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Any willing and knowing violation of the guidelines in this statement, in order to encourage a Jesuit dictatorship over the earth, will bring the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR to that violator.

Ecclesiastes 10 has a lot to say about the advantages of those with royal genes.  God says the best leaders come from royal bloodlines.  “Blessed art thou, O land, when thy king is the son of nobles, and they princes eat in due season, for strength, and not for drunkenness!”

I believe these MONARCHY LAWS will transform government for the better throughout the world and that, because of these laws, eventually, we can throughout the world greatly diminish terrorism.

All voters in all nations that contemplate a monarchy to replace their current government must watch a special presentation called MONARCHY OR STATUS QUO?  In this presentation we’ll present the facts about the disadvantages and advantages of a monarchy, and the facts about the disadvantages and advantages of the current government set up in that nation.

Each nation will have their own presentation shown on IBN (International Broadcast News) and elsewhere.  It’s important to explain that those with STRONG ROYAL GENETIC PROFILES (according to our latest research) are least likely to have an effective Jesuit clone, who can be used to undermine the head of state or royal in his/her work as head of state.  This is a serious plus to consider for a monarchy in that nation.  Jesuits have not made effective clones of those with strong royal genetic profiles or those with Jewish genetic profiles.  Of course, those who are not Jesuit clones can also be evil.  This fact should also be presented.

All those who vote in (or are involved in) this monarchy matter must watch Catherine of King David (Gail’s memoir made into film).  This will give much needed education to those who vote in these matters.

If monarchy is chosen by a nation, the people (according to Gail’s CONSPIRACY LAWS AND GOVERNMENT, Sect. 8 or Gail’s VOTING LAWS) will vote among various persons (with STRONG ROYAL GENETIC PROFILES) to be their monarch.  This person will have a lifelong reign, unless he/she becomes disqualified for health reasons, mental impairment or treason.  When this royal dies, or is no longer his/her country’s monarch, his/her replacement will be voted for by the people (in the same manner that that monarch came to power).

That is, another election will be held (according to Gail’s VOTING LAWS) and only those candidates with STRONG ROYAL GENETIC PROFILES can candidate as that nation’s monarch, to replace the monarch no longer in power.

After much study of history, I’ve determined that the best form of government in today’s world is a blend between monarchy and democracy.  Formerly in history, when a monarch died, his/her spouse, sons or family members succeeded to the throne in his/her place.  We won’t do this, because history has shown us that not all those in the family of the monarch are fit to rule a nation, and we now have technology to determine who has STRONG ROYAL GENETIC PROFILES, and will use this technology (as the Jesuits have done for years) to determine who is eligible to run as monarch of a nation.

Therefore, if a reigning monarch dies, or loses his/her reign (for whatever reason), his/her successor will be determined by another vote (using Gail’s VOTING LAWS), and the nation will choose from among those with STRONG ROYAL GENETIC PROFILES.

For instance, in my family, I’m the only one with a STRONG ROYAL GENETIC PROFILE.  My sister does not have a STRONG ROYAL GENETIC PROFILE and neither does my mother or any other of my blood relatives.  For some reason, the genes lined up in me so that I have a STRONG ROYAL GENETIC PROFILE–therefore, even though the royals in my genetic profile lived long ago, I’m qualified to run as a monarch for a nation, because my genetic profile matches closely that of Catherine the Great, kings David and Solomon (great royal leaders from history).

We are turning the tables on the Jesuits.

For years, they’ve practiced genetic profiling on persons such as myself to ensure that any potential world leader (who could annihilate Jesuit plans for a worldwide dictatorship) would never rise to any position of influence.

Now we’ll use the same genetic profiling tactics that Jesuits have used, to choose candidates with STRONG ROYAL GENETIC PROFILES (as those eligible to run for the monarchy of any nation of the International government).

