and my love life? Mind-reading Jesuits easily steal a man’s sperm and impregnate a woman (without sex). Because Catherine the Great was a Russian empress, there are paintings of her.  I feature them above.

Notice how similar my facial features are to Catherine the Great. It’s strange that before I knew about my genetic profile, I fell in love with Russian President Vladimir Putin (fluent in German and half German) and helped him to write law to govern Russia–see my life’s chronology. And it’s strange that I studied the German language and wrote a small book in German. Catherine the Great had German ancestry.  When I look at the face of Catherine the Great, I see my mother.

Check out the expression on Catherine’s face. Doesn’t she look like she just had a great laugh? I don’t emphasize my sense of humor, because I’m sick of how Brent’s humor is portrayed on the Internet. Brent’s funny, but he’s not a shallow Hollywood playboy, and is a thrilling and sensitive lover, who expresses himself with layers, depths, and commitment. Like Catherine the Great, I have a sense of humor. Read some of the quotes underneath some of the pictures on this website. Catherine the Great wrote comedy plays.  

Brent Spiner’s Career Sabotaged

Because Brent Spiner loves me, Jesuits (with a powerful Hollywood lobby), canceled Star Trek: The Next Generation at the height of its popularity (1994). Brent (one of the best actors in Hollywood) has never landed any role like his role as Data from Star Trek:  The Next Generation.  
Despite his excellent performance on his 1991 music album Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back, sales were dismal and he barely made a profit (that’s because he made Ol’ Yellow Eyes for me). If his second album Dreamland (2008) is doing well (also excellent, with a story line that resembles my twenty-year relationship with Brent), it’s probably because anti-Semitic Jesuit Loree McBride extorted him into mentioning her in Dreamland’s credits, so Jesuits don’t mind this album doing well.
Brent landed a major role in the television series Threshold 2005 to 2006), but anti-Semitic Jesuits canceled Threshold in February 2006, which, by coincidence??, happens to be the month that I reinstated Brent as my fiance’ and long distance lover. Jesuits allow no man fame or fortune, if that man loves the great niece of the despised Howard Hughes (myself). Those with King David genes must be annihilated and are deemed a threat to Loree McBride Jesuit goals and must be destroyed.
Brent now lives off of money he invested from his earnings as Data from Star Trek, but has NO LUXURY MONEY. But I’ve never loved him for his fame or money.
Honor your heart and your conscience, Brent. God will take care of us. Don’t betray our people (the Jews) to save your career. Your most important career is to be a great person, which you are. I love you. And thank you awesome Vladimir Putin for standing by Brent. I love both Brent and Vladimir.

The Best of Howard Hughes (PART1PART2PART3PART4). You can catch Brent Spiner in The Aviator. I think Brent played Bob (my dad’s name) in this movie to honor me, the great niece of Howard Hughes.



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      Hi Gail, I’m halfway through Jesus: The Eternal Bridegroom. Riveting stuff. I love all the characters and of course the detailed rape scenes. Keep doing what you’re doing. For one reason or another people value your work and I for one hope you get the recognition you deserve.

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      In the show True Detective Matthew Mcconaughey is hunting down a Satanic cult. Could this be a message to you Gail? Regarding the Antichrist do we know if he will have American blood or can American be interpreted as someone who immigrates to America from another country?

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        I don’t trust anything I see on television, because Antichrist Zack Knight controls much of Hollywood, and he’s especially interested in the part of Hollywood associated with my men. I doubt that Jesus would use Jesuit-controlled Hollywood to speak to anyone, with the possible exception of Hollywood movies that honor my writings, like Steven Spielberg’s Silver Skies or other Hollywood productions that honor my books.
        I wonder if Jesus is primarily using a WOMAN (myself) in these last days, so that no one will confuse me with THE MAN of Revelation 13:18.
        I find the following interpretation of Daniel 7:4 from Endtime Ministries rings true to my knowledge of the Bible, which I have read from cover to cover hundreds of times.
        Here is Daniel 7:4 “The first (beast) was LIKE a lion (FROM England, but NOT England), and had the WINGS OF AN EAGLE (the United States FROM England). I watched until its wings were torn off and it was lifted from the ground so that it stood on two feet LIKE A MAN, and the HEART OF A MAN WAS GIVEN TO IT.” England’s symbol is the LION. The EAGLE symbolizes the United States who came from the LION or England. As you know, the bald eagle is the U.S. mascot. This verse makes it clear it is not England, but something derived from England – i.e., the United States. Revelation 13:2 indicates that the Antichrist will speak English, because he has a lion’s mouth! Daniel 7:4 definitely seems to be describing the person of the Antichrist, and Revelation 13:2 is definitely describing the Antichrist. You put these two verses together and we seem to have an AMERICAN Antichrist. But the eagles’ wings are PLUCKED OFF, indicating that the United States will LOSE what it was in 1776 and become SOMETHING ELSE. Daniel 7:4 seems to indicate a TAKEOVER of the United States by the Antichrist, and when this happens, the United States will NO LONGER BE THE UNITED STATES but will become the Antichrist. Daniel 7:4 starts off describing a nation and ends up describing a MAN. It seems to me the most intelligent interpretation of Daniel 7:4 is that the English speaking AMERICAN Antichrist will takeover the U.S. completely and transform it into his launching pad for operations. When he does this, the Bible indicates that the U.S. will BECOME THE ANTICHRIST. In other words, he will have so much control in the U.S. that everything it says and does will BECOME THE ANTICHRIST. The United States Constitution has been Jesuit-amended so much, it does not even resemble the Founding Father’s documents of 1776. The Antichrist is well on his way! Whether this Antichrist will be an immigrant is not addressed in this passage, because these beasts in Daniel 7 are NATIONS, not individuals, except that it appears in Daniel 7:4 that the United States starts off as a nation and BECOMES A MAN. However, it is PLAIN he speaks English as his primary language, which seems to indicate an American born Antichrist. By the way, the Antichrist is described as having the number of a MAN 666 in Revelation 13:18. So, to end this verse with saying the nation has become a MAN, seems to refer to THE MAN of Rev. 13:18, the 666 of Revelation 13:18. To understand Daniel 7, you need to read Revelation 13. These two chapters in the Bible GO TOGETHER.

