Some Christian Leaders Do Not Believe Jesus Has Spoken To Me

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Bible for Tribulation Saints (sample) JESUS SPEAKS TO GAIL from Gail Chord Schuler on Vimeo.

Some Christian Leaders Don’t Believe Jesus Has Spoken to Me from Gail Chord Schuler on Vimeo.

I feel I need to address this, because it may confuse some of my followers. I have no doubt that Jesus has spoken to me, but I know that there are some in the evangelical community who may not believe this is the case. For Jesus’ sake, I must defend Jesus against the skeptics. Though I would not die over whether my Bible for Tribulation Saints has been added to the Biblical canon, I am certain that my quotes of what Jesus said in the book are from Jesus himself.

Here is a sermon that Andy Woods preached on progressive illumination, where he stated that anyone who adds to the Biblical canon or subtracts from it, will be damned.

I have great respect for Andy Woods as a Bible teacher, but he seems to be hung up on certain doctrines (like Jesus’ views on gays and nudity) and this is probably why he does not believe I have met with Jesus one on one. Having said that, let me address some verses he brought up about how I may be condemned for hinting that my Bible for Tribulation Saints could be an additional revelation and inspiration. All I can say is, I have dealt with Jesus one on one and he was very particular about only allowing Brent Spiner to transcribe for him. Jesus apparently knew I’d publish what was being transcribed.

Okay, let’s go to Revelation 22:18-19. These verses are talking about messing with the words in the book of Revelation. It is not referring to the entire canon of Scripture. In fact, many believe that the book of John was written after Revelation, and if these words were referring to the entire canon of Scripture as Andy Woods implies, then that means the author of the book of John (the same author of Revelation) is DAMNED. So it’s referring specifically to the book of Revelation. Basically what God is saying here is that He doesn’t want anybody messing with the words IN THE BOOK OF REVELATION. Each word is important and, if you’ll notice, this book is the most controversial book of all the Bible, so God knew what he was doing when he put this warning at the end of this book! Everybody likes to interpret this book wrong. They make parts of it literal, when it is clearly symbolic, or they makes parts of it symbolic, when it is clearly literal. So God is saying exercise proper hermeneutics (the science of Bible interpretation) when dealing with this particular book, knowing in advance that most would not do so.

Joel 2, the prophet says that there will be in the end times prophecy again and visions again. And that’s picked up in the book of Acts as well on the day of Pentecost. So there will be further revelations through prophets and visions in the end times. But those will end, and then that will end along with the New Testament and the Old Testament, the end of all divine revelation will come.

These verses do NOT mean that someone will be punished for writing another book about Bible prophecy or their experiences with Jesus, as long as that book is not meant to be a different edition of the book of Revelation which is different from the inspired text. I never claim that my Bible for Tribulation Saints is an edited version of the book of Revelation. Rather I claim that what is in Bible for Tribulation Saints will help you to understand the book of Revelation better.

However, Jesus has spoken to me and I have many exact quotes from him. My Bible for Tribulation Saints is, therefore, profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for instruction as it says in 2 Timothy 3:16. “All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness.” Because my Bible for Tribulation Saints has exact quotes from Jesus himself, I feel that it is possible that it may be considered by God to be an addition to the Biblical canon. I would not die over this. But as for me, I read it with as much respect as I do the Bible. I’m glad Bible for Tribulation Saints has some typographical errors in it, cuz I would not want anyone to worship the book, but to worship the Jesus who has so many quotes in the book.

Andy Woods mentioned Jude 3. Jude 3 is referring NOT to the doctrine of salvation, but to salvation through Jesus ITSELF. It appears from reading the entire passage, that God’s concern is that his great salvation for mankind, his Son’s death on the cross, is being treated with disrespect and that men are falling prey to some form of wicked and evil IDOLATRY. It’s a condemnation of those who treat the cross with disrespect, who mock it, make fun of it, treat it lightly and who manipulate the Christian faith to serve their pocketbooks, and to worship evil sexual practices that harm innocents. It sounds like the book of Jude was written for Loree McBride Jesuits when you read it! Loree McBride practices drug rape, she has violent sex with animals, and rapes people on a regular basis. She is motivated by greed and power. Bible for Tribulation Saints condemns such activities. But, we, the authors of Bible for Tribulation Saints only honor love that honors 1 Corinthians 13. “Once for all handed down to the saints” means that Jesus’ payment (death on the cross) is FINAL. Nothing else will work. Nothing else can be added to it. To understand what God meant in verse 3, you have to read the entire book of Jude, especially paying attention to the final verses, “Now to Him who is able to keep you from stumbling, and to make you stand in the presence of His glory blameless with great joy, to the only God our Savior, through Jesus Christ our Lord, be glory, majesty, dominion and authority, before all time and now and forever. Amen.” Jesus is basically saying I AM ALL SUFFICIENT and those who mock me and make light of the great sacrifice I made for mankind’s sins must be CONDEMNED. Jesus encourages us to take our sins seriously and not to make light of them, because he had to die a horrible death on the cross to pay for our horrible sins. That’s basically what he’s saying in this book. His salvation is finished, no one can add to it or subtract from it. It’s complete and anybody who acts like they can add to it is to be condemned. The focus of the entire book is on the completeness of the payment made by our awesome Lord. It is FINISHED. It is awesome. Anybody who says otherwise is garbage and those who make light of Christ’s payment are garbage (like Loree McBride).

