Jesuit Clones Takeover Brent Spiner/Tulsi Gabbard’s Official Twitter/Facebook/YouTube

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This is why Tulsi Gabbard is my Vice President.
Why I’ve made Tulsi Gabbard my Vice President.
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The Brent Spiner Jesuit clone has taken over the real Brent’s Twitter since about 2015 onwards, with the clone taking it over totally since about 2016 forward.

As I viewed Tulsi Gabbard’s Twitter today, I noticed a “new” arrogant spirit to Tulsi. Jesuit clones are all arrogant. This clone seems to delight in flouting my executive order requiring Tulsi as my Vice President to get permission from the real Brent Spiner, Vladimir Putin and Terrance Jenkins before going forward with any edicts or laws while acting in my stead as U.S. President. The executive order I wrote that this Tulsi clone is clearly violating is at the bottom of this page in italics. Just ignore the Tulsi Gabbard clone. I do NOT allow clones to do anything except get the death penalty, unless they quit supporting Loree McBride. Go to Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable) to get the real news.

This is the Tulsi Gabbard Jesuit clone. The dead give-away is her obsession with flouting my executive order about contact tracing.

The Tulsi Gabbard clone doubles down on her lies about Covid-19 and contact tracing. First off, the primary means of transmission is from Loree McBride’s germ bombs being dropped over our heads, so contact tracing only serves to violate the 4th Amendment. Covid-19 is no more deadly than the flu, HOWEVER, people are getting mixed infections (Candida Auris/Covid-19), from Loree’s bombs, which is a DEADLY COMBINATION. The solution is NOT social distancing and contact tracing, it is for Loree to STOP DROPPING HER STINKING BOMBS, and Kamala Harris is BFF with Loree McBride! Not one word about terrorist Kamala, Tulsi? It is true that Tulsi has, from the beginning, advocated contact tracing, but the real Tulsi is now realizing that she made a mistake in judgment about advocating contact tracing, not realizing the primary means of transmission is from Loree McBride’s germ bombs. This Tulsi clone is a BALONEY FACTORY. Hey, Tulsi clone, why not one word about Kamala Harris?! The REAL Tulsi sure took her down in a debate once. You all of a sudden support Kamala Harris, by your SILENCE? I could understand if you were just plain silent about everything, but to go on and on about the virus, when the greatest danger are the bombs Loree’s dropping over our heads and our freedoms being eroded, indicates you are a stinking, lying Loree McBride cuckster clone. If Kamala becomes VP, excuse me, President, say goodbye to the United States we all know and love. We shall become a third-world country.

There is an arrogance to this, like the clone is gloating over making Hinduism appear to be the superior religion of the world. The real Tulsi is not arrogant and respects Biblical Christianity.
This could be the real Tulsi, but her “obsession” with Loree McBride’s talking points about Loree’s virus is suspicious in the post made today on Aug. 11, 2020.

I’m hearing brain to brain that the real Tulsi is quite upset over losing control over her own Twitter. I hope by exposing her clone, she will feel somewhat better. Unfortunately, to get accurate news about Tulsi Gabbard now, you will have to rely on my website and Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable). Twitter seems to have gone evil lately. Not sure what’s happening with them, but Loree McBride appears to be running Twitter and much of the Internet.

I think you can expect that most of those in my Cabinet will have their online presence taken over by Jesuit clones, as Loree McBride attempts to derail me as U.S. President by attacking the messaging you get from my Cabinet members. Check out this suspicious tweet from Jo Jorgensen on Biden picking Kamala Harris as his VP.

This doesn’t sound like Jo. I think we’re dealing with a Jo clone, cuz Jo must know that Kamala Harris will totally support Loree McBride’s military-industrial complex.

Bernie Sanders’s online presence also appears compromised. He, too, is in my cabinet. The Bernie Sanders clone seems to be fully Loree McBride neoliberal and opposes Bernie Sanders’s progressive ideals. Like I said, to hear from the REAL members of my Cabinet and NOT THEIR CLONES, tune into Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable).

