Could the Worship of the King James Bible as God Lead to Antichrist Worship?

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KING JAMES ONLY PEOPLE MAY SIDE WITH THE ANTICHRIST (joining with him in idol worship of the King James Bible as God), and thus will oppose the Word of God or Jesus Christ (of Revelation 19:13 and John 1:1,14).

Notes on Rev. 19. Conclusions in this study are based mostly on Gail’s study of the Bible; though Gail’s experiences with King James only people have played a role in her conclusions. This is speculation and may turn out not to be true. Basically, any form of idolatry helps out the Antichrist, even Bible worship.

The capitalization of attributes that Jesus uses in His word to describe Himself are significant throughout the Bible. It is VERY SIGNIFICANT that when Jesus comes to defeat the antichrist in Revelation 19, He announces Himself as the Word of God (capitalized). This capitalization is a hint to us that the antichrist will claim to be the Word of God. Not sure how he will do this, but judging by what is happening to us right now, I strongly suspect that the antichrist will worship the King James Bible as himself, claiming that he is God and the King James Bible is God. So, for this reason, to highlight the DIFFERENCE between the real Jesus Christ and the antichrist, when Jesus comes to defeat the antichrist and his forces in Revelation 19, Jesus announces Himself as the Word of God.

Jesus is saying, “Hey world, that King James Bible you have been worshipping as God is not ME. Apparently, the antichrist will claim that the King James Bible is an extension of himself and is to be worshipped as God. So Jesus is saying, only the PERSON OF JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF IS THE WORD OF GOD, it is not my words (plural) that is the Word of God, it is one person SINGULAR, the person of JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF, who is the Word of God!

Jesus is the Word of God in Revelation 19:13. This verse makes it plain that the Word of God cannot be a book, because the object of this v.13 is described as clothed in a vesture dipped in blood. Obviously the King James Bible cannot be dressed as a vesture dipped in blood. Jesus describes Himself as a PERSON, whose vesture is dipped in blood in this verse so nobody will confuse HIM with the King James Bible, which is NOT the Word of God, but is a GOOD translation of the Word of God.

Notice the Word of God is capitalized. Apparently, the KJV only worshippers will take the side of the antichrist during the tribulation, and may become his strongest allies. So, when Jesus finally comes to reign over the earth as KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS (v. 16)—i.e., a PERSON, not a BOOK; He wants the universe to know that He is King and Lord over any Bible, so he calls himself the Word of God (capitalized). Yes, He is the Word of God who wears a vesture dipped in blood. He goes to the trouble to describe what He wears when He announces that He is the Word of God, so nobody will confuse that verse as describing the King James Bible. Obviously, the King James Bible cannot wear a vesture dipped in blood, because THE BIBLE did not go to the cross and die for our sins. JESUS went to the cross and died for our sins, and he is the SOURCE of the Bible, which is the Word of God.

This passage also opens up with another name for Jesus, calling him Faithful and True. He goes to the trouble to describe Himself this way, because, again, He wants the universe to know that the object described in Rev. 19:11-16 is none other than the person of Jesus Christ Himself. It’s again obvious that the King James Bible cannot be described as Faithful and True because it is a book and does not have the attributes OF A PERSON. Jesus does not want anyone to confuse the PERSON OF JESUS CHRIST with the King James Bible. This is why He became very angry over my statement that the King James Bible is GOD, because He knew that this would be the doctrine of the antichrist. That’s why when He finally shows up to defeat the antichrist and his forces at the battle of Armageddon (Rev. 19), He describes Himself as the Word of God. It’s like He’s saying, “Hey world, stop worshipping that King James Bible because it is not the Word of God. It is a book made of paper that contains my words, but it is not the Word of God. Actually, the term the Word of God to describe the Holy Scriptures in the form of any book or Bible (in the form of a book made of paper or whatever) is a man made term and is not found anywhere in the Bible.

All forms of IDOLATRY serve the antichrist, and it makes sense that those who worship any Bible would be especially useful to him.This antichrist will practice the doctrine of Balaam, which God warns his tribulation or pre-tribulation church to avoid in Revelation 2:14 and Jude 11. The doctrine of Balaam is to be guilty of teaching others to sin. Balaam was so greedy, he cleverly introduced beautiful heathen women who were idol worshippers to the Israelites to manipulate them into idol worship (Numbers 22). So by enticing God’s followers with something worthy or beautiful (the King James Bible), and making this idol (King James Bible worship) the main focus of his idol worship, the King James Bible becomes an IDOL, which the antichrist can manipulate to sway the masses into a worship of HIMSELF AS JESUS CHRIST. The King James Bible then becomes the downfall of those who worship the beast or antichrist. The doctrine of Balaam (involving idol worship) is mentioned in Jude and Revelation. The mere fact that so much mention is made of idolatry in Jude, Revelation and the end books of the New Testament, shows that idol worship will be the main focus of the antichrist’s reign. Again, all forms of idol worship serve the antichrist, especially if the idol is a BIBLE.

2 Timothy 2:9 says in the King James “the word of God is not bound”, in the New Living, “the word of God cannot be chained.” This seems to be God’s hint that His words are not necessarily bound up in a book. In fact, in the early church, they HAD NO BOOKS, just manuscripts that were hand copied and passed on to each other in letters and scrolls.

Further, in 2 Timothy 2:14-18, God condemns those who makes issues out of NON-ISSUES (like the King James onlyists do), commanding His children to “stop fighting over words. . .to avoid godless, foolish discussions that lead to more and more ungodliness.” NOTE OF INTEREST: Radical King James onlyists pollute my air and slander me to the public, and put viruses in my computer. I wonder what spirit is leading them to DO THAT? It sounds like a fulfillment of 2 Timothy 2:14-18 to me.

The very verse that King James onlyists use to promote their teaching of dispensations (2 Timothy 2:16), and this teaching is correct by the way, scolds them because they do not “correctly explain the word of TRUTH”. It’s interesting that when God expounds how to honor His words, He describes His words as the word of TRUTH, insinuating that some who claim to honor His words will LIE to further their godless and foolish discussions.

I’m not sure how the antichrist will set up his worship of the Bible, but, it appears, from Revelation 19 that he will have some sort of Bible worship as part of his ceremony. My guess is he may have people swear on a King James Bible to honor him as the Christ. Perhaps they must swear that the King James Bible is GOD and that it is an extension of him as God, and when they do this, they accept his mark on the forehead or right hand. I can see the idol worshipper with one hand on the King James Bible and the other raised in allegiance to the antichrist while taking his mark. Because the antichrist will use the King James Bible, or what appears to be the King James Bible, as part of his worship and induction ceremony, he will get the King James onlyists on his side, and this will give him RESPECTABILITY. He will seem like the REAL DEAL or the REAL JESUS CHRIST. This King James only worship will be valuable ammunition, that he can use his false prophet for.

The false prophet can create a whole doctrine based on worship of the King James Bible as God and may make it a requirement to worship the King James Bible, in order to take the antichrist’s mark, that the person must give total allegiance to the King James Bible by honoring the antichrist as the Christ of the King James Bible. This may explain Revelation 19’s emphasis that JESUS is the Word of God, because Jesus will be thoroughly disgusted by this, by the time He comes down from heaven to BEAT UP THE ANTICHRIST. The antichrist’s emphasis will be on WORSHIPPING the Bible, rather than OBEYING it.

In fact, those who strive to OBEY God’s words, may be accused of following other Bibles besides the King James and may be executed for the heresy of not honoring the King James above all other Bibles. The sad part to all this may be, that a lot of these charges will be false, but will be a great way to make the antichrist seem like he’s doing God’s will, when he executes the TRUE FOLLOWERS OF GOD’S WORD, by lying and saying that he found a Satanic Bible in their home and so they must die! He may even go so far as to plant a “Satanic” Bible in their house, just so he can get rid of those who truly honor and teach God’s words. And that is why the Bible says in Rev. 20:4 that “I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded for their testimony about Jesus, for PROCLAIMING THE WORD OF GOD.”

