LAS VEGAS SHOOTER SCANNER (designed to take out Terrorist Loree McBride & her supporters)

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I have determined, using logic, that Facebook feels that my new law designed to take out terrorist Loree McBride and her terrorist network is what Facebook deems as violating their Terms of Service. It is not really necessary for me to advertise this law on Facebook. But we would like for men to donate semen to help us with our weapons to take out this deadly terrorist and her supporters. If you men can help us with our weapons to take out this very dangerous woman, contact my men at

Antichrist and deadly terrorist Loree McBride has the murder of millions on her hands and has sickened billions with bombs which she has dropped worldwide in 2017, none of which gets reported in FAKE NEWS. As a head of state, it is my duty and moral obligation to do all in my power to take down this deadly woman and those who support her. I will do right though the stars fall.

Donald Trump supports me and for this reason, Loree hates him and tries to destroy him. Like she has tried to destroy Bill O’Reilly when he supported me, and like she has tried to destroy any leader or public figure who stands by me. If I lose my Facebook for being the head of state God wants me to be, you can still follow me at Twitter and YouTube (as Gail Chord Schuler or Gabrielle Chana). I have a huge Twitter and YouTube following, after all, I AM the American Empress!

In fact, Hugh Hefner has an article on his October 2017 issue of Playboy entitled “Empress Gail: Playmate of the Century”. This Playboy picture is censored, Facebook, and it’s certainly not abusive, so I hope you don’t mind me posting it! I actually don’t think it’s the Playboy picture Facebook finds offensive. Though I KNOW Loree McBride finds it a threat because it exposes her as the liar and murderer that she is, and that all I say about her is THE TRUTH.


I will NOT be silenced into cowardice. I MUST expose this VERY DEADLY terrorist and protect my citizens. She has already caused untold suffering in this world!! I have the genes of two great heads of state: King David of Israel and Catherine the Great. I must live up to my genes and continue the tradition of being a GREAT head of state. I must do what any great leader would do when faced with such a serious threat as this DEADLY TERRORIST Loree McBride, who is literally working with Satan to takeover the world for evil.

If we don’t take out Loree McBride, massacres like what happened in Las Vegas will be the norm for our world. We could readily forgive this terrorist if she got right with God and stopped her evil, like ex-terrorist Zack Knight has done. But she, apparently, loves her evil and loves to kill. I CANNOT tolerate this as a head of state and I WON’T. Loree McBride MUST GO. It’s either her or US. She is not content to leave the world alone. If we won’t cooperate in her evil, she will kill us and try to replace all the good people on earth with evil clones, so that nothing will be in her way.

As a head of state, it is my responsibility to eliminate terrorism from my land. Donald Trump has been cooperating with me, and so Loree and her Jew clones are striving to remove Trump from office, so they can continue their crimes unhindered. We also know that Hillary Clinton is practically BFF with Loree McBride.

Any men who want to help donate semen to increase the number of mini-Seroquakke used by these scanners, contact Gail’s men at

23.0 Due to the flood of murders caused by Loree McBride & her Jew clones, it is necessary to arm the public with weapons to defend themselves against Loree McBride Jesuits. So Gail has created a scanner designed to take out Loree McBride & her terrorist network for use by Gail Chord Schuler supporters. All Gail Chord Schuler supporters will have this scanner, including Gail herself. This scanner has been called the LAS VEGAS SHOOTER SCANNER to honor those who died in Las Vegas in October 2017 at the hand of Loree McBride and her terrorist network. Loree McBride has secretly orchestrated what is being reported on the mainstream news as the worst mass shooting in American history.

We also know that Loree McBride and her terrorist network of mad scientists have dropped bombs worldwide that have murdered millions and sickened billions. Loree McBride conducts extensive germ warfare on the world populations and also uses these bombs to assist her in using brain control on the populations. None of this gets reported on mainstream news which is controlled by Loree McBride.

23.1 The scanner will be programmed to take out all of Loree’s Jew clones (who are not Jewish persons, but clones of Jewish persons and belong to the CLONE RACE) & Loree McBride & her willing and knowing supporters. Once the scanner is aimed at the target and determines that it has scanned a Jew clone or willing and knowing Loree McBride supporter, it will scan and execute the target on-the-spot. If Loree McBride or one of her supporters surrenders to us and comes to our side, the scanners will be programmed to make an exception to that person and not take them out.

23.2 If the target is unable to be executed because the target has Antichrist or other powers to resist death, then a mini-Seroquakke will be launched onto the target AT ONCE to encase the Antichrist or Loree McBride supporter and launch the Antichrist or Loree McBride supporter into deep space inside Satan’s ocean.

