Satan’s Black Semen Causes Black Holes & Time Travel Wormholes

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Update on August 18, 2021: I figured out more things about the time travel wormholes and what makes them work. YouTube does not allow comments on this video, so I’m posting my Odysee version (above). I believe that Satan used a black hole bomb on Betelgeuse that is a controlled explosion (see video above), which he uses to maintain his time travel wormholes. Those who want to comment on this video, join Odysee and comment underneath the video. I believe if we launched another black hole bomb on Betelgeuse we could really mess up his control over the black hole bomb Satan launched on Betelgeuse and destroy his matrix of time travel wormholes.

Update on August 12, 2021: There is a large time travel wormhole that comes from prehistoric earth (the cum star) located up near heaven in the far north of space to Betelgeuse. It travels through a part of space that is very condensed with lots of folds in space, enabling time travel to the distant past. This is where most of the time travel happens. Once the huge wormhole from the cum star reaches Betelgeuse, the time travel wormholes branch out all over the Milky Way galaxy, but there’s another main wormhole hub (from Betelgeuse) that takes people and objects to earth. The Loree McBride Jesuits created a hole through the southern end of Betelgeuse around Sept. 2019 to Feb. 2020 (possibly using Satan’s black devil semen), which explains the dimming of the red giant star. By creating a hole through the star, they created a black hole in the southern end of the star which drained the energy of the star and forced it into the black hole, which was connected to the time travel wormhole matrix and thus fueled the entire matrix in all directions (a main wormhole going towards heaven in the north of space) and towards earth (in the opposite directions). Once Betelgeuse was connected to the matrix, it was able to drain energy from all light sources that the matrix had contact with (including other stars in the universe, specifically red giants) and heaven (which is the greatest source of light).

Apparently, the birds have not died, but were all transported to prehistoric earth, so that real chickens, turkeys, etc. were shipped to present-day earth from the cum star and filled the grocery stores. However, all the living birds on earth since about a month ago, have been drone birds. Loree did this to trick me and make me think some of the drone birds were Jesus’ bird appearances. Satan created a part of his mineral garden earth as a large greenhouse of sorts and filled it with oxygen so that humans could survive on his past earth.

We are currently stuffing the wormholes with black water, which seems to block the light energy and cause the wormholes to collapse. It appears we may be able to keep the Loree McBride Jesuits (currently living on the cum star) permanently stuck on the cum star (prehistoric earth) eventually. Not sure how this would work with Loree, since she has Antichrist powers, and cannot be killed. I guess she’ll be Antichrist over prehistoric earth. That won’t do her or Satan much good. My guess is that once we get her permanently stuck in the distant past, she may lose her Antichrist powers, because you can’t have an Antichrist in the distant past. We’ll know this has happened, if Zack Knight gets his Antichrist powers back.

It appears the Loree McBride Jesuits know they will lose their ability to transport back to prehistoric earth and may be evacuating the cum star (mineral garden earth) at time and populating Loree’s space fleet in our current timeline.

Loree does have a space fleet in our current timeline that have been getting “deliveries” via the wormholes, but we may be able to stop these “deliveries”. Not sure what will happen to them without their “deliveries” from the cum star and their ability to communicate with their leader, once we block the wormholes. Loree will probably evacuate the cum star before she is stuck permanently in the past though.

We will still be warring with the Jesuits who man Loree’s space fleet, but if they lose Loree as their leader, they will have to regather and find a new leader. Loree is too egotistical to lose her grip on power, so she’ll evacuate the cum star before this happens.

But the discovery of Betelgeuse as the main generator and maintainer of the wormholes has pretty much destroyed their ability to use the cum star to affect us in our current timeline. And, it appears Loree McBride would be stuck permanently in the past if she remained there, since she cannot be killed. If she loses her Antichrist powers, Satan could kill her and reclone her to put her in the present, but without her Antichrist powers, we could then kill her easily. She would probably not reclaim her Antichrist powers, if this happened, since her following is stuck on prehistoric earth! She can’t be an Antichrist without a following and so Zack would retain his Antichrist powers.