To further elaborate, if one has the genetic profile of a sorry leader, that person is not qualified.  Only those with the genetic profiles of a monarch (great and courageous in history) such as Prussia’s Frederick the Great, Russia’s Catherine or Peter the Great, England’s Queen Elizabeth or Victoria, Israel’s kings David or Solomon, Japan’s Oshu Fujiwara family, etc., are considered those with STRONG ROYAL GENETIC PROFILES.  One with the genetic profile of Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte of France would not qualify, because Napoleon was a tyrant.

Because there may be a shortage of persons with STRONG ROYAL GENETIC PROFILES, a person with a genetic profile of a great French royal can run for the monarchy of Sweden (for instance).  The people of a nation will decide who they want as their leader (and can choose persons who have royal profiles of another nation besides their own nation).  Those persons determined to have STRONG ROYAL GENETIC PROFILES will be contacted, and can decide if they want to run for the monarchy of the nation that desires him/her, or can choose which nation he/she wants to reign in.

A person with a STRONG ROYAL GENETIC PROFILE is defined as one whose genetic profile (according to the same genetic profiling that the Jesuits have used against persons such as myself) matches very strongly the genetic profile of a GREAT ROYAL (or royals) from history.  A GREAT ROYAL is defined as one who led his/her country with character, dependability, honor, courage, and effectiveness.  We can also determine who was a GREAT ROYAL by determining if that person has a Jesuit clone, because Jesuits don’t make clones of persons who have the genetic profile of a great royal.

In fact, Gabrielle Chana FOX News will have a presentation that may give a real education about who were the great royals of history.  We will study the actions, motivations and leadership styles of all living royals (those with strong royal genetic profiles, even if this person no longer lives his life as a royal) in the world, and we anticipate that we’ll notice a pattern that shows that those with the genetic profiles of a great royal have certain tendencies in common, so that Jesuits chose not to make a clone of this royal (as opposed to other royals).

Those living royals who have NO EFFECTIVE JESUIT CLONES, will be those royals who have the genetic profile of the great royals from history.  We’ll study the personality traits and genetic profiles of living royals who DO NOT HAVE EFFECTIVE JESUIT CLONES to determine who were the truly great royals of history.  This is necessary, because Jesuits have rewritten history books to undermine many past royals (who do not deserve the historical treatment they’ve received, and were greater persons than presented in history books).

Jesuits have rewritten history to ensure that effective monarchies not be reinstated.

Because great royals from history have brought the most damage to the Jesuit empire, Jesuits despise the monarchy.  Jesuits get far more cooperation with “democratic” forms of government.

I do not believe that Germany ever would have become the THIRD REICH, if during the 1920s and 30s, Germany was ruled by a monarch.  The Jesuits were able to manipulate the “democratic” government of Germany in the 1920s and 30s to catapult their puppet, Hitler, to power.

The Jesuits manipulated the German vote (through the German Center Party), so that Hitler (a devout Roman Catholic) came to power.

On the other hand, in Germany, during the time of Martin Luther, courageous German monarchs protected Luther’s life against Roman Catholic tyrants.  This resulted in the Protestant Reformation.  The great advances in history (against tyrants) have occurred when monarchs ruled the earth.

Because “democracies” have more complications and many rules and regulations for their leaders, the Jesuits can manipulate these convolutions in their favor.  It is easier for Jesuits to work undercover (and undetected) with the convolutions of democracies than the directness of the monarchy, so the Jesuits prefer to deal with “democracies”.  Policies are simpler, less complex and more direct with monarchies–Jesuits can’t hide their evil–so they don’t want the monarchy reinstated.

If we determine that those with the genetic profile of Catherine the Great don’t have effective Jesuit clones, we can rightly conclude that (according to scientific research and history) Catherine the Great was a great royal from history, because those with a strong genetic profile from Catherine the Great don’t have an effective Jesuit clone.  Jesuits seem unable to make an effective clone of a royal who could threaten their goal for a worldwide takeover.

