Gail Chord Schuler: Martin Luther Reformer of the Catholic Church

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Gail Chord Schuler is now a Jesuit, in order to be the Martin Luther of the Catholic Church!

She joined the Jesuits and the Catholic Church to assist the true Catholic leader, Zack Knight, in his attempts to reform the Catholic Church, acting as Martin Luther tried to do for the Catholic Church. In fact, Gail has heard brain to brain that Zack Knight has removed Martin Luther’s excommunication from the Catholic Church and has made Martin Luther a saint. Zack Knight is, indeed, a new man in Christ, and both Gail and he strive to reform the Catholic Church, as Martin Luther tried to do. Martin Luther considered himself a Catholic his entire life. Martin Luther never wanted to leave the Catholic Church, he wanted to REFORM IT. Both Gail and Zack are trying to do what Martin Luther failed to do. We have a big advantage over Martin Luther, because he was a mere priest when he became “born again” and Zack Knight became “born again” while the leader of the ENTIRE Catholic Church (a position he has had for decades), so Gail believes that her reforms will take! Hallelujah! She basically led the true Pope of the Catholic Church to the true Christ.

Currently, Zack and Gail fight evil Loree McBride in court for the leadership of the Catholic Church.

LoreeMcBride.OrderoftheJesuits (2)

Loree McBride is an unqualified usurper and rebel, trying to take over the job that Zack Knight had before Zack joined Gail and her men. Loree is ultimately unqualified for the leadership of the Catholic Church, because she is a rapist, murderer, shallow, a liar, a traitor, and a theological BLOCKHEAD. All she cares about is glamour, sex and rape – SOME LEADER FOR THE CATHOLIC CHURCH; and every other word that comes from her mouth is violence, rape, and sexual vulgarity!

Loree is a theological blockhead because she has no interest in theology, never reads the Bible and has an utter disregard for TRUTH. SHE IS UTTERLY UNQUALIFIED AS A CATHOLIC LEADER. Zack Knight and Gail have excommunicated her for DISOBEDIENCE and for militarily attacking the true leader of the Catholic Church, who is Zack Knight. Gail has brought in theologians from Dallas Theological Seminary to assist her in the reforms she wants for the Catholic Church, to transform it into a body of Christ that honors the Bible and Jesus Christ.

Key Differences Between Catholicism and Protestantism (Dallas Theological Seminary):

Gail responds to Loree McBride Jesuit commentators underneath her video entitled “Gail Chord Schuler is now a Jesuit!”:

Gail writes Zack Knight and explains to him her rationale behind the reforms she wants for the Catholic Church:

Read this link to learn how Loree McBride REACTED to Gail’s announcement that she is a Jesuit! It was like this video:

One of Loree’s supporters react to Trump’s win of the U.S. Presidency in 2016. Actually I won, but I told people if they voted for Trump they voted for me.

UPDATE on April 30, 2017: Zack Knight has told Gail brain to brain that he is implementing just about everything Dallas Theological Seminary recommends for our REFORMED Catholic Church. Dallas Theological Seminary suggested that many of the changes they recommended are too drastic to be accomplished all at once, so all Catholic leaders are now required to take a course from Dallas Theological Seminary explaining the changes and how to phase them into their own church services. In the meanwhile, those church members, like Gail, who come from Protestant or Evangelical backgrounds, don’t need to change a thing about their church services unless they want to, but can still operate under the Catholic mantel. The main thing is that all the Roman Catholic Church must honor the Dallas Theological Seminary doctrinal statement along with the doctrinal statement Gail made for the Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits. In her doctrinal statement for the Catholic Church, she does not condemn homosexuality and believes that those who are saved are part of God’s elect, but this does not negate free will. She has some differences with Dallas Theological Seminary over the matter of eternal security, in that she believes in some cases salvation can be lost, but believes, that for the most part, those who say the sinner’s prayer are headed for heaven. Gail changed her views on these matters after one-on-one conversations with Jesus about this. Gail disagrees with the traditional Catholic view that it is necessary to honor Catholic sacraments (like the Mass) to enter heaven, that is adding works to salvation, when Jesus Christ has paid for it all by his death on the cross. Jesus basically died on the cross to free us to live righteous lives (this is almost an exact quote from Jesus Himself), so we are freed from the burden of having to pay for our own sins and can concentrate on living for Christ.

Gail talks from her heart about her experiences with Jesus Christ and why she thinks Jesus is thrilled that her church has been renamed Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits:

So how does Jesus feel about me renaming Church of Gail to Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits? He LOVES IT! Once I asked him which religion or denomination follows Him closest, he answered, “Christians have more in common than they have differences.”

Looking back, I can see he gave this answer because he knew the day would come when Zack Knight would want to embrace Protestants and Evangelicals under the REFORMED Roman Catholic umbrella. To ensure, I would be the right instrument to bring this about, he went to the trouble to expound to me his views on homosexuality and the King James Bible, so that this transition would come about as he desired. He has prepared me for this job of discipling Zack Knight, who is the Pope of the Catholic Church.

Things are all going according to plan! There will be Christians from every major Christian denomination in heaven and some Buddhists and other people, too. Jesus did let me know he approves of Buddhists, and that when they are praying to Buddha, it’s actually HIM. Ha ha. This is hard for a lot of Christians to swallow, but I am starting to understand my Lord. That is why he has chosen me for this job and is thrilled that so many Roman Catholics will have their eyes opened to His TRUTH and will come to him now, under the leadership of Zack Knight.

You may think, but how can you say Jesus is THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE, if Buddhists and others who are not Christians can come to him? SIMPLE. He is the way, the truth and the life, because if he never died on the cross, we’d all go to hell. But those who go to heaven are covered by His blood, regardless of what religious or philosophical mantel they may fall under.

The sinner’s prayer shows the heart attitude that is necessary for him to accept us and for him to APPLY HIS DEATH ON THE CROSS to that person, but it’s NOT THE ONLY WAY TO HIM or should I say, the only way to be covered by the blood He shed for us on the cross.

Also, Jesus looks exactly like how artists portray Jesus from The Shroud of Turin, which is a Catholic relic. So He likes what’s happening! He foresaw all this. This does not mean he’s Catholic, but he will accept anybody who has the right heart attitude. He just can’t stand the “us, them” mentality which causes wars and suffering. He’s against PRIDE.

I actually modified the sinner’s prayer a bit for Zack Knight, and tailor made it for him, knowing his heart and what I felt he needed to say to Jesus for Jesus to accept his prayer and to apply the BLOOD OF THE CROSS on Zack’s behalf. It WORKED. It’s obvious from observing Zack Knight since he said that prayer – that he is a NEW MAN.

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