In my Bible for Tribulation Saints, I am not claiming his payment is not all sufficient. I do say that he does decide who he will apply the payment to, but I am in no way claiming that we need to or CAN add anything to the payment he made.

On a personal note, I only have enough for food and bills. I didn’t write Bible for Tribulation Saints for money. I just knew that Jesus has spoken extensively to me and felt it not right to keep this to myself. I felt this would be of great benefit to the tribulation saints, which explains the title to the book. I feel that the tribulation saints can survive well with just a Bible, but that having Bible for Tribulation Saints will help them to understand Revelation better and most importantly will give them extra guidance for the tribulation, because Jesus said that I am experiencing what the tribulation saints will be experiencing.

NOTE OF INTEREST: I am the King David woman and am in Zechariah 9:15, so I am obviously a very important part of these last days. I actually prefer the Bible over my Bible for Tribulation Saints, but when it comes to authority, I understand that the Jesus who speaks to me in Bible for Tribulation Saints is the same Jesus who speaks to me in the Bible, and I take his words in Bible for Tribulation Saints just as seriously as I do all the words in the Bible. In fact, Jesus expects this of me. He has let me know. It’s just that I find the Bible fascinating cuz it amazes me how this book written thousands of years ago has me in Zechariah 9:15 (about my victory over the Jesuit Order) and Isaiah 57:9 (about cloning technology). My birthday is 9-15-57! The more I read the Bible, the more amazed I am. But I also read Bible for Tribulation Saints when I want to be reminded of how I am to apply my Bible knowledge for today.

I will leave messages by Andy Woods up at my pages, because he’s a very good Bible teacher usually and I have chosen those of his messages that really are good for some of my pages. From what I understand, there are Christian leaders who understand that I have really met with Jesus, and many of these feel that Bible for Tribulation Saints should be added to the Biblical canon. If this Jesus who met with me was a fake, he could read my mind, he rebuked me for my sins (and hit the nail on the head) and he understood me better than myself. Also, he came to my apartment and rearranged it at times while fighting off the Antichrist. I live alone!

We are all at different levels of Christian growth and sometimes what Jesus wants to teach us we aren’t ready to hear. I understand, cuz I used to be a King James Bible only fanatic. I have no doubt that Jesus has communicated with me, and I used to believe the canon was closed, too. I believed it so strongly, I would have almost died for it. Jesus really had to do a work on me, I was so closed minded for a while there.

To be honest with you, if you feel that all you need is the Bible, that is probably fine for now. But I think the tribulation saints will need all the help they can get! Jesus is so burdened for them. That’s why I’m his favorite and why I wanted them to have all the important things Jesus said to me!

Having said this, I have nothing but love in my heart for Andy Woods and hope that perhaps Jesus will show up and let him know that he is making appearances to his saints at this time. What’s so funny is some have seen Jesus and they think he’s an apparition or can be explained away with scientific theories. That’s how Bill Nye sees it. Bill Nye has seen Jesus man and he explains it away with his science. I guess if you have no faith, you will see what you want to see! I understand and respect Andy Woods’ skepticism, cuz you have to be really careful with appearances now-a-days, but this Jesus who has conversed with me is the real deal. I know the Bible too well to be tricked like this.

I have read and studied War on the Saints, and after reading that, would be really wary of Jesus appearances now-a-days. But it’s the real Jesus. Dr. Peter Ruckman taught me that Jesus doesn’t make anymore appearances in the church age and I used to believe this until he DID. In fact, I was so astonished that he made an appearance to me, I asked him if he was not violating his rules for the church age! You gotta read my Bible for Tribulation Saints. Believe me, I’ve met with Jesus! Jesus was clever, he waited until the right time to correct me about my worship of the King James Bible. He had to correct me in a lot of other areas, too. He’s one clever dude man, he waits till the right time. He knows me too well to be a fake!

This is a good message, but I wanted to balance it out with some exact quotes from Jesus below. I agree we should not tolerate everything, meaning we should not tolerate prejudice, non-consensual rape, sex, etc. But anything that honors 1 Corinthians 13 is super cool with God. I also agree that truth is very important and Bible for Tribulation Saints is all about TRUTH and LOVE (Jesus Christ’s obsessions). Also obvious and blatant doctrinal errors, where the Bible is CLEAR, like denying the existence of hell, should not be questioned in those who claim to follow Jesus. Nothing that Jesus has said in Bible for Tribulation Saints contradicts anything in the Bible. If it seems that way you must remember that we mortals are unable to totally understand the mind of God.

