Gail Chord Schuler Dares Brent Spiner CLONE to make a statement (under LIE-DETECTION) that he's not a clone

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Brent Clone (1) Mentally Ill Gail

Gail Chord Schuler Responds to Brent Spiner Jew Clone who calls her crazy.

Hey, Brent Spiner Jew Clone, why don’t you give the REAL Brent Spiner his Twitter back? And why don’t you have the courage to post your picture at Twitter? Scared that everyone will figure out you are a FRAUD? Anyone with the brains of a two year old can see you’re NOT the real Brent Spiner.

For one, the real Brent’s jokes are funny and he’s not a social justice warrior on Twitter for Loree McBride’s alt-left terrorist network.

Hey world, Loree McBride, master terrorist, has created an army of JEW CLONES. You can identify them because their noses are UNUSUALLY LARGE. For instance, if you had the real Brent and the Brent Jew clone take a picture side by side, you would notice that the clone’s nose is larger then the nose of the real Brent.

The clone just won a case against the real Brent, after Brent and I sued him for defamation for responding to a Tweet in a defamatory manner (see screenshot below), insinuating I’m crazy for claiming that the REAL Brent and I have had a relationship since 1990. He thinks just cuz our relationship is unusual he can prove that it never existed!

I dare you, clone, to pose next to the real Brent and let the world compare your noses. You have the nose of a JEW CLONE. I also dare you to sing Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back and then have the REAL Brent sing it, song by song, and let the world compare the performances!

Of course, the Brent PHONY will claim he does not have a clone. Playing dumb and one of the biggest liars on the planet, especially about me and the REAL Brent.

We should declare a mistrial on that last court case, cuz the ONLY way you won it was by having a Loree Jew clone judge and you rigged the jury with Jew clones!

In our next trial, nobody can be a judge if they are a Loree McBride Jesuit and we need to scan constantly to ensure nobody has been replaced with a clone who serves Loree McBride!

Also, as part of the “evidence”, both you and the real Brent Spiner need to sing each song from Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back on the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel (00 on cable) and we must get emotion reads on both of you as you sing it, to determine what you are REALLY FEELING as you sing it.

I allege that the Brent Spiner clone is incapable of love and, therefore, is incapable of singing Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back with feelings of commitment, like Brent did when he sang that FOR ME.

Also, as part of the “evidence” both you and the real Brent need to stand SIDE BY SIDE on the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel and I want your noses measured and the sizes COMPARED.

Also, why did you block Nathaniel Christopher from your Twitter just cuz underneath that video Nathaniel uploaded of one of your “dead” clones disowning Gail, Nathaniel admits that he believes you are a clone (though you have that dead clone’s memories cuz Jesuits can transfer memories to living clones)?

You don’t believe in freedom of speech for those who might discredit your LIES about me and the REAL Brent Spiner?

This Jew clone, world, is probably not older than two years old, or three, at the most. You see, both Loree McBride and the Brent clone, have already been executed many times. But they pop up like cockroaches, and Jesuits can create a clone immediately and grow them to adulthood in MINUTES using accelerated growth hormones.

Those of you who have an OUNCE of emotional I.Q. can tell that the emotional maturity of the Jew clone at Brent’s Twitter is probably no greater than a three year old (reflecting his literal age).

You know, I could live with your lies, if you weren’t a terrorist, murderer, defamer and robber. The truth is, you couldn’t have the career the REAL Brent had, cuz you have ZERO talent, so you have to steal the real Brent’s identity so you can live high on the hog as a celebrity, which is the “lifestyle” you are used to and are not willing to give up, even if you have to cooperate with MURDERER Loree McBride to maintain your celebrity lifestyle!!

You maintain a fake humility at Twitter, but I see right through you. I have the highest I.Q. of any woman on the planet (that includes emotional I.Q.), and you are about as proud as they come. Much like your partner in crime, Loree McBride.

Like most JEW CLONES (you aren’t a Jew, YOU’RE A FAKE). You belong to the CLONE RACE, and by impersonating a REAL JEW named Brent Spiner are guilty of anti-Semitism against him by STEALING HIS IDENTITY and letting the world believe that you are the real Brent (who made love to me on the phone AND YOU KNOW IT!!). . .