        • Author gravatar

          Thank you for the reply and clearing that up. If the US allies itself with Israel perhaps Israel could become a safe haven/sanctuary for Church of Gail. When America is fully dominated by the Beast we can’t stay in the US. The end of days would probably be precipitated by an all out war between the Antichrist US and us. OR some kind of Church of Gail migration. Does Jesus fill you with his semen before or after the apocalypse?

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      Jesus will fill me with his semen in the MILLENNIUM, which happens AFTER the apocalypse! Next on the Bible calendar is the RAPTURE, then the seven year tribulation, then the Battle of Armageddon (end of the apocalypse), then the 1,000 year reign of Jesus Christ. The tribulation is in birth pangs right now and I am just trying to make the world aware of that and to give them the Bible prophecy they need to RECOGNIZE THE ANTICHRIST WHEN HE APPEARS, and to reinforce that unless the true Jesuit leader Zack Knight miraculously accepts the true Christ, that he WILL BE THE ANTICHRIST PROPHESIED in the Bible.
      In my human form, I don’t think my body could withstand the power of Jesus’ semen! And I would like to reiterate that I WILL NOT EVER HAVE ANY SEXUAL RELATIONS WITH JESUS CHRIST. His semen will be given to my husband Brent Spiner. My next book Shimmering Skies will be going into this with great detail. The best thing for true Jesus followers to do now is to align themselves with our Church of Gail. Though I do believe the Antichrist will be American, Jesus also promised that I would defeat the Jesuit Order in Zechariah 9:15. I am the king David slingstones woman of Zechariah 9:15 with the birthday of 9-15-57. My guess is that America will be fully dominated by the Beast AFTER the rapture. Jesus does NOT want us to obsess over the future, but to obsess over the HERE and NOW. For NOW, we know that Jesus has met with the leaders of Church of Gail, so those who want to follow the true Jesus need to follow me. I don’t think we need to concern ourselves with a United States under the control of the beast UNTIL THAT HAPPENS. From what I understand, I am still the American Empress. And as long as that is the case, I will not allow the Antichrist to takeover the United States.
      If you are a true follower of Jesus and are “born again”, click on HOW TO GO TO HEAVEN at my website, then you should concern yourself with living for Jesus NOW, so that you will not be ashamed when you GO UP. We, as true believers in Christ, must all stand before the Judgment Seat of Christ. We, as believers of Jesus in the church age will NOT go into the tribulation, we will be raptured. However, we are experiencing the very beginnings of the tribulation somewhat as it is right around the corner. And the Antichrist has ARRIVED (Zack Knight).
      It’s kind of like if you’re expecting a hurricane and the winds are picking up. The winds are picking up, but the hurricane is YET TO ARRIVE. The tribulation has not fully started yet. However, Jesus said that we at Church of Gail are experiencing what the tribulation saints will suffer. I suspect the Antichrist is attacking Church of Gail now, because we are preventing him from a full takeover. Once he gets Church of Gail out of the way, or the rapture happens and we all are gone, he may then proceed into a full takeover of the U.S. and everyone will then experience what we at Church of Gail are currently experiencing.

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      I’m pretty sure God will make certain that your millennial body can handle all the power of Jesus’ semen Gail! When these Jesuits distort these things and make them sound perverted or claim that you would willingly engage in semenancy with Zack Knight – well, we all know who is telling the truth and who is lying! We are with you Gail!

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      what will you do when you are given all these husbands by jesus in the millennial?,.,how will you have time to please them all and jesus too??

      • Author gravatar

        Not sure of how it will all work out, but Jesus said that I would be making love to all of them, and not only that Jesus will give me and Brent his semen as a wedding present for the millennium. I imagine that I may be making love to all of them at the same time. Our millennial bodies are more powerful than our present earthly bodies. I would like to clarify that I will never be making love to Jesus. He is my husband in the sense that I am part of his bride, the church and he does not make love to me, but I suspect that perhaps he will funnel his semen through Brent and I to make love to his bride, the church. What an honor!

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      Some really quality content on this website , saved to fav. adadbfdedkgd

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      Gail, I wish you strength and perseverance in your fight against the wicked Jesuits. I hope that Jesus will Bless You with strength and nutrients.
      You are an inspiration for the whole world…

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      What i do not realize is in fact how you are no longer actually a
      lot more smartly-appreciated than you might be now. You are very intelligent.
      You recognize therefore considerably relating to this matter, made me for my
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