This will make it easier to determine who has STRONG ROYAL GENETIC PROFILES.  We know that those with strong king David and Solomon profiles don’t have any effective clones.  We’ve also determined that in those with a strong king David genetic profile, that the king David genes act like magnets, so that other royal genes in that person’s gene pool (especially from strong royals) line up strongly in that person’s genetic profile.  Persons with a strong king David genetic profile (who have other royal bloodlines in them), for this reason, are especially desirable as a head of state.

Howard Hughes had a strong king David and Solomon genetic profile, but because he didn’t have other royal bloodlines (besides the Jewish line) in his genes, to strengthen his royal genetic line-up, he had only a fifty (50%) percent royal genetic profile.  I have about a forty (40%) King David genetic profile that caused the other royals in my genes to become dominant, so that my Catherine the Great genes occupy the other sixty (60%) percent of my genetic profile.  The result:  I have an almost 100% royal genetic profile.

Because I have such a strong royal genetic profile (from great royals in history), Jesuits have made NO EFFECTIVE CLONES OF ME.

Because Jesuits know they can’t control me like everyone else, Jesuits target me with intensity.  They know I have the potential to become one of their greatest adversaries.

Only those with STRONG ROYAL GENETIC PROFILES [eighty percent (80%) or more of their genetic profile from great royals] and have NO JESUIT CLONES, can be on the ballet for election as the monarch of a country.

Therefore, another definition of a great royal of history is one whose genes cause his/her living royal descendants (who have that great royal’s profile) to have NO EFFECTIVE CLONES.  

Those living royals who have or have had effective clones do NOT have a STRONG ROYAL GENETIC PROFILE.  Any willing and knowing attempt to allow any living royal to become a monarch, when that living royal has an effective clone or has had an effective clone in the past, will bring the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR to that violator. 

We already know that those with genetic profiles that match Russia’s Catherine the Great or Peter the Great, Prussia’s Frederick the Great, or kings David and Solomon have serious advantages over the rest of the population (because they have NO EFFECTIVE CLONES to undermine them).  THESE ARE THE ROYALS WE WANT TO RULE THE WORLD.

Those royals from history whose genetic profiles cause their descendants to NOT HAVE AN EFFECTIVE CLONE (because Jesuits are scared to death of these royals) will have the genetic profiles that we desire in our current monarchs.  

For each monarch over each nation, it will be law, that we MUST list the percentage (and quality) of royal genetic line-up in that living royal’s brain on IBN, to show how much (and in what manner) his/her genetic profile matches that of great royals of history.

For instance, I, as the Russian Empress would be described as follows: Forty percent (40%) genetic profile of Israel’s kings David and Solomon, sixty percent (60%) genetic profile of Russia’s Catherine the Great, or fifty percent (50%) genetic profile of Israel’s kings David and Solomon, sixty (60%) percent genetic profile of Russia’s Catherine the Great, with a 10% overlap between the profiles of king David and Catherine the Great.

 This is important, because if errors occur and a person becomes a current monarch, and is one who does not possess a STRONG ROYAL GENETIC PROFILE, then we can deal with this oversight more efficiently and with justification (because the evidence for our actions would have been presented on Gabrielle Chana FOX News).

It is mandatory that all reigning monarchs have their genetic profile displayed on GCFN.  This will be proof that we are consistent and honoring CONSPIRACY LAW regarding monarchies. 

Those who (directly or indirectly) willingly and knowingly cause false genetic profiles to be posted on GCFN for any current monarch, will receive the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR.  We will show the actual genetic portrait of that living royal’s genetic profile, and the quality and quantity of that person’s royal genetic line-up.

If it is discovered that an imposter (one who does not possess a STRONG ROYAL GENETIC PROFILE) becomes a monarch, that monarch MUST BE IMPEACHED immediately and replaced with a monarch who does possess a STRONG ROYAL GENETIC PROFILE.  Those behind this deception must be exposed and punished on GCFN. 

