The Saga of the Oshu Fujiwara (Gail's Catherine the Great ancestors)

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Can view a mini-series about Gail’s Catherine the Great ancestors HERE.

These videos at Gail Chord Schuler Royal Ancestry showcase the palaces (temples) of the Oshu Fujiwara family (a royal family that lived in Japan around 1100 A.D.), who intermarried some Russian/Germanic royals–part of the Emishi (they fled Russia to stay alive after their father Grand Prince Vladimir of Kiev died). These royal escapees from Russia (from the same Germanic gene pool that produced Catherine the Great) were my ancestors that gave me my Catherine the Great genetic profile. Because the Japanese government has worked with Jesuits to sabotage my life, little is known about the Oshu Fujiwara family.  Japan’s national television NHK made a mini-series called “The Saga of the Oshu Fujiwara”  [1-11-21-31-41-51-61-71-81-91-101-111-12,  2-12-22-32-42-52-62-72-8 (China only), 3-1 (China only), 3-2 (China only), 3-33-43-53-63-73-83-93-103-113-123-133-143-15] or Homura Tatsu (1993), but it is out of print or outrageously priced or not available in English, just like the excellent production Young Catherine (about Catherine the Great) where the female lead looks a lot like me. I have watched Homura Tatsu with English subtitles, and I can tell you that it is an excellent film. I would rate it very good to excellent, and it was popular in Japan.

For those who want to try and understand “Homura Tatsu” or “The Saga of the Oshu Fujiwara”, which is in Japanese, read the English translation of the Japanese Wikipedia about Homura Tatsu, and a summary of the Oshu Fujiwara in English. Also, here is a synopsis in English of the storyline for “Homura Tatsu”:  [1],  [2],  [3],  [4],  [5],  [6],  [7],  [8],  [9]. So why can’t Americans see it? Answer: Jesuits have banned this film because they don’t want the world to know that they sabotage one of the descendants of the Oshu Fujiwara family (myself). But, apparently, God wants the world to know what Jesuits have done to a descendant of the Oshu Fujiwara family (Sendai, Japan earthquake)!  Hiraizumi (where Oshu Fujiwara temples are preserved) is a suburb of Sendai, Japan!   My Catherine the Great genetic profile seems to have come through an Emishi/Ainu ancestor (actually a royal Germanic Russian in disguise) who intermarried into the Oshu Fujiwara family (or one of their descendants).

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