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I felt God spoke to me in the last Olympics about me as a writer, when I watched this (CLICK ON THIS LINK TO VIEW PLAYLIST ABOVE, BECAUSE TWO VIDEOS ONLY PLAY FROM YOUTUBE) in which the Russian pair performed in the Olympics, to win the gold. TO LISTEN TO SONG OF SOLOMON SONG OVER AND OVER, click HERE, AND THEN R-CLICK ON BAR AND CHOOSE “LOOP”. The Russian pair skated to a song about Jesus Christ, and the American pair skated to a song about a great storyteller. They both won the gold for their performances. It was like Jesus was telling me that their skating represented my future books. The next book I wrote was Jesus, the Eternal Bridegroom, and I am currently working on what I predict will be my greatest work, thus far – its sequel Jesus, the Eternal Bridegroom: Robin Williams from Heaven. When I watched these Olympic skaters, it was as if Jesus was saying to me, “The way they skate is how you will write your next books.” What’s interesting is that Jesus Christ is a major player in the book I published in 2015, and is the main POV (point of view) character in first person for my next book. So it’s like the skaters were part of a prophecy about my writings. I write about JESUS CHRIST (i.e., Jesus Christ Superstar), and do it with BRILLIANCE in a manner that will CHANGE LIVES (the performance by Meryl and Charlie about a GREAT STORYTELLER). Thank you, Jesus, for using these skaters to inspire me as I write a non-fiction novel about YOU. You deserve nothing less than a MASTERPIECE. This writer requests prayer as she works on her book about Jesus Christ as the lover king. This is the hardest book I’ve ever written, but it’s coming to me in bits and pieces, like a dream from heaven. I expect to finish in 2017. Still doing research – a very deep Bible study to ensure accuracy of portrayal. I often watch these videos while I work out and at 58, I have athletic measurements, which adds to the divine inspiration.

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