We desire persons who do not have an effective clone as heads of state.  Therefore, persons with STRONG ROYAL GENETIC PROFILES are the most desirable persons for heads of state, because Jesuits have not made effective clones of those with strong Jewish genetic profiles or with strong royal genetic profiles.

Those who have daily BIBLE reading habits, and who follow the BIBLE PROGRAM for LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONS (a program that monitors the Bible reading habits or Bible exposure of those who enforce CONSPIRACY LAW), will be the preferred heads of state for any country and will be given preference. UPDATE: Bible for Tribulation Saints (published in 2017) can be substituted for Bible reading. This is because we have determined that those with strong BIBLE reading habits are less vulnerable to the brainwashing technology that Jesuits use on the brain. The BIBLE PROGRAM for LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONS encourages Bible exposure, though listening to tapes or CDs, or any type of Bible exposure, such as listening to Handel’s Messiah is acceptable. When the brain is saturated with the Bible, Jesuits have a harder time manipulating that person’s brain for their purposes.

If a monarch is selected as head of state, that monarch must enforce CONSPIRACY LAW in his/her nation, because CONSPIRACY LAW is anti-terrorism law, and all monarchs must oppose terrorism. The monarch will decide whether to keep that nation’s constitution, legal systems, judicial systems or other systems– or to start new systems.

This monarch can write that nation’s constitution, amend it or dispose of it, and can do what all the great monarchs of the past have done: write laws, change laws, order militaries, order executions, etc.

To ensure that the monarch will have a successful reign, that monarch must be immediately immersed in courses to teach him/her CONSPIRACY LAW (if he/she is not knowledgeable about CONSPIRACY LAW) and to learn about the laws currently in existence in the nation where he/she governs (if he/she is not knowledgeable about his nation’s current governmental set-up).

It is necessary for the monarch to understand his country’s current governmental set-up, so that he can transition his nation to a monarchy without serious complications, and so that he/she can formulate effective governing strategies for problems that are sure to develop as soon as he/she is installed into his leadership position.

The Jesuits won’t take this new leader sitting down, because the Jesuits like leaders they can control/manipulate like puppets, and monarchs (as we’ve explained in this document) will not be Jesuit puppets.

So expect the Jesuits to mount a fierce opposition.

Therefore, knowledge about CONSPIRACY LAW is mandatory for monarchs, because it is an effective weapon for the new leader to use. The sooner he/she learns CONSPIRACY LAW, the more effective he/she will be against Jesuit treachery.

You may say there’s a real danger to install world leaders who are “green” and don’t know the ropes of governing. Well, we’ve chosen those who have the capacity to learn and who don’t have clones that Jesuits can use to undermine that head of state. Better to have a “green” leader who has an aptitude for leadership (as determined by his/her genetic profile). Apparently, genetic profiles are accurate indicators of who a person can be, or the Jesuits would not use it to target and eliminate their enemies, or those who they perceive could become their enemy. If the royal leader makes some mistakes as he/she learns, better this, than a jaded leader (“experienced” in the ways of the world), who acts as a puppet to promote Jesuit terrorism and who, by his actions/inactions, conducts almost all his activities to assist terrorists.

Unfortunately, Jesuit puppet leaders have been status quo in world politics from about 1900 to now, and the result has produced a world where Jesuit terrorism rules the earth.

 Better to risk the green leaders, with the aptitude to become leaders who’ll outdo current Jesuit leaders.

God honors the monarchy and had His own divine Word authorized by the order of a KING and it is called the KING JAMES BIBLE (notice God chose an English king with a JEWISH name). This is no coincidence.

God will honor our efforts at government, because they are based on the truths of Scripture. I have written all my CONSPIRACY LAW by consulting with the King James Bible for guidance. My law is based on what I’ve read from the King James Bible (that I’ve read from cover to cover over one hundred times).

CONSPIRACY LAW is designed to assist monarchs to transition from their current governmental set-up to a democratic monarchy. Because CONSPIRACY LAW has international support, and will be accepted by the people, this should be the framework for the new governmental, legal and medical system that that new monarch will install in his/her nation.