As long as Loree is still able to use her time travel wormholes, she can launch low lying bombs (“clouds”) in the sky over me, by injecting the wormholes into my Gail Shield, since the wormholes are very powerful, they can penetrate quite deeply. Apparently, the condensed light energy from Betelgeuse (black hole energy) is very strong. Basically, the black hole that Satan created in Betelgeuse is being manipulated to express itself through the wormhole matrix. As scientists know, black holes devour everything within their range. But Satan has come up with a way to harness the power of a black hole and concentrate it inside the wormhole using negative energy coming from Betelgeuse, so that the black hole “extensions” from Betelgeuse, only act as wormholes and don’t behave as black holes. But the wormholes are devoid of oxygen, so once any humans enter the wormhole they need to be encased within something that gives them oxygen. The inert bombs are transported inside the wormhole and deposited at the injection site, where, when they come in contact with oxygen, they explode. Because the power of black hole energy is monumental, the “injections” of the wormhole go quite deeply into the Gail Shield.

You can read the rest of this post to determine how we figured out all this stuff. Gail also has an I.Q. nearing 10,000 right now.

Update on August 11, 2021: I think we need to figure out why Betelgeuse mysteriously dimmed right before the coronavirus pandemic started going crazy in March 2020! Read the rest of this article below, and why scientists are so eager to explain this strange phenomenon away.

Picture of a black hole. Satan’s even advertising that he created it with his black devil semen, cuz it glows PINK. Pink was Antichrist Angelina Ballerina’s trademark color and Loree McBride adopted it after we defeated Angelina in battle on Jan. 6, 2017.
Because this post has such important information, I have read it like an audio book.
We need God’s light and love to defeat Satan’s darkness!

Since Satan’s black, devil semen causes black holes, the black holes suck the life and light out of everything that comes in contact with them, just like Satan’s devil semen does. The one thing that Satan is obsessed with is the destruction of life and light and all life comes from the light of God or the white, glowing semen of God. Black holes are concentrated Satan semen designed to destroy all life and suck up all life and light that comes in contact with them like a powerful vacuum. Satan has deposited his black, devil semen in pockets throughout the universe as part of his attempt to destroy God’s universe of light and make it into a Satan universe of darkness. This is why light cannot escape a black hole and is absorbed by the black hole.

God and Jesus in their true existence are both like balls of lights, kind of shapeless and without form, just big balls of light. Basically, God and Jesus can take on any form they want, which explains why Jesus has often appeared as pillows, birds and all sorts of things to Gail and her men. Satan also has the ability to take on many forms. The main difference between Satan and God is that Satan is not omnipresent since he is not the source of life and light. All darkness originated from Satan and probably happened after his fall. All black holes are caused by Satan’s deposit of his black, devil semen in pockets of the universe. It’s Satan’s attempt to suck the life out of God’s universe of light and to destroy it and make it according to Satan’s specifications.

God allows both darkness and light to exist together as a way to show his approval of free will for now. But, if you’ll notice, he does not allow them to BLEND. Light is always separate from darkness just like night is separate from day. In Genesis 1, the first thing God created was light and he separated it from the darkness because Satan’s darkness was brooding over the face of the earth. The earth in its previous form, before God renovated it, was under the dominion of Satan as part of Satan’s mineral garden earth. Darkness was brooding over the face of the earth, because Lucifer had fallen and rebelled against God, which meant Lucifer had become the prince of DARKNESS. Basically all night and darkness originated with Satan’s fall. Before Lucifer fell, there was no night or darkness in the universe!

Satan’s mineral garden earth, while Satan was good and was Lucifer, was filled with light and beautiful jewels because Lucifer’s job was to reflect the light and beauty of God. At his fall, darkness and night entered the universe and the mineral garden earth, which was situated next to heaven near the throne of God, was cast out into the depths of the universe to its present location and after earth’s casting out, darkness brooded over the face of the waters on the earth. That’s because after Lucifer fell, he was kicked out of heaven, along with his mineral garden earth and the mineral garden earth was flung out to its present location. God also transformed the mineral garden earth to a formless mass of waters in which he would recreate the earth into its present form. He chose waters, because water would be used as an element in all life forms in the new earth. Basically, God transformed mineral garden earth into a biological earth. Satan hated that his mineral garden earth had been transformed into a biological earth. He saw his surroundings filled with jewels as part of his pride and splendor and despised the new, biological earth (which needed water for life). Satan hates the concept of needing water, because water symbolizes that we are all dependent on God for life, like we are all dependent on water for life. Satan wants to be the source of life and that is why he created black holes and wants to have a kingdom of darkness. He creates fake light using electricity, which he invented. Satan probably also invented fire as a means to substitute for God’s light. This explains why those who die without God, go to the Lake of Fire and/or hell, which is filled with fire. Fire and electricity are Satan’s vain attempts to be the creator of the universe and are Satan’s sources of light for his creation. Hell is a dark place with no light, except for the light from the fire, because it symbolizes Satan and all he created and stands for.