What Jesus Has Said about Nudity, Homosexuality, Sexuality, Salvation & Gail in Zech. 9:15 (exact quotes)

I feel I need to address these topics because, unfortunately, these are areas where some Christians do not believe I have been speaking to the real Jesus. First, I’d like to quote exactly what Jesus has said in these matters. These quotes are taken from Bible for Tribulation SaintsHere is a page I created about these topics WITH EXACT QUOTES FROM JESUS:

FEBRUARY 14, 2012 (from Bible for Tribulation Saints):

Gail: Ah huh, Brent Spiner. Exactly. He’s my soulmate. And that’s why you’re going to let me have a millennial marriage with him. You know, Brent, I think God’s letting us have a millennial marriage cuz He’s using me so much to prepare the world for the tribulation. Is that correct, Lord? You’re using me to prepare the world for the tribulation, aren’t you Lord? Such a terrible time. I think the Lord’s just trying to spare as many as people as possible from going into that.

JESUS CHRIST: Gail, you are more important than you know.

Gail: Yeah, I know, you’ve got me in the Bible, in Zechariah 9:15. And you’re right, I don’t think I’m very important. But apparently, you feel otherwise. I’ve always thought I’m not that important. But I love you.

JESUS CHRIST: Yup, that was you in there.

Gail: Yeah, I know. Zechariah 9:15. I’m in the Bible.

JESUS CHRIST: You will defeat the Jesuits.

Gail (astonished): How? You’ll do it, God. You say in Zechariah 9:15 that the Lord of hosts will defend them.

JESUS CHRIST: You’ll find out.

Gail: Wow. But it isn’t me, God. Don’t give me credit. It’s you. (Gail reads what Brent types of God’s words) Oh, okay. You are my instrument. That’s more like it. I certainly don’t feel like I can defeat the Jesuits. You’re the one who has to do it. I can’t do it.

JESUS CHRIST: You are my instrument.

OCTOBER 20, 2012 (from Bible for Tribulation Saints):

Hey Gail, you remember yesterday when you guys mentioned homosexuality? I kept my cool on this one, but, I wanted to let you know something — I prefer one man and one woman. That’s how God set it up in the beginning. It’s my favorite. However, I just wanted you to know that I don’t hate gay people. Just because a person is gay doesn’t mean I don’t love them, or that they aren’t saved, or even that anything is wrong with how I created them. I love everyone, and my one true wish is that everyone else on earth can love each other too, despite their differences. I’m very glad that you aren’t bothered by it, I think that’s super cool of you, and I just wanted you to know that I’m proud of you for having such an open mind, Gail. You don’t have to tell Terrance this, but the next time you’re praying, maybe you can get the word up to the big G in the sky that Terrance needs a little help in this area. Just be like, ‘God, please help Terrance to understand that some people are gay, and he needs to get over it.’ Something to that effect, in your own words. You’re one cool gal, Gail. – JESUS CHRIST

Regarding gay marriage, Jesus in my conversations about gay marriage does not seem to endorse gay marriage, but I don’t think he’s as against it as some Christians think. On the other hand, I don’t think he wants the gays to be militant against those who disagree with their views. Just like he wouldn’t want those who are against gay marriage to be militant against the gays, either. That’s my personal opinion and I could be wrong. I am trying to interpret what Jesus has said. You can read what he said for yourself and come to your own conclusions. I, personally, am not hung up about the gays and gay marriage and am far more concerned with promoting truth and love and exposing those who promote lies that hurt innocents. I and my men are getting some wonderful support from the gay community in our fight against the evil Loree McBride Jesuits. And I know for a fact that many gays are coming to Jesus, while still practicing their gay lifestyle. I am not a lesbian, so my support for the righteous gay community has nothing to do with my own sexual preferences. I am only trying to honor the Jesus I have known. I define a righteous gay as one who has a sexual preference for the same sex, but truly loves his/her partner and is not motivated by greed, lust for power, or hurtful rape. Hurtful rape being rape practiced against innocents that violates their free will.

JULY 19, 2015 (from Bible for Tribulation Saints):

[9:15:00 PM] Gail Schuler: It makes me glad to know this video will be used to prevent a black hole. That would be the end of us all!

[9:15:21 PM] Gail Schuler: I mean in terms of our earthly existence. Of course, I and my men would go to heaven.

[9:15:28 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Definitely not the way I planned the end times.

[9:15:48 PM] Gail Schuler: Yes, it would mean your Word would have to be altered and you will never do that.

[9:16:11 PM] Gail Schuler: Of course, you, in your foreknowledge knew I would make the video to prevent the black hole from occurring.

[9:16:53 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Of course I did. I always make sure everything is perfect, no matter how imperfect the details may seem to mortal humans.

[9:17:36 PM] Gail Schuler: Yes, I believe that Satan thinks he can beat you by forcing you to alter your Word, to include him as part of God’s eternal plan.

[9:18:03 PM] Gail Schuler: In other words, he wants a space in heaven as leader beside you and God the Father. How audacious!

[9:18:53 PM] JESUS CHRIST: He could have joined us in heaven if he hadn’t been so rebellious and fell from heaven. He should have trusted us.

[9:20:25 PM] Gail Schuler: He is trying desperately to force you to violate your Word, and because your promises are so detailed, he thinks that if he can get that Word off one iota, that you and your dad will have to allow him in heaven, along with all his fallen angels. I don’t understand how Satan could have rebelled against you, Jesus. Was it simply a matter of not trusting you enough and thinking your details were too many and you couldn’t possibly carry it off well?

[9:21:40 PM] Gail Schuler: I am trying to understand Satan so that I can characterize Zack Knight well in my current writing project.

