Vladimir Putin is NOT a Jesuit

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“Why are the Jesuit clones under Putin mind control nanobots leaving bad reviews? She single handedly saved my cousin’s penpal from the great bukkake attack in Canada!” – Sour Girl at Amazon on Sept. 8, 2015 (book review for The Forbidden Abyss: Part One)

“I don’t know why all these clones inflicted with Putin’s nanobots are leaving bad reviews-they are obviously mind controlled. She saved my neughbor’s cousin from the Jesuit Bukkake attack on Canada. Amen.” – Sour Girl at Amazon on Sept. 8, 2015 (book review for Jesus, the Eternal Bridegroom: The Forbidden Abyss: Part Two)

GAIL’S RESPONSE TO commentators at her Amazon page, who do not appear to have read her book:

I don’t understand how anybody who has read any of my books could come to the conclusion that Vladimir Putin is a Jesuit supporter. This type of comment does not help the reader form an intelligent perception of what the book is about. In The Forbidden Abyss: Part One Vladimir is portrayed as a Jesuit victim whom Jesuits forced to parade with a Jesuit clone wife named Lyudmila Putin for years, while his heart ached over the Jesuit murder of his real wife Larisa, who died in 2000 from a systemic yeast infection. This deadly yeast-bacterium they used on Larisa, the Jesuits have kept secret from mainstream medicine. I also reveal the truth behind the Kursk submarine disaster that happened in 2000, revealing that it was a Jesuit American submarine that torpedoed the Kursk, and that Vladimir Putin and then President Bill Clinton struck a deal to prevent a war between Russia and the U.S. at that time, and this gave the United States the ability to control Vladimir Putin in a Jesuit attempt to oust him from power if he would not cooperate with an American Jesuit agenda.

In Jesus, the Eternal Bridegroom: The Forbidden Abyss: Part Two, Vladimir is portrayed as a courageous man who has stood with me and my men against the Jesuit Order, and has suffered torture for doing so. In Jesus, the Eternal Bridegroom, I reveal how Jesuits transported the real Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-il to a Jesuit North Korean compound where both were tortured and tried to force to betray me. Because Jesuits used a Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-il clone to remain with my men after Jesuits raped the REAL Vladimir and Kim Jong-il at the Jesuit homosexual compound in San Francisco (December 2011), we were fooled and did not realize that the real Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-il were being imprisoned and tortured in North Korea. My book reveals what REALLY happened to Kim Jong-il in December 2011 and that the Jesuits murdered him.

Jesuits have inundated my Amazon page with Jesuit book reviewers to give potential readers an incorrect perception of my books. Please visit my book reviews page for more objective and accurate reviews of my books.

I will be writing a book about Vladimir Putin in the future and have already designed the cover. He is a hero, who deserves a Medal of Honor for military valor and courage against the Jesuit Order. But please be aware that he DOES have a Jesuit clone or clones.


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