Mineral garden earth was filled with light and beautiful jewels and reflected the splendor of God. Lucifer himself was like a walking shimmer of jewels and was exceedingly handsome. Lucifer reflected God’s light and love everywhere he went. But Lucifer kept looking at himself in the mirror too much and became bored and complacent and started enjoying violent sex and couldn’t stop and he rebelled against God. Unfortunately, Lucifer’s high position got to his head and God decided that the new earth where man would live would be based on water, where water would be needed for life. Lucifer’s fall would introduce darkness to the universe.

Satan desperately wants his mineral garden earth back! He hates it that the source of all light and life come from God, including all true love. Because these are things he cannot create or have, he despises them and has tried desperately to make his own sources of light. When God created the universe, he did it using his white, GLOWING semen. Both God and Jesus have white, glowing semen. All the stars and the sun and all sources of LIGHT come from God and Jesus’ white, GLOWING semen. In fact, you cannot have life without LIGHT. God’s white, glowing semen gave birth to the stars and the sun and from there the rest of life proceeded. The white, glowing semen separated out into the stars and the waters in the universe and God’s white, glowing semen is the source of all light and true love in the universe. Though Satan caused darkness, electricity and fire, God allows them for now to show his obsession with free will and the ability for man to CHOOSE.

God allows his creation to choose between the source of light and love (God) and the source of darkness and evil (Satan). Because man is made in the image of God, who is the source of all light and love, man has white semen (like God’s), though it does not glow, because man is not the creator, as is God. God glories in light and love, which is why reproduction happens when you combine light (white semen) with love (sex), because God invented sex.

Satan, in his obsession to imitate God, has attempted to remake God’s creation to his own specifications, which explains why there are human clones and drone birds and why Satan is obsessed with destroying God’s creation and substituting it with his own version of it.

Now how does this all lead into our present discussion about black holes and time travel wormholes? Knowing black holes are created by Satan’s semen, this explains why they suck the life out of everything they come in contact with. They also destroy light. If you take two black holes and separate them a wormhole can be created between them as they separate. But this wormhole will quickly vanish unless it is maintained by NEGATIVE energy. Negative energy to a wormhole created by separating or connecting black holes, is LIGHT.

Gravity, Wormholes, and Negative Energy

Nevertheless, even if a wormhole can be created using something like an electric field or current without using negative energy, any “wormhole” that allows travel at a speed higher than that of light collapses because of gravity. Negative energy is needed to repel the gravity, to hold the wormhole open so that matter can continue through it and exit at the other end (otherwise the matter would “converge” inside the wormhole and not exit as the wormhole collapsed; gravity is a converging force).

To hold the wormhole open requires both negative and positive energy, the latter because the energy balance must remain constant, that is the negative energy must necessarily be accompanied by a “positive energy counterpart.” For faster-than-light travel, perhaps the energy from billions of stars or more is needed, with the negative energy confined to an extremely thin band (the amount needed increases as the diameter of the wormhole’s throat increases, say Ford and Roman); or else the wormholes must be microscopic ones, with the aperture somewhere around the Planck length; or else the wormholes must be open only for a very very short time.

The drawback, according to Ford and Roman, is that the greater the negative energy used to hold the wormhole open, the more positive energy that’s also required, and for each pulse of negative energy, the pulse of positive energy must be still greater.

Could Satan and Loree McBride Have Caused the Dimming of Betelgeuse?

This video was posted at YouTube on August 21, 2020.

It seems to me that Satan and Loree McBride were experimenting with Betelgeuse to determine how to use it to harness the negative energy needed to maintain their matrix of wormholes to enable time travel for Loree McBride Jesuits to prehistoric earth (i.e., the cum star). The parts of the article that I put in bold should be paid attention to.

