U.S. President Gail’s Executive Order On Immigration (4-3-21)

My executive order enforcing my Immigration Laws.

Since it appears Loree McBride is using her massive conspiracy and social engineering (regarding her corona virus engineered pandemic) to negate my Conspiracy Law, it is necessary for me as Independent U.S. President Gail Chord Schuler to make an executive order ensuring that my Conspiracy Law is enforced, especially in regard to immigration right now. My executive order is oral, and incorporated into the walk video I make for my ten dollar and up Patreon supporters. You can hear the audio version of the video here:

This oral executive order, which has been incorporated into my daily vlog video for my Patreon supporters is legally binding, and I electronically sign it today. For those not familiar with my Conspiracy Law, CLICK HERE.

Signed: Gail Chord Schuler

Date: April 3, 2021

Time: Noon EST, United States time.

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