Jesus As A Limping Buzzard 8-5-21

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UPDATE: This wasn’t Jesus. It was a Jesuit drone bird.

Jesus seemed to appear as a limping buzzard today on my daily walk. He did this while I talked about negating Biden’s eviction moratorium and suing the Loree McBride Jesuits for damages to pay to the landlords for all the rent they lost during Loree’s fake plandemic. Check out the video footage I got of it below. It seems that Jesus is either saying my actions as U.S. President will do a lot of damage to the Loree McBride Jesuits or that his people are hurting and he’s glad I’m taking care of them.

Check out this video of a limping buzzard, who I suspect was Jesus!

Jesus has appeared as a buzzard before and it was in the same place – on the roof of this church! It seems whenever He appears as a bird, he always does something interesting with the bird’s legs, like standing on one leg.

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