The monarch should use CONSPIRACY LAW as the framework for his/her new government, though he/she is not limited to CONSPIRACY LAW as part of his/her governmental set-up.

I have written CONSPIRACY LAW from my broad experience in dealing with Jesuits, and knowledge about CONSPIRACY LAW is indispensable for any head of state (monarch or otherwise), who wants to govern his country effectively (in a manner that defeats Jesuit goals).

We have had major problems with CONSPIRACY LAW enforcement with our current world leaders and it is hoped that the monarchs will do better to enforce CONSPIRACY LAW (better than the current world leaders). This is why Jesuits still prosper. 

In fact, if it’s known that a monarch is not enforcing CONSPIRACY LAW (that will be grounds for impeachment and treason). So it is imperative that the monarch study and understand CONSPIRACY LAW!

We will give the monarch up to six months (after they begin their reign) to master CONSPIRACY LAW and to master their current government’s legal, medical and total set-up. They will be tested by professional test makers (after six months) to determine if they understand and know how to apply CONSPIRACY LAW to differing governing situations. If they fail this test, they must be removed from office and another election for a monarch in that country must take place, because any monarch who does not know CONSPIRACY LAW and his current government’s set up, will not have the legal and governmental skills needed to govern his country effectively against Jesuit terrorism.

 Any monarch, who truly cares about his/her people and righteous government, will quickly realize the benefits of CONSPIRACY LAW, once he takes on the duties of his/her office.

After the six month probation period, the newly elected monarch (or other important political leaders of that nation) will be inaugurated into office and will go through a formal and public inauguration ceremony, in which this monarch or political leader will make the following statement (under computer/satellite emotional analysis) on IBN and on some select news broadcasts of his/her nation:

I promise to uphold to the best of my ability CONSPIRACY LAW, which is law to combat Jesuit terrorism in my country; and I shall do all in my power to combat Jesuit terrorism.  As the elected monarch of this country, no religion or ideology may be instituted as a state-sponsored or a mandatory religion or ideology in this country, and I will not make attempts to enforce or try to cause one religion or ideology to have state sponsorship in my country. 

A religion or ideology is defined as any belief system that mandates how one should think about God, how one should approach life and death, and how one should spend one’s time to honor his/her belief system. 

Religious and ideological associations shall be separated from the state, and shall be equal before the law.  However, though I will grant religious and ideological freedom to the citizens of my country, I will not allow anyone to use their religion or ideology as an excuse to commit violations of CONSPIRACY LAW or to commit crimes against innocent persons who reside within my country.  The death penalty (or other punishments) will be meted out (in accordance with CONSPIRACY LAW) to those who willingly and knowingly violate CONSPIRACY LAW, regardless of the religious or ideological positions of these violators. 

No religion or ideology will be tolerated that has, as part of its principles, laws or goals–principles, laws or goals that violate CONSPIRACY LAW or that promote a worldwide takeover for this religion or ideology, in order to enforce this religion or ideology upon all persons. 

Though the reading of the Bible is mandatory for certain persons who have certain responsibilities under my government under CONSPIRACY LAW (because we have scientific evidence that reading the Bible prevents brain takeovers by the Jesuits), I will never mandate how one should interpret the reading of the Bible. 

CONSPIRACY LAW shall have supreme legal force and direct effect in my country, and shall be applicable throughout the entire territory of my country.  Laws or other legal acts adopted by my country may not contravene CONSPIRACY LAW.  Organs of state power and local self-government, officials, citizens and their associations must comply with CONSPIRACY LAW. 

CONSPIRACY LAW shall be officially published.  Unpublished laws shall not be applicable.  No regulatory legal act affecting the rights, liberties or duties of the human being and citizen may apply, unless it has been published officially for general knowledge. 

