Zack Knight sees Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton & Barack Obama in the 2017 "Lion King" remake movie

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The Lion King II – Simba’s Pride from Rosalinda.muniz on Vimeo.

From Zack Knight’s April 23, 2017 Twitter:

“Just watched The Lion King and realized what it’s really about. It’s about Obama-scar encouraging Mexican-hyenas to cross the border of the pride lands illegally and consume its resources, steal all the jobs, and destroy the kingdom’s economy. The rightful ruler of the pride lands (Trump) spent his whole life believing that he was somehow responsible for his father’s demise, when it was really due to Obama-scar murdering his father, which is business owners that Obama killed symbolically due to his government regulations and love for illegal Mexicans who take all our jobs. So Trump-simba spent a lot of his life hiding away with freeloading lefty-marxists who wanted to exploit his ability to earn money in support of their Hakuna-Matata lifestyles. But when Trump-simba realized what Obama-scar did he immediately returned to the pride lands to claim his rightful place as king. But he had to fight Obama-scar, who had been bugging his phones in an attempt to gather damaging information that he could use against him to help Hillary-hyena win. The plot failed, and Obama-scar and Hillary-hyena quickly realized you just can’t stop the Trump-simba-train. So Trump-simba took back the pride lands which Obama-scar left him in very poor condition, and full of Mexicans. But he purged the kingdom of all the Mexicans despite concerns that he had been given assistance by the Russians. In the end, Trump-simba Made the Pride Lands Great Again.”

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