Early last year, the astronomy world was abuzz with speculation that Betelgeuse, a red giant star in the constellation Orion, might be about to go nova. This speculation was prompted by observations that Betelgeuse, which is normally one of the brightest stars in the sky, had dropped from magnitude +0.5 down to a mere +1.64 in a matter of months – something that could have been the precursor to a supernova of a magnitude not witnessed on Earth since the creation of the Crab Nebula in 1054.

As fun as that speculation was (and we indulged in a bit of it ourselves), the real explanation was always likely to be more mundane – and so it proved. By March 2020, Betelgeuse’s dimming had gone into reverse. Ironically, the star got back to normal just as life here on Earth was going haywire.

In June 2021, we got the first detailed explanation of what was going on. In a study published in NatureMiguel Montargès and colleagues used observations from the SPHERE instrument on the Very Large Telescope in Chile to show that Betelgeuse’s dimming was confined to its southern hemisphere. According to the group’s simulations, this localized dimming occurred because a cool patch that appeared in Betelgeuse’s outer layer caused a dust clump to form in the vicinity of the star – a neat combination of two non-supernova-based speculations put forward to explain the star’s anomalous dip in output.

Now, a second group of astronomers has produced an independent study that both corroborates that result and adds to it. This group, led by Sofya Alexeeva and Gang Zhao of the Chinese Academy of Science Key Laboratory of Optical Astronomy in Beijing, used the Weihai Observatory at Shandong University to obtain detailed spectra of Betelgeuse on four nights in early 2020.

These spectra show that while the star’s effective temperature dropped by at least 170 K during its dimming episode, the chemical abundances of various indicator elements (including carbon, nitrogen and oxygen as well as metals like titanium, iron and strontium) remained stable over time once temperature variations were taken into consideration. This, the astronomers say, supports the theory that the dimming of Betelgeuse was caused by a dark spot emerging on the star’s surfacenot by a dust cloud that happened to pass between Betelgeuse and Earth or by a change in the way the star pulses.

I suspect this latest study, which appears in Nature Communications, won’t be quite the last word on the subject. Apart from anything else, the explanation “Betelgeuse got dimmer because a dark spot appeared on its surface” is just begging for a follow-up: okay, so what caused the dark spot? Still, it’s nice to see that the answers to some complex scientific questions are within our grasp – even when the objects in question are hundreds of light-years away.


THAT’S WHY THE CORONAVIRUS PROJECT LAUNCHED IN MARCH 2020! Or that’s when the Covid pandemic went into hysteria.


You might say, but what happened on Betelgeuse happened a looong time ago, cuz it’s so far away. Yeah, but Satan is an expert at time travel remember? I find it mighty strange that scientists seem to be in a panic to explain away this strange phenomenon. Satan may have travelled back in time to conduct the experiment and hoped no one would notice that this star is behaving very strangely and inconsistently. In other words, Satan may have done this back around 1300 and decided to go back and finish the project.

Black holes caused by Satan’s semen HATE LIGHT. That is negative energy to a black hole or a wormhole which can only be created by black holes connecting with each other and the walls of the connection maintained with negative (light) energy. So let’s say you take two black holes and connect them via a wormhole, you can only maintain the integrity of the wormhole by infusing their insides with LIGHT or negative energy. BUT, the light must be intense enough to withstand the power of the black hole to absorb all light. This can be done if all the light from all the stars in the universe is harnessed and funneled into the wormhole’s interior. NEGATIVE energy to Satan’s semen, which is powering the black hole, is God’s semen, which is LIGHT. That is why God’s semen GLOWS IN THE DARK.

It appears Satan’s cum star is mineral garden earth, which exists IN THE PAST. I have noticed that since Sara Avery has started living on the moon (about 3 months ago) that many of my bodily symptoms have improved, but Loree is retaking lost ground. You see, Sara Avery has been used as a continuum in the wormhole connection between black holes, which enables time travel for the Jesuits. If Satan can place his humans inside this wormhole connection between his black holes in the universe, he can transport them back to the distant past, back to his much coveted mineral garden earth that he lost after he fell. Apparently, right after he fell, he knew God would destroy his mineral garden earth and he remade it quickly into the pink cum star, hoping he could preserve it from God’s destruction. The interior of the cum star is mineral garden earth and the outside is like an armor, a vain attempt to protect the interior from the destruction of God.

