I am the woman behind Vladimir Putin

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After I dropped Vladimir as a romantic interest in February 2006, because I felt he lacked the manliness and guts to claim me as his wife, Vladimir Putin has been obsessed with convincing me that he is still manly and virile and that he’s the manly hero I fell in love with in 2001. This explains his feats with tigers, bears, baring his chest in public, ice hockey skating, etc. When I lost interest in him as a lover in 2006, it devastated him. His “immature” behavior, where he struts his manliness to the world is his way of flirting with “Catherine the Great” who likes red-blooded males. Though I reinstated him as a brain to brain lover in 2010, he’s never recovered from my lack of romantic interest in him from 2006 to 2010, and wants to ensure that he remains attractive to me, so he struts his manliness to the world, to let me know he’s still interested in making love to me (brain to brain). When I make love to him (brain to brain), I adore him because he’s manly and virile. Vladimir knows that his manliness turns me on in bed, because I always make love to him like he’s my manly hero. He can live on this for months.  After 2006 to 2010, when he thought he lost me as a lover, it put him into such depression, he didn’t even care if he remained Russian President. It matters more to Vladimir that he keeps my romantic interest in him as my manly hero, than that he retains his job as Russian head of state.  I dropped him as a romantic interest when he was the Russian President (2006) because I felt he was somewhat wimpy in his approach to me (that he catered too much to George W. Bush like a coward), so he knows I’m not impressed by titles, but by real manliness and he’s determined to convinced me that he’s a real man. He doesn’t care what the world thinks, he wants his “Catherine the Great” to always make love to him as her manly hero.

Being a head of state is a very lonely job, especially when you oppose the Jesuit empire.  Vladimir needs me, because I understand his yearnings, and restore in him faith in his manliness (when I make love to him). Vladimir wants to be a great head of state, but the whole world seems to turn against him when he does what a great head of state needs to do. I’m the only one who always has faith in him as a man and truly understands his heart when he has to make difficult decisions that bring on him criticism to be the great head of state that Russia and the world needs. I help him to respect himself as a man when he looks in the mirror. This means more to him than his life. He’ll do anything to keep my romantic interest for this reason, because he knows I only respect manliness, that “Catherine the Great” won’t make love to a wimp. My respect means more to him than to be Russian President, because he puts up with too much garbage when he tries to be a great President and, to him, it isn’t worth it without his “Catherine the Great”. I didn’t realize how depressed he got, when I lost interest in him as a lover (2006 to 2010). I won’t do this to him again, because I still think he’s my manly hero. It’s really tough to be in love with “Catherine the Great” when you’re the Russian President, because it makes the Jesuits too nervous. Vladimir needs me and he is a hero, because he’s a great President, who’s had the courage to bring “Catherine the Great’s” laws to the world. He’s still my hero.  

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