Babylon the Great In Rehearsals Now (Andy Woods)

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Read Revelation 17 and 18. Actually, Babylon is all over the Bible.

Posted by Stand Up For The Truth | Aug 16, 2021 | Bible ProphecyChristianityDiscipleshipGlobalismPastor’s PerspectivePodcast |

Dr. Andy Woods is a brilliant Bible scholar on Bible prophecy. I use him as research for my novels. This guy who was diagnosed with Covid lives in California, I wonder if he got the shot! If so, that explains why he was diagnosed with Covid, since the Covid shot is designed to give you Covid, among other things.

On today’s podcast, David welcomes Pastor Andy Woods to discuss a brand new book, “Babylon: The Bookends of Prophetic History.” Dr. Andy Woods, author, pastor and teacher at Sugar Land Bible Church in Texas, President of Chafer Theological Seminary, and founder of Andy Woods Ministries. A few of his books: The Coming KingdomThe Falling Away, Ever Reforming, and The Middle East Meltdown: The Coming Islamic Invasion of Israel.

Will Babylon be rebuilt as the headquarters of the Antichrist during the coming Tribulation? This is a popular theory held by many faithful students of Biblical prophecy, but is it true? Does the Bible present enough evidence of a rebuilt Babylon to merit this conviction?

Dr. Andrew Woods believes that the Bible is the “ultimate court of authority in all matters of Christian faith and practice.” In Babylon: The Bookends of Prophetic History he surveys the lines of Biblical evidence that call for a futuristic, literal Babylon in God’s end-times program.

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