23.2a For the purposes of Conspiracy Law, Loree McBride is defined as Loree McBride and/or her clones and/or her willing and knowing supporters.

23.2b If the mini-Seroquakke fails to encase the target for whatever reason and the target is still at large and a danger to the public, all the scanners worldwide will be programmed to immediately scan in their range for the target and to carry out the execution as describe in this LAS VEGAS SHOOTER SCANNER portion of Conspiracy Law, carrying out this Sect. 23 against the target. Even if this fails to encase and execute the target, it will make it so that Loree McBride will have limited parts of the earth and heavens where she can operate safely. It will limit her safe spaces. Once we get enough people using these scanners, it is hoped that we will be able to eliminate terrorist Loree McBride permanently, due to the fact that she will not have anywhere safe where she can operate.

23.2c We may experiment and try to place these scanners in every portion of the world and universe to limit terrorist Loree McBride’s safe spaces. This operation will go forward as long as Loree is unable to confuse the scanners and cause them to target innocents. But having them attached to humans is a good way to keep track of them.

23.3 A mini-Seroquakke is defined as the bomb created by Gail’s men to encase a target with a semen encasing and inside the encasing is a microwave oven that irradiates whoever is inside and kills them if possible (as described in Sections 23.3 a thru d):

23.3a STAGE 1: The mini-Seroquakke explodes and moves Loree McBride and/or her captive(s) to just outside Satan’s ocean in deep space. In stage one, it only creates the inner core filled with Seroquel oxygen (that is, if Loree has any captives) and the inner core’s oppositely charged covering (to the charge of the encasement around each of her captives) which encases Loree and her inhabitants. Once the inner core and its explosion proof covering are created, it pokes holes into Loree’s spacecraft(s), flooding the inside of her spacecraft with Seroquel laden oxygen and the materials that will be programmed to travel to the genes of her captives and Loree and to encase them all with a covering. The covering created for Loree will make impossible for her to escape. Loree’s covering will be made of a very strong substance that will be explosion proof, heat proof and melt proof. The covering for her INNOCENT captives (if there are any) will be electrically charged ON THE OUTSIDE with a charge OPPOSITE to the charge of the INNER CORE’S COVERING which encases Loree’s spaceship, thus electromagnetically drawing her INNOCENT captives (if there are any) out to the inner core’s covering, where they will burst through to freedom. This covering around each of the INNOCENT captives will turn into a space pod for each of them, these four space pods for each of these captives will burst through the inner core’s covering, and the inner core’s covering will then be programmed to immediately fix the breaches caused and to close up within a split second after the men get out. The space pods will be programmed to head towards Church of Gail or safety. In STAGE ONE, the outer core will only be thick enough to contain a possible explosion from Loree McBride or her spacecraft or spacefleet, but not wide enough to trap her captives inside.

23.3b STAGE 2: Once the INNOCENT captives escape and are safely docked at Church of Gail or safety. The covering around the inner core where Loree and her spacecraft and/or space fleet are will expand and transform into the OUTER CORE (as depicted in the STAGE TWO diagram), which will become the walls of a microwave oven. At the same time, the Seroquakke will shove the inner and outer core with Loree and her spacecraft and/or space fleet encased inside, into Satan’s ocean in deep space, while simultaneously creating the heat and radiation proof outer lining outside the outer core (to ensure the microwave oven stays intact), and creating the mantle composed of Seroquel laden semen, and creating the mantle’s crust composed of a substance that is explosion proof and impossible to escape from. All this will be dumped deep into Satan’s Ocean.

23.3c We want the explosion that causes the massive expansion (STAGE TWO) to take place inside Satan’s ocean, because that is probably the safest place for this to take place, because Satan’s Ocean will absorb it all and just expand and it should not negatively affect the outer space or earth.

23.3d STAGE 3: Once Loree and her space fleet is safely contained and the Seroquakke has expanded fully to its full size, then the INNER CORE will shrink and become as small as possible, so that Loree won’t have room to create another spacecraft. Also, the microwave energy that irradiates the INNER CORE will be so powerful that no substance can survive inside the inner core without incinerating. It will be as hot as the inside of the sun or worse. The microwave energy programmed to be on at all times inside the inner core will be a cooker AND a transformer. It will transform all the substances inside it into Seroquel semen, though I’m certain we will not be able to do this to Loree because she cannot be killed. I predict Satan will put a protective bubble around Loree, but she won’t be able to expand the bubble or to transform it into anything other than Seroquel semen. When the microwave energy inside the inner core transforms substances (like her spaceship) into Seroquel semen, that substance will be absorbed into the outer core and/or the mantel, ensuring that Loree is stuck inside a very small compartment from which she will experience 24/7 microwave irradiation with the power of heat like inside the sun or worse, and if she attempts to create anything inside of her compartment, it will be immediately be transformed into Seroquel semen and absorbed into the outer core and/or the mantel, thus increasing the size of the outer core and/or mantel that encases her. Her attempts to create things to save her will, therefore, only make it worse, by increasing the size of the outer core and/or mantel that encases her. I obviously cannot draw this as a diagram, because her inner core should be no larger than the size of a small apartment, while the radius from the inner core to the outside of the entire sphere will be whatever length is required to keep the captive encased until they reach Satan’s ocean (it will NOT be the size of half the universe as in the original conception).