My cabinet (Dems are BOLD, Repubs are ITALICS): 1-DEM Tulsi Gabbard Vice President1-REPUB Rand Paul Sec. of State2-IND DEM Bernie Sanders Health & Human Services; 1-LIBERTARIAN REPUB Sec. of Treasury Ron Paul; 2-REPUB Sec. of Education Ben Carson3-DEM Secretary of Labor Stephanie Kelton; 2-LIBERTARIAN Sec. of Commerce Jo Jorgensen; 3-REPUB HUD Ben Carson; Press Secretaries 4-REPUB Donald Trump/IND Kanye West; 1-GREEN Jesse Ventura Office of Management & Budget; Trade Representative Vladimir Putin; 4-DEM Bill Nye EPA; REPUB/DEM Tucker Carlson White House Chief of Staff; 5-LIBERTARIAN REPUB Attorney General Bob Barr; Secretary of Defense – Sergey Shoygu (holds this position in the Russian government as well); Secretary of Energy – Neil deGrasse Tyson (I want someone really smart in this job, who will work well with Bill Nye); Administrator of the Small Business Administration – Rodeslav Cibulka5-DEM Secretary of the Interior – John EchoHawk6-DEM Bryan Dean Wright – Director of C.I.A; Director of National Intelligence – Alexander Bortnikov5-REPUB Acting Secretary of Homeland Security – Dan Bongino6-REPUB Sec. of Transportation – Elaine Chao7-REPUB Sec. of Agriculture – Sonny Perdue7-DEM Tulsi Gabbard Sec. of Veterans Affairs8-DEM Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers – Stephanie Kelton. Type of government – Constitutional Monarchy. Political positions: 77% Constitution, 71% Libertarian, 65% Green, 57% Socialist, 57% Transhumanist, 49% Peace and Freedom, 48% Republican, 39% Democratic. I put people in the positions where their work would promote my ideology in their area of expertise. I choose Tulsi Gabbard as VP because she is closest to my beliefs in all areas and she can coordinate it all. Brent Spiner and Vladimir Putin I’ve given authority to fill the other positions using Church of Gail brain and emotion reads to determine who will best support my Conspiracy Law. Under Conspiracy Law, Vladimir Putin is in charge of the military. FINAL NOTE: Loree McBride can GO TO HELL. Thus far, in my cabinet are 6 Democrats (Tulsi Gabbard and Stephanie Kelton both have two positions), 6 Republicans (Ben Carson has two positions), 1 Green, 2 Libertarians and Tucker Carlson is registered Democrat, but not wholly aligned with them, so I’ve made him neutral. Several people in my cabinet are just their own person and don’t seem to align with any particular party.

The people in my Cabinet reflect my commitment to represent all those who have integrity, regardless of their race or background. Those in italics (12) lean Conservative. Those in bold (8) lean Liberal. The 3 Russians I think are Centrists according to American politics. I have a diverse set of valid viewpoints, because I want to be fair to all and to listen to all valid viewpoints. You can’t make good decisions, if you only listen to one side. Here is where they are all from (or where they call home): HAWAII – Tulsi GabbardKENTUCKY – Rand PaulVERMONT – Bernie SandersTEXAS – Ron PaulMICHIGAN – Ben CarsonNEW YORK – Stephanie KeltonSOUTH CAROLINA – Jo JorgensenFLORIDA – Donald TrumpWYOMING – Kanye West; MINNESOTA/MEXICO – Jesse VenturaWASHINGTON D.C./FLORIDA – Tucker CarlsonGEORGIA – Bob Barr; MOSCOW (RUSSIA) – Sergei Shoigu; NEW YORK – Neil deGrass TysonCALIFORNIA – Rodeslav CibulkaNEW MEXICO – John EchoHawkARIZONA – Bryan Dean Wright; LENINGRAD (RUSSIA) – Alexander Bortnikov; FLORIDA – Dan BonginoKENTUCKY – Elaine Chao; LENINGRAD (RUSSIA) – Vladimir Putin; CALIFORNIA – Bill NyeGEORGIA – Sonny Perdue.

This is not the first time a Tulsi clone has impersonated Tulsi Gabbard.