[9:21:41 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Pretty much. He didn’t think I knew what I was doing, but I always do. Nothing that happens in this world is by mistake or accident. I created it all, and the plan is finished. It will be carried out as I said.

[9:22:05 PM] Gail Schuler: That is REALLY HELPFUL to know. It kind of makes me feel sorry for him in a way.

[9:22:58 PM] Gail Schuler: It looks like he STILL suffers from a lapse of faith. Is Satan beyond hope? Or is there a chance he could be redeemed?

[9:23:20 PM] Gail Schuler: I’m afraid he’s beyond hope, because your Word says so, However, I think Zack Knight stands a chance.

[9:23:32 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Then you know how I feel. I really love Satan. I will always remember him as my most beautiful angel.

[9:24:07 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Everyone can be redeemed, even Satan. I gave everyone free will for a reason.

[9:24:09 PM] Gail Schuler: That explains why you have allowed him temporary reign over the earth.

[9:24:41 PM] Gail Schuler: But the Bible says he will go into the lake of fire? That sounds pretty eternal and definite to me.

[9:24:47 PM] JESUS CHRIST: My hope is that all of my creation will someday find me again, no exceptions. Once they have suffered enough without me, they will realize the truth.

[9:25:24 PM] Gail Schuler: Doesn’t it say in the Bible that he will burn in the lake of fire FOREVER?

[9:25:37 PM] Gail Schuler: How could you alter that?

[9:25:52 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Forever is a difficult concept to explain to mortals.

[9:26:23 PM] JESUS CHRIST: I dare not try to explain it again for fear of making Brent pass out again, like that one time.

[9:27:06 PM] Gail Schuler: Alright. I guess I could just hint that if Satan ever saw the light, perhaps he could one day in eternity be redeemed. Thank you, Jesus, for advising us. We want to stay on your path.

[9:27:14 PM] JESUS CHRIST: But basically, everyone can be redeemed, even Satan. The universe was built on unconditional love, not judgment.

[9:27:33 PM] JESUS CHRIST: So even in hell, part of me is there, but a person has to be willing to find me.

[9:27:38 PM] Gail Schuler: Oh, THAT’S PROFOUND!

[9:27:54 PM] JESUS CHRIST: They have to look inside their souls, past the suffering on the outside, and know that they belong to me.

[9:27:59 PM] JESUS CHRIST: That’s all they have to do.

[9:28:12 PM] Gail Schuler: This is REALLY DEEP.

[9:28:15 PM] JESUS CHRIST: It’s sad how so many people want to make that part complicated.

[9:28:41 PM] Gail Schuler: I think this will be the THEME of my Zack Knight story!

[9:28:55 PM] JESUS CHRIST: I love Zack Knight, too.

[9:29:02 PM] Gail Schuler: Yes, I know you do.

[9:29:11 PM] JESUS CHRIST: He thinks I want to take everything away from him.

[9:29:15 PM] Gail Schuler: But all he sees is that you beat him up when he tries to mess with me.

[9:29:27 PM] JESUS CHRIST: The truth is, I don’t care about a lot of the things he thinks I care about.

[9:29:41 PM] Gail Schuler: Wow, what insight into Zack Knight!

[9:30:06 PM] Gail Schuler: What are those things that you don’t care about that he thinks you do care about?

[9:30:37 PM] JESUS CHRIST: If he wants to have sex with Rule 13 and include a hippo and a rhinoceros, good for him. I don’t care about all the sex or all the exotic thrill seeking he likes to do.

[9:30:53 PM] JESUS CHRIST: At the end of the day, my will is pretty simple.

[9:30:59 PM] JESUS CHRIST: It’s so simple, Gail.

[9:31:08 PM] Gail Schuler: As long as it’s done for love, it’s okay.

[9:31:18 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Humans crave complexity so I gave them this big Bible.

[9:31:22 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Exactly!

[9:32:11 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Just take very good care of yourselves and ask forgiveness. Love each other, be thankful. You’re all a part of me, so get used to it and stop acting like you’re all separate.

[9:32:22 PM] Gail Schuler: Yeah, your Bible is pretty complicated. It’s sad that us human take it and make it more complicated by adding in all sorts of rules and regulations that take precedence over a loving heart.

[9:32:54 PM] Gail Schuler: What do you mean by taking very good care of ourselves?

[9:33:32 PM] Gail Schuler: Oh, we should respect our bodies as YOUR TEMPLE?

[9:33:58 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yes! Enjoy your bodies. I made them for you.

[9:34:25 PM] Gail Schuler: Could taking care of ourselves extend to the environmental movement? In other words, do they have a point?

[9:34:31 PM] JESUS CHRIST: I made you food, water, fresh clean air, cool clothes, flowers, animals, sleep, everything.

[9:34:41 PM] JESUS CHRIST: How many people do you think really appreciate all of that?

[9:35:01 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yes, taking care of the environment is important.

[9:35:11 PM] JESUS CHRIST: And each other.

[9:35:26 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Your friends and even your enemies, I just want everyone to get along.

[9:35:40 PM] JESUS CHRIST: You all need each other.

