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My new audio book Catherine of King David is a preview of my next big book coming up, in that a large part of it is devoted to (password is Oshu Fujiwara) my Japanese royal ancestors, the Oshu Fujiwara family, where I get my genes for Catherine the Great. I am currently working on Jesus, the Eternal  Bridegroom: Robin Williams from Heaven and if you want a book that summarizes much of the main storyline for my three future books, get Catherine of King David.

It appears that Jesus, the Eternal Bridegroom: Robin Williams from Heaven will turn into a series of four books, because the story of my Japanese ancestors is so fascinating with battles between clans, forbidden love stories, and a battle for power, wealth and life, when they ruled northern Japan from about 1020 to 1189 AD. My ancestors got wiped out pretty much and my writings focus on the victory they had in their spirit that overcame their tragedies. Jesus tells me they all went to heaven, and my writings will focus on why this is so. If you order the audio book Catherine of King David (available now) you will get a feel for the big book coming up. I feel my audio reading really captures the voice of my ancestors.

This first book in the series will cover the build up to the Oshu Fujiwara clan and how a marriage between two people from enemy samurai clans ignited the spark that started the beginnings. A female lead is introduced who will be a prominent character for the first 3 books of the series. How and why she married her enemy is the subject of the first book. It is a truly touching love story.

Future books in series, will focus on the death of her husband, when he is beheaded by Imperial Japan and how their son takes up the leadership of the clan while his mother ends up marrying the enemy who killed his true father. There were a lot of arranged marriages at this time in the royal families, and much of the conflict in all the books will be about how the royals strived to honor true love in spite of forced arranged marriages. Jesus, the Eternal Bridegroom: Robin Williams from Heaven will use the stories of my ancestors to strive and show the Antichrist Zack Knight the way to love, in spite of the Jesuit Order arranging the marriages, and those in these marriages trying to find love in spite of this. So history is, in a sense, repeating itself. Loree McBride and Brent Spiner is a Jesuit arranged marriage, so is Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves. So my writing will show the pain involved when partners are forced to marry one they don’t love and how history seems to repeat itself with those from the Oshu Fujiwara family, like myself. Jesuits are trying to arrange everybody’s marriages and often kill the real spouse and replace that spouse with a Jesuit clone. It is a common practice today and is a form of population control. So all my future books will be exploring this and how it affects the marriage partners and society in general.

A future book in these series will detail how this son of his murdered father ends up establishing the family of his mother and murdered father as the rulers over all of Northern Japan. In this way, he gets a type of justice over his father’s untimely death. There are strong reincarnation themes in all of these books about my ancestors. This is something they believed in and it has actually happened in me, so their “good karma” has won over time, and I have been reincarnated to give them the moral vindication they deserved, which is also why I write these books. These people were heroic, brave, and passionate and deserve to have their story told and to have a legacy.

The final book of this series will show the reign of the Oshu Fujiwara family and how they built a city of gold to honor their ancestors and their strong Buddhist beliefs and how a greedy leader of the Minamoto Genji clan attacked them, using an excuse that they harbored an enemy and brought the downfall of the clan. There was a lot of infighting in all of these clans and much betrayal and all of the downfalls happened because of traitors from within. All of these books are an interesting study into real history and what we can learn from it about human nature, the nature of power, and what is involved with leading a country.

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