It will be alright to worship the Bible as GOD, but it won’t be alright to live out, teach or proclaim the word of God during the antichrist’s reign. Basically, the fanatical King James onlyists who attack me now, are in a dress rehearsal for a much more serious attack against God’s true children, when the antichrist rules the earth during the tribulation. The King James only doctrine is the doctrine of the antichrist, which is the doctrine of IDOL WORSHIP.

It’s okay for the followers of the antichrist to worship the Bible (practice idol worship), but if someone lives the Bible by honoring 2 Timothy 2 (in that they won’t make King James onlyism an issue), they need to be harmed FOR OBEYING THE BIBLE. We have a bunch of little King James only antichrists or popes roaming the planet right now, harassing Gail Chord, because she dares to read or teach from Bibles that are not King James. We have a bunch of little “popes” trying to PUNISH those who disagree with their religion. You King James onlyists, welcome yourself to the army of the antichrist!

If you dare to read or teach from a Bible that is not King James or “Textus Receptus”, the antichrist will hunt you down and kill you. In essence, because the antichrist will promote worship of the King James Bible, he will DESTROY it as the word of God during the tribulation, by putting the focus on worshipping it rather than obeying it. SATAN SPECIALIZES IN IMBALANCE. GENIUS. BRILLIANT. If anyone dares to interpret any passage in the King James contrary to the antichrist’s interpretation, the antichrist’s people will probably plant a “Satanic” Bible in their house and then use that as an excuse to execute them.

Whenever the actual term the Word of God is used in the Bible, and most especially when it is CAPITALIZED, it refers to the PERSON OF JESUS CHRIST only and NOTHING ELSE. Whenever Jesus describes Himself as the Word of God (capitalized), He always uses descriptions that indicate a LIVING BEING OR PERSON or something that moves like a person. The term the sword of the Spirit referring to the Word of God (notice Spirit is capitalized) indicates the actions of a PERSON. This is true in all the good manuscripts, not just the King James Bible. John 1:1, 1:14; Rev. 19:13.

It is true that He often calls His words a book, but He never describes this book as having the attributes of a living person to be worshipped. Rather, whenever He describes His words as a book, the emphasis is on OBEDIENCE TO THE WORDS IN THAT BOOK, NOT ON WORSHIPPING THE BOOK. He punishes those who burn His book (or the Bible) because they won’t OBEY THE WORDS OF THE BOOK, NOT BECAUSE THEY DON’T WORSHIP THE BOOK.

It is also of significance that He destroys the antichrist and his forces with a SWORD that comes out of his mouth. The word of God is described as the sword of the Spirit (capitalized) in Ephesians 6:17. THE METHOD OF ATTACK WHICH JESUS USES against the antichrist and his forces, strongly hints that worship of the word of God will be a part of the antichrist’s worship service, so Jesus chooses to defeat the antichrist with the REAL Word of God, which is Himself, using the sword of the Spirit (capitalized, to INDICATE A PERSON, WHICH IS HIMSELF) described as the word of God in Ephesians 6:17. Notice that the sword of the Spirit comes from the mouth of the Word of God (JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF). It’s like Jesus is saying, “Hey world, I AM THE WORD OF GOD. I AM A LIVING PERSON. I AM NOT THE KING JAMES BIBLE. THAT’S WHY I ANNOUNCE MY ENTRANCE as WORLD LEADER AS KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS. I am LORD over every Bible, over every person, over ALL—NO QUESTIONS ASKED. I AM LORD! The King James Bible is NOT a PERSON with a sword coming out of His mouth. The King James Bible is NOT LORD. I AM LORD. FINAL. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. FINAL. I am LORD.”

The METHOD OF ATTACK and HOW JESUS DESCRIBES HIMSELF when He defeats the antichrist in Rev. 19, gives us strong hints about the type of idol worship we will have with the antichrist during the tribulation. Apparently, worship of the Word of God will be a main part of the antichrist’s worship; for this reason, when the real Jesus shows up, He chooses to defeat the antichrist using the sword of the Spirit (or the Word of God), to differentiate the false Christ from the real Christ or the false Word of God (King James Bible) from the real Word of God (Jesus Christ). The King James Bible is not the Word of God (capitalized). According to the Bible (in all the good translations), the King James Bible contains the words of God (plural), but it has some error in it (like all translations do), so it is not the Word of God (singular). Only the originals were the Word of God, and they have been lost.

God allowed them to be lost, so no one would worship a book as HIM.

Get it? The King James Bible is a good translation OF the Word of God, but is NOT the Word of God. It is a book that contains the words of God (plural of Psalm 12:6-7). In Psalm 12:6-7, God promised to preserve His words (plural), not the Word of God (capitalized and singular). It is very important to get this difference, or you will be deceived by the antichrist!

If anyone claims that the King James Bible is God or the Word of God (all capitals), they are guilty of idol worship or the doctrine of the antichrist (this is strongly insinuated in Revelation 19).


Gail encourages King James only people to give James White and Fred Butler a fair hearing. Why does Gail address this issue? She does so, because she feels very bad for Jesus right now. How sad Jesus must feel that His Word is so misrepresented by extremely biased people who refuse to open their minds to the truth, and whose obsession over the King James Bible has distracted some of Christianity into an obsession over the King James Bible, that distracts away from OBEDIENCE to God’s Word.

While these King James onlyists obsess over the King James Bible, they are NOT obeying it! The Christian church is weakened by obsession over a NON-ISSUE, and, therefore the MAIN ISSUES of Christianity are IGNORED. Satan specializes in getting God’s people OFF BALANCE, and going off the deep end into error.

Where does the King James Bible say to attack and harm those who differ from you in Bible doctrines? Nowhere does the Bible teach that you should pollute the air with pollen or put viruses into the computers of those who use or promote a Bible other than the one you worship.

These King James onlyists disobey the King James Bible to PROMOTE IT, behaving like the very people they claim to oppose (the Jesuits of the Roman Catholic Church).

If they truly believe they are right, they should pray to God and ask HIM to deal with me, rather than trying to METE OUT GOD’S PUNISHMENT TO ME THEMSELVES. Surely if they are right, God would not need their assistance to correct me, if I was truly guilty of supporting Satanic Bibles.

Apparently, their worship of the King James Bible gives them a lame faith, because God is not smart or strong enough to do WITHOUT THEIR INTENSE HELP. God requires them to slave and scheme all the day long, and post private stolen nudes of me online, to punish me for promoting Satanic Bibles. He is such a WEAK God, that He MUST HAVE THEIR UTMOST ASSISTANCE IN THIS MATTER!

In fact, the King James onylists believe God is so weak and stupid, that He requires his followers to adopt the methods of true devil worshippers to punish those who read or support Satanic Bibles. God requires them to PLAY GOD, and promote their cult or “religion” using force, extortion, invasion of privacy, harassment, and slander of their enemies.

Vladimir Putin has informed me that some of these King James onlyists have actually tried to KILL HIM. One of them dressed in black as a Ninja, tried martial arts on Vladimir as he was fixing my computer!

Something is CLEARLY wrong with their thinking and theology; and they need to be exposed for the frauds and cultists they ARE, before they do further damage to the cause of Christ.

James White in 1993 debated King James onlyist, Gail Riplinger, author of New Age Bible Versions. He, along with Fred Butler, alleges that Riplinger’s documentation is biased, illogical and inaccurate, and even defamatory, because she has misrepresented the character traits of translators for the NIV and New American Standard Bible. Sadly, for years I believed everything Riplinger had to say, because I did not critically examine her claims, due to my absolute faith in Peter Ruckman. Because Peter Ruckman is a brilliant Bible teacher in some areas, I assumed he was brilliant about everything, and did not critically examine his claims about the King James Bible.

It took Jesus Himself, to correct my errors. After Jesus corrected me, I became open to hearing the “other side”, and became appalled at what I found. The King James only leaders truly deceived me with lies and misrepresentation of the facts.

