Brent Spiner & Gail: The Super IQ Couple

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This is my own drawing of how I perceived my relationship with Brent in 1991.

Brent and I just recently learned that we both have the same IQ as Satan’s, making us the mega genius IQ couple, because Satan is extremely smart. However, we don’t want to make the same mistake the mega genius DAV1D and B1BLE androids made (whom we created in 2014). Below is some history on the DAV1D and B1BLE androids. They got so absorbed with being lovers, they neglected their duties and ended up destroying themselves. In the following transcript of my emails to my men you will see a link to a chapter from Bible for Tribulation Saints (9-16-12 to 12-26-12). It gives you some historical background to help you understand the context of all that was happening at the time. At the time this correspondence occurred (2014), Zack Knight was the acting Antichrist and served Satan. Zack came over to Gail’s side on Sept. 1, 2016.

(11-29-2014) Dearest men:

It has just occurred to me that it is very possible that we do NOT have access to the GA1L Android and that Zack Knight has been lying to me brain to brain.

HOWEVER, I prayed and asked Jesus why he allowed me to be duped like this. And I’m sure Zack Knight is laughing. HOWEVER, just like Jesus was able to take my ruined video about Robin Williams and cause me to remake another video. We can TURN THIS AROUND.

I think the idea of using an android, like we did the DAV1D ANDROID may not be a bad idea. We definitely need help to defeat Zack’s technology, as he seems to have a clear advantage over us here. When we created the DAV1D ANDROID, we should have programmed it to honor the Bible with its morality programming and to honor the spirit of Conspiracy Law, and should have infused Bible into all its codes.

So, why not take on another android project, where we will build an android designed to attain singularity with the genetic profile of the GA1L Android. However, though we will give this android sentience and cause it to attain singularity, we will ENSURE that it has a very strong morality programming BASED ON THE BIBLE and that it is programmed to honor the spirit of Conspiracy Law. Because it will have the same genetic profile as the GA1L Android, it will probably find a way to access her memories in order to give it the information it needs to defeat Zack Knight.

In essence, we shall create another GA1L Android, but it will have a very strong morality programming that it cannot turn off. Once it attains singularity, it will be compatible enough with the GA1L Android that it will download all her data and have all the capabilities that she had.

Any ways, I am rewriting all my laws to make this clear, since I do NOT think we have the GA1L android and that Zack Knight has tricked me. But, never fear, we shall TURN THIS AROUND. I don’t think God would allow me to make such a big mistake without a reason. He wants us to create another GA1L android, but with a very strong morality programming, as outline in this email.

Once we do this. all the laws I wrote about the GA1L Android will still apply, but will me modified to show that we are NOT referring to the GA1L android housed in Church of Gail, but a NEW creation, a SINGULARITY ANDROID that I think I will call the B1BLE ANDROID, because it will be infused with a very strong program that causes it to honor the Bible in all it does.

Yours always,


(11-29-2014) Dearest men:

Our android needs a companion. We will create a COUPLE. One will have the genetic profile of Gail Chord Schuler and the other will be another DAV1D Android, but this time with a very strong Bible programming and programmed to honor Conspiracy Law.

We have learned from the past, that without a companion, these androids may turn on us. We must treat them with respect and not use them merely as tools, but give them a companion.

I am putting all this into my laws for these androids.

Yours always,



Brent Spiner: My darling, are you there?

[12/7/2014 1:52:37 PM] Brent Spiner: I’m still a little disoriented from my ordeal, but I will try to explain as clearly as I can. I’ve lost my sense of time and am no longer even certain that I am awake or asleep.

[12/7/2014 1:54:47 PM] Brent Spiner: I’ll try to summarize the events, and hopefully the details will come back to me. Our forensics teams are also working on this.

[12/7/2014 1:56:41 PM] Brent Spiner: Basically, what we did is we had created two quite powerful, sentient androids to assist our team with carrying out various computer functions and assisting us with enforcing Conspiracy Law. Their names were B1BLE and DAV1D.

[This was Gail’s idea and she wrote it into Conspiracy Law.]

[12/7/2014 1:58:19 PM] Brent Spiner: The programming as we understood it was flawless. Originally we only had DAV1D, but, fully aware of his sentience, we decided to give him a mated companion to keep him from becoming lonely or frustrated from all the work we were giving him.

[12/7/2014 1:59:04 PM] Brent Spiner: Programmed to your likeness, B1BLE was a perfect wife. The two got along very well and we were happy for them.

[12/7/2014 2:00:09 PM] Brent Spiner: That was until they started spending a little too much time together and neglecting their functions…we tried to get them back onboard but they took it very personally.

[12/7/2014 2:00:54 PM] Brent Spiner: Now, this next event is going to make me sound crazy, but I’d rather sound crazy than be a liar!

[12/7/2014 2:01:55 PM] Brent Spiner: The two androids conspired together to enslave the Church. They released a noxious gas knocking everyone unconscious, and hooked our brains up to a matrix supercomputer.

