Loree McBride Creating "Climate Change" to Cover Up Her Fires & Hurricanes

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I am unsure how accurate climate change is scientifically and I acknowledge that there may be some validity to it. But I think the threat it poses is being greatly exaggerated lately. Loree, like the devil she serves, appears to be taking a truth and stretching it to its max in order to serve her agenda.

But scientists disagree about climate change and science has not always been right in the past. Remember Galileo. However, I am certain that Loree McBride has been using her UFO technology to cause the earth to be exceedingly hot this year, in order to blame her weather orchestrations and arson on climate change.

I know for a fact that since Angelina Ballerina, and then Loree McBride, came to power as evil Jesuit leaders, that they have used Jesuit science (using UFO technology) to orchestrate hurricanes, tornadoes, and all sorts of weather phenomenon. Loree has been trying to knock out my Gail Shield with her bombs and weather orchestrations. We have had an usually high number of hurricanes that are category 5 or larger in the years that the two bitches (Angelina Ballerina and Loree McBride) have reigned. Loree knows that if a hurricane is able to devastate my Gail Shield, it will have to be a very powerful storm, since my Shield has thus far protected me from the onslaught of bombs that Loree unleashes on me every hour. That is why we’ve had an onslaught of category 5 hurricanes that have headed in the direction of Florida (where I live) since 2017.

The evidence for her handiwork is so obvious, that my men in court are going after her for her weather orchestrations as a war criminal who uses science for nefarious purposes. Loree’s legal defense is climate change. BUT most of the climate change effects we are experiencing are due to Loree’s weather manipulation using UFO science. What’s actually happening is that Loree is using weather manipulation to make it hotter, so that she can blame the Trump administration for her own orchestrations. Just about every hurricane that has formed anywhere on the earth since 2017 has either been the work of Angelina Ballerina (deceased on Jan. 6, 2017) or Loree McBride using very advanced Jesuit science. Jesuits have been going to town with their science and come up with new inventions every month. Of course, none of this gets reported, cuz if it did, Loree would be exposed for the evil tyrant she is. She’s also behind a lot of floods and tornadoes. The Jesuits have the technology to play God with the weather.

Loree McBride loves her fire, though. She is probably behind most of the wildfires in the world from 2017 forward. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but a lot of people have been dying in fires the past couple years. Loree is a pyromaniac. I myself have been a victim of her fires when she tried to burn down my mobile home in 1998. Also, during the Quebec trial (2011 – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLpPlAPvPFCLH9zNhQu7Tn_o7u-eeLDaI8), she used a fire torch to kill people in the courtroom. She has quite a history with fire and loves to use fire to kill off her enemies. I actually think this Satan worshipping war criminal gets an orgasm when she starts a fire. Because she is such a pyromaniac, she and her Jew clones decided they needed to come up with something to place the blame for Loree’s fires on her enemies, and so they decided to manipulate the weather to make it very hot in 2019 and then to blame it on climate change. To make their argument believable, they use their scientists to create climate change conditions.

In the meanwhile, Loree goes on a rampage polluting the earth with her bombs filled with Candida Auris and other germs and chemicals, because these bombs enhance her ability to use brain control on the population. While she literally sends a blitzkrieg of bombs all over the planet, she hypocritically post tweets complaining about Donald Trump (and those who support him) for not endorsing the Democratic Party’s climate change agenda. The BIGGEST POLLUTER ON THE PLANET IS ALSO THE BIGGEST SUPPORTER OF CLIMATE CHANGE. She has to be this way to cover up her own crimes, in order to give a plausible reason for the increase in fires and hurricanes which she has been orchestrating.

My Conspiracy Law is very anti-pollution and Loree’s bombs filled with Candida Auris make her worthy of the death penalty, along with all who support her. But don’t get too hyped up about climate change, cuz that’s NOT THE PROBLEM. The PROBLEM IS LOREE MCBRIDE AND HER WEATHER MANIPULATION TECHNOLOGY AND HER BOMBS!! So, yes, let’s cut back on unnecessary pollution, BUT if you think that will stop the hurricanes, floods and fire – you are living on another planet. The ONLY way to stop these, is to STOP LOREE MCBRIDE.

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