Loree McBride’s Tyrannical Florida Hospital Illegally Imprisons Doctor

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Alex Jones talks with a Sarasota, Florida physician who was imprisoned cuz he didn’t follow the Covid protocol, while advocating for a fellow patient (in the same room as him) who had bacterial pneumonia. Even with an infectious disease specialist on the phone, this doctor (also a patient at the time) was not able to get the hospital to listen to him, while he advocated for the patient next to him. Instead, they restrained him for 4 hours to a bed and wouldn’t let him leave the hospital, even when he asked to leave the hospital. If he had not advocated for his fellow patient, he believes that patient would have died from bacterial pneumonia, which would have been reported as a death from Covid.

Sounds like we need to fire or screen all hospital administrators now and get all hospitals ASAP into our National Health Care Plan. The best way to stay healthy is to do the Gail Commandments, not to take Alex Jones’s supplements, though.

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