Hey bud, my hearing is excellent and I KNOW I heard Brent talk to me on the phone and make love to me on the phone (from 1991 to 1993), until Loree clamped down and him and threatened death on me if he dared to call me anymore.

I DARE YOU TO MAKE THE FOLLOWING STATEMENT UNDER LIE-DETECTION. Let the whole world see the reads when you say this. If you change OR ALTER one word on this while saying it, you have to say it over with each word correctly said and pronounced and NO WORDS OMITTED OR ADDED. If we have to do this 1,000 times, it won’t make you look too good, will it! Those who operate the lie detection need to be scanned continually to be sure the lie detection is accurate and no clone switch outs or other problems have occured.

I imagine if you are telling the truth, you would jump at this opportunity to make the following statement and get my sanity settled ONCE AND FOR ALL!

“I know for sure, without any doubts, that from 1990 to 1993, the REAL Brent Spiner did NOT talk to Gail Chord Schuler on the phone and make love to her on the phone. In this statement, when I use the term Brent or Brent Spiner, I am referring to the real Brent Spiner born in 1949 and who is from Houston, Texas and who played Data in the Star Trek: The Next Generation television show from 1987 to 1994. In this statement, when I use the term Loree or Loree McBride, I am referring to the woman who is considered Brent Spiner’s wife according to the mainstream media and Internet. I also know for sure, THAT THERE ARE NO SUCH THINGS AS CLONES and that I am NOT A CLONE. I know FOR SURE, that Loree McBride, who I claim to have a relationship with, NEVER used brain control drugs on the REAL Brent Spiner to have sex with him, while he believed he was having sex with Gail Chord Schuler. I know FOR SURE that my child Jackson Spiner, was NOT conceived by artificial insemination by Loree McBride, and grown in Loree McBride’s womb artifically, cuz in 2001/2002, Brent Spiner was NOT in love with Gail Chord Schuler and the REAL Brent Spiner (not his clone) had sex with Loree McBride to have this baby! I know FOR SURE that cuz I am NOT a clone, that I was born in the year 1949 at the same place and time where the real Brent Spiner was born. I know for SURE that I am not serving Satan, and that the real Brent Spiner has not met with Jesus Christ almost every day from 2012 to now. I know for sure that the REAL REASON I claim I’m Brent Spiner is not cuz I’m greedy and want his money and fame without having to work for it and earn it, like the real Brent Spiner has. I know for SURE that Gail is delusional to claim that the real Brent Spiner talked to her on the phone from 1991 to 1993, and that she has hearing problems and heard the voice of a troll or possible criminal rather than the real Brent Spiner. I know for sure that Loree McBride never threatened to harm Gail ever in order to maintain her relationship with the REAL Brent Spiner. I know for sure that Loree McBride does NOT have an ounce of jealousy against Gail Chord Schuler cuz the REAL Brent Spiner loves Gail Chord Schuler and does not love Loree McBride. I know FOR SURE that the REAL Brent Spiner really wanted Loree McBride in his life and that he did not maintain her in order to keep Gail alive cuz of Loree McBride’s death threats on Gail. I know FOR SURE, that if Loree McBride did not threaten harm to Gail if Brent Spiner contacted Gail, that the real Brent Spiner would NOT have married Gail Chord Schuler by now (in other words Gail’s claim that the main reason Brent has not married Gail yet is cuz of Loree’s death threats is FALSE). I know FOR SURE that the REAL Brent Spiner had a relationship with Loree McBride based on HIS ATTRACTION TO HER and not cuz he was forced to in order to pacify Loree, so Loree would not carry out her threat to kill Gail if Brent would not cooperate. To further emphasize that I am telling the truth, I am willing to emphasize that I am not, repeat, NOT, a clone. That clones do NOT exist. I feel, except for what is online by Gail Chord Schuler, that the mainstream news and Internet always tells the truth about the nature of the relationship between the REAL Brent Spiner and Loree McBride and that no photo shopped pictures of me and Loree together are being used as Gail alleges to make us appear to have been at functions which Gail alleges never happened. I know for SURE, that though I have had a relationship with Loree McBride since the 1990s, that the REAL Brent Spiner has NOT had a separate and equally valid relationship (even though long distance and unusual) with Gail Chord Schuler. I know for sure, that though Loree McBride may be a hot women, she would NEVER commit murder to maintain a relationship with anybody, cuz she’s so hot that she doesn’t need to murder anybody to maintain her relationship with any celebrity! I know for sure that the REAL Brent Spiner has always enjoyed his sex with Loree McBride and she has never made him feel MORTIFIED, DEPRESSED, SUICIDAL or ANGRY over how she approaches him sexually or over how she has sex with him. I know for sure that I am the REAL Brent Spiner, who acted in Star Trek: The Next Generation from 1987 to 1994, and that I have lived long enough in my current version (i.e. I was born in 1949 LITERALLY, the REAL Brent Spiner’s birth year) so that I can claim that I am THE REAL BRENT SPINER, WHO IS NOT A JEW CLONE, AND WHO WAS NEVER KILLED AND REPLACED WITH ANY CLONE. I swear under penalty of death, that there is only one version of Brent Spiner, that he has NO CLONES and that I was born in 1949 in my PRESENT BODY and that I am not a later version of an earlier clone who died and had memories transferred to me as Gail alleges. I swear that only ONE version of Brent Spiner has existed since 1949, and that I know without a doubt that human cloning is not happening and that I am not a human clone!”