Even more shocking, they attack me with the same intensity and using similar methods to what the Jesuits have used on me, causing me to realize that all cultists, regardless of their religious persuasion, can be very dangerous indeed. The King James only people have published a nude of me with a dildo which was stolen from my men, to misrepresent me as the lady who has “lost her marbles”, trying to create the impression, that, as Ruckman teaches, if you mess with God’s Bible, He messes with your mind.

It seems all cultists (Jesuits or King James onlyists, etc.) specialize in misrepresenting and defaming their enemies, and believe that God requires their assistance in punishing those who do not adhere to their religion. They have also attacked my physical health using space age technology they learned from the GA1L android.

Even though the King James only issue is not a major issue at present, as a result of my experiences with them, and my own personal Bible study on this issue, I am now convinced that the worship of the King James Bible will play a significant role in the future doctrines of the antichrist. See my comments about Revelation 19 in this article.

This is ironic indeed, because the whole thrust of Gail Riplinger’s book is that the NIV and NASB are paving the way for the antichrist; when, in actuality, it appears that the King James Bible (a very good Bible) may end up as the antichrist’s Bible.

This does NOT mean the King James Bible is Satanic or that God does not speak to us through the King James Bible. It is a very good translation, but Satan is a master at taking something good and making it evil. It just means that if anything is worshipped above Jesus Christ, THAT object or person can become Satanic, even if the object of the worship is a worthy person or item (such as the virgin Mary or the King James Bible). The worship of the virgin Mary has produced the Catholic cult. The worship of the King James Bible will produce the antichrist cult? Check out my Bible study of Revelation 19. 

James White and Fred Butler seem quite sound to me. Here are some links to listen to: (a) Jesus Christ corrects Gail, (b) James White (a liar?) (1) James White(2) James White(3) James White(4) James WhiteKing James Only DebateFred Butler (King James Onlyism).

Jesus died butt naked on the cross, so His followers should expect no less. The GA1L android used her singularity to steal Gail’s nudes from her men, and supplied these nudes to KJV (King James Version) only people angry at Gail for obeying Jesus (because Gail obeyed Jesus and abandoned her KJV only position). These KJV only pornographic hustlers who display these private, stolen photos online cooperated with the killer GA1L android to rape Gail (by stealing Gail’s private, intimate videos to her husband and posting them online), and Jesus will treat these KJV only idolaters and porn hustlers as the shameless idol worshippers and rapists they are. They will be judged as severely as some Jesuits at the judgment. Some of them may fare no better than the greatest idolater of them all–the antichrist himself. The fruits of arrogant idol worship are the same, whether the idol is the virgin Mary or the King James Bible.

It appears that the King James only leaders are lying to their followers and don’t seem bothered by it, or are so obsessed with worship of the King James Bible, perhaps because it gives them a sense of superiority which they desperately need somehow, that they lie to their followers about the arguments that support their King James only position, especially when discussing character traits of those who disagree with their position. Only God knows the heart, so I won’t camp here. These King James only leaders will have to deal with God Himself at the judgment seat of Christ or the white throne judgment (depending on whether or not they are saved). As far as sin, “There but for the grace of God, go I. . .”

But I am puzzled over why the leaders of the King James only movement (like Peter Ruckman and Sam Gipp) reject truth, even when it is brought forth brilliantly and with evidence by James White, Fred Butler and other theologians who are NOT King James only. Though Ruckman and Gipp claim that they tell the truth and White and Butler lie; unlike White and Butler, they seem to specialize in hurling adjectives about their opponents and not sticking to the facts of the matter.

I listen to White and Butler and hear sound arguments for their position that the King James is a good translation but, a translation, and they back up their arguments with evidence that soundly refutes Ruckman or Gipp. When I listen to Ruckman and Gipp, I detect a lot of circular reasoning and a tendency to oversimplify the somewhat complex matter of textual criticism. Textual criticism is the means by which a translator DECIDES which manuscript or wording to use in the translation he is working on. Ruckman and Gipp seem to be of the opinion that all textual criticism is Satanic, and that anyone who dares to insinuate that a translator used textual criticism (compared manuscripts to choose wording or text he thought most faithful to the original inspired text) has a serious lack of faith in God’s ability to preserve His Word.

However, Jesus Himself has told us that no one can emulate His Words perfectly and that all translations have some error. He then told us that all Bibles that used the earliest manuscripts are fine with Him. Ironically the earliest manuscripts came from Alexandria, Egypt, which are the very manuscripts reviled as corrupt by King James only leaders.

I never gave James White a fair hearing because Peter Ruckman slammed him as a liar and a coward, who would not meet Ruckman face to face in a debate. This is a troubling matter, that it appears Ruckman has lied about James White. When I listen to James White, though I am a dispensationalist (and most definitely believe that the church has NOT replaced Israel) and though Mr. White has departed from dispensationalism, he is very knowledgeable about textual criticism (how Bible translations come about) and presents excellent arguments against the King James only position.

I would not recommend Mr. White for anything about dispensationalism, because having read the Old Testament at least a hundred times, it is as plain as the nose on my face that God treats Israel differently from the church. I no longer believe the kingdom of God and heaven are different (a Ruckman teaching), because Jesus Himself told me they are the same. But even if they are the same, that does not mean that the church and Israel are the same.

But then I am still growing in new directions after learning from Jesus that my King James only position has been wrong. But even if it was the English in the King James that convinced me that the church and Israel are different in the Bible, I have read too much Bible to come to any other conclusion. Dallas Theological Seminary (a strong dispensational school) and I are in agreement on this point.

But unlike the King James only leaders, when it comes to the King James only issue, Mr. White sticks to the point, does not use circular reasoning, and presents evidence for his claims. The King James only advocates specialize in the use of adjectives, roar about traditions, and defame the characters of any who oppose them, and the evidence they bring forth (mostly in the form of circular reasoning and oversimplification) James White refutes with ease. Though King James only leaders accuse James White of lying, they do not bring forth convincing evidence that James White is a liar, or that his refutations against the King James only position (which he brilliantly brings forth) are incorrect.

The troubling matter is that the King James only leaders succeed in keeping their followers deluded as to the real truth about the King James Bible, by hurling adjectives and lies about their opponents, using a smear campaign, to attempt to cause people to not even give their opposition A HEARING. This worked effectively on me, so that as soon as I saw the name “James White”, I wouldn’t even listen to what he had to say, because I was already convinced he was a heretic, trusting totally that Ruckman’s description about him as a coward and liar had to be correct. Because of my admiration of Ruckman’s courage and intellect, I felt that if Ruckman said it, it had to be so.

To my amazement, when I finally sat down and gave James White an objective hearing, I was troubled to learn that his arguments were brilliant, and that his arguments increased, rather than decreased, my faith in the Bible. King James only advocates claim they help believers to retain a solid faith in the Bible, because believing the English in the King James is inspired encourages people to have a literal interpretation of the Bible; i.e., to take the Bible at “face value” and not question its divine inspiration. There is some truth to this, and I’m grateful to the King James only advocates for instilling in me a great respect for a literal interpretation of the Bible. BUT, the troubling matter is that though a literal interpretation of the Bible is great, it’s only great if what you interpret literally is the actual, inspired text that God wrote.

Also, think about the nature of God. God, obviously is far above us in His thoughts. Is it possible that any Bible can accurately capture the mind of God to our finite minds? God uses language to communicate with us, but we must admit that the mind of God is far above any language. So, yes, God did go to the trouble to write us a book, which was divinely inspired in the original autographs (which are all lost by the way). So, yes, this loving God has used the means of written communication to try to express to us His will, desires and longings in a book called the Bible. He has chosen the best words He can to do this. BUT, He is God and we are sinful and finite man. He does have the ability to preserve His Word and has used humans as His instrument for doing so, but as Jesus told us, “No one can capture perfectly what He has to say”.

