EMERGENCY: DECLARATION OF WAR Against all Satan Worshiping Countries

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U.S. President Gail, also Empress Gail of Russia and the United States, declares war against all Satan worshiping countries because Satan is coordinating an attack on earth, using his agents on earth with his agents on Loree McBride’s cum star, to TOTALLY DEMOLISH EARTH, probably within a month.

Loree McBride and Satan’s cum star has already murdered MILLIONS. So it should be no surprise that she and Satan plan to use it to do even worse things. Jesus and I had an interesting conversation in Jan. 2021 and Jesus said I helped him endure his death on the cross.

This is Loree McBride’s DEADLY cum star. Satan helped Loree McBride create this monstrosity.
Another photo of Satan and Loree McBride’s DEADLY cum star.

The following is an update to Sect. 14 of my Conspiracy Law called International Military Law,

14.4 Those nations that dishonor Conspiracy Law by allowing SATAN WORSHIPERS to remain alive in their country (in violation of Conspiracy Law) will be called SATAN WORSHIPING COUNTRIES and Pres. Gail declares war on all such countries. First, we will try to clear out innocents and transport them to Conspiracy Law honoring nations for their safety, then we will bomb those SATAN WORSHIPING COUNTRIES and takeover their government and set up a government for that country that honors Conspiracy Law.

14.5 Conspiracy Law is not designed to make nations democratic, socialist, communist or whatever, but is mainly designed to ensure that country is not set up in a manner that allows SATAN WORSHIPERS to prosper, survive and to assist Satan in his goal for a world takeover, which probably involves the destruction of the earth to replace it with a replacement earth that honors Satan. Because Satan is planning to destroy earth (possibly exploding the entire planet) probably within a month, using his agents on earth working in coordination with his agents on Loree McBride’s cum star, we cannot sit on this and need to deal with Satan’s agents IMMEDIATELY worldwide with very strong measures, or our present earth may be DESTROYED (using Loree McBride’s cum star which is a ticking time bomb out there in space right now).

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