Jesus, the Eternal Bridegroom: Robin Williams from Heaven

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Gabrielle Chana’s book about Jesus Christ (written in first person from Jesus’ point of view), written in the style of Jose Saramago’s The Gospel According to Jesus Christ, is coming out in 2016 or 2017. It will be called Jesus, the Eternal Bridegroom: Robin Williams from Heaven, and will be groundbreaking because it will be about the woman who will receive Jesus Christ’s semen in the millennium and how this woman (Gail Chord Schuler) brings Jesus out of depression over the state of the human race.



Oh my, Jesus Christ has let me know that he LOVES the book I’m writing about Him!

Again I have prepared some playlists of music that express the themes in this upcoming book. They are embedded into this post.

I stayed up late last night working on my book called Jesus, the Eternal Bridegroom :Robin Williams from Heaven until about 2 a.m., which usually isn’t a good idea, because lately, I get up at 7 or 8 in the morning and then can’t go back to sleep after that no matter when I go to bed.

But I really needed to know how to structure the middle of my book, and needed to watch the Japanese production (password is Oshu Fujiwara) The Saga of the Oshu Fujiwara about my ancestors to know how to structure the middle of my book. In my book, Jesus Christ must intervene with my ancestors so that I will come into existence, and Satan tries very hard to interfere with that by killing them all off. This is the Japanese part of the book. The story about the Oshu Fujiwara is utterly fascinating and this very important time in Japan’s history has been kept from the West because the Jesuits don’t want people to know about my royal ancestry from Japan. The excellent Japanese production The Saga of the Oshu Fujiwara is only available in Japanese. What I’ve been doing is watching it over and over, using the CC and translation at the bottom of the YouTube videos to help me translate the movie into a written narrative in my book, though I will be doing an original take on all this, by inserting Jesus Christ’s point of view as this history unfolds. The CC translation doesn’t work very well for Japanese, so I’ve had to watch this production several times to figure out the story. In fact, the Japanese to English translation is so bad, that as I watched the production last night, it was as if Jesus was helping me understand the Japanese, and I needed to watch it all in its entirety all at once to not lose the translation up to the point where two main characters married.

So I open up my book with Jesus Christ, God and Satan having a discussion and/or argument with Satan about why God does things a certain way, showing Jesus dying on the cross and going to hell for 3 days, and dealing with Satan head on. It’s actually told in Robin WIlliams’s point of view, where Jesus Christ drops off a manuscript he’s written in heaven and that he desperately wants Robin to share with the world.

The Japanese story intersects with a more present-day story about Brent Spiner and Gail Chord Schuler and how they mirror the lovers in the Japanese story. Jesus tells the story of the lovers, moving between past and more present time, and will have to rescue me (as the royal woman destined to receive his semen and bring him happiness) and my men from Satan and his Antichrist, relishing this as an opportunity to meet the woman (myself) who gives his life so much meaning, by allowing her to receive his semen in the millennium as he makes love to his bride, the church. This is a meeting that he has dreamed about for billions of years. I am literally the woman who keeps Jesus happy as he deals with Satan and the evil in the world. Without me, he would be depressed.

This is an extremely challenging book to write, as I am allowing Jesus to tell his own story in FIRST PERSON POINT OF VIEW, but like his typical self, he prefers to tell his story through the viewpoint of humans, so the Japanese story will be told by Jesus in a third-person POV, but he will intersect every now and then and offer his first person viewpoints. About the only other writer who has come close to trying to do this was a Nobel Prize winner named Jose Saramago, who wrote something in a similar style called The Gospel According to Jesus Christ.

The difference between me and Jose Saramago is that I write my story from the perspective of a believer in Jesus Christ. I also break with a lot of the traditional interpretations of Jesus, and am definitely going into some new ground. Jose Saramago was a skeptic. But my book is just as daring as was his. I make Jesus human enough for the world to understand him and have tried to help Jesus correct the dearth of understanding about him. It is so difficult for Jesus to connect with the human race, due to his deity. So few truly understand him! I am one of those rare souls that does, helped by some one on one meetings I’ve had with him in the past several years, and I feel obligated to share my understanding of Jesus in my book.

So it looks like I will be joining the ranks of the Nobel Prize winners with this book, though my men tell me I’ve already won it. But I personally don’t feel I deserve it, except for with this book. This is very daring to attempt to allow Jesus to tell the story of the deepest recesses of his heart in first person point of view, and his struggles with depression as he deals with his heart! He is the “I’ in my story!

Any ways, I went to bed and woke up with foot cramps, always a bad sign. Usually, when I awaken with foot cramps, I can’t sleep after that. But I prayed and asked Jesus to honor me for working so hard on this book in which I’ve made him the “I” character. Immediately, my eyes landed on the eye mask I wear over my face to sleep in daylight hours, to block out the sun. This was Jesus telling me indirectly that he was pleased with the progress on my book and how I’m portraying him and that he loves my book! He was basically telling me that he would make sure to reward me with sleep, even though I broke my usual rule of going to bed early, in order to work on the book. I lay down and fell asleep. I woke up once to use the restroom and then slept till noon.

I smiled when I awakened and thanked Jesus for letting me know that he’s so happy about my book.

He also gave me a birthday present (in a way that only Jesus could do), basically telling me through prayer, “Good job on that book, Gail! I can’t tell you how happy you’ve made me. So I will make sure to let you know this by giving you the money you need to not worry about food and bills as you devote yourself to this project.”

I’m ecstatic that Jesus loves my book. I expect to finish in 2016 or 2017. It has been a LOT OF WORK, but I expect this to be a masterpiece, written in a style very similar to The Gospel According to Jesus Christ by Jose Saramago. The first couple months has been devoted to RESEARCH ALONE. This is essential to ensure my portrayal of Jesus is accurate and will reach the heart of those who desire to know Jesus in the deepest recesses of his heart.

Basically, when you read the book, you will feel Jesus’ soul, it’s like a tour de force into the heart and soul of Jesus Christ. My previous book, Jesus, the Eternal Bridegroom was a tour de force into the heart of Brent Spiner and he told the story of Jesus from his (Brent’s) heart. This book, gets even more daring, it allows Jesus HIMSELF to tell his own story and what he dreams about.

The Jesus I am portraying in this book is consistent with the Biblical account. I have made sure of this! I have had to deeply study the Bible for this book, and this AFTER I had already read it from cover to cover hundreds of times. I will be inserting some Bible into the story line and will make the Bible come alive like a movie in the mind.

Jesus said I will enjoy meeting my Oshu Fujiwara ancestors in heaven and has stated outright that some Buddhists will be in heaven and that he is cool with Buddhism. My book will be going into why this is so. This is where I’m breaking new ground. Jesus hates the “us, them” attitude in some Christian camps and I will be exploring this as well. Though I believe that the sinner’s prayer is the fastest way to God, usually. Jesus has stated that some will be in heaven who have not said the sinner’s prayer, and that it would not be very fair of him to limit entrance to heaven based on a single prayer. My book will be exploring the heart that Jesus likes, and those with this heart, are the ones who enter heaven.


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