23.4 In summary, the mini-Seroquakke encases the target, irradiates them with microwave radiation on the inside and encases them inside a semen bubble which is flung out to deep space and into Satan’s ocean, thus encasing them permanently inside the semen bubble in deep space.

23.5 The main difference between the Seroquakke (our original conception for Angelina Ballerina) and the mini-Seroquakke is that we will be making them to be like missiles, and they won’t have the power of the Seroquakke, and will expand only enough to ensure that their captive can’t escape right away, they will have just enough power to encase their captive long enough for the mini-Seroquakke to fly out to Satan’s ocean and plunge their captive deep into Satan’s ocean and trap them inside a semen bubble. Rather than one big Seroquakke, we will make thousands of these mini-Seroquakke missiles.

23.5a To protect us from Loree trying to steal them and put us inside these missiles they will have genetic profilers on them to ensure that only Loree McBride Jesuits are encased, they will be programmed to self-destruct if any Loree McBride Jesuit gets near them to tamper with their programming. This way we won’t have a repeat of the Seroquakke disaster we had with Angelina. They will be programmed to ONLY encase a person who is a willing and knowing Loree McBride supporter (using brain and emotion reads to determine that they have the RIGHT CAPTIVEs).

23.5b So when the encasing stage starts, they will do a read on all those they are about to encase and will free those who are not willing and knowing Loree McBride supporters, just like we originally planned with the original Seroquakke conception (for Gerard, Matthew, Hugh, etc.). Those will be the captives who are freed (as described below).

23.5c If the mini-Seroquakke determines that all captives are evil and need to be encased, it will skip the programming to release any captives and will just do everything else needed to get the EVIL captives out to Satan’s ocean and into semen bubbles (trapped for good like the UFOs).

23.6 SUMMARY: All Gail Chord Schuler supporters will be armed with LAS VEGAS SHOOTER SCANNERs designed to take out terrorist Loree McBride & her willing and knowing supporters as described in this Sect. 23. If the scanner is tampered with or destroyed, it will immediately self-destruct (and also target the one who is messing with it and take them out if possible) and BE REPLACED AT ONCE with a scanner that has not been tampered with, so that Gail Chord Schuler supporters will have a weapon on them to protect themselves against Loree McBride killers.

23.6a The scanners and mini-Seroquakkes will have invisibility shields so that they are not visible to the naked eye. This will enable our scientists to place the scanners on Gail and all her supporters without them even being aware they have them on their person or in their premises. The scanners will attach themselves to Gail or her supporters like a magnet and will be attached to them permanently, even in their sleep. But Gail and/or her supporter will not be aware of the scanner.

23.6a1 The scanner will also be connected to our computer/satellite physician networks to determine if Loree is using brain control and/or other evil science on the scanner’s owner and will assist our physicians to override Loree’s programming on her targets.

23.6b Once the target is executed, that target will be vaporized so that they will simply vanish from sight. In the target’s place, will be an image that looks just like them that will vanish when it is determined that nobody is looking at the image anymore. We do this, to protect Gail, for instance, if the scanner must operate while she is on her walks, so as to not draw undue attention to the scanner.

23.7 The scanner will be set up so that it is worn on the person and the person has no control over what the scanner does. It operates independently of the person wearing it, lest brain control be used on the person to confuse them and cause them to shoot the wrong targets. The scanner is programmed to 24/7 scan around the person to take out Loree McBride & her supporters as described in this Sect. 23. Even when the scanner is NOT worn but is just laying around, it will operate and scan all around in its target range.  For instance, if the scanner is getting in the way of sleep, it may detach itself from its owner and lay on a side table near the owner, for instance.

23.8 Any willing and knowing attempt or action to manipulate these LAS VEGAS SHOOTER SCANNERS in a manner that violates this Sect. 23 and causes Loree McBride to use it in a manner that violates Conspiracy Law (which is basically anti-terrorism law), will bring the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator to that violator.

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