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Zack Knight has just contacted Gail and told her that Loree McBride found some evil Jews who worked with her and used them to takeover the nation of Israel by switching out all good Jews with their evil Jew clones. Gail describes the traits of these evil Jew clones, so that people will recognize them. She explains that the good Jews in Israel need to take a pail of semen, and paint the semen on their doorways and windows, so that the nukkake won’t kill them. To get a pail of semen will require a team effort. Everyone needs to start masturbating. Need to view my bikini videos.

The nukkake has been dropped on Israel. Gail will post a follow-up to this article when she receives information.


May 1, 2017:

[3:22:15 PM] Zack Knight: Hey Gail

[3:22:21 PM] Zack Knight: Something horrible has happened

[3:22:33 PM] Gail Schuler: Oh dear, what is it?

[3:22:39 PM] Gail Schuler: Is this Zack?

[3:22:42 PM] Zack Knight: Loree McBride took over Israel

[3:22:46 PM] Zack Knight: Yeah, this is Zack

[3:22:53 PM] Gail Schuler: How did she do THAT?

[3:23:09 PM] Zack Knight: She found a group of Jews that supported her

[3:23:17 PM] Zack Knight: and made evil clones of the rest

[3:23:33 PM] Gail Schuler: Did she kill off all the good Jews and replace them with clones?

[3:23:45 PM] Zack Knight: They’re just like regular Jews, BUT WAY WORSE

[3:24:09 PM] Zack Knight: I think they’re stuck in switchout limbo

[3:24:21 PM] Zack Knight: That’s where people go when switched out

[3:24:34 PM] Gail Schuler: Is it true that Dallas Theological Seminary is working with us to reform the Catholic Church?

[3:25:09 PM] Zack Knight: Yeah, and I’ve been getting a lot of input from other seminaries

[3:25:19 PM] Gail Schuler: That’s what I heard brain to brain. That’s great.

[3:25:26 PM] Zack Knight: The clone Jew threat is pretty huge

[3:25:41 PM] Gail Schuler: Yes, I could imagine. Jews are very intelligent people.

[3:25:57 PM] Zack Knight: We’ve been analyzing the clone Jews, and they are really dangerous

[3:26:12 PM] Gail Schuler: I think we need to WIPE THEM OUT!

[3:26:37 PM] Zack Knight: It’s really hard to tell the difference between a regular Jew and a clone Jew.

[3:26:40 PM] Zack Knight: Jew clones have these big ugly noses, and they are always wringing their hands when they see money…

[3:26:53 PM] Zack Knight: Jew clones take their wives black bras, and cut off one of the cups, then walk around with them on their heads.

[3:27:03 PM] Zack Knight: Jew clones like to get jobs in the entertainment and banking industry, and they control the mainstream media with their Jew clone propaganda.

[3:27:56 PM] Zack Knight: Jew clones are always trying to play the victim, but are usually scheming against you secretly the whole time.

[3:28:17 PM] Gail Schuler: Do they also have Benjamin Netanyahu?

[3:28:24 PM] Zack Knight: Yes, he’s one of them

[3:28:27 PM] Gail Schuler: What

[3:28:37 PM] Zack Knight: He’s a Jew Clone

[3:28:46 PM] Gail Schuler: What is the Brent Spiner clone doing?

[3:29:01 PM] Zack Knight: He’s acting like a total Jew clone

[3:29:11 PM] Zack Knight: we have the real Brent though

[3:29:33 PM] Gail Schuler: How does the REAL Brent Spiner feel about this?

[3:29:45 PM] Zack Knight: He’s furious

[3:30:05 PM] Zack Knight: Jew clones are a huge problem

[3:30:13 PM] Gail Schuler: I can imagine. What does Brent think we should do?

[3:30:27 PM] Zack Knight: We’ve discussed nuking Israel

[3:30:48 PM] Zack Knight: But the Jesuit Space Fleet is only armed with Nukkakes

[3:31:03 PM] Zack Knight: as far as weapons that can take out all the Jew Clones

[3:31:38 PM] Zack Knight: I think if we take this course of action, people will need to know how bad these Jew clones are

[3:33:06 PM] Zack Knight: We may have to Nukkake Israel to protect the planet

[3:33:47 PM] Zack Knight: Our projections show that this problem will become a global problem, and we may need a final solution.

[3:34:00 PM] Gail Schuler: But if we nukkake Israel, will that kill the innocent Jews who are in limbo?