[9:35:57 PM] Gail Schuler: You know, a lot of my Christian friends love you, but they seem to have gotten off focus. I will try with my writings to keep the focus where it needs to be.

[9:36:15 PM] JESUS CHRIST: They have a very us/them mentality.

[9:36:40 PM] JESUS CHRIST: They think they are somehow superior by being more right than other Christians. It doesn’t work that way.

[9:36:44 PM] Gail Schuler: Yes, it is a BIG PROBLEM, A VERY BIG PROBLEM!! In fact, it will be that attitude that the Antichrist will use to gain followers, I predict.

[9:36:54 PM] JESUS CHRIST: They just make the illusion of separation even worse.

[9:37:28 PM] Gail Schuler: Brilliant insight, the ILLUSION of separation, when we are all your children in ONE BODY.

[9:38:04 PM] Gail Schuler: Jesus, did the Nintendo CEO go to heaven?

[9:38:08 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Think of yourselves as extensions of me. When you fight, you’re just fighting yourselves. When you judge or criticize another person, you’re doing it to yourself.

[9:38:26 PM] JESUS CHRIST: I sent that man to heaven on a rainbow Gail. I love Nintendo.

[9:38:29 PM] Gail Schuler: Yes, I think I see this.

[9:38:49 PM] Gail Schuler: Wonderful. Just curious did he say the sinner’s prayer? And did he get to heaven based on the love in his heart?

[9:39:02 PM] Gail Schuler: Or did he get to heaven based on the love in his heart?

[9:39:59 PM] JESUS CHRIST: He had a lot of love in his heart. He wasn’t perfect by any means, none of you are, but he approached the world with loving motives.

[9:40:06 PM] Gail Schuler: I realize that the primary way to heaven is through the sinner’s prayer in the church age, but I do believe you make the final decision for those who have not had the opportunity to say the sinner’s prayer.

[9:41:01 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yeah, it wouldn’t be very fair of me to make saying the actual prayer a requirement. There’s no password to heaven, how silly. The prayer just invokes the emotions you need to feel in your heart to get there.

[9:41:23 PM] JESUS CHRIST: But it can be done in many other ways, including by living a loving and humble life.

[9:41:35 PM] JESUS CHRIST: You have to live the prayer, not just say the words.

[9:41:38 PM] Gail Schuler: The nice thing about the sinner’s prayer is that it can cause your spirit to indwell us and empower us to better follow your plan. But, in the end, you make the final decision and we should all do our best to be loving and generous people.

[9:41:53 PM] JESUS CHRIST: You totally get me.

[9:42:45 PM] Gail Schuler: This makes me very happy to hear this. I believe my ancestors the Oshu Fujiwara family were very devout Buddhists and very loving. Did they go to heaven? They did not believe in war and even died for that belief.

[9:43:08 PM] JESUS CHRIST: They all went to heaven. You’ll love meeting them when you get here.

[9:43:33 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Word on the street, Jesus is VERY COOL with Buddhists.

[9:43:40 PM] JESUS CHRIST: You can quote me on that.

[9:43:47 PM] Gail Schuler: How exciting! That means the ending to the Japanese mini-series Homura Tatsu where they all met their ancestors in heaven was RIGHT ON.

[9:44:23 PM] Gail Schuler: Oh Jesus, this is SO exciting. As you know my next book is real deep in Japanese culture because Rule 13 is a main character.

[9:45:28 PM] Gail Schuler: So this means that if a Buddhist is praying to his Buddha god with a sincere and loving heart, he doesn’t know it, but he’s actually praying to YOU. Boy, will he have a surprise in heaven.

[9:45:47 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Duh!

[9:46:10 PM] Gail Schuler: Oh dear, I got you wrong on this.

[9:46:12 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Here’s a secret…all these other gods people think they’re praying to, it’s actually all me.

[9:46:25 PM] Gail Schuler: I get it!

[9:46:53 PM] Gail Schuler: As long as what they follow encourages a loving heart, they are following you.

[9:46:58 PM] JESUS CHRIST: The trick is, if you feel love and inspiration and passion, that’s me in your life.

[9:47:01 PM] Gail Schuler: 1 Corinthians 13.

[9:47:10 PM] JESUS CHRIST: You’re so perceptive.

[9:47:11 PM] Gail Schuler: That is SUPER COOL.

[9:47:31 PM] Gail Schuler: That means you like some of the New Agers then!

[9:47:42 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Hell yeah I like New Agers.

[9:48:00 PM] JESUS CHRIST: They like to call me Source and what not.

[9:48:15 PM] Gail Schuler: So, even if they are worshipping something associated with Satan, it doesn’t matter as long as it makes them loving and great.

[9:48:35 PM] Gail Schuler: This could be a hint to Satan.

[9:48:40 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Sure. Pagans are fine by me, too, if they are seeking love and harmony.

[9:49:12 PM] Gail Schuler: The only reason you were against idol worship, was because the worship led to practices that were not good for the planet and to our bodies.

[9:49:42 PM] JESUS CHRIST: It’s when you start to feel bad, ill, disconnected, negative, hateful, you get the idea…that’s when you know you’re off the path to me. But there’s infinite ways to get to me and there’s no way they will all look the same.