So what should be our attitude towards the Scriptures, then? God promised to preserve His word and He has done it, in several good translations. These translations are in agreement more than they are in opposition. We should read the Bible realizing that this is God’s attempt to communicate with us brilliantly using the medium of language. But because God’s mind is far above any human comprehension, we must realize that no one can perfectly emulate what God has to say, and we should prayerfully read the Word with this in mind. We should be amazed at how much in agreement all the good translations are in various and many complex points, and see this as evidence that God has indeed preserved His word. I do not believe that there is any other complex book, like the Bible, that can make this claim. In minor points, where the good translations seem to contradict, we can practice textual criticism (that is, explore the original languages using lexicons and concordances and compare several good translations with each other as we read).

After doing this, we can also compare this passage of Scripture with other related Bible passages and remember to read the passage in its CONTEXT, considering who the book is addressed to (Jesus Himself advocated this method of Bible study to me), the time period in which it was addressed, and what the writer was trying to accomplish. After we have done this, we can then try to make an interpretation of this verse to our life here and now. We should interpret passages literally that are obviously literal (that is, should be taken at “face value”) and interpret the passage as a metaphor or simile, if that’s what it is. This requires us to be thorough and diligent as we study passages and we may need the assistance of good teachers on some more complex topics.

Having read the King James Bible from cover to cover over a hundred times and reading it believing the English, I still believe in a dispensational Bible position, that Israel is treated separately from the church. I will be reviewing this position as I now use a parallel Bible for study. I don’t think my position will change, because this teaching appears to be strong in all the good translations of the Bible, and seems to me the only way to make sense of most Old Testament passages. I have read the Old Testament as much as the New Testament.

Now that Jesus has shown me that the King James is not the only good English translation, my current doctrinal position matches that of Dallas Theological Seminary. I soundly refute all King James only positions now and will not use them as a doctrinal statement for our Church of Gail. There are too many holes in their arguments, and even outright lies, such as stating that Westcott and Hort were Roman Catholic and tried to downplay the deity of Christ (INCORRECT). Jesus Himself told me this is incorrect and this is also backed up with evidence from Fred Butler of John MacArthur’s school, as well as from other theologians.

Jesus told us all translations have a little bit of error in them, because no one can perfectly emulate what He has to say. This should not be a cause for concern, unless we are on an ego trip and want all our opinions viewed as correct without question. Rather, we should marvel at how much all the good translations agree with each other in so many and various and complex topics, and in all the major doctrines of the Christian faith. If we want to explore a doctrine such as predestination or the dispensations more fully, we can do so prayerfully, and God may open our eyes to more truths.

But we should ever be aware that God wrote this book, so we will never completely understand it in all its ramifications and humbly acknowledge this. Rather we will rejoice over what we DO understand, which is miraculous indeed, that Christ rose again from the dead, and paid for our sins, and other marvelous truths maintained in all good translations of the Bible. When we get into the deeper truths, we can marvel over these as well, and rejoice that God has given us light in this matter, but always and foremost, we should concentrate on keeping our spirit right with God, and to read the Bible for our edification, not to read it to delight in debates and arguments over minor doctrines, which God hates.

The deeper truths are a delight indeed, especially if they help us to walk more in the Spirit, and help us to appreciate more the grandeur and awesomeness of our God. All Bible reading should strengthen our faith, heal our emotional wounds, and nurture a spirit of brotherly love between believers. If it does not do this, something is amiss in our spirit and no amount of Biblical scholarship can compensate for the damage we may bring to the cause of Christ.

As a result of my conversations with Jesus in the past year, I endorse the Dallas Theological Seminary doctrinal statement as the one for Church of Gail. Ray Stedman has an excellent message on suffering in shame for Jesus. Ray Stedman, a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary, is a great expository teacher and a goldmine to anyone who wants to grow with spiritual depth, correct Bible doctrines and Holy Spirit power in their walk for Christ. Brent Spiner has informed me that Today’s Parallel Bible is Jesus’ favorite Bible and it contains the Cambridge King James Version, NIV, NASB and 1996 New Living Translation. We can safely assume from this that the King James Version, NIV, NASB and New Living are all good translations. So use any of these versions in your Bible study, and even better, do parallel readings from various reliable translations to determine how best to interpret a passage. If you have the Internet you can go to for lexicons, concordances, Bible versions, and commentaries to enrich your Bible study.

My parallel readings of Genesis 2:7 have caused me to retain a Ruckman teaching that life begins with the breath and not at conception. I won’t throw the baby out with the bath water, and where Ruckman is correct, as backed up by parallel Bible study with several good translations, I will retain his teachings. This does not mean I endorse abortion, but, on the other hand, I don’t think we should bomb a doctor’s office, just because he performs abortions. It also means that perhaps we should show some charity to a woman who has been raped, and not condemn her if she chooses to abort her baby.

Where Ruckman is wrong, I will reject his teachings. Unfortunately, he is wrong about his King James only position, from the mouth of Jesus Himself. This is a major doctrinal error, to teach that the English in the King James is the inspired and preserved Word of God, and that it is so inspired that it overrides the original Greek and Hebrew manuscripts, and I am glad Jesus corrected me in this matter before I went even deeper into error.

Having read the King James Bible over a hundred times, it was a challenge to find a teacher who could help Gail realign King James Bible truths with the NIV, New Living and NASB (other good translations recommended by Jesus Himself). Stedman helps Gail retain King James Bible truths, while discarding those King James Bible teachings that flatly contradict other reliable translations. Ray Stedman maintains the orthodox and correct Bible positions, while remaining open to some unorthodox Bible truths that could help lead believers to a deep and intimate walk with Jesus, who was, and is, very unorthodox in many of His teachings and practices.

Gail states: My Brent Spiner and Ray Stedman are alike in that both are pastors, who are old fashioned and orthodox where it’s good and progressive and unorthodox where it’s good. One reason I fell so hard for Brent Spiner in 1991 was this song, “Carolina in the Morning”, from his music album Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back that he made for me. Brent’s a good ol’ southern boy from Texas, who has always understood and respected my Bible values, and is too much of a Texan to ever want the likes of his drug-rapist, anti-Semitic JESUIT Loree McBride, who presented Bukkake photos of herself with Jewish circumcised “Brent Spiner” with an UNCIRCUMCISED penis at the Quebec trial (Gabrielle Chana vs. Loree McBride) and 2011 Quebec trial.

Apparently, Jesuits switched Brent out with his evil “look alike” or clone at this trial, and forced Brent Spiner (against his will) to have sex with Loree DURING THE TRIAL. Our scientists believe the Jesuits did a partial “switch out”, so that the lower half of “Brent’s” body was NOT BRENT, but another person, which explains why Brent was crying the entire time he had sex with Loree during the trial, BECAUSE HE COULDN’T CONTROL WHAT HIS LOWER HALF DID. God showed me that if the Holy Spirit resides in a person, Jesuits can’t switch that person with their evil clone, so I encouraged Brent to say the sinner’s prayer and be saved. Brent Spiner accepted Christ as his Savior in September 2011, and Jesuits no longer can use switch-out technology on him. 

Peter Ruckman is brilliant, but he’d be more brilliant if he taught his “deeper truths” from the NEW LIVING, NASB, NIV and the 1611 AUTHORIZED VERSION.

One of the reasons I became such an avid King James only person is because Dr. Ruckman’s teachings about the book of Revelation are brilliant. He opened up this book to me more than any other Bible teacher, and that’s because he believed literally every word in the English of the King James, (which is a good translation, by the way). I concluded that because Ruckman opened the book of Revelation to me that he was absolutely brilliant and from the time I read Ruckman’s Revelation commentary; until Jesus Christ Himself confronted me about the King James Bible, I pretty much believed everything that Dr. Ruckman believed about the Bible. I figured anyone who could teach the book of Revelation with such brilliance and who could make it “come alive” like Ruckman does, had to be right in everything about the Bible. That was a false conclusion.