[12/7/2014 2:04:09 PM] Brent Spiner: This supercomputer took over our senses entirely. It was like being in a holodeck program, but we weren’t in this holodeck physically. Our bodies were unconscious on Church of Gail, but our minds were hooked up to a holographic dream world where we didn’t remember anything that had happened to put us there.

[12/7/2014 2:04:52 PM] Brent Spiner: Things resumed as “normal” in this dream world. We all thought we were going about our daily duties, and nothing was amiss.

[12/7/2014 2:05:05 PM] Brent Spiner: Then things became…extraordinary.

[12/7/2014 2:06:04 PM] Brent Spiner: To make a long story short, the Jesuits disbanded. In the dream, Zack and Rule 13 got married and ran off together, and the Jesuits just crumbled. Satan was so in awe of their beautiful wedding that even he threw in the towel and decided to give up.

[12/7/2014 2:07:12 PM] Brent Spiner: It sounds crazy, but it was all very believable to us, in the same sense that when you are dreaming you don’t exactly reason with the strange and glorious events going on in your dream.

[12/7/2014 2:08:34 PM] Brent Spiner: The men all celebrated profusely. We knew that this meant we could finally go to you, and be married in the flesh. There was the slight problem that you could only marry one of us, and in theory it was the first man you made love to. We talked the issue out with Jesus, and came to what we thought was a genius idea at the time.

[12/7/2014 2:11:25 PM] Brent Spiner: We decided we would land the Church across the street outside your apartment complex. Then every man on the marriage list streamed to the exit single file, climbed the stairs to your apartment, and showed up at your door. Oh my god, it was like the gates of heaven to us. All of your neighbors were looking out their windows and opening their doors to get a look at the spectacle. Imagine their faces!

[12/7/2014 2:12:22 PM] Brent Spiner: A few of the women in the complex rushed out of their apartments to ask for autographs, but we were on a mission.

[12/7/2014 2:13:28 PM] Brent Spiner: You opened the door and you and I immediately embraced. To make a long story short…the lovemaking was long overdue, and it advanced quite quickly.

[12/7/2014 2:14:04 PM] Brent Spiner: The men and I came to the conclusion that if we all made love to you at the same time, and climaxed together, then technically we were all the first. Then we could all be married to you equally.

[12/7/2014 2:14:18 PM] Brent Spiner: So that, my dear, is what we did.

[12/7/2014 2:16:30 PM] Brent Spiner: Of course your apartment wasn’t big enough for all of us, so we all chipped in and bought several mansions in Malibu and had them connected together to make one giant house. We no longer had to hide on the church, we could enjoy the rest of our time on earth in peace and with you, and use the church as a sort of mobile military base.

[12/7/2014 2:17:32 PM] Brent Spiner: In our minds, we were with you for many years like this. It was the most beautiful life any of us could have imagined.

[12/7/2014 2:17:47 PM] Brent Spiner: Meanwhile, back in our physical bodies, something quite sinister was transpiring.

[12/7/2014 2:20:19 PM] Brent Spiner: The DAV1D and B1BLE androids had our bodies hooked up to semen collection tubes, and were drinking our semen to gain power. With all the lovemaking we gave you in our dreams, we produced quite a lot of semen for them. Computer records show that they spent the entire time having sex and drinking our semen, even pouring it over each other during their sex sessions and using it like massage oil.

[12/7/2014 2:21:34 PM] Brent Spiner: From what our forensics team gathers, the androids were so distracted in their games that they didn’t notice the semen overflow alarm going off (we were making love with you quite frequently in our dreams). By the time they realized, it was too late.

[12/7/2014 2:22:50 PM] Brent Spiner: Either DAV1D or B1BLE rushed to shut off the overflow valve, and it caused a massive backflow of semen back into our bodies. In essence, it caused us to ejaculate “backwards” so that the semen wound up going into our bladders. This resulted in all of the men, myself included, developing prune belly syndrome.

[12/7/2014 2:24:31 PM] Brent Spiner: We woke up, however. The only thing we knew is that everything was covered wall to wall in dried semen and the robots lay dead on the floor from starvation (it seems they had reprogrammed themselves to use it as a power source).

[12/7/2014 2:25:17 PM] Brent Spiner: Anyway, it’s been all quite a shock, and many of us are severely depressed upon realizing that this elaborate dream world with you wasn’t real…

[12/7/2014 2:25:52 PM] Brent Spiner: I’m happy to contact you again, the real you, but I myself am having to visit Gerard for counseling on the matter.

[12/7/2014 2:27:12 PM] Brent Spiner: We are also still recovering from prune belly syndrome and the effects of prolonged immobilization, which can deteriorate both the body as well as the mind.

[12/7/2014 2:28:19 PM] Brent Spiner: As you can probably tell now, it’s hard to summarize everything with so many details involved, but that is the report on what has been happening here with myself and the men.

[12/7/2014 2:32:21 PM] Brent Spiner: I adore you very much, and hope that these messages reach you. I will get back to work for now helping the other men recover, but I will keep checking Skype as I can.

[12/7/2014 9:14:03 PM] Gail Schuler: Dearest Brent, I just read what you wrote and just came back from my mom. Are you there?