If my country has a Constitution, it will be honored, as long as it complies with and honors CONSPIRACY LAW.  In those areas where my country’s Constitution do not comply with CONSPIRACY LAW, I will present my recommendations for amendments to this Constitution to the people, so that our country’s Constitution can honor Conspiracy Law.  The people will vote according to Gail’s VOTING LAWS (Section 8 of CONSPIRACY LAWS AND GOVERNMENT in Gail’s CONSPIRACY LAW) whether to create this amendment to our Constitution, so that CONSPIRACY LAW can be enforced in my country. 

If the people of my country choose to negate this amendment I recommend, the Constitutional amendment I recommend, I will not force upon the people; and CONSPIRACY LAW (in that aspect) I will evaluate for changes or modifications (in accordance with the wishes of the people). 

However, under no circumstances will I tolerate the passage of any law or amendment that encourages any religion or ideology as the mandatory religion or ideology forced upon all persons, or that threatens the health, economic, religious or ideological rights of persons within my country. 

Any newly elected leader in a country must make the above inaugural statement in public before the people and the evaluation of his sincerity (by computer brain-reads of his thought processes) must be presented before the people.

Any newly elected leader who fails this brain-read, in that the brain-read indicate he is lying or insincere when he makes the above inaugural address, cannot be put into office, and another must be selected to take his/her place (in accordance with CONSPIRACY LAW).

Any person involved in the computer brain-read of the leader, who willingly and knowingly (directly or indirectly) allows, or somehow causes, a false or misleading brain-read analysis of the sincerity of leaders who make the above statement, will receive the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR.

HOWEVER, in all cases where a country’s Constitution is changed or abolished, that monarch must go to the people, present his/her case, and obtain the vote of the people (according to Gail’s VOTING LAWS or her Sect. 8 of CONSPIRACY LAWS AND GOVERNMENT) before making such drastic moves.  Failure to do so, will be grounds for impeachment.

History shows us that when you’re a great leader (and you make good decisions), that the people usually favor most (or all) of your actions, so it’s wise to obtain their consent before making such drastic changes.

If a monarch loses his/her people’s support–his/her reign will greatly weaken. In extreme cases, that monarch will lose his/her throne. My study of history has given me some wisdom about how to set up (and run) a monarchy in our present political climate.

Monarchs must be open to their people and not conduct secret government operations that their people know nothing about. We don’t need sneaky monarchs who do one thing and say another thing to their people. If it’s determined a monarch has this pattern, that will be grounds for treason and impeachment, and once there’s evidence (in courts of law) that these types of shenanigans are going on, that monarch will be replaced, and a new monarch (according to the guidelines of this document) will be chosen to replace that monarch.

This secret type of government is what most nations of the world have today. So, ironically, “democracies” have become the most undemocratic governments of all, because democracies are so easily manipulated by the Jesuits, and have turned into one big theatrical government production (in favor of the Jesuits).

I think the monarchy (as I’ve outlined in this document) will be more democratic and fair for the people. Because most forms of government tie the hands of the head of state, so that he/she must get permission from everywhere before making a move, these forms of government promote sneaky heads of state (not accountable to their people), because the leader has every excuse in the book to neglect his/her duties. He/she can blame his weak leadership on all the complications in his governmental system.

A weak monarch will have no one to blame but himself, because we will remove these hindrances and give this leader the power of a MONARCH (as royal leaders in history have had). All these present complications in government weaken the power of the head of state, when timely action is needed for emergencies. We ask the people of the world to reconsider the monarchy as the best form of government in this world of complex Jesuit terrorism.

When the founding fathers of the United States wrote their Constitution, they did not deal with a mind-reading enemy that could manipulate the brains of just about everyone in the populace and who created clones of just about everyone in the populace.

To deal with an enemy like this requires a monarch, a leader who’ll stay in his/her post a long time, to deal with a patient enemy who plans things decades in advance. You can’t effectively deal with such an enemy when your head of state only reigns (at the longest) for eight years! 