Okay, clone, I dare you to say that under lie detection in front of the whole world on the Gabrielle Chana FOX News. If he fails the lie detection, he loses his case and we can sue him for defamation and the REAL Brent Spiner gets his Twitter back!


The Brent Spiner Jew Clone is still playing his games (see screenshot below). Hey, you imposter, I am still waiting for you to make the statement under lie-detection that you are NOT a clone. Or perhaps it’s been made already on Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable) and you flunked lie-detection and you’re playing dumb. Come clean, you Loree McBride murderer! We can forgive both you and Loree, like we did Zack Knight, if you’ll come clean and stop the murders, the conspiracies, and the LIES. I would have just ignored the clone, except as you can see below he sent ME a message saying, “Please stop encouraging this behavior.” I’m sure he did this to intimidate me, and as you can see, it did NOT work. If he really meant it when he said not to encourage me, then why did he RESPOND TO ME PERSONALLY? It’s all a front, this game he’s playing with Loree McBride, to control the Internet and make me appear the crazy lady. He should have just directed his response to Chiller Whale and left me OUT OF IT, if he really meant it when he said he didn’t want to encourage me. What he’s trying to do is maintain his image as the real Brent Spiner, cuz my dare is making him look bad. That I have this much courage in the face of his intimidation, shows that I am UTTERLY CONVINCED that I am not crazy and that he is full of baloney. Most people with mental health challenges will back down when their “celebrity idol” confronts them, or at least they back down in public to sort of save face. But I KNOW I AM RIGHT ABOUT THIS CLONE. I also know that the voice I heard on my phone (1991 to 1993) was the real Brent Spiner, and sorry folks but delusions don’t extend to actual phone calls with an actual voice on the other end.

I can hear the idiots now. But perhaps you had a delusion of a phone call. Sorry, folks, that won’t fly. I’ve never had delusions like that in my life! I admit I hear thoughts in my mind that are part of our brain-to-brain communications. But I never imagine that the phone rang and I picked it up (feeling the actual phone in my hands) and that I had a delusion about the whole experience! Never happened to me! The fact is Brent Spiner DID CALL ME, DID MAKE LOVE TO ME ON THE PHONE. That is a fact. It has nothing to do with DELUSIONS.

I didn’t tape the phone conversations cuz I was married and trying to protect Brent at the time. I opened up to very few people about it for the same reason (until I divorced my husband). But I treasured what I heard in my heart and I will never forget the courage and longings I heard in that voice of the REAL BRENT SPINER.

Brent Spiner JEW CLONE Intimidation Tactics

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