August 7, 2020: I make an executive order that all Covid-19 contact tracing must end, to be replaced with our satellite scanners to determine who is contagious and needs to be isolated. Those who are contagious and need to be isolated, will be contacted by their government. Any willing and knowing attempt or action to force someone into isolation via any methods, when what they have is no more contagious than the ordinary flu or less, will bring the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator to that violator. Mainstream news must report that the deadly pandemic is a mixed Covid-19/Candida Auris germ and make corrections (if this is true) and that the primary means of transmission are the germ bombs Loree McBride Jesuits drop over all our heads. If the previous bold sentence is true then all mainstream news sources must report on the contents as in the previous bold sentence and failure to do so will result in steep fines for spreading dangerous disinformation that supports Loree McBride Jesuits and helps them to cover up the REAL REASON FOR THE PANDEMIC. The steep fines will be given to the International Charity Bank, to assist those worthy people and countries who need help in our war against Loree McBride and the Satan worshipers, and, who, without our help, would go under. If the news organizations continue to spread lies about the mixed infection pandemic (if the bold sentence is true) and report on it falsely so that people must restrict their lifestyles unnecessarily to appease Loree McBride’s germ bomb pandemic, we will bomb the news organization and execute all at that news organizations who willingly and knowingly cooperate with and promote Loree McBride’s lies. If my VP Tulsi Gabbard opposes me on this, I override her. We may be dealing with a Tulsi clone. But, nevertheless, I override her on this particular matter. She is still my VP because I think we may be dealing with a clone and it’s also possible that Tulsi means well and is ignorant about how dangerous her policies in this particular area are. If she persists in recommending contact tracing, I may need to find another VP. So we shall wait and see how things go with Tulsi in this particular matter. If we are dealing with a clone, then we will expose the clone in the news and retain Tulsi as my VP. Also, the Covid-19 vaccine must be totally voluntary and any nation that forces their citizens to take the vaccine and fines or punishes them if they don’t, that nation will be treated as a TERRORIST NATION under Conspiracy Law. We are able also to vaccinate people using an aerosol via our own bombs that we can drop from the sky, so mandatory vaccinations are not necessary.

Another executive order that I make this day (Aug. 7, 2020) is that my Vice President Tulsi Gabbard (who often acts in my stead) cannot act as President in my place until all her edicts and legislation are first approved of by Vladimir Putin (a President), Brent Spiner (a physician) and Judge Terrance Jenkins (a judge and lawyer). All approvals suggested in this paragraph must take place either on Church of Gail spaceship or on Zack Knight’s Jesuit fleet to ensure all those who approve are the authentic persons and not Loree McBride Jesuit clones or automatons or impersonators. If they take place anywhere else then Tulsi Gabbard cannot go forward with her edicts or legislations. This is also to ensure that we are dealing with the real Tulsi Gabbard. Making decisions as a President is a challenging task and though I feel Tulsi is the most qualified of all in my cabinet to act in my stead, she is inexperienced as a head of state and needs some help in decision-making. If, for some reason, Vladimir or Terrance disagree with Brent on a decision, or if they are not available or extremely busy, Brent can approve of Tulsi’s actions as President alone. Sometimes Vladimir is too tempestuous. Terrance may lack the broader perspective that I know Brent would bring to the table. My husband Brent Spiner is a man of keen insight and level-headed judgment with genius I.Q. that matches mine. If one of Tulsi’s actions or edicts is disapproved of by my men, they need to annul what Tulsi planned or modify it. However, if they modify Tulsi’s plans, it must be in writing, so that there is no confusion about the correct course of action. If Tulsi’s plans are annulled, they need to suggest an alternative or just flat out reject whatever Tulsi planned. Either way, however they decide, if Tulsi’s plans are rejected or modified, the final plan must be in writing. Tulsi must then carry out the actions recommended by Vladimir, Brent and Terrance. If what she plans is fine, they will all sign and approve of the action, then Tulsi can go forward with it. My guess is that my men will, most of the time, approve of Tulsi’s plans (since Tulsi is very similar to me in her outlook) and with time and practice, her plans will not have to be modified or annulled by Vladimir, Brent and Terrance – because she will get better with experience at being a President. We consider Tulsi a President in training and Vladimir, Brent and Terrance will be her tutors. Because I don’t live in the White House, I have to delegate a lot and this can lead to problems, so this is how I will deal with it. If Brent is unavailable, perhaps due to an emergency, then Tulsi must get a vote from all in my Cabinet and cannot go forward until she gets a majority vote from all in my Cabinet over her proposals. Of course, I can override her at any time being the President. But I do delegate a lot. If she goes forward without getting prior approval first as I outlined in this paragraph, she will be removed from her position as Vice President and replaced with Vladimir Putin. Vladimir would then have to get prior approval from Brent before going forward. ALL IN MY CABINET NEED TO LIVE ON CHURCH OF GAIL FOR THEIR PROTECTION SO THAT LOREE MCBRIDE JESUITS CANNOT THREATEN THEIR LIVES AND USE EXTORTION ON THEM TO FORCE THEM INTO DECISIONS THAT VIOLATE CONSPIRACY LAW.

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