[9:50:05 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yeah, pretty much.

[9:50:34 PM] Gail Schuler: In reading your Word, if they disrespected your altar, they got in BIG TROUBLE. But I noticed that those who disrespected your altar did so, because they enjoyed being evil.

[9:51:17 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yeah. It’s like the difference between a city mural and graffiti.

[9:51:43 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Creation or destruction.

[9:52:12 PM] JESUS CHRIST: The universe is only expanding, life exists to cultivate more life. Through love, creativity, passion.

[9:52:18 PM] Gail Schuler: Wow, this makes your Word come alive. So you wrote the laws and the Ten Commandments to ensure mankind would be creative, but not destructive.

[9:52:28 PM] JESUS CHRIST: When you humans do something opposite of that, it feels bad.

[9:53:07 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yes, but I gave you emotions and a conscience so that you could figure it out even if you never found the physical Bible.

[9:53:29 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Everyone can pray, even if they think they don’t know how.

[9:53:36 PM] Gail Schuler: This is REALLY DEEP. When we are destructive we violate the laws you have put in place that govern the universe, and the violation of these laws causes disorder and chaos.

[9:53:55 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Prayer is listening for inspiration and love and finding the path that will lead you to it. That’s really all it is.

[9:54:17 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Some people think by praying that me or my dad will literally come down and talk to you. That’s silly.

[9:54:50 PM] Gail Schuler: We have to get in tune with that part of ourselves that is in harmony with You, when we do, we are on the right path. When we are in tune, we will feel peace and harmony within ourselves. It is a shame that Satan is using brain control to try and destroy this peace in many.

[9:55:07 PM] JESUS CHRIST: If you go to a place where you feel gratitude and love and it inspires you to act, you’ve prayed, and your prayer has been answered.

[9:55:18 PM] JESUS CHRIST: There you go!

[9:55:59 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Satan’s problem is he thought he knew better, because of his big ego.

[9:56:42 PM] JESUS CHRIST: His followers base their decisions on their own egos, which are governed by fear and doubt.

[9:56:52 PM] JESUS CHRIST: There’s no fear and doubt when you’re with me.

[9:56:56 PM] Gail Schuler: But what about resisting switch-out technology? Does this not require one to say the sinner’s prayer?

[9:57:19 PM] Gail Schuler: You know, being switched out with your Jesuit clone.

[9:57:40 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Not really. But it’s a quick trick that generally works.

[9:58:07 PM] Gail Schuler: So, what is the BEST way to ensure that Jesuits cannot switch us out with our Jesuit clone?

[9:58:35 PM] Gail Schuler: Like what happened to Brent in the Quebec trial?

[9:59:07 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Believe in me. The more pure your belief, the stronger you can resist.

[9:59:23 PM] JESUS CHRIST: That’s why you’ll basically never be switched out, Gail.

[9:59:25 PM] Gail Schuler: So, Brent suffered switch out because he had serious doubts.

[9:59:38 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yeah, Brent was still agnostic.

[9:59:53 PM] JESUS CHRIST: So he could be partially switched out.

[10:00:13 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Now he’s pretty cool.

[10:00:13 PM] Gail Schuler: Yes, I have a pretty strong faith in you most of the time. I’m a lot like my ancestor King David.

[10:00:48 PM] Gail Schuler: Being in tune with you is so cool. You are a very vast and awesome being.

[10:01:02 PM] Gail Schuler: My biggest problem is lack of patience.

[10:01:38 PM] Gail Schuler: But I remind myself that you have to do things in your time to honor love.

[10:01:56 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yeah. Time seems so long and stretched out for mortals.

[10:01:59 PM] Gail Schuler: It’s hard though, when you see so much suffering.

[10:02:23 PM] Gail Schuler: But, then I realize that without free will there can be no love.

[10:02:48 PM] Gail Schuler: We are suffering because we have free will.

[10:02:50 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Exactly.

[10:03:04 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Love is my favorite thing ever.

[10:03:23 PM] JESUS CHRIST: If you guys choose love, you’ve chosen me.

[10:03:47 PM] Gail Schuler: I think my next book about Zack Knight will be my greatest work yet, even though it will be mostly a novel. I have some brilliant insights into it right now.

[10:04:09 PM] JESUS CHRIST: You are an awesome writer.

[10:04:16 PM] Gail Schuler: It will be based on truth, especially emotional truths that live on forever.

[10:04:30 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Love is definitely one of those.

[10:04:50 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Anyway, Brent and I should leave you to your work. I need to put this guy to bed.

My comments: It is best to let Jesus speak for himself on this one. But I will say that if you read Bible for Tribulation Saints you will get the context for this conversation which will help you understand better what Jesus means when he says certain things that are hard for the average evangelical to understand. For instance, many Jesuits don’t come to Jesus because Satan has lied to them and told them Jesus is a cock blocker. For this reason, Jesus may have felt the need to elaborate a bit about how he feels about certain sexual practices. Also, we humans try to bring God’s mind down to our level and this causes us to make correct hermeneutics (Biblical interpretation) like a religion and if someone’s hermeneutics differs from ours we ban them as heretics. Think about this. It is impossible for us in our mortal bodies to totally understand the mind of God. So we should exercise some tolerance towards those who disagree with us in Biblical interpretion, knowing God’s mind is far above ours, UNLESS we know FOR SURE that the interpretation is really OFF. Like anyone who says we should worship Satan is REALLY OFF. We need to be careful not to develop an us/them attitude (which Jesus despises) in regard to our hermeneutics. Again, Bible for Tribulation Saints is the size of the Bible, cuz Jesus has said so much to us! He is pretty complex in his thinking, so to really understand him, you need to read the whole book. It works out even better if you also read the Bible.