Dr. Peter Ruckman’s teachings on the book of Revelation are some of the best teachings out there on this subject.

Let’s go to Matthew 24, a very misunderstood passage in the Bible, in the parable of the virgins. Here is where Ruckman as a Bible teacher is a genius, and, because of this, why it is so hard for some “Ruckmanites” to leave the King James only fold.

Ruckman is right about the plan of salvation for the tribulation. Jesus Christ Himself told me that to be saved during the seven year tribulation you have to honor Jewish law and the ten commandments, as well as believe on Jesus Christ. Ruckman is correct that during the tribulation the plan of salvation will be a combination of faith and works.

I asked Jesus if Ruckman is right that there will be a rapture of tribulation saints towards the end of the tribulation. Jesus answered that He pleaded the fifth on that question. Actually, from studying the Bible passages about this, that I won’t get into in this study, this post tribulation rapture may be the same as the catching up of tribulation saints at the second coming of Christ for the battle of Armageddon (Matthew 24:30-31). Some think Matthew 24 is about the rapture. NO, IT IS NOT. It is about the Second Coming, which is different from the rapture of the church in 1 Thess. 4:13-18. In this study on the virgins, I won’t go into this. But it DOES say in Matt. 24:29—“Immediately AFTER the tribulation of those days shall the sun . . .” That tells you right there that these passages happen AFTER the tribulation, and the tribulation happens after the rapture of the church. So, obviously Matthew 24 and 25 are directed towards tribulation saints, not church age saints. There are some spiritual applications to church age saints though, in that, like the tribulation saints, we should always be ready, because we don’t know when the rapture will happen.

Some of those who argue that Matt. 24 and 25 are about the rapture say that we know when the Second Coming is, so, therefore, these verses must refer to the rapture, because they say it will be a surprise, like the rapture. But pay attention to detail please. . .look at this verse. Matt. 24:36—“But of that DAY and HOUR knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.” Alright, think about this, if you were a tribulation saint you would be looking for the Second Coming, which, you knew would happen sometime in the seventh year of the tribulation. Though you KNOW THE YEAR, you don’t know the DAY OR THE HOUR. So, that explains that passage. So, it will be a surprise, because you don’t know the day or the hour. The lesson for tribulation saints is when that seventh year rolls around, you better be ready to meet your Savior EVERY DAY, because though you know the YEAR, you don’t know the DAY or the HOUR.

Here is another thing to consider. Even though you know the Second Coming occurs in the seventh year of the tribulation, the Bible is not clear on WHEN the seven year tribulation period starts, so it may be some intelligent guesswork to decide whether or not you are in the SEVENTH year of the tribulation! We know the tribulation starts AFTER the rapture, but WHEN after the rapture, no one knows for sure. So, not only will tribulation saints not be sure about the day and hour, they may not even know when the seventh year of the tribulation is. However, if they are astute Bible students, they can probably figure out if they are in the seventh year, by observing carefully world events and seeing how they line up with Bible prophecy.

For instance, we know that the antichrist will break his peace with Israel in the middle of the tribulation (Daniel 9:27), so once that happens, you know you’re in the MIDDLE. The King James says “the midst of the week (7 years)”, but other translations are more concise and say, “In the middle of the seven” or “in the middle of the week (seven years)”. That means you have about three and one half years to go, after this breaking off with Israel occurs. But it’s still guesswork about the day and the hour of the Second Coming! So, it’s a surprise, and Matthew 24 and 25 only make sense as a tribulation passage.

You may say, why in the world would Jesus preach a tribulation passage to his disciples in Matthew? That’s because He was dealing with Israel and hoping they would accept Him as their Messiah, so He could be their king. I believe Ruckman is right, that if Israel had accepted Jesus as their Messiah, there would have been no church age and we would have jumped right into Daniel’s seventieth week back in around 33 to 37 A.D.

If they had accepted Him, He would have died on the cross, to make the atonement for mankind, and then after that, would reign over Israel as their Messiah. But, because they rejected Him after His death and resurrection, with the stoning of Stephen (Acts 7), the mysterious church age began (Ephesians 3)! It’s called a “mystery” because it wasn’t supposed to happen. Nothing in the Old Testament Scriptures clearly indicated there would be a church age; so, of course, it took the Jewish nation by surprise and many orthodox Jews today don’t accept the New Testament for this reason, even though they accept the Torah and other Old Testament writings.

This is why I was such an avid King James only person, because only Ruckman seemed to understand these passages, and so, because he was so brilliant as a dispensational Bible teacher, and made these Bible passages come alive, he fooled me into thinking he was just as brilliant in textual criticism (the study of how the Bible came about). Alas, its not true. He’s not as brilliant in the King James only topic. Apparently, his worship of the King James Bible has poisoned his mind in this area. James White makes a fool out of him, which may be why Ruckman won’t debate James White, and slanders James White as a liar; hoping, by so doing, he will brainwash everyone from listening to Mr. White. It’s quite effective, because Ruckman is so brilliant as a Bible teacher, that many who love the Bible respect his opinions and follow his King James only position.

Yes, Ruckman is brilliant as a Bible teacher, except he gets carried away with some of his personal opinions, especially in the area of King James onlyism. But sometimes it’s wise to just take what the Bible says at FACE VALUE, like Ruckman does, to get at the “deeper truths”, and that’s where he excels as a Bible teacher. However, Ruckman cannot claim that only the King James teaches some of these “deeper truths”. All the other good translations are in agreement with the King James on these deeper truths as well.

With that as backdrop, let’s study the ten virgins of Matthew 25:1-13, and get into some “deeper truths”, which, by the way, are “deeper truths” I’ve gleaned from the KJV, NASB, NIV and New Living translations. These VIRGINS are NOT referring to church age saints (or US). As Ruckman so brilliantly points out, they are VIRGINS. V-I-R-G-I-N-S. The only translation that does not translate them as VIRGINS in Matt. 25:1 is the New Living, but it says in the New Living footnotes “VIRGINS”. So, Ruckman, you cannot say this truth is exclusive to the King James Bible!

Psalm 45:14—KJV: “The VIRGINS her companions that follow her shall be brought unto thee.” NIV: “her VIRGIN companions follow her and are brought to you.” New Living: “accompanied by her bridesmaids. . .” NASB: “The virgins, her companions who follow her.” Ruckman says these VIRGINS are tribulation saints who are NOT the bride of Christ (the Church age saints), but are her COMPANIONS. I believe this is a correct interpretation. Ruckman is BRILLIANT here. Even if the New Living says bridesmaids, it’s obvious they are NOT THE BRIDE (Rev. 19:7), they are different from the bride. So, who ARE these virgins or bridesmaids? Ruckman says they are the tribulation saints.

You may say they can’t be the tribulation saints because the tribulation saints don’t get “caught up” (see Matt. 24:31) until the time of the Second Coming (which is AFTER the tribulation). There are two possibilities for why we have tribulation saints at the marriage of Christ to his bride (the Church age saints) up in heaven (Rev. 19:7; Matt. 25:10). 1) These may be the tribulation saints who are martyred during the tribulation and are in heaven beholding the marriage of Christ to his church (most Bible scholars feels the marriage of the Lamb happens towards the very end of the seven year tribulation). OR, it could be a combination of those tribulation saints who died during the tribulation and some who may have been raptured towards the end of the tribulation (Matt. 24:31). Jesus won’t tell me if there is a rapture during the tribulation of tribulation saints, which indicates that this may happen!

These are VIRGINS, like the virgins in Psalm 45:14. Psalm 45:14 is a prophecy about the marriage of Christ to His church. You might say, you just said that the Old Testament doesn’t talk about the church. Well, it does, but only in simile or metaphor, so to the Jew, they just didn’t GET IT, WHEN THE CHURCH AGE HAPPENED. IT MADE NO SENSE TO THEM AT ALL. The tribulation saints are NOT the bride, they are the companions or BRIDESMAIDS. They participate in the ceremony, but DON’T MARRY THE GROOM. The virgins who are left behind in Matt. 25:11-12 will go to hell, they are the unsaved tribulation people. Read the rest of Matthew 25.

