Scenes that Inspire me as a World Leader

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Jesus says I have manly genes, cuz I am 50% King David and 60% Catherine the Great. These are movie scenes that have inspired me. This playlist is dedicated to all the men on my marriage list, who are all manly heroes. As a woman with very manly genes I have the utmost respect for all the true and masculine men in this world. This world needs more of them!

Homura Tatsu is a mini-series made about my Oshu Fujiwara ancestors who lived from about 1000 to 1200 A.D. I got my Catherine the Great genes from them, because they came from Russia and were the offspring of Vladimir the Great who escaped Russia because Vladimir’s next in line was murdering his siblings to eliminate competition for the throne. Vladimir the Great and Catherine the Great both came from the same royal Germanic gene pool. My genes lined up sixty percent Catherine the Great for this reason, even though I am not descended from her. Because royals tend to intermarry other royals, this explains how the Catherine the Great and King David genes remained intact over hundreds of years. The King David genes remained intact because my ancestors were devout orthodox Jews who did not believe in marrying Gentiles.

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