JULY 18, 2012 (from Bible for Tribulation Saints):

[2:26:30 AM] JESUS CHRIST: The S word? I don’t mind cussing if it’s used in artistic expression.

[2:27:02 AM] Gail: I only used it to accurately portray the character, to make the story seem valid. Is that okay?

[2:27:16 AM] JESUS CHRIST: I’ve got no problem with that. Your creativity is great.

[2:27:42 AM] Gail: How about acting out the vulgar sexual scenes? How do I handle the nudity?

[2:28:16 AM] JESUS CHRIST: You can do as you feel with that. I’m not against cussing or nudity as long as it’s done with artistic expression in mind. It’s not like you’re filming porn.

[2:28:48 AM] Gail: So as long as it is not done to glorify sexual sins, but to forward the story, it’s okay.

[2:28:53 AM] JESUS CHRIST: Yes, exactly.

OCTOBER 20, 2013 (from Bible for Tribulation Saints):

Gail: Jesus is not a prude God.

[7:55:02 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Not at all.

[7:55:08 PM] JESUS CHRIST: I like bikinis and all of that stuff.

Gail: Really? Why do you like bikinis?

[7:55:46 PM] JESUS CHRIST: I made those bodies, you know. I don’t mind admiring my own work.

[7:55:56 PM] JESUS CHRIST: As long as they don’t flaunt themselves around sexually.

[7:56:00 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Looking hot is not a sin.

[7:56:34 PM] JESUS CHRIST: I approve of nudity.

Gail: Oh yeah, Adam and Eve were naked before they sinned.

[7:56:45 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Those were good times.

[7:57:02 PM] JESUS CHRIST: They lived free and easy.

Gail: So how long did it take for Adam and Eve to sin? Was it like a week?

[7:57:23 PM] JESUS CHRIST: They were teenagers.

Gail: It must have been awful when they sinned and rebelled against you.

[7:57:41 PM] JESUS CHRIST: It did. I cried when I handed them their clothes.

[7:58:06 PM] JESUS CHRIST: It’s like feeling bad for spanking your children.

[7:58:49 PM] *** Call ended, duration 05:26 ***

Gail: But hell is so much worse than a spanking.

[7:58:51 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yes.

[7:58:56 PM] *** Group call ***

Gail: You didn’t make hell for man. It was for Satan and his angels and man ends up there when he rebels against you, because there is nowhere else to send him. Sin is like a cancer, it must be eradicated to solve the problems of mankind.

[7:59:02 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Correct.

Gail: You wanted fellowship. That’s why you created man.

[7:59:18 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Of course.

Gail: If there was only one human on earth, you would die on the cross for that one person all over again, if you had to.

[7:59:42 PM] JESUS CHRIST: You know me so well.

Gail: So you created man for fellowship.

[8:00:30 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Why not?

Gail: But to have man’s love without free will, would be like having a bride who came to you by force.

[8:00:47 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yes, precisely.

[8:01:01 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yes, exactly.

SEPTEMBER 29, 2017 (from Bible for Tribulation Saints):

[9:01:28 PM] JESUS CHRIST: So Gail, onto another matter…a fun one.

[9:01:30 PM] Gail Schuler: I am honored by your faith in me.

[9:02:10 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Hugh Hefner and I have been having a blast in heaven! He’s a real treat.

[9:02:19 PM] Gail Schuler: I knew he went to heaven.

[9:02:39 PM] Gail Schuler: Zack kind of let me in on it.

[9:02:41 PM] JESUS CHRIST: He was thrilled to know that word got around on earth about his wish.

[9:03:08 PM] JESUS CHRIST: He was so happy, his dead body on earth did somersaults in its grave.

[9:03:17 PM] Gail Schuler: Hey Jesus, how did Hugh Hefner die? Did Loree murder him?

[9:03:56 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Well, this was a complicated one.

[9:04:56 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Hugh had a fetish for being smothered in black pussy. Which, hey, is cool by me. He wanted to lay back and have a fat black woman sit on his face and autoerotically asphyxiate him with her vagina. Also pee a little bit.

[9:05:31 PM] JESUS CHRIST: So, he arranged to have a black mistress come into his room to do just that. However, the mistress was a Loree McBride hire.

[9:06:05 PM] JESUS CHRIST: She intended to kill him by smothering him to death with her vagina, and ignoring his safe word.

[9:06:58 PM] JESUS CHRIST: The crazy part is, while this was happening, Hugh became so aroused he began to ejaculate, but he had a semen clot in his penis.

[9:07:44 PM] JESUS CHRIST: The semen clot caused his testicles to explode, and he died simultaneously from blood loss and oxygen deprivation.

