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Right now there is a big DIVIDE in the Catholic Church, with those who support ex-Antichrist Zack Knight and those who support current Antichrist Angelina Ballerina. Angelina Ballerina is a “cafeteria” Catholic, who picks and chooses which Catholic doctrines suit her and actually has NO moral convictions other than the conviction that she is right about everything, no matter how inconsistent she is, and that everything she wants is right. Angelina has a very strong “us, them” mentality and those who are “them” she will murder heartlessly, in a cruel and vindictive manner, with absolutely NO REGARD to any of their rights and in total DISDAIN for any laws that might stop her. Her philosophy is MIGHT MAKES RIGHT and she will stop at nothing to gain world power for Satan.

Zack Knight, on the other hand, was evil as the Antichrist, but did love Rule 13, and did try, in his own way, to be true to his set of standards. Angelina has no standards other than a LUST FOR POWER AND A LUST FOR SEX IN EVERY DISGUSTING FORM. Main difference between Zack and Angelina was that Zack was on a mission and admired those who shared his ideals. Angelina’s only mission is HERSELF, as an object of sex worship and worship in all forms, and will change her moral positions in a heartbeat, as long as she comes out on top. Currently, the Catholic Church is split down the middle between Angelina supporters and Zack Knight supporters. Zack Knight at the end of August 2016, also accepted Jesus and is currently the no. 3 man on my marriage list. He is one of the more unorthodox members of my marriage list, but I have always admired courage and Zack has shown a lot of courage in the past two months. Angelina is a coward, who would never put her life on the line for any conviction, because she has NO MORAL CONVICTIONS. This makes her 1,000 times more evil than Zack, who DID, AND DOES, HAVE MORAL CONVICTIONS.

Angelina is more like her master Satan than was Zack. Satan is loyal to nobody but himself and will abandon anyone aligned to him, if he thinks it will help him out, regardless of whether or not he is being treacherous. TREACHERY, DISLOYALTY and SELFISHNESS describe Satan and his kindred spirit right hand person Angelina Ballerina. Those who follow her are fools, who are only destroying themselves, while Satan laughs about this in private. Satan’s mission is to destroy Jesus Christ and God the Father and he doesn’t care who he has to destroy to do it. He will make the attempt and will lie and deceive his followers into believing that he is their ally in a war against God for God’s unfairness to punish “sin”.

Totally self-absorbed, Satan and Angelina have one very important trait in common, they hate everybody but themselves and THIS is what will destroy them. Satan felt he had to dump Zack, because Zack was capable of love, and so he has now chosen for his new Antichrist a person incapable of love – Angelina Ballerina. But, Satan, you are going to lose! This won’t work! God created the universe to operate on the law of love and all that goes against that will be destroyed, so that God’s love can reign for eternity. God created the universe to be this way, and as a loving God, he will make sure his purposes are carried out.

The main difference between Zack Knight as the Jesuit leader and Angelina Ballerina is that Zack tried to be loyal to his followers and Angelina Ballerina doesn’t give a flip about anybody but herself. If Angelina had to choose between saving herself or any of her followers, she would choose herself ALWAYS. Like Satan, she is incapable of love or commitment or devotion to anyone BUT HERSELF. Zack might feel a bit bad if he destroyed you for following him, Angelina feels NOTHING but contempt for anyone but herself. She hates everybody and only uses them for SELFISH PURPOSES. She only aligns herself with Satan, because they are such kindred spirits, they get along. But Satan is going to learn that aligning himself with another selfish being (just like him), may not always work out to his advantage. Angelina is so utterly selfish that in the long run, she will bring Satan’s downfall.

Angelina is a coward, who is always worried that Satan might sack her like he did Zack Knight. So she is going out of her way to prove to Satan that she is more evil and cold than Zack Knight was as the Antichrist. Problem is, even evil people like to believe that they follow someone who cares for them. Once they figure out that Angelina hates everybody, she will start losing followers, and then Satan will lose.

Angelina tries to portray herself to her followers as a more worthy Antichrist than Zack Knight, who she claims “failed” and so Satan had to replace him. But, Angelina, you neglect to point out WHY Zack Knight “failed”. He failed because he was CAPABLE OF LOVE. Those of you who follow Angelina, ask yourself, do you want to follow a being (Satan and Angelina) who HATES YOU and would murder you in a second (like Angelina tried to do to Rule 13) if it would help them to gain power, regardless of whether the murder was justified?

Angelina likes to say she is smarter than Zack, and that’s why she succeeded where Zack failed. But that is not true. Zack actually has a higher I.Q. than Angelina. Also, Zack Knight led the Jesuits for more than a decade and managed to get quite a following. Angelina has only reigned for a couple months, and thus far, her reign is not that impressive. She claims that because my Gail Shield defeated Zack and killed off all the Jesuits, that means she is the superior Antichrist. But you Jesuits need to ask yourself why you are following Satan, who claims to represent your interests. Do you realize that Satan, like his kindred spirit Angelina, would murder you in a second (in violation of all his promises to you) if he thought it would help him defeat Jesus? Satan hates everybody but himself. Is THIS who you want to follow?

Satan rejected Zack Knight and ALLOWED ALL THE JESUITS TO DIE UNDER THE GAIL SHIELD by lying to Zack Knight and telling Zack that the Gail Shield would fail because I was using it to protect people other than myself and was weakening it. Therefore, he LIED to Zack, because he planned to sack Zack and replace Zack with Angelina. Satan also tried to murder his follower Rule 13. Why did Satan lie to Zack Knight and try to murder Rule 13? Satan felt that a more selfish Antichrist, one incapable of love, like himself, would help him against the Gail Shield. Satan is absolutely committed to knock me down, no matter what the cost, even if it means he has to destroy every Jesuit to do it! Satan has already done this once and will do it again, if this is what he has to do to try and defeat God.

All you Jesuits who follow Satan are FOOLS. You are following a being who HATES you and will have FUN IN HELL while you burn with him. He wants followers, not because he cares about them, but because he HATES THEM. He knows it makes God sad, when God has to send people to hell and he delights in causing God misery for CREATING HELL AND THE LAKE OF FIRE FOR HIM AND HIS FALLEN ANGELS (UFOs).

You might say, why doesn’t Satan just surrender and become Lucifer again? Well, he was Lucifer, for what I think was millions of years, and I’m sure his decision to turn evil did not happen overnight. He concluded that he was evil and could not change, and so his eternity is set. His only goal right now is to make God miserable and so he lies to his followers and tries to convince them that he is on their side, when he is only on HIS OWN SIDE. Satan, like Angelina Ballerina, HATES YOU BECAUSE GOD CREATED YOU AND BECAUSE YOU CAN GO TO HEAVEN AND HE CANNOT. You see, he feels he CANNOT CHANGE and perhaps this is true.

But I’m sure God is hoping after Satan burns for millions of years, that perhaps he will have a change of heart and become Lucifer again. In the meanwhile, Satan KNOWS that the ONLY thing that might cause God to change his mind about hell is to make God SO MISERABLE because of all the humans burning in hell that God might CHANGE HIS MIND and eliminate hell AND ACCEPT SATAN THE WAY HE IS.

It won’t happen, folks, and I think Satan knows this deep down inside. He just hates God and hates you and loves making God miserable, THAT IS HIS MOTIVE FOR EVERYTHING HE DOES. HE HATES YOU BECAUSE GOD LOVES YOU AND BECAUSE YOU CAN GO TO HEAVEN AND HE CANNOT.

Any Jesuit who wants to come over to the side of the God who DIED FOR YOU ON THE CROSS TO PAY FOR YOUR SINS, just say this prayer:

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