Loree McBride Jesuits Harass Me On My Walk (8-1-21)

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Apparently, Jesuits harass me on my walk in an attempt to portray me as crazy, even though I have an I.Q. over 9000, in order to discredit my brilliant conclusions about the true nature of Satan and Loree McBride’s cum star, which is actually Satan’s prehistoric mineral garden earth from the past. If I’m truly crazy, why are you so worried about my latest conclusions Jesuits and picking up your campaign to use the coronavirus vaccine as a form of genocide, so that Loree McBride Jesuits will be the only humans alive left after you kill off the human race with your death shots? Are you worried that you don’t have much time left to hide out on your cum star and that we will be able to deal with you, now?

I’ve met this Loree McBride Jesuit before! She was filming me today. Jesuits really harassed me today on my walk. Apparently, they don’t like what I talk about with my Patreon supporters.
Loree McBride Jesuits harass me on my walk today on Aug. 1, 2021.

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