Most Americans don’t realize that the American Constitution is a dead document. The Jesuits used the American Civil War to begin the downfall of the American Constitution. It has been amended so much, that the original American Constitution (created by the American founding fathers) is no longer valid. Therefore, I’m not an American infidel to suggest that our present American Constitution (totally different from the original American Constitution) needs modifications (to deal with our war against Jesuit terrorism).

This is all talk (from our opposition) that our CONSPIRACY LAWS undermine the American Constitution, because the American Constitution has not been honored since the Jesuit-orchestrated American Civil War!

When you study the Bible, you learn that the democratic form of government is not the best form of government. The Bible considers the monarchy (with a righteous monarch) the best government. The greatest strides in world history have occurred when righteous monarchs ruled the earth. The great exploits of Hudson Taylor and David Livingstone occurred during the reign of England’s Queen Victoria.

When monarchies declined, so did the influence of the Bible and true Christianity. When righteous monarchs ruled the earth, Rome weakened, and the Christian faith (based on the teachings of the Bible and not the traditions of men) brought more prosperity and peace to the world.

The twentieth century was a tragic era. During this period, men went into apostasy against the Bible, the monarchy declined throughout the world, and Rome ascended to a power it never had before (through Hitler, Stalin and Rome’s other puppets); so that today we have a world full of horrors and technological terrorism, with more wars than we’ve ever experienced in world history.

I never expect the world to return to the moral standards of the nineteenth century. We’ll never recover our loss of innocence and the poison that the Beast’s forerunners (the Jesuits) have drenched into the earth–that is, until Jesus Christ, the JEWISH Monarch, sets up His kingdom.

But, I fear if the monarchy is not reinstated over the earth, we shall see the advent of the Beast sooner than we may like.

Perhaps God allows us to have a brief reprieve (before the rapture of His church), before the Beast (a Jesuit pope) sets up his reign of terror. The set up of democratic monarchies could give us this reprieve against the actions of the beast (the future Jesuit pope). We are now getting a foretaste of the tribulation to come and God (for some reason) allows us a brief reprieve before the Biblical tribulation period begins (as prophesied in Scripture). Perhaps He does hits, to give us one last chance to get right with Him before the terror begins.

Because it is so difficult to overcome Jesuit control over the news media and to establish these laws in countries, a reigning monarch who must reign in secret and who can’t live or be in the country where he/she is the monarch, can choose one to reign in his/her stead. This will be a situation similar to what Catherine the Great had with Potemkin (who assisted her in many governmental matters). The Russians voted for me (with the Catherine the Great genetic profile) as their monarch in 2006, but I have chosen Vladimir Putin as my Potemkin to stand in my stead. I have complete faith in Vladimir and know he is perfectly capable of governing Russia as the monarch in my stead. He honors my CONSPIRACY LAW and has the same governing philosophy that I do. If I ever sense that Vladimir is not honoring his oath of office as outlined in this statement, I will go to the Russian people to remove him from power. However, I have been very pleased with Vladimir’s work and wish him to continue as head of state (Russian monarch) in my stead. I have no desire to remove him from his office as head of state, which he has held over Russia since he was elected as Russian President in 2000. I am fully aware that the Jesuit-run Western and European press slander Vladimir’s character as the cold-hearted killer and money hungry power master, and I do not believe any of the garbage they print about him. He’s doing a great job and I wish to retain him as the Russian head of state in my stead. His love for me actually improves his job performance and makes him a better head of state, because he tries to make me proud of him, which I am. He encouraged me to write CONSPIRACY LAW, and, for this reason, he enforces it with passion in Russia. For this, he is blasted by the Jesuit-run Western press. But because he so consistently and courageously honors my CONSPIRACY LAW, I have said nothing about his reign as head of state, because all he does in this area pleases me, and I wish him to continue as the true Russian head of state, as MONARCH IN MY STEAD.


Copyright © 2006 to 2018 Gail Chord Schuler. All Rights Reserved.

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