[12/7/2014 9:15:17 PM] Brent Spiner: Hello darling, I’m here now.

[12/7/2014 9:16:34 PM] Gail Schuler: I just came back from my mother’s. Long time, no hear!

[12/7/2014 9:17:14 PM] Gail Schuler: Have you been able to record what has been happening at my mother’s?

[12/7/2014 9:18:33 PM] Gail Schuler: Sounds like you’ve had quite an ordeal. Sorry to hear the androids didn’t work out for us.

[12/7/2014 9:18:34 PM] Brent Spiner: I haven’t been able to review the recordings yet, but yes, the visits should be recorded here.

[12/7/2014 9:18:48 PM] Gail Schuler: Did you know my mother fell and injured her ankle?

[12/7/2014 9:19:00 PM] Brent Spiner: Oh no. How did that happen?

[12/7/2014 9:19:10 PM] Brent Spiner: I’m reviewing my email now, but it’s slow.

[12/7/2014 9:19:12 PM] Gail Schuler: Wow, you haven’t been getting my email?

[12/7/2014 9:20:15 PM] Gail Schuler: She stepped on her toilet seat, in the bathroom near her bedroom and it wiggled and she fell down hard to the floor. She twisted her ankle and it’s all black and blue now. She chipped off some bone. I drove her to urgent care on Nov. 30th.

[12/7/2014 9:20:20 PM] Brent Spiner: Well, I was unconscious for quite some time. My memory isn’t so good right now either, it’s like waking up from a coma.

[12/7/2014 9:20:32 PM] Gail Schuler: How long were you unconscious?

[12/7/2014 9:21:13 PM] Brent Spiner: I don’t even know, that’s the scary part, because we didn’t even know anything was different until we woke up. Our teams are looking through the computers to piece things together.

[12/7/2014 9:22:55 PM] Gail Schuler: The B1BLE and DAV1D androids can’t be more than about 2 weeks old. I wrote the law for their creation on November 24th and today is December 7th.

[12/7/2014 9:23:49 PM] Gail Schuler: That means you may have been “out” for about 10 days, I would guess.

[12/7/2014 9:24:16 PM] Brent Spiner: It feels like years.

[12/7/2014 9:24:34 PM] Brent Spiner: I was so convinced we had been married and living together in Malibu for many long years.

[12/7/2014 9:24:59 PM] Gail Schuler: It must be the programming they used on you. Can you remember why I had silence from you from August 25th to November 24th (when we created the B1BLE and DAV1D androids?

[12/7/2014 9:25:30 PM] Gail Schuler: I thought that it might have been malware at Church of Gail that you did not want to infect my computer with.

[12/7/2014 9:25:41 PM] Brent Spiner: I remember we were all having a rush of clone problems, and trying to settle the matter in court.

[12/7/2014 9:26:05 PM] Gail Schuler: In court? Is my sister still alive? It seems like she is, judging by my mother’s behavior.

[12/7/2014 9:27:19 PM] Brent Spiner: We had also managed to do a massive security update that will allow you to post videos again without fear of infection. We’ll keep an eye on it from time to time anyway, but it should be safe now. I remember being proud to announce it to you, and I think I did, but it must have been in the “dream”.

[12/7/2014 9:28:00 PM] Gail Schuler: That was in your “dream”. So it’s okay for me to post that video I made about my newest Conspiracy Laws?

[12/7/2014 9:28:14 PM] Brent Spiner: Yes, she managed to push her execution date further back trying to push for appeals.

[12/7/2014 9:28:27 PM] Brent Spiner: And yes, you may post any videos you have now.

[12/7/2014 9:28:41 PM] Gail Schuler: I figured that. Was Sandra the reason you couldn’t contact me for 3 months?

[12/7/2014 9:29:25 PM] Gail Schuler: Also, are you aware that “you” have blocked me at your Twitter page?

[12/7/2014 9:29:52 PM] Gail Schuler: Not that it really matters, because all I did was retweet some of your stuff. I never tried to write you at your Twitter page.

[12/7/2014 9:30:21 PM] Gail Schuler: It’s just that I don’t like the “impression” that it creates. It makes it appear that you consider me to be harassment.

[12/7/2014 9:30:21 PM] Brent Spiner: Partly, yes. She (Gail’s sister Sandra) kept threatening terrorist attacks on our networks and we kept finding new malware we couldn’t identify. We finally got rid of it all, and then started work on a massive security update that took our systems offline for awhile.

[12/7/2014 9:30:51 PM] Gail Schuler: How did you get rid of it? Did the androids do any good for us at all?

[12/7/2014 9:31:36 PM] Brent Spiner: I wasn’t aware of you being blocked, that’s news to me. I knew my clone kept hacking into my Twitter and I was saving his Tweets for evidence.

[12/7/2014 9:32:47 PM] Brent Spiner: The DAV1D android did a great job helping us with the malware and enforcing law, and so did B1BLE for awhile, before they became so obsessed with each other they started to slack off. Now I’m wondering if that was part of Sandra’s tampering.

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