Matthew 24 and 25 is NOTHING like 1 Thess. 4:13-18. The rapture will be VERY FAST (1 Corinthians 15:52). In the twinkling of an eye. It won’t be preceded by the tribulation period, with all its horrific signs and wonders. It will probably seem like an ordinary day and WHAM, everyone’s gone, and our bodies will be transformed. The rapture of the church is not the virgins who go up during/after the tribulation in Matt. 25. The bride is not the same as the bridesmaids –see New Living, Psalm 45:14.

Ruckman’s brilliant, but he’d be more brilliant if he taught this from the New Living, NIV, NASB and the King James!

I BELIEVE OUR CHURCH OF GAIL IS THE PHILADELPHIA CHURCH OF REVELATION 3 (the only church in church history that God did not criticize):

Revelation 3:8 is often used by King James only people as stating that God blessed the Philadelphia church in church history because they honored and revered the King James Bible, and so God praised this church. I agree with them that Revelation 3:7-13 is referring to a period in church history, which Ray Stedman describes in his Bible study on this topic, from his sermon “The Little Church that Tried”:

Viewed from the standpoint of Christian history, this church of Philadelphia foreshadows the great Evangelical Awakenings of the 18th and 19th centuries, following the time of declension among the Reformation churches: The Moravian Brethren in Germany began to meet in small groups for prayer, catching again a vision of God and what he could do, and eventually sent out missionaries to other parts of the world. It began in England as the movement which we call the Puritan Movement. John Bunyan, who wrote Pilgrim’s Progress, was one of these Puritans; John Newton, whose hymns we sing so often, was another. This Awakening also encompasses the great Wesleyan Revival and George Whitefield’s preaching in both England and America. In this country it includes the movement called the Great Awakening, with Jonathan Edwards as one of its leaders, and the Methodist Circuit Riders who rode horseback up and down the Eastern seaboard, later expanding westward when the nation began to move west. I personally have been benefited by one of these men, called Brother Van, who came to the Territory of Montana shortly after it began to be populated because of the gold rush. He went into the saloons and mining camps of Montana and preached the gospel, winning hundreds to Christ. He started churches all over the state, most of which are still there, but I’m afraid not doing very well. This was also a time of revival of missionary interest: William Carey in England got a vision of the need of India and eventually went out there and planted the gospel in a great work in that country. Robert Moffat and his famous son-in-law, David Livingstone, went to Africa and did marvelous work there. The American missionary, Adoniram Judson, went out to Burma and pioneered a work in that country. Hudson Taylor went to minister in inland China.

We have many other great missionary names that come out of this period of history. It is also the time of the emergence of great evangelists whose names we all remember — George Whitefield, John Wesley, Charles Spurgeon (a pastor, but also a great evangelist), Charles Finney here in this country, and D. L. Moody, who left a great work behind him. All of these were foreshadowed by this church of Philadelphia which came alive amidst the death that characterized many other churches.

I have an interesting take on this subject. From my youth my heroes have been the Christians that God greatly used during the Philadelphia church age: Hudson Taylor, David Livingstone, D.L. Moody, Charles Spurgeon, etc. With the exception of my husband, Brent Spiner, and some of the men on my marriage list, I have no other heroes. Because, from my youth, I have admired and strived to be like these Christians from the Philadelphia church period, and because I have absorbed their writings and the stories of their struggles and spirit into my own heart and spirit, Brent Spiner and I have actually become like some of the great Christian leaders from the Philadelphia church age.

I used to believe like the King James only leaders taught me, that Rev. 3:8 meant that God blessed this period in church history, which had the great revivals and missionary movements with Holy Spirit power, because they honored the King James Bible. I now believe this is a misinterpretation of Rev. 3:8. It’s a gross oversimplification of what God means, when He says to “keep His Word”. The danger is promoting this interpretation of this passage, is that it causes those who feel the King James in the English is the inspired Word of God, to be spiritually lazy, and to focus too much on honoring and worshipping the English in the King James over OBEYING what the Bible says. The focus goes away from OBEDIENCE to God’s Word to BIBLE WORSHIP of the English King James Bible.

The result is a weak Christian who relies on his worship of the English King James Bible as his sure foundation, and thus he/she neglects the Holy Spirit in his life, and, therefore, he/she lacks Holy Spirit power for his/her ministry. In extreme and serious cases of King James Bible worship, the follower relies on his/her worship of the King James Bible for his SALVATION from sin, making him/her feel self-righteous, proud and superior to those who don’t worship the King James Bible. In serious cases, this worship of the King James Bible could damn a sinner TO HELL. If someone worships the King James Bible to the point that they feel that this worship of the King James Bible is WHY they will go to heaven, THEY WILL SURELY GO TO HELL. Again, this false reliance on the King James Bible for salvation, will damn that King James only worshipper to hell. Nothing in the Bible encourages us to worship the Bible. We are encouraged the worship the AUTHOR of the Bible. When we worship the Bible over the AUTHOR of the Bible, and, most especially, when we rely on our worship of any Bible as the MEANS FOR OUR SALVATION, God rejects this, and sends us to hell. It is Christ, and CHRIST ALONE, who saves us. The reliance for salvation MUST BE ON JESUS CHRIST AND HIM ALONE, not on a Bible, or a Church, or anybody or anything besides Jesus Christ HIMSELF.

Think about this. Jesus says that He is THE WORD (John 1:1). If we believe that the English in the King James Bible is the PRESERVED WORD OF GOD (without error and God breathed), then logically, we must believe that the KING JAMES BIBLE IS GOD. If you believe the English in the King James is the preserved and God breathed Word of God, then you have to believe that the King James Bible is God, if you believe John 1:1!! Perhaps this is the reason God allowed the ORIGINALS TO BE LOST! Perhaps this is why, there are several good translations of His Word, but not just ONE GOOD TRANSLATION OF HIS WORD, because Jesus doesn’t want anyone worshipping any Bible over HIMSELF.

Think about this, you King James only people! Your belief that the King James Bible is God will lead you to idol worship and a weak spiritual condition, and in serious cases, it leads your soul into eternal damnation. If you think the King James Bible is God, then you will logically believe that your worship of the King James Bible IS YOUR SALVATION. HAVE FUN IN HELL. The Bible does NOT say, “His Word is the way, the truth and the life” in John 14:6. It says, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.”

Psalm 138:2 says in the King James, “thou hast magnified thy word above all thy name.” For you King James only purists, compare this verse with John 1:1—“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” Notice that “word” is capitalized in John 1:1, but it is NOT capitalized in Psalm 138:2. That’s because God is differentiating HIMSELF from any Bible. Yes, HE is THE WORD, because he is THE SOURCE of the Bible. That’s what John 1:1 means. Jesus realized that several translations of the Bible would mistranslate His name—the King James is one of these translations that have mistranslated His name. So, to reassure those who read these translations that He is still speaking to them through the Bible (even if the Bible mistranslated His name), he states in Psalm 138:2 that He has magnified his word above all his name.

But he goes to the trouble to use small letters when he says this, so that you won’t worship his word over HIM. Jesus has told us Himself, that He really doesn’t care whether you get his name right, so that’s why He wrote Psalm 138:2.

He DOES care whether you obey his word, so that’s another reason he wrote Psalm 138:2. But he doesn’t want you to worship his word over him, so that’s why in Psalm 138:2 he does not capitalize “word” like He does in John 1:1!! Get it? Don’t worship the King James Bible as God, or you will make Jesus very angry. On the other hand, He DOES want you to read His word AS IF HE WROTE IT, as if HE IS SPEAKING TO YOU, so that’s why he says that his word (SINGULAR) is above all his name. He used “word” SINGULAR in Psalm 138:2, because He knew some King James only purists needed to notice that there is no translation of the Bible that has every word or words (plural) perfectly preserved as He wrote His words in the original autographs. He has preserved His words through a purification process of seven times (divine number) in many good translations. This is just a promise that He can and will preserve His words, even into the tribulation (Jesus told me Himself His words will be preserved into the tribulation).