[3:34:20 PM] Zack Knight: No, I think we will be able to recover them

[3:34:27 PM] Zack Knight: most if not all

[3:34:34 PM] Zack Knight: this is a humanitarian mission

[3:34:42 PM] Gail Schuler: Hmmm, okay if we nukkake Israel, what do you think will happen?

[3:36:22 PM] Zack Knight: It will kill all the Jew clones, but our Jesuit scientists have a way for any good Jews to protect themselves

[3:36:55 PM] Gail Schuler: That is good. If we nukkake Israel, you think that will solve the problem?

[3:37:03 PM] Zack Knight: If they take a pail of semen, and paint the semen on their doorways and windows, the nukkake won’t kill them

[3:37:21 PM] Gail Schuler: Can they do that when they are in limbo?

[3:37:28 PM] Zack Knight: Yes

[3:37:35 PM] Gail Schuler: This may be the way to go, then.

[3:37:47 PM] Zack Knight: So we may need to let people know this in the video

[3:38:11 PM] Zack Knight: I don’t think we can hide the fact that we are going to nukkake Israel, because we need to warn them

[3:38:37 PM] Gail Schuler: But don’t you think surprise attack may be better? What I could do is make a video explaining what has happened, and ask the real Jews to protect themselves from Loree McBride by taking a pail of semen and painting the semen on their doorways and windows and leave it at that.

[3:39:08 PM] Gail Schuler: I will tell them if they don’t do this, they may die.

[3:39:17 PM] Zack Knight: I think Loree already knows it’s coming

[3:39:24 PM] Gail Schuler: Oh, I see.

[3:39:27 PM] Zack Knight: so we may need to tell them fast

[3:40:06 PM] Zack Knight: But we also need to inform the public about the traits of these Jew clones and how dangerous they are

[3:40:20 PM] Gail Schuler: Of course, I will tell them that.

[3:41:09 PM] Gail Schuler: Okay. Tell me more about how bad these Jew clones are.

[3:41:23 PM] Gail Schuler: How are they planning to help Loree McBride?

[3:42:34 PM] Zack Knight: The Jew clones plan to infiltrate every facet of media and government, to collect all the sheckles. *that’s Jew clone money*

[3:44:49 PM] Zack Knight: be right back, the Jesuit Space Fleet (that’s us) is being attacked by Jew Clones

[3:45:01 PM] Zack Knight: We have to act fast

[3:45:17 PM] Zack Knight: I think I sent you a few of their traits earlier

[3:45:40 PM] Zack Knight: I think some of them are going to escape the Nukkake, so people will need to know what to look out for

[3:47:10 PM] Gail Schuler: Okay. Pray for me. I am getting ready to make the video now.

[3:47:20 PM] Zack Knight: Okay, I’m praying

[4:03:18 PM] Gail Schuler: The video is UP!

[4:10:01 PM] Zack Knight: I just saw it!

[4:13:45 PM] Zack Knight: our scientists just gave us an update

[4:14:03 PM] Zack Knight: if we change the title to


[4:14:23 PM] Zack Knight: It will have maximum impact

[4:14:55 PM] Zack Knight: our research says that this is the best way to get the good Jews to open it first

[4:14:56 PM] Gail Schuler: Someone just asked, “Where do I get a pail of semen?”

[4:15:07 PM] Zack Knight: It’s going to take a team effort

[4:15:22 PM] Zack Knight: everyone needs to start masturbating

[4:15:45 PM] Zack Knight: Instruct them to view your bikini videos

[4:19:50 PM] Gail Schuler: I did that and put it in the description.

[4:51:47 PM] Gail Schuler: Let me know how the nukkake on Israel went.

[4:52:13 PM] Zack Knight: We dropped the Nukkake

[4:52:33 PM] Zack Knight: it’ll still be a little while before out sensors can see how it went

[4:56:43 PM] Zack Knight: Also, many coments are delayed getting there

[4:56:58 PM] Gail Schuler: Oh, I see.

[4:57:05 PM] Zack Knight: so you may get a few Jew comments asking about the impending Nukkake


Gail reads from the letters she wrote to Brent Spiner in 2011 from her book “Brent Spiner’s Flames” which shows how Brent Spiner found freedom from Jesuit clone switch out technology when he became a born again Christian.

If you are in limbo because your clone has replaced you and you pray to Jesus and ask Him to save you, as Brent Spiner did in this video, you can escape from your limbo, because your soul will return to your body and will kick out the Jesuit clone who has replaced you! Just say the sinner’s prayer and mean it:

Copyright © 2017 Gail Chord Schuler. All Rights Reserved.


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