Gail's German Letters for Vladimir Putin

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(2002) German letters Gail wrote to Vladimir Putin. 

In 2002, while stranded in Tallahassee, Florida, without a job, and waiting for Vladimir to come and get her, Gail submitted to her mailbox, without a postage stamp, these letters in German. Vladimir is fluent in German and Gail’s German was stronger than her Russian.

President Bush was supposed to give these letters to Vladimir in 2002. Gail learned later that what Vladimir received was not what Gail wrote. Though Gail’s German is far from perfect, what Vladimir received was atrocious.

Jesuits love to switch-out what Gail writes with Jesuit-doctored versions. They have done this to her when she writes literary agents or submits her work to magazines and publishers, which explains why she has been unable to get an agent or a decent publisher to publish her.

Jesus told Gail that the Jesuits do not control Amazon, and though Jesuits have succeeded in funneling about 99 percent of Gail’s writing monies for themselves using sophisticated and advanced computer technology, Amazon does not deliberately try to steal Gail’s writing monies.

In fact, the Jesuits have been funneling Gail’s writing monies for themselves by creating a funnel (via computer technology) that captures all the records and payments given to Amazon, so that Jesuits have robbed both Amazon and Gail.

Amazon prints the books and people get the books, but somehow the records of these payments and the transactions get lost and all the money and records of the transactions end up with the Jesuits! We know that thousands are getting Gail’s books, but the payments for the books and all records of these transactions somehow end up with the Jesuits. Jesuits worship Satan and Satan invented the computer; therefore, it appears that only Jesus can defeat Satan in his element.

Gail has prayed and asked Jesus to rectify this situation. Though Gail does not care about riches, she does care that her hard work is financing terrorist operations! She believes Jesus cares about this, too.

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