Though this would take his humans back possibly millions of years, by causing the wormhole connection between his black holes to be very short and compacted (folding space/time in the universe to do so), he can cause humans to travel back to the time when he had his mineral garden earth inside its armor, RIGHT BEFORE GOD DESTROYED SATAN’S VAIN ATTEMPT TO PREVENT THE DESTRUCTION OF HIS MINERAL GARDEN EARTH (I.E. THE CUM STAR).

This explains why often when we try to execute some Jesuits, they disappear in a burst of light. They have disappeared into a wormhole which is maintained with NEGATIVE ENERGY (LIGHT). Satan has probably situated the Loree McBride space fleet, hidden by invisibility shields, around all stars in the universe, in order to harness the light from the stars (negative energy) and funnel it to the wormholes to maintain their integrity. Satan did not want us to move Sara Avery to the moon because he wanted to have stronger wormholes going to the earth, which would happen as long as Sara Avery was on the earth, because she was part of the wormhole continuum between black holes. Now Satan has to use satellites to maintain that continuum between Sara at the moon and the humans on earth. Satan is using a blend of regular transporter technology and wormhole technology to transport his Jesuits off of earth to his cum star via time travel. Those Jesuits under the Gail Shield must be transported out using regular transporter technology (possibly to a satellite) or a Loree McBride Jesuit spaceship, where they are then placed into the wormhole and brought to the cum star in the past.

My Gail Shield blocks the wormhole which is maintained by Satan’s semen (or black hole energy). So any Jesuits near me rely on regular transporter technology to go to the wormhole out of the reach of the Gail Shield. It was easier for Satan to place his Jesuits inside the wormhole when Sara was on earth. But in the past 3 months, Satan has been beefing up Loree’s space fleet (covered by invisibility shields) to make up for this loss. Basically, her space fleet is mainly used as a drop off place for entrance to the wormhole, which then transports them back in time to the cum star. The space fleet also acts as funnelers of negative energy (light) to the wormhole to maintain its integrity.

It appears there is a main wormhole (part of the connection between all the black holes in the universe), which branches off the main wormhole near the moon (cuz of Sara Avery), and then smaller wormholes (connected to the main wormhole) go to the earth to deposit humans on earth (where it can), away from the Gail Shield. Satan can easily create small black holes on earth by depositing his semen in parts of the earth in a controlled manner. Since his semen causes black holes, he can deposit his semen to create a small black hole, enabling a small wormhole to land his human on earth (extending a small branch from the main wormhole to the earth) and then remove his semen and vanish the black hole and small wormhole, destroying evidence of what happened. If he’s unable to do this, he can just use regular transporter technology to vanish his Jesuit off of earth and get them into the wormhole continuum between all the black holes in the universe and then they’d be off to the cum star. Satan would be good at this, since his semen has created all the black holes in the universe.

The main point to remember in all this is that concentrated LIGHT from the stars is the negative energy required to maintain a wormhole. The GA1L Android created the wormhole to heaven by harnessing (and connecting) the black, devil semen energy of all black holes in the universe and harnessing the light from all the stars and from God in heaven to maintain the integrity of the wormhole, so that it brought all her captives up to God in heaven. Just remember it’s called a BLACK HOLE for a reason. A black hole is created with black, devil semen.

If everything I’ve postulated is correct, then if we can find a way to ensure Sara Avery cannot be used as part of the continuum between black holes, we can negate Satan’s ability to have this continuum close enough to earth to transport his Jesuits to his cum star in the distant past. Can we rework Sara’s genes so that she becomes a normal weight? Can we transform her? Also we probably need to scan for black, devil semen and transform it into light. If we transform all black, devil semen into light that would destroy the black holes and then destroy the ability of Satan to create wormholes. Satan destroyed all the birds. Perhaps we need to destroy all the black holes by infusing them with the semen of God, the light in the universe.

In the final version of earth and heaven, there will be NO DARKNESS, NO SUN, NO STARS, NO MOON AND GOD WILL BE THE SOURCE OF ALL LIGHT. THINK ON THAT. So my guess that darkness comes from Satan is probably correct. It’s also funny that the very beginning and end of the Bible is a discussion of light and darkness, contrasting the two, and that in the end light prevails and the darkness no longer exists (which is Satan’s nightmare). Before Satan fell, he was the morning star, the mirror of God’s light! He got bored of his role and became the prince of DARKNESS.

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