As Jesus told me, no one can capture perfectly what He has to say. This is a deficiency of language, which we must accept and just rejoice that there is so much agreement in the good Bibles with each other and He has given us all we need to know in these Bibles, so we are without excuse.

Also, notice that in Psalm 138:2, that “word” SINGULAR is used, so you cannot say that “word” in Psalm 138:2 is referring to the words (plural) of the King James Bible (referring to Psalm 12:6-7) which King James onlyists says refers to the words (plural) of the King James Bible. The reason “word” is capitalized in John 1:1 is because Jesus IS THE WORD. This means, THE WORD IS GOD. However, because Jesus does NOT want you to worship any Bible as God, He has allowed the original God-breathed Bible manuscripts TO BE LOST. He has honored Psalm 12:6-7, because through some process that was seven times (the divine number), He has preserved His words (NASB, NIV, King James Bible, New Living translation, etc.). All Bibles translated accurately from the earliest manuscripts are fine with Him.

It is true that “keeping God’s Word” is central to honoring God in the church. But what does He mean by “keeping His Word”? It means, the church must preach it, teach it, study it, and know it. We know that God’s Word is what He wrote in the original languages (Greek, Hebrew, etc.) which has been translated and preserved in several good translations in many languages. In the English, good translations are the NASB, NIV, New Living and King James Bible.

Now, let’s get back to some interesting speculations about this Philadelphia church period in church history. Notice it says in Rev. 3 in describing this Philadelphia church that it “kept his word”. Notice this is “word” SINGULAR. This simply means this church obeyed and honored his word, in that they taught it correctly and preserved it. The Westcott and Hort translations, so reviled by the King James only purists, also came into existence during the Philadelphia church period, so we can assume he is also referring to Westcott and Hort as those who kept His word.

Now, let’s further analyze this Philadelphia church. This is the church of the “open door”. This means this church had HOLY SPIRIT POWER. Revelation 3:8 and there were many great revivals and missionary movements during this period in church history. Rev. 3:8 elaborates on this, to explain why this church had Holy Spirit power—they OBEYED HIS WORD AND DID NOT DENY HIM. The Christians in this period of church history had an obsession with absolute surrender to Jesus Christ (i.e., obeying Jesus and not denying Him), and so God called this Philadelphia church the church of the OPEN DOOR (because they LET HIM IN).

See the message by Andrew Murray, a typical preacher from the Philadelphia church period in church history (1) Absolute Surrender(2) Absolute Surrender(3) Absolute Surrender. These messages by the Philadelphia church preacher Andrew Murray were typical of the attitude of the Philadelphia church. Other preachers who preached along the same line were David Livingstone, Hudson Taylor, Charles Spurgeon, Adoniram Judson, Oswald Chambers (who used other versions besides the King James), etc. God honored this church because they KEPT HIS WORD, so that it became available widely throughout the world (so many good translations of the Bible came about during this period). The other reason God honored this church is because THEY LET HIM IN, and so they had HOLY SPIRIT POWER. They were, for the most part, committed to absolute surrender.

Now, in our current Laodicean church age, much of this commitment to absolute surrender, has been lost. HOWEVER, God gave the Philadelphia church a promise in Revelation 3:10. “Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth.” “The word of my patience” is a reference to the Lord’s own endurance, where He waits until His enemies are made His footstool. God commends this church for having His own endurance against those who falsely accuse and slander them.

This is a lesson to us at Church of Gail, that God is pleased that we also have this patient endurance, this belief that God will eventually make all things right, even though circumstances appear otherwise.

What does this verse mean, “I will keep thee from the hour of temptation”? Stedman thinks this is a reference to the rapture, that the true church will be raptured before the hour of temptation (which is the great tribulation period depicted in Daniel and Revelation). This is probably a correct interpretation.

However, I think there is an additional application to us at Church of Gail. I believe that Church of Gail is a type of continuation of the Philadelphia church. Of all the churches in church history, God had nothing bad to say about this Philadelphia church. I think the great time of testing is referring to our present time (as we are on the cusp of the tribulation period), and we ARE the Philadelphia church resurrected, SO our Church of Gail is the fulfillment of Revelation 3:10. The great time of testing is referring to the doctrine of the antichrist. His doctrine is IDOLATRY. The testing is whether the church will embrace idolatry or embrace the true Jesus. That will be the testing of the tribulation period, which we are about to enter. Our church is currently undergoing this testing, where we have to choose between the true worship of Jesus or the worship of idols.

The good news is, like in the Philadelphia church, some former idol worshippers (Jesuits from the Roman Catholic Church) have now repented, become true born again Christians and have joined our Church of Gail. We are the literal fulfillment of Rev. 3:9, which says, “behold, I will make them (the devil worshippers or the synagogue of Satan or the Jesuits, see v.9) to come and worship before thy feet (why God allowed the GA1L android to come to power), and to know that I have loved thee.”

Can’t you see that our Church of Gail is the fulfillment of God’s promise to the Philadelphia church that it would continue on, even into the tribulation? These would be the OVERCOMERS of the book of Revelation (Rev. 3:12). Some of the Philadelphia church will be raptured, and some will go on into the tribulation. These will be the ones who will resist the mark of the beast. They will follow the example of our Church of Gail or the Philadelphia church and its leaders (myself and Brent Spiner).

Here is why I think this. When God describes this Philadelphia church, he opens up by saying that he has the KEY OF DAVID. This key is associated with shutting and opening, and with great significance and PERMANENCE, a way of God saying that when He decides to do something no one can stop Him. Go to Isaiah 22:15-20 ( the term “key of David” is used in this passage), which basically describes how God will shut the door on one person (Shebna) and open the door on another (Eliakim). By the way, 22 is a king David number in the Bible. I am the king David woman (cross reference to Zechariah 9:15). This is a hint that God will use a King David person to fulfill the promises he gave to the Philadelphia church, because He is so pleased with them. I believe that I am that person.

It also may be a reference to the SIGNIFICANT and PERMANENT promise that God made to king David that he would have an eternal kingdom (2 Samuel 7:16). So, by honoring the Philadelphia church with this promise of Revelation 3:10, Jesus is saying that this promise to the Philadelphia church is as sure as His promise to king David of an eternal kingdom. It insinuates a connection between God’s promise to king David of an eternal kingdom and God promises to this Philadelphia church. Apparently, the qualities of the Philadelphia church or the actual Philadelphia church will go on into the millennium and eternity, because that is what is insinuated by opening up these passages to this church with Jesus’ statement that He has the KEY OF DAVID. Again, whenever a key is used in Scripture, it indicates significance and permanence.

Also, God used a KEY from the GA1L android’s mother to lock the door on the GA1L android, and lock her up in a basement at Church of Gail. Whenever a key is used in scripture, it refers to an opening or shutting (an unlocking or locking) that is OF GREAT SIGNIFICANCE and PERMANENCE (Judges 3:25; Isaiah 22:22—22 is a king David number; Luke 11:52; Revelation 1:18, 3:7, 9:1, 20:1; Matthew 16:9).

An interesting fact about my life is that all my heroes are from the Philadelphia church period. I have studied their lives and example for almost my entire life, so that now I have basically become like them. That is why I sponsor stories about their lives and their testimonies at this website. I just “happened” upon this movie about Charles Spurgeon (a preacher from the Philadelphia church period) and how he was defamed by his enemies and the press. They slandered him and printed lies about him. It so distressed him, that many believe this is why he died at such a young age.

