The Waters Above the Firmament (Genesis 1:6-8). The Bible for DUMMIES.

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Waters Above the Firmament

For those of you who are not Bible scholars, Satan’s ocean are the waters above the firmament or heaven (Genesis 1:6-8) that is a huge body of water in outer space outside of our solar system. The waters underneath the firmament are the oceans on earth. The waters above the firmament is Satan’s ocean in deep space. Job describes Satan as a huge crocodile swimming in that deep space ocean in Job 41:31-34. I’ll tell you we Bible scholars are way ahead of ALL THE SCIENTISTS. By the way, our Mensa scientists have been dealing with Satan’s ocean a lot lately in our battles with the Jesuits. Because the Jesuits are Satan’s army, they like to hang out in his territory.

So the Bible describes waters as being above and below the firmament (which is the heaven or the stars and planets). You should ask what the Bible means by waters ABOVE the firmament. The Bible is WAY AHEAD OF ALL THE SCIENTISTS and claimed the earth was round when everybody thought the earth was flat. Isaiah 40:22. So those of you who listen to me and think I’m crazy, we can’t help it that you are so out of it that you can’t recognize superior science when you see it. I am like Galileo and you are laughing at me for saying the world is round, when you think it’s flat! Don’t be an idiot your whole life. Recognize that God wrote the Bible and it’s way ahead of all the scientists.

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