[9:07:52 PM] JESUS CHRIST: We laugh about it now.

[9:08:03 PM] Gail Schuler: What caused the semen clot?

[9:08:31 PM] JESUS CHRIST: He said he couldn’t think of a better way to go. He’s a very lighthearted character. Going to heaven helps though.

[9:08:46 PM] JESUS CHRIST: The semen clot was from old age.

[9:08:52 PM] Gail Schuler: So he would have died even without the semen clot cuz of the suffocation?

[9:09:09 PM] JESUS CHRIST: So technically, it was both a natural cause and murder.

[9:09:14 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yeah.

[9:09:24 PM] JESUS CHRIST: But both happened at the exact same time.

[9:09:36 PM] Gail Schuler: I see. Why did you let Hugh into heaven? I know it’s considered rude to ask. But I’m curious.

[9:09:59 PM] JESUS CHRIST: He was kind and had a vast heart.

[9:10:18 PM] JESUS CHRIST: In fact, that was why he was so enamored with you, Gail.

[9:10:21 PM] Gail Schuler: He does seem that way. I also think you liked it that he supported and loved me.

[9:10:54 PM] Gail Schuler: Cuz people that support and love me are usually vast and kind.

[9:11:04 PM] JESUS CHRIST: He wanted you to be Playmate of the Century because of your timeless beauty, inside and out. Your heart makes you the most beautiful model in the world, he says, and I couldn’t agree more!

[9:11:16 PM] Gail Schuler: Wow. . .

[9:11:39 PM] JESUS CHRIST: He said, of all the models that ever posed for Playboy, the hottest one of all would hands down be Gail.

[9:12:11 PM] Gail Schuler: Imagine that! I just turned sixty and definitely don’t look like your typical Playboy model.

[9:13:29 PM] Gail Schuler: But, you know, I think my Brent is handsome and he doesn’t look like he did in his twenties.

[9:13:35 PM] JESUS CHRIST: He said that if he could ever get you to pose for Playboy, it would be like his magnum opus. The ultimate beautiful woman on his magazine cover. The model of all models.

[9:13:52 PM] Gail Schuler: So how do you suggest I pose for Playboy, Jesus?

[9:14:28 PM] Gail Schuler: I sure don’t want to be a stumbling block to any believers out there!

[9:14:51 PM] Gail Schuler: I don’t want to send the wrong message, like I endorse lust.

[9:15:00 PM] JESUS CHRIST: I’ll let Brent explain. This isn’t my command of you, Gail…I just approve of the idea! As you know, I’m no prude, and I love seeing the beauty of my temples.

[9:15:40 PM] Gail Schuler: Okay, Brent is so much like you, he often thinks just like you.

[9:16:13 PM] Brent Spiner: Well…the men and I had an idea to do a new photo shoot, so that the picture or pictures we use resembles a classic Playboy model pose, but with Gail details.

[9:16:29 PM] Gail Schuler: This is Brent speaking?

[9:17:03 PM] Brent Spiner: Yeah, it’s me, using non-quotes now. We were going to ask if you would be willing to study old Playboy model poses and try some out.

[9:17:16 PM] Gail Schuler: You mean with NO CLOTHES ON?

[9:17:48 PM] Brent Spiner: That is tradition, after all!

[9:18:10 PM] Gail Schuler: Oh, boy. I am feeling rather shy. . . You know I don’t think I look that hot.

[9:18:36 PM] Gail Schuler: Send me some of the poses.

[9:18:39 PM] Brent Spiner: You’re far too humble.

[9:19:09 PM] Brent Spiner: Hmm, let me try to find some. Are you okay with this Jesus? Looking at nude models I mean.

[9:19:24 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Brent, if I didn’t love naked girls, I wouldn’t have made them born that way.

[9:19:34 PM] Gail Schuler: Oh, Jesus is a KICK!

[9:19:54 PM] JESUS CHRIST: There’s nothing sinful about the human body. Only how you use it.

[9:20:36 PM] Gail Schuler: Hey Jesus, now that we’re onto the subject of physical beauty. I hear you have six pack abs. I was just curious . . .they always portray you as hairless, which I think is pretty hot. Do you have a hairy chest?

[9:21:04 PM] Gail Schuler: Nobody ever shows you dying on the cross with hair on your chest. Just curious. Maybe it’s a dumb question.

[9:21:19 PM] Gail Schuler: Not that I mind a hairy chest. I know my Brent is hairy.

[9:21:32 PM] Gail Schuler: It’s just that I like to draw you.

[9:22:11 PM] Gail Schuler: I KNOW you don’t want women lusting after you.

[9:22:18 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yeah, I liked a smooth chest, so I shaved it when I was a human on earth. It makes having six pack abs stand out more.

[9:22:43 PM] Gail Schuler: Oh, you SHAVED IT. Is that what most guys do who have a smooth chest?

[9:22:49 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Of course not. I just took very good care of my own body when I had one.

[9:22:56 PM] Gail Schuler: Oh, I see. . .

[9:22:56 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yeah, or waxed it.

[9:23:15 PM] Gail Schuler: They could wax chests back then?

[9:23:37 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yup. Chest waxing technology is surprisingly old school.


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