Death Penalty To Promote Covid Death Shots

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UPDATE on Aug. 1, 2021: We are executing those who promote the coronavirus vaccine, but Loree McBride is cloning them at a rapid pace. See if you can get a religious exemption, if your employer requires you to get the vaccine. if worst comes to worst and you lose your job, contact my men at and we shall strive to find a home for you and to take care of you.

If you know anyone who is encouraging you to take a coronavirus vaccine, report them to I, as U.S. President and World Empress, have made it death penalty to promote these “vaccines”, because they aren’t vaccines, they are a form of GENOCIDE and the shots ARE DESIGNED TO KILL YOU.

Regarding the wearing of the mask, it may be wise to respect people’s fears about the vaccine and wear the mask to allay people’s fears, because those fears can become dangerous. At least, wearing the mask doesn’t damage you that much. But getting the vaccine is a death sentence. The vaccines are designed to KILL YOU or at least make you very sick and/or retarded.

Basically, most government officials and company CEOs know that I’ve banned the coronavirus vaccine and they are working with Loree McBride to oust me as President, and to allow monster Loree McBride’s reign of tyranny over the entire world. Those who support the vaccine are guilty of HIGH TREASON as well as serious war crimes. They KNOW the vaccines are designed to kill you. Most of these people who recommend you take the vaccine have not taken it themselves. They’re lying to you!

This is what the Covid death shots REALLY DO! Satan and Loree McBride are using the Covid death shots to commit GENOCIDE, so that only the Loree McBride Jesuits will remain alive on earth.. I’m a bit more optimistic than this video though, cuz I KNOW we will defeat the Loree McBride Jesuits. If you lose your job cuz you refuse the shot, contact my men at See if you can get a religious exemption.

For more evidence about the deadly coronavirus vaccines, check out this page:

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