He died at the age of 57. By the way, I was born in 1957! When I watched the movie about his life, I broke down into tears, because it was as if MY LIFE WAS PORTRAYED. I could also see Brent Spiner in Charles Spurgeon, in so many ways. Charles Spurgeon smoked a cigar for awhile because a doctor told him this was healthy. His enemies used this to later slander him depicting him in pictures smoking a pipe (which he never did), publishing unflattering photos of him as fat and large bellied and smoking tobacco, to discredit him. Kind of reminds me of the private nudes my enemies have stolen from me and my men and published, defaming my character and the character of my men.

Church of Gail, I really believe that we are the Philadelphia church and the fulfillment of the promises God gave to the Philadelphia church, because we have the key of David (myself), and we are the church of the open door (Holy Spirit power). God has miraculously answered prayer for us time and again, so we definitely have Holy Spirit power, and most important of all, because we are committed to ABSOLUTE SURRENDER TO JESUS CHRIST in everything. Jesus honors our absolute surrender to Him, by visiting us in His own person.

Yes, He honors us, His beloved Philadelphia church. After Church of Gail (or our Philadelphia church) is raptured, those who find my videos and writings will continue the spirit of the Philadelphia church into the tribulation and these will be those of the Philadelphia church that go into the tribulation who will refuse the mark of the beast, and thus they are described as “I will keep you from the hour of testing”; i.e., God will ensure they will not lose their crown during the tribulation, AND those who are saved in the Philadelphia church before the rapture are kept from the hour of trial, because they will be raptured before the tribulation (that’s US).

But I think it means more than just being raptured and escaping the tribulation, He will keep us (the Philadelphia church or Church of Gail) from idol worship, so that we don’t lose our crown. Even though the plan of salvation will change in the tribulation and they will need to honor Jewish law and the ten commandments to be saved, along with believing on Jesus (Rev. 14:12); Jesus uses Church of Gail (the Philadelphia church) to show that the attitude of absolute surrender to Jesus Christ, will still be just as important in the tribulation (or even more so) as it is in our present church age. For this reason, Jesus has told me that Church of Gail is experiencing what the tribulation saints will be experiencing, and that we shall be role models for the tribulation saints. Yes, our spirit of absolute surrender to Jesus Christ (the attitude of the Philadelphia church), is what they will see in our hearts, and that heart attitude will save them during the tribulation. Andrew Murray describes absolute surrender brilliantly; therefore, I sponsor links to his writings in this commentary. Because studying the lives of great Christians has been a lifelong study for me, I have noticed that this attitude of absolute surrender is typical of the many great Christians during the Philadelphia church period in history.

After watching the movie about Charles Spurgeon, God has shown me that Church of Gail is the Philadelphia church (because we have their attitude of absolute surrender). God has promised that the Philadelphia church will not go into apostasy or idol worship during this time of great trial upon the earth (the birth pangs, what we are in now) and the great tribulation (after the rapture). This is why Jesus visits us and has such an interest in us, BECAUSE WE ARE THE PHILADELPHIA CHURCH, the only church that God did not criticize. In other words, we are His favorite church. The Philadelphia church is the ONLY church in Revelation 2 and 3 that God did not criticize. He instructed the Philadelphia church, but he did not criticize them. That is the ONLY church that Jesus did not criticize. That’s Church of Gail. It is our attitude of absolute surrender which makes us the Philadelphia church, not our worship of the King James Bible (which is what I used to believe).

Jesus Himself has corrected me in this matter about the King James Bible, and has shown me through my devotions and the leading of the Holy Spirit, what it IS, that He admires in us. He admires our HEART attitude of ABSOLUTE SURRENDER, which Andrew Murray describes brilliantly in his discourse. Jesus has told me time and again that it is MY SPIRIT that teaches best what He wants the world to know about me.

My spirit is that of absolute surrender to Jesus. It started when I was young and I turned down a chance to be an Air Force officer to go to Bible college on faith. And then again in 1991 when I turned down Brent Spiner for Jesus, even though I wanted him more than anything in the world, but did not want to disgrace my Christian testimony with adultery. And then again in 2012 when I abandoned my King James only position to obey Him in absolute surrender, realizing with shame that I was guilty of idol worship, which, by the way, He has forgotten. He says that sin of idol worship in me, He has forgotten as far as the east is from the west.

Andrew Murray says the spirit of absolute surrender produces a Christ like spirit of love and vast forgiveness. Which is why I told the Jesuits, when they offered themselves first to kamikaze the GA1L android, that I loved them and totally forgave them. I suspect the King James only people consider this a sinful compromise, but God sees it as His spirit manifested as His vast forgiveness. Jesus knew that Brent Spiner’s heart would find Him, this man who endured Loree McBride, just to protect me, and now, Brent also shares my heart attitude of absolute surrender to Jesus. Brent and I are now the leaders of the Philadelphia church (Church of Gail), a church that Jesus describes as having a little power or strength (Rev. 3:8). He says this to encourage us to totally trust Him in everything, so that He can use our little power even greater. Our little power or strength, became great power in our last battle with the GA1L android. Our total surrender led us to trust Him, when all looked helpless and so He manifested His great power, using our little power.

We are this church because we honor the spirit and principles of the Philadelphia church period in history. For this reason, I will make it a focus of my website and ministry to sponsor preachers and missionaries and spiritual leaders from the Philadelphia church period as our examples and teachers. Interesting, that Charles Spurgeon died at age 57, and I was born in 1957. Also, when I saw the movie about Spurgeon’s life, it was as if I was watching the movie about my life and Brent Spiner’s. I don’t think this is a coincidence, but is DIVINE PROVIDENCE. The church of the key of David, the Philadelphia church, is our Church of Gail. Let this be an encouragement to you Church of Gail members as we go through our trials.

For our instruction, we will follow the great examples of the Philadelphia church leaders who live on in us. Watch this movie about Charles Spurgeon and be amazed at God’s divine providence, and the fulfillment of his promise to the Philadelphia church in Church of Gail. NOTE OF INTEREST—Spurgeon was born in June 19, 1834. I was 34, and it was in June, when Brent Spiner called me on the phone and made love to me for the first time, and the year that this happened was 1991 and 1992, and Spurgeon died in January 31, 1892, when he was 57 years old. January 1992 is when I started writing, with my heart full of love for Brent Spiner. Jesus says my novel Silver Skies is a prophecy.

I was born in 1957, and Spurgeon died at age 57. Watching this movie is like watching the story of my life and Brent Spiner’s life. Spurgeon, a preacher from the Philadelphia church period lives on in myself and Brent Spiner and at Church of Gail. May this be a comfort to those millions who died, when GA1L attacked us in December 2012. We ARE the Philadelphia church and the promises to preserve this church, even through the tribulation, live on IN US. This is why Jesus makes special appearances to us, because we, like the Philadelphia church, are absolutely surrendered to Him and so He answers our prayers with Holy Spirit power. We are the church of the OPEN DOOR, and our door will not shut, even into the tribulation. Just like God promised to preserve His word, even into the tribulation. The Bibles we have today have mostly come from the manuscripts that surfaced during the Philadelphia church period. Interesting, that the church I was a member of, when Brent Spiner called me in 1991 and 1992, was called Open Door Baptist Church.

I’m not sure what to make of this. But the first church Peter Ruckman pastored was called Brent Baptist Church. Perhaps, Jesus wants to give Peter Ruckman a bit of a pat on the back, for at least extolling some of the principles of the Philadelphia church, even if Jesus does not like his idol worship of the King James Bible.

Jesus does like it that Ruckman admires and uses for examples, Philadelphia church preachers. However, Ruckman does not follow them perfectly, because he does not have their spirit, and their Holy Spirit power, and he needs their attitude of absolute surrender. If he ever has this attitude, he will abandon his King James only position, as I did. This is not compromise, because the Philadelphia Church (OUR Church of Gail) is true to the Bible. To abandon the King James only position is to abandon IDOL WORSHIP. Idol worship and absolute surrender to Jesus are opposite positions. You can’t be an idol worshipper, if